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Aug 072010

There seems to be some misconception about the anchor text for backlinks that we should use. Many seem to be of the opinion that we should not keep using the same keywords, well I do, a lot, every day, for a year, or more, and I make a shit load of money. But I am a noob, and never know if what I am doing is right or not. And I am being serious here.

I don’t claim that I have a system that guarantees results, I know I do, because I having been doing it for a while in my own discombobulated way.

But I never claim that what I do is the best way, the quickest way, or a way that will not blow up in your face. There are no guarantees on offer here. But what I do know is that my best results always come from simply giving a post the same anchor text over and over again. I vary it a little as I like to normally have a few buying keywords in each post title so I normally go for a few anchors. But I can tell you now that once I know which keywords are the money makers then those are the terms that I use for my backlinks.

Dave You Are Wrong

Who said that?

Look, I spend all day getting backlinks. Much more time than I spend writing content. And this is what many people simply fail to do and fail to make money because of it. The reality is that you should be spending nearly all of your time getting links to your sites and not writing them.

Every time that I make a new site I reel in horror about the fact that I get no traffic for months unless I am really lucky. And if I am lucky then it is usually a very bad sign. I think every site that I have ever had good traffic to with little or no backlink work is a stinker. It gets the traffic but it never converts, and this has been the case for every one of my sites that ranks well easily.

No, the money is in the tough stuff. The sites that you sweat blood and tears over. The sites that you dream of. The sites that get you up at six in the morning to work on because you just “know” that this is going to be “the one“. The site or niche that you will be able to retire on. Your baby. Your blessed blog that everyone will love. The site everyone will tell their friends about. The site that will make you hundreds of dollars each and every day. The site that will mean you can ditch the other 100 and just work on one site for a bit each day and then go for a ride in your new sports car.

But that is the struggle and the dream. And it will only happen with backlinks.

Before the ramble I said that it is about the backlinks and the anchor text used. i.e the words you use to hyperlink to your article that is going to allow you to retire.

Each site I make sends me in to a funk. Bugger me here I am again right at the beginning. No traffic, all the content to write. A Hubpage or two to write and backlink just so I can maybe see if the niche is OK. A Hubpage so that I can mine the keywords it receives so that I can use those longtails to write posts on my new site as I now know they get searched for even if Google says NO. What do they know? I read somewhere the other day that 80% of what is typed in to a search engine is original. i.e no one else has typed it in before. And I can believe it.

No, my new sites get me depressed. Why do you do it to yourself Dave? You do alright with what you have don’t you?

Yes I do Dave but what if the Internet breaks and it loses my blogs? What if my niches become a virus that no one will go near?


So I make new sites and use a reseller account to put them on different servers just in case ZOMBIES attack. I make new sites just in case my others begin to not make money or God knows what. And each time it is the same.


It is so hard I don’t know how I ever got where I am. 2 years this September is when it all began for me. I didn’t know what a blog was then. I spent months making backlinks that only use the full url. No keywords at all. I spent months trying to rank for terms after I knew how to make a keywords backlink to try to make Adsense money. But I never realized that you had to look to see what the CPC was. I kid you not. No, about a year and a half is how long I have been dong things right. At least according to my addled brain anyway.

And the best results I have had are for writing a post title that has my keywords in it. And then getting backlinks for those keywords. Over and over again. This is what amazes me on new sites. How can I possibly get traffic? I have already written 20 posts on my new site and been giving it a few backlinks every day and nothing. But give it time. In a few months there will be a trickle of traffic. In a year there will be a flood. And in 2 years? Well, I don’t know I haven’t got any sites that old, but I am definitely looking forward to year 3 and 4. Then the Thai Island is mine, all mine.

But it is the backlinks that do it. Sometimes I write an article and Google simply loves it for a different set of keywords. OK Google, if you like it for that term then here is what I will do. I will change the post title to what you like. I will then write a new article containing the keywords you like that post for. I will link the two article together and hopefully you will give me a double listing. I will also then write another post with the keywords for the first article that I wanted to rank them for but you didn’t like and hopefully this time you will get it right. And you will. In time.

But not without the backlinks.

