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Jul 092010

make a living onlineHow To Make Enough Money Online To Give Up The Day Job In A Year

How To Make $5000 A Month

What are you doing guys? And I mean no disrespect but you know who you are. You have been around longer then the noob writing this stupid article yet I make more than 10 times a month what you do. And I am not referring to the $5K I am going to talk about, I am talking about real money. Scary money. Tracey knows how to make good money with Amazon and was actually the Gal who inspired me and my Gal (not Tracey) to step up the Amazon game some time ago, oh yeah. JR is another Gal who keeps it real and knows the importance of ranking inner pages and it amazes me that people still think the home page keyword is the be all and end all. You can get the home page to number 1 without even backlinking for the term if you keep it real like the Gals do. Are the ladies actually better at making money online than men? I think they may well be.

As I sit here in my dank semi-cave of a room hunched over my solar run laptop (after just getting very hot fixing the water pump, which runs the house and works off a car battery) I know for a fact that many people simply are not making the money that they should be for the time they have been trying to make it online. Today we will go for a trip together and for a little walk in the Internet park where every blade of grass hides a lovely little niche to make some money with.

The numbers were going to be higher for this post title and more a reflection of what me and my partner earn a month between us but I changed it as it seemed a bit silly.

We earn a lot more than this now but I don’t want to say exactly how much. I know many bloggers like to give big show and tell about their earnings but it seems like showing off. Even this noob writing this has built up his little empire to earn a very good income every month and I am going to show you how to do it.

If you follow the guidelines in this article you will make $5000 a month.

But do you know what?

None of you will.


It will be more. If you put in to practice what I am going to tell you then you will make more than five thousand dollars a month. I don’t know how much money you earn at the moment, either with a “real” job or with your online work but for me that is WAY more than is needed to live on.

This means that if you do what I am about to reveal you will never have to go and work for anyone else ever again. You will have total financial freedom and will be your own boss and set your own hours.

But, and of course there is always going to be one, most people simply never get to realize their online dreams and it is simply because they do not actually do what they know they should.

I am wondering how best to present this so it does not come across as patronizing or sounding like I am talking down to anyone. I am certainly not an expert on anything Internet related. I just put in the hours and hope for the best. I do minimal research, I don’t know how to build a static website, I don’t use any tools to check rankings, as I was asked the other day, and what is this scroogle? Don’t go to the .com unless you like your adult content very adult, bugger, that’s done it hasn’t it, see you all tomorrow then, I warned you, not for work or for anyone really (it’s porn), I don’t know any coding, apart from rel=”nofollow” which is the most important one for me 😉 There is no magic secret to making a living online with blogs, I don’t have one, it is just knowing how to make a site and use a keyboard and do good post titles that get visitors. But the actual work involved is B to the I to the G. i.e


I am a noob, in that it is only just over a year since I began to know how to do the basics to make money blogging. My oldest owned domain is about 22 months and contributes little to earnings. Me and my partners oldest sites that make good money are only about a year old, they are the ones that make the $5000 a month I am talking about a very conservative figure indeed.

What follows may sound patronizing but it is not my intention. What it is is one of many approaches to building a long term income online that will see you on more than $5K a month.

And, of course, most won’t do it.

Even though I am talking about a years timeline here many simply will see it as too long to wait. And it gets me. A year? Out of a whole lifetime of independence? If you don’t want to do it then fine. Stop reading and go stress about the day job. Nasty but the truth.

This is not easy to do. Anyone who says that making a full time income is easy is a big fat fibber and is not to be trusted. Liar liar pants on fire.

Now, this is going to cost you a little, but this is optional. I am writing this after looking back on what I have done and how I could have made it easier, but I got here without it so up to you. This is not a sales pitch but just what I now know would have made the process quicker, easier and most importantly more profitable.

So, let’s take this one step at a time so we don’t get confused. Well, me actually, as I am writing this in stages between doing online work that actually makes me some money 😉 Click my affiliate links godsdammit. I am starving here.


Yeah I know, the biggest commission for an affiliate sale. And I am recommending that you buy a reseller account. Though no better a commission than normal hosting. Anyone who knows me from Ben’s SEO forum knows I was very late to getting a reseller account. It should have been the first thing I did not one of the last. Now I have relatively new sites on the account rather than year old sites that would have been so much more worthwhile.

A reseller account cost about $24 a month. For that you can have a number of sites hosted on an IP address of your choice. Not unlimited but enough to spread out your sites so that they are not under the same IP address. This has a number of advantages.

  • Your sites are on different servers so a problem with one does not take out all of your sites
  • They are in different locations and even countries to spread out the safety even more
  • You get to be able to use the different sites to send yourself high quality links from different IP addresses which is invaluable and so important

Use my sidebar link and buy it, I regret it but at least have it now. I used an affiliate link when I bought it so that the love gets spread around.

Anyway, do it or don’t but it is best done sooner rather than later.

So, we have the hosting set up, what is next?

