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Dalai Lama
Jan 192011

I promise that after I rank number 1 for my top search term this year that I will make a backlink a day for the rest of the year. I say this because apparently time is leaking.

It is a big and very strange Universe out there and all kinds of weird and wonderful things occur. Ranking number one in Google is certainly a small goal in terms of Universal happenings. A mere inconsequential blip on the scale of creation and the flow of time and space.

Who am I to say that time does not leak?

Maybe what we do after the event does actually effect the event?

A New Way To Rank Number 1

Maybe if I do promise that I will build a minimum of 1 backlink a day for the term that I want to rank for that I will then rank number 1 for it sooner than if I did not promise to do so?

Let’s look at the reasoning:

So, if time does leak and future events can sort of trickle back to effect the outcome of what we feel is actually the present then all my future backlinking is going to allow me to rank quicker than if I never did those future backlinks.

You see, I am setting myself a goal, but more importantly a promise. A promise that I will build a backlink a day for my coveted search term. If time leaks backwards then by the end of the year I will have worked to try to gain good rankings.

Let’s take it from the end of the year 2011.

I am number 1 for my search term as I have put in all the work. If we go back a day before the end of the year then I have still done most of the work. The chances are that I will still be number 1. A single link may not make the difference to the rankings.

Let’s go back 6 months. I still have half of the backlinks to build. But going backwards in time form the six month point I will still have half the links to make. But the effects of all that future juice should still be strong. Each day that time is leaking backwards is going to have an effectΒ  on my rankings at the current point in time. And it will influence my rankings in the future as I build the links.

But, if we come back to the present day, what effect will all my future work have?

Will that year of link building that I am going to do in the future really make a difference to how I rank?

How much effect will by daily work for a year have a year back in time?

Will it mean that I will only take a few months to rank number 1 or will it have more of an effect than that?

It is hard to tell.

But if time is leaking backwards so that future activities effect what we ourselves see as the present then maybe I can cut the time it takes to rank number 1 by a significant margin.

I will let you know how it goes.

Who said Internet marketing couldn’t make you think?

There is one thing that is certain though, I have a plan of action and I have made a promise to myself, and I am sure to rank better than if I had not made that promise. Or maybe it is the simple act of making the promise that effects my future (at least from my point of view). Or maybe it is a positive mental attitude that will effect how well I do?

Or maybe it really is the fact that time is leaking, and I am now beginning to accrue a years worth of link juice and it is slowly gathering momentum as it leaks back to each day, and at some point I will have done enough in the future to give myself a number 1 spot. But before I have completed sufficient work to have done so if based solely on my work from the past to the present.

Just don’t tell everyone, we want to keep this one to ourselves. Ssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhh

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  1. How very philosophical ! Its always good to have good mental attitude towards your future. I am slowly starting to make money from amazon mostly from reading your blog posts. So a big thanks to you Dave. I wish you and your wife an even more prosperous year!

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:


    You have a great one too. Keep at it and you can only increase your earnings. Or maybe you already have and the money in the future just has not siphoned back to you yet πŸ˜‰

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Myles Reply:

    @Dave, I like the idea of that! Good way to look at it.

  2. Huh?

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:



    Just another article about backlinks innit!

  3. Mindbend says wha………Oh, I think I get it. No

    Dangit. Does this mean I have to go sit in the corner again?

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:


    Nah, you are let off today Dude. But only because after I wrote this I decided that I would let you stay out of the corner.

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Peewee Reply:

    @Dave, Wait a minute. I am about halfway through this research paper (which I am sure about 12 people on the planet have actually read) and this is some pretty mind blowing stuff.
    Historically, I am not much of a rah-rah positive mental attitude kinda guy, but I can relate to solid research about all this.
    I wasn’t ready for a mind bend first thing this morning, but thanks, Dave. Where in the hell did you come across this?

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:


    Um, if I told you then you would laugh.