Many people are afraid of using the same terms for a backlink over and over. But I make most of mine the same. Not all the time. I mix it up a bit. I add a word at the beginning or end of the link to get more longtail traffic. But at the end of the day the article is about “Cheap White Socks”, so what would people use as an anchor text to link to it? Yep, you got it. Although let’s get real here, how many people are actually ever going to link to such a site? 1 or 2 muppets at best. And they would have some serious issues, I am sure.

Many will not agree with me. They will say:

“Dave, you can’t use Backlinks Philippines and get them to send 400 backlinks to one site for 5 keywords and expect to jump a page in the search results for most of those terms, that be crazy talk you fool”

Um, well OK, but have you ever actually tried it on a site that has some age and gets traffic and has had regular backlinks. I have. I told you about it too on the cheap backlinks article.

200 links to a hub in a week from Backlinks Philippines and a load of Postrunner submissions and what? Your good lady ranks no1 for a number of terms you would not even dream that you could rank for. Are you serious.

It is time to wake up and smell the coffee for some. How many hours do you spend on IM a day? 2? 8? I do it full-time. Which means a day would see me doing 20 or so Postrunners. Some content for my sites. Some research in my stats. Some loving if I am lucky and maybe an early finish for some Cava. 5 o’clock is vino o’clock in this household.

Get the priorities right. We had a good discussion on the last daft post about really doing some work. 300 words for a backlink article should be ten minutes tops. That means you make 12 backlinks in an hour. 2 hours work a day should see you write 12 articles for backlinks that is 24 backlinks. It takes this kind of work to get going and make proper money.

It takes backlink upon backlink. It never ends either. Your back will hurt and your brain will become fried with boredom. But when you go to your affiliate program and that new site makes the first sale:


Never mind that it probably took you weeks worth of work to make a dollar commission. In the long run it is all worth it. You make money day after day for the work you put in and it all adds up. All these articles you write now make money in the future. We need as much content online as we possibly can. I was talking with someone the other day and I quickly added up what we make from adsense. It is about $1500 to $1700 a month and we don’t even do adsense really. But all the rubbish I wrote near the beginning and the stuff on Infobarrel and many of our own sites all adds up. We need thousands upon thousands of pages of our own content and they will all make a little. And it adds up over the long term.

But if you make your own sites and do them for product sales then you will make very good money long term. Most people don’t, I know. Most people simply don’t get why they are not making what they think they should for the effort they put in. It is because they do not send enough backlinks.

Look at it this way. A new site should not get too many links but each article you write should get a few links straight away. Do it for a month then start sending more each day. In six months you can send massive amounts. Hundreds on a single day then back to just one ot two for the rest of the week.

A large number of high PR site forum links works like a dream, I just wish I could do it more often to a site but that would be asking for trouble. Once a month is a good way to go for that kind of stuff. It works so well and saves you some time.

But every day get them links. If you are not number one for you terms. If every article on your site is not number one then you need more backlinks. It is the be all and end all at the current time for ranking well. Tomorrow, who knows?

I may be wrong about not changing my anchor text much but I don’t think I am. I mix it up a little but mostly I use the same keywords over and over with just a slight variation. And it works for me. It works so well we get scared. How did this happen? Was it really just over a year ago when we were in big debt and had to count the change to see if we could buy rice and potatoes, and I am not kidding. Now the bank balance is so healthy it is a joy to take some money out just to see that those numbers are true. Becoming seriously concerned about our futures here in Spain and my good lady leaving me here alone for 3 months while she went to work in the UK was the best thing that has ever happened to us. Although at the time it was a nightmare.

We sit at our laptops all day here getting backlinks and writing content. And we do it again the next day. We get backlinks every day from the best way to get backlinks. Postrunner is a dream come true that I wish I had used earlier. We contact Backlink Philippines now and get hundreds of links with the same keywords and the good lady beats the hell out of anyone she wants to with her Hub pages magic on her many accounts.  We use everything on the tools to succeed article as it works so well I wish I had done it a year ago.

We get keyword backlinks in the hundreds, we backlink our best stuff until we feel sick, and we know that this is how to rank well. Most people simply do not do it enough and think that 5 or 10 links is enough. How many links do I need to rank? As many as it takes. The tough stuff takes more but the rewards are very high.

Well, I guess I could have just said that for the most part use the same keywords for your backlinks to each post, don’t mix them up too much, and keep doing it until you rank number 1.