Why we need sites of course.

All my domains use wordpress as I am a dummy and still can’t even type properly let alone do any tech type stuff. But whatever way you build your sites the same thng applies.

Buy domains.

I use Go Daddy to buy domains but there are others and I probably need to switch but never get aporund to it, but use whoever.

How many domains to buy?

Ah, now that is a tough one.

Let’s say ten. It can be more, less, whatever, but ten is cool and more than enough. We are going to be the bees knees with our ten sites in  a years time and that is the time frame we need to be looking at. We can’t make $500 a site a month in only a few months of work, we need to look to about a years time to build them up to semething reasonable and this is the attitude we need to take.

So, 10 shiny new domains to play with and build our online empire. But what will probably happen is that over the course of the year we will allow a few to fall by the wayside and we may even end up simply working on one site all day every day.

Oh, but that is boring.

Tough, suck it up and get on with it.

Picking A Niche

I am not even going to go in to this. Pick something you love that Amazon sells products for, or any other affiliate program. But unless you can offer something that is next to impossible to find apart from through one affiliate program then use Amazon, we all love a little bit of Amazon, don’t we. By the way, this is the holy grail of good money if you can find it. Get a niche where the product is almost impossible to find online and find an affiliate program and you will be skipping down the street swinging your skirt and laughing all the way to the bank. But, socks are good sellers too.

Our niche can be anything, let’s just go on to Amazon and pick something. A nice broad niche like socks but preferably that has items for more money than socks but not so expensive that we will not get buyers.

Something middley (if that is a word).

So, go pick a niche, a broad niche, that you can then cover hundreds of different products on. There are plenty out there so I don’t need to give you ideas on this one.

Pick a nice buying keyword domain name and away we go. cheapsocksforsale.com and we are up and running.

I will skip the usual plugins etc and picking a theme. And all the tips for a nice simple shop style layout are on the How To Make Money With Amazon article, which I would appreciate some links to by the way 😉

I went over the post titles that we need to write in the Buying Keywords article so we have 50 posts right there before we even start. That is plenty to get going with. So, all that has been covered, this post is really about how to really make the money. About what is involved and about whether you really do want to make the money or not.

I do, I am, and I will be making more next year, and a lot more than an extra $5K a month, although I have my good lady so really we are a two man/woman team. But half the money and we still rock the house, but keep it quiet but I make shed loads more than her! Although she is creeping up fast with her new found knack for super high rankings for uber competitive terms.

What To Do Once We Have Our Sites

This is what it is all about really. Picking a niche and setting up a site is just the beginning. Once we have our site we want to start adding content to them. Go through them all and add a few posts. Do a couple each site then move on. Then get back to the first and add a few more to them all in turn.

This lets them age a little  just while we are getting going.

After a few weeks begin to use the postrunner system by the keyword Academy, see the sidebar for this. It is the best tool I have ever used for getting real life legitimate and quality backlinks.

Now, this is about work, lots of it.

If we are serious about really doing this and changing our lives then we really need to sacrifice many other aspects of life for a year. If you can do it then you will make the money easily, if not then you won’t. And that is that.

We have our sites with a little bit of content on them. We will now gradually add more and more every day. Obviously the more content we get online the better ant the longer it has to age the better.

This is where most will drop off and go back to old ways or give up IM altogether.

You must put in the hours. I still forget just how much work it takes to get a site ranking. It is hard work of the first degree. And boring too. But it makes for long term money that is quite passive once we reach a certain point with a site. About a year or so.

With some content on and our content growing we now need to look to backlinks. I have written about what I use on the sidebar and am upfront about it. Use them all but not yet. For a new site simply use the postrunner system, it is about as good as it gets.

Write an article a day for each of your ten sites at least 4 or 5 times a week and use the rest of the time to add content to the sites. It may seem like an awful lot but you need to do it. A 300 word article should take 10 minutes tops to write, and if you get your act together then a lot less. Today I started work at about ten. I answered emails, dicked about, fixed a pump and wrote half of this article. Plus I wrote 12 articles each over 300 words. And each with 2 backlinks to sites.

So, 10 articles a day for backlinks. That is just over an hour and a half, and if you can’t do that then you are not going to make what you want in the timeframe you want.

You need to start off a new site conservatively and a few links a day is simple enough to get on with.

Also use Infobarrel for some Infobarrel success and ezine articles and the usual article directories. This is the best way to begin and get some good backlinks.

Spend some time doing blogroll exchanges over the first few months too.

We want to gradually build up our sites with content and this will never end. We will always need to add more buying keyword post titles as we find them and as we see what visitors are coming to our sites for.

After a few months of adding content and regular low level backlinking we will begin to see a trickle of traffic. It is very disheartening at the beginning when we do all this and get no visitors. But it is the same for everyone else and we just need to ignore this and get on with doing it.

After a good few months we will see what sites rank the easiest, get the best traffic, and get some sales. The ones that are doing the best should be switched to the main focus of our work. And I mean work.