    Well, I don’t care. http://www.absoluteradio.co.uk/podcasts/Iain-Lee-on-Absolute-Radio Monday the 17th. It is my bedtime listening, I loves a bit of Iain Lee. Talk radio is great, he is funny and often comes out with quirky stuff, although quite often he just talks about the fact that he has a cold.

    The main point of that show though was that he was surprised to hear a Nigerian traffic warden exorcising a demon in the middle of London, over his mobile phone!

    You be missing out Dude πŸ˜‰

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Peewee Reply:

    @Dave, BTW, I totally already knew you’d let me out of the corner. Oh, and thanks for the the helpful reply next week.

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:



  4. http://mindhacks.org/scott-adams-affirmations/135/


    Maybe in the same ballpark?

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:


    All part of it yes. There is a lot to be said for being positive. Maybe our state of mind then allows us to be successful, if we have a positive attitude we are certainly more likely to succeed as we act in a way that is going to help us achieve the results that we desire.

    So, if I KNOW I am going to perform activities for the next year then I have a positive attitude. But how that could effect things in the present before those actions have been carried out is a topic that is hotly debated. Maybe it really is the fact that time is leaking back and we are achieving the results that we desire because we have the right attitude and we KNOW that we will do those things in the future to help us succeed.

    Affirmations and continually repeating them set up our brains to attract the right kind of events and actions to make those affirmations a reality. Is this some cosmic bonus point for not being a miserable sod or are we attracting positive Universal energies to ourselves by being in the right state of mind?

    If you believe in luck then does it mean you are really lucky? Or are you simply one of those people that succeeds because you try hard because you have a positive mental outlook and this means the Universe is on your side?

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dean Reply:

    @Dave, you touch on a very interesting subject there Dave, as it’s been proven that people who are optimistic will see opportunities and therefore appear ‘lucky’. Someone once said ‘the harder I work the luckier I get’ – I’d say that if luck doesn’t exist but you believe (truly believe) you’re going to achieve your goal then you’ll find a way, and people who stood by and wallowed in self pity will say you must be lucky, thus excusing their lack of results.

    If I may ask you: What kept you going when you first started trying to make a living on the ‘net?
    I understand things were already tough but rather than giving up you soldiered on. You must have tremendous self belief!

    Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:


    I succeeded out of total desperation. It came to a head when we had been doing building work for friends out here and then that stopped. We had a few months with no work or money and then realized that we had to earn.

    The Wife had to go back to UK for 3 months to work which was terrible and I missed her an awful lot so I looked online to see what was what. That was in Sept 2008. I took over 6 months to learn the basics and really only worked properly knowing what to do to succeed from the beginning of 2010.

    What kept me going was making a dollar. Once I realized a website could make a buck I knew it was just a matter of scale and volume of high ranking content.

    I have always had a positive attitude, always thinking that something would turn it. It did turn up, it was just that for a long time I had to get up at 6 am to take my turn on the laptop to make it happen.

    I think the best thing I realized was to sod who else was ranking for something, they got there so if I wanted to then I could too.

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dean Reply:

    @Dave, That’s great – Where I’ve got hung up on knock backs, like a site dropping out of the rankings, you’ve seen that a site has made some money, so by repeating XYZ it’ll make more. Simples! Thanks dude…

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:


    It can get frustrating, no doubt, if I could go back and start again I would build more safety nets sooner. If you know something earns then at least duplicate it somewhere else early on so you could build it up if, like you say, a site drops for a while or does the dance.

    Simples once we know the game……..

  5. Time is fascinating. Past, present, future…. I’ve often heard God knows what we will do before we do it…But we still have free will to do as we please? It’s like He has the video in His collection but we are still in the process of acting it out. Please…and I thought this IM stuff was complicated!

    Great post Dave…everything seems connected…does Amazon sell this? I wonder……..

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    @Dave D.,

    I did buy some leaked time from Amazon but as I am writing this many years in the future it is probably not much use to you yet.