But that would have been a boring way to talk about picking keyword anchor text.

Wouldn’t it?

And anyway, who said this noob knows anything anyway? I just put in the work and hope for the best. Is there a better way?

By the way, do you want to buy my new ebook about Amazon? It is $1.35 and you will not find a better Amazon guide anywhere. And if you do then you can have your dollar back.


  49 Responses to “Picking Keyword Anchor Text”

  1. I would totally date that brain of yours. (no homo)
    Thank you for the awesomeness Dave.

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Wishal, love you too man. I said that in a really gruff voice though 😉

  2. Hello Dave, was trying to buy your amazon ebook. But the link does not go to the ebook

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Dee, that was my attempt at humor. Just about all you need to know is in that post, and you don’t even have to pay either.

  3. Great post. Thanks so much for sharing so freely, I really appreciate it. I just joined TKA a couple of weeks ago, and came across your website the other day, and honestly, it is a real gem. Your amazon post is fantastic. I’m tempted to bypass a lot of adsense setup with some of my early sites now, which I just assumed would all have adsense on them primarily at first.

    Question: do you do much outsourcing for Postrunner articles and stuff like that? You write a lot about working hard all the time, but is outsourcing not a good way to go once we have the money for it?

    (Love the tags. 😉 )

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Hi Ben, to be honest I do everything myself, all writing is mine, unless they are spins for sites like Backlink Solutions. Buy my Postrunner stuff is all done by me. I have been thinking more about outsourcing but I just wonder how much of a headache it will be. If it take me 10 mins to write a Postrunner article I wonder how long I would have to spend reading and checking it if someone else wrote it? Not sure if it is worth the time saved or not.

  4. Hey Dave – glad you haven’t abandoned your blog. You’re posts are always great and informative. I’m curious – what type of stuff do you write for postrunner in that short a period of time?

    If your website has product specific posts about ‘white socks’, do you also write product specific postrunner articles about ‘white socks’? Or more general article about the topic? Maybe some combination of both?

    That’s always taxed my brain – how to write an article 30 ways about the same darn thing, and to hear you can crank them out in 10 minutes amazes me…it would take me that long to think of a new title to the post. :-0

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Pete, I just write any old nonsense. I may reminisce about my childhood when I always got my white socks dirty and got told off by my Mum.

    I may talk about the best white socks in the world that cost a thousand dollars. I may write about the people I see that wear white socks and sandles. Or how about the fact that if I ever have to do the laundry a pair of white socks always turns in to 1 white sock. Just jump in to the post without even thinking about it and it happens.

    Honestly, the best approach is just jump in and start typing. By the second paragraph something occurs to you and you can just tell a little story. If you think about it too much you can get brain freeze. Although I guess that you can tell I find no problem waffling on about anything at all 😉

  5. Dave,

    Which type of keywords do you use in anchor text – product name (ACME Turbo ZX97 white socks) or category (white socks with pink heels)? In other words, do you (and your ol’ lady) taget specific product names or broader categories in your websites and hubs?

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Johric , actually it is both. If I build a site about white socks I would cover all the buying keywords for the general subject, I gave a list of 50 in my buying keywords post. And I would also go for all the best selling brands as well. For a hub I would do a few in a similar vein. Best bet, do hubs for the more competitive keywords and also build a whole site around everything related to the subject. If you know it converts from Hubpages then in a year you could dominate the whole market.

  6. Nice update here. Indeed the message so many never get is, it requires consistent work. All the other technical baloney is mainly just that, baloney. One technique my outperform another technique, but if you aren’t using either one, what difference does it make?

    So many of the ‘preachers” in this filed spend their time micro-managing things to the ‘nth degree … and the comments are almost always even worse … do you put one space or two spaces after a period in your back links, Dave?”

    It’s like arguing over which $400,000 plus sports car is fastest … I drive an $18k Mitsubishi, and I go much slower, but get many more miles down the road.

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Dave Starr, nice comment. Keeping it simple is the best advice for many. Too much thinking about it all leads to being less productive. Write content and get backlinks for your anchor text. Then do it again, and again. Many people should keep that in mind and just WORK.

    By the way, I have a $7K rather old Suzuki Vitara that has been very good to us for many years.