If a site is doing well, or a few sites then begin to introduce ways to get more and more backlinks quicker. Use the stuff on the sidebar and get going with it. I could have done better I now know if you had put my hand even slightly in my pocket a little sooner, but we live and learn.

Use some automated services to get more links every day. Continue to make them manually as well as these are simply always going to be the best ones and more stick like (sticky). But once we have been working a site for 4 to 6 months the big guns need to come out. We can send 10 links to a site in a day and do nothing but good. We can send 200 and disappear for a few days only to return higher up in the SERPS. Scary but effective for those with the nerve.

What I am saying is that the number of links that you may need to rank well can be very high. 1 or 2 to a page will not cut it very often. It may need hundreds to a single article. So do that.

We pass the six month mark for a site and the traffic begins to grow and grow. It may not be more than 100 a day or it may be a lot more, either way we can now see the true potential of what we have got ourselves in to. Sales come and we begin to rank better. Maybe we have a few sites that simply perform better, ans we should now stick with them for the bulk of our work. Why keep flogging a dead horse? If one site shines like the proverbial um, ah, STAR, that’s it, then we can just live there and make it our own special baby. Why not?

Or 2 or 3, whatever. But up the game. More content, and more backlinks a lot more.

Do it day in and day out.

How Long Should I Spend On My Blogs

A long time. If you really want to make a lot of money then you need to make sacrifices. Work for at least 3 hours a day but preferably 8, every day for at least five days a week. If that is impossible then find a way to do as many as possible.

Look, okay, a year is all we are talking about here. Get up early and do  work before your J O B.

Do it after work until you fall asleep.

Do it all weekend.

Ignore the wife.

Kick the Dog

Strangle the Cat

and write and write and write.

Write until your fingers lock, write until your neck kills. Write until you simply cannot stand it anymore.

Fall off a ladder and go on sick leave for 3 months and spend it working 10 hours a day on your best sites. Just find a way to put in a lot of hours.

And do you know the absolute best way to really make money online?

Stop reading this right now.

Delete it from your reader. Delete everything else from your reader. Shut down any forums you visit and never go there again.

Never play a computer game again for a year. Never watch the tv. Never read your emails. And absolutely never go on Facebook, Twitter, Myspace. And I am sure there are others too. I never go on any of them, ever, now. No twitter, I am not a member of Facebook, I don’t have an iPhine thingy, I do waste time reading blogs, and I do waste time with email, but I am getting better every day. But I do waste a hell of a lot of time with this site, I know that for sure. But that is going to change too. Sorry.

Seriously. What do you really need to know?

You know how to buy a domain name and put wordpress on it. Some of you clever sods even know how to build static sites. You know how to join Amazon or affiliate programs on cj.com. You know how to write a post title to get people to buy. You know how to join article directories and publish articles. You know the keyword academy exists. You know how to use a paid service for masses of links to boost rankings super fast.

That is it.

The rest is just work, every day.

Content, backlinks, all day, every day = $5 big ones in a year, and that would probably be in a crap niche that converts poorly.

Now I know that is not possible for many of us but we can all do a few hours every day, and more on weekends. Once you get going you will uncover something great and run with it. Spend the time building backlinks all the time. Then you will make money.

What I have found is that every week or two a quick survey of where I rank for good terms is best. Write them down, maybe 5 tough terms and all week just concentrate on backlinks for them. Every day. 10, 20, 2 one day 300, next day o, next day 1. Next day 50——

These articles on your site need to be number 1. Every article on your sites needs to be number one for its keywords. You don’t stop until they are.

And when they are all number 1 then you need to get a double listing.  You need to link two articles together and get them next to each other for the same keywords by giving them backlinks. And then you will bring into play the other sites you have been setting up along the way on you reseller hosting account and begin to get more listings on page 1 from the smaller niche sites you set up for the keywords that you uncovered along the year long journey.

No rss readers, no forums, no email, no computer games, no Facebook (definitely), no Tweety tweeting, write articles and write article for backjlinks. Send off a list to backlinks philippines. Or do it manually with Paul’s $8 list a month, and send hundreds of links to sites that have some age.

Oh, one exception Subscribe to my feed

I get lonely otherwise 😉

But really I am not joking, what do you honestly need to learn? Clear out the reader and just do your own thing, for a year, for a lifetime of flexible living, working, dreaming, and most importantly of all………..loving.

That is the most important one for me anyway.

Thanks to all who keep sending in the generous donations, I really cannot tell you how much I really appreciate it.

Makes such a refreshing change I wish I could earn my money like that.

And just a little note to say that I am now closing the doors on this blog, at least for now, who knows what the future will bring?

I will, of course, answer any questions I know the answers to. I am now going to dominate a new set of products and over the next year reach our combined goal of $30,000 a month, although I work in Euros, but hey, you nearly all seem to be from the US.

Job done.

What more is there to say.


Love you all.