    BTW, they offer a really good commission for leaked time as they know that they get sales in the past once they bring it out in the future and the past sales will effect the future ones which in turn definitely have a really strong effect on the present ones (for them) πŸ˜‰

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Wishal Reply:

    @Dave, πŸ˜€

  6. Hey Dave, so this is what happens to you when you stay off the wine until weekends!

    I read your brilliant post soon after it came up, it kinda left me with the same expression as Tracey as in “Huh”??????????????????? and then I looked at the paper and my brain started to hurt…..ouch..I’ll go back to it later. But, the thing that sticks with me the most is your story and how you managed to turn your situation around and that is great to hear, despite the knock backs, the sites dropping out, blah blah blah,…..its about having belief and being consistent and doing the hard graft.

    I read your blog a couple of times a day…when I need a break and I must say your posts this year have been phenomenal.

    Thanks mate πŸ™‚

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:


    Yeah, staying sober does funny things to your brain!

    Thanks for the kind words Tara, and you will get there no doubt, as I know you are doing better than you were. The first dollar is the toughest, or pounds for us UK folks. And you are well post that stage.

    This year is gonna be great for you, especially with the outsourcing going on.

  7. Oh crikey – I just got through reading that chapter in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban where Hermione and Harry go back in time to save two innocent lives… and then I come home and read this…

    Too much time travel makes my head hurt…

    But of course as always your points are valid and thought provoking πŸ™‚

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:


    Thanks, just gearing up for my Mr. Motivator post in a few weeks, time is running out for everyone so we need to work our socks off this year, it is all coming to an end, not in a biblical sense or anything though.

  8. Errr, I think all that money’s finally gone to your head Dave lol

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    @Shaun L,

    Whaddya mean?

    Simples innit?

  9. When I read this post I thought you’d got too much sun. Then I thought, no, it’s January!

    OT, wanted to share this quirky bit of information:

    Lots of people shorten their links using bit.ly However, if you copy the bitly url and add a + to it and then paste into the address box of your browser, you get a whole bunch of stats about people who clicked on the link and where they were referred from.

    here’s an example of a post you might recognise:


    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:


    Interesting stuff.

    What’s your guys problem with a bit of time leaking entertainment though?

    Should I go back on the Cava?

  10. Cheap cava will do this to a man, I’ve seen it happen too many times!

    What’s the most number of links you’ve sent to a single post that you wanted to rank number 1 for and over what time period did you send them?

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    @Jamie Sandford,

    More like lack of it πŸ˜‰

    If we are just talking about single links rather than sitewide then not sure. 600,700,800 don’t really know. Probably over about 3 months or so, but I could be way off. I don’t count, I just keep going until I get there. Plus there would be a mass article submission of 500 plus sites so well over the thousand or two by the end.

    They never all show in the index though, article submissions seem to have died a death are not worth much even in mass amounts unless to sites without author boxes.

    Why? You wanna fight πŸ™‚

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Peewee Reply:

    I got 10 bucks on Dave!

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Jamie Sandford Reply:


    Ahh man! I’m not sure I’m ready for that fight just yet!

    I’ll give you a run for your money on the Cava drinking though.

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    @Jamie Sandford,

    You are definitely on πŸ˜‰

  11. Hiya Dave – introducing in this corner…..aka The Philosopher

    You know its so true. I was looking around at my activity this past week and damn, I did good πŸ™‚

    I have several days off next week and I am putting the pedal to the metal dude. I want to write 400 snippets x 150 by the end of Friday next week. That is a goal of mine. I have a number of keywords that are just begging and asking “please Darrell – get me to number 1 position so I can make you loads of money”…so what to do???? ah, write till it hurts..then I am working on getting my voice recognition program fine tuned, so when my fingers bleed πŸ™‚ I will still be making up articles all day and all night. The voice recognition I am testing comes with vista automatically and works pretty good from the initial testing….this should be interesting to say the least….

    OK, enough of the reading for 5 minutes… I have writing to do dammit…..