  7. Have you ever had the balls to throw an 800 Backlink package at one of your sites?

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Andy, the most we have gone to is the 200 package which worked very well but an 800 package may be way too much. Because many of the 800 sites would have up to 5 links put on them. You could split it between 5 hubs though with some age and I bet they would take it.

  8. Hey Dave – I just notice a competitor in one of my niches pop on page 1, and definitely using your techniques of buying keywords. Unfortunately he is using the worst spun crap I have seen in a while. Most of the articles don’t even talk about what the post title is about.

    Hate when people use good advice and then do something like this…I like to think this site won’t last. I’d also hate to think with people like that out there – that these techniques may go the way of Grizz’s method in a year or two because people are spamming them out there to the interwebs.

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Pete, I had the same problem myself and asked someone about it. They were.cc sites that were all over my niche. They have gone now though, it was very short lived. You will probably find the same thing too.

    I am actually trying a new site with just a short post title with a goal to ranking for all the hard terms rather than more longtail stuff. I will see what happens in the future. Trying some different site structures for a new niche. A main post for each sub niche and then all other posts in that sub niche linking to the main article. All for main keywords rather than buying longtails. I want to see if I can build a monster that looks uber legit and an authority rather than a more short term eye on the longtail money. I just want to mix it up and see what the results are. The beauty is that with a short post url I can always add in longtail buying keywords in the future if the main terms are too tough. I seem to have the feeling that short urls may be of benefit for a big, and I mean big, authority site.

  9. Hello Dave. What plugin are you using for your related posts? I lik the pictures it makes.

    Another question for you if you don’t mind taking time to answer it: when you use backlink solutions do you use the build in spinner to generate articles? Or do you manually rewrite them and submit them one by one like wuith Postrunner? I have tried spinning an article to 70% uniqueness and then drip feeding the articles through backlink solutions but google only seems to count the first 8 articles or so

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Hey Yankee it is from linkwithin, just click on the text by the images, pretty snazzy huh?

    For backlink solutions I rewrite in Magi Article Submitter, on my tools to succeed post, and then submit in the spin area on BS. I have definitely had a lot more than 8 show up in Seoquake and the effects have definitely been good, don’t know why you are having probs with an 70% spin. But make sure you spin the titles a lot too and try to get your keywords in the article a good few times so placement is random across the many articles. I always do a 300 word minimum article maybe if you do smaller snippets they don’t work as well, just a guess though.

    Do you do the above? All just pure speculation though.

  10. Hi Dave,

    Glad to see you are posting again. Love your writing style and you are a good teacher. I am having success with a few Amazon sites I built, and it looks like this could be my first $1K month. I have some adsense/amazon sites that get international traffic and make a few amazon sales. i have been hesitant to focus them on Amazon too much because they get at much international traffic as they do US traffic. 2 of them are now at #1 in google for their main keyword. Is there a plugin that deals with Amazon links in getting people to the right amazon? Like if someone in the UK clicks my US based ad, I get nothing if they buy, unless there is a way to deal with this that I am not aware of. Any thoughts on this? Thanks & Keep posting!

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    John, thanks for the kind words. Good stuff if you are going to get $1K, most people never get there you know.

    I have the same problem for US and UK. I don’t know of any plugins. The only option would be don’t link an image at all and then have 2 text links. One for US and one for UK. Worth a go. Although to be honest the British are a bugger to convert. The US folks seem much happier to buy online, at least in our experience. I really don’t go for UK sales much now, I usually just have a general UK Amazon link on the sidebar and leave it at that. But I may be missing out on some dosh that way, what do I know?

  11. sup Dave

    how do you recommend using MAS with a new website? I can’t really get it to post only the individual number of articles I want it to so I could begin with a few a week maybe, more the second week etc so I don’t get slapped by google…


    ps how much do you earn from all the affiliate clicks on this website? : P

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Mat, I really don’t use MAS much just MAR. I would just do a few a week but it should give you an option for how many to post each day, I am sure it does. But mix it up with plenty of links from other places too.

    How much do I earn here?

    Bugger all 😉 You lot hardly ever buy anything you tight sods!

  12. Hey Dave,

    I remember a few posts back you talk about throwing some links at a site and by pushing the envelope you saw a drop in SERPs only to be resurrected a bit later. Taking your stupid advice I