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:


    Great goal Dude, that is a good amount of work to get done. These voice recognition programs sound good but me and Wifey have agreed we would kill each other within 5 mins if we used one within earshot of each other.

    Happy rankings Dude.

  12. Dave, this is one of the basic techniques of what is known as Black Magic SEO. You will probably get a message in the next few days reprimanding you for sharing secrets.

    On another note, how do you go about backlinking your squidoo lenses? Is that “make $1000 in one month” post basically what you do for all of your monetized web 2.0s? How long is it before you generally start ranking and getting traffic?

    Thanks man.

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:


    Sorry if I have let any black magic SEO secrets out of the bag Josh.

    For my Squids I write them then backlink them asap. 20 BMR’s over 2 weeks, 10 at a time. Then take it from there. Maybe a dude on Fiverr for a mass article submit and then back to BMR.

    But I only started using them near to Chrimbo, but made a grand from 7 of them so it works, they do seem to keep jumping about a lot though, just beat them in to submission. I would also do a backlinks philippines run too as they are not strict like Hubpages about automated links (so far).

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Josh Reply:



    I guess I need to just buy BMR. I just signed up for the free trial(through your link of course). We will see what happens.

    How long does it take for them to start getting traffic? days, weeks, months? (My highest earning page ever is a squidoo lense that I basically just spammed with all kinds of techniques to see what would happen and it was sandboxed for 6 months- I’m paranoid this might be normal for squidoo lenses).


    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:



    I saw traffic to some in a week or so and they still get traffic now. What seems to be the case though is that after an initial blast they seem to rank better if you then continue to trickle in a few regular links. This seems the best way to stop them fluctuating wildly.

    But BMR is a good investment for linking to other properties too, more than worth the money.

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Josh Reply:


    Its tough to decide what sites to use them on. None of them are performing terribly well and a lot of them are a ways off from ranking(with no way of knowing if the niches have a good conversion rate).

    Sounds like I will try and do 10-15 hubpages and squidoo lenses every month. Should get me to several grand a month by the end of the year. Knowing you went from $500 a month(about what I’m at now) to 14k the next December is ridiculously inspiring.

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:


    Go for it. The more content you have online the better the chances of finding something that converts amazingly well. I just did a few Squids the other week and have just started to link them. Got a sale so I know people will buy from a Squidoo Lens for that niche so I will ramp it up now.

    The sky is the limit for Christmas sales, basically anything that gets people on to Amazon at Christmas time is going to help make money, even if they don’t buy the product they were looking at.

    Did I say 14K? Hmmmmmmmm……………….

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Josh Reply:


    Thats just the number that came to mind when I was writing. Truth be told, I was pretty drunk last night.

  13. Rank Number 1 Now By Building Backlinks In The Future

    Not to be confused with “maΓ±ana”. Build your backlinks in the present and the future will take care of itself. The harder we work in the present, the better our futures will be.

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    @Lando @ Docking Bay 94,

    Getting deep there Lando πŸ˜‰

  14. Dave,

    This question is unrelated to the topic at hand, but I wanna ask it anyway…

    Now that you’re sending so much traffic to Amazon, your statistics are actually meaningful.

    Are you pretty much selling the same amount of items every day or can you see patterns?

    Do people buy more stuff at the beginning, the middle or the end of the month?

    Do they buy more during work days or weekends?

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:


    People definitely buy more at the beginning and the end of the month, near to when they have or will have money. And week days are definitely my best days for buying for anything.

    And the one thing I have found after Christmas is that even sites that stink all year can still make money then, even though they still never buy want I am trying to get them to buy.

  15. My puzzler hurts

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:


    There there, it’s all gonna be alright Sue.

  16. Oh Dave, you’ve found my sweet spot πŸ˜€

    I would take a lot into this series:


    That’s the first of a 3 or 4 part interview. Around the 2nd part they start getting into your “time is leaking backwards” thinking as well.

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:


    Thanks Man, will check it out later in the day. Looks like it might be right up my street.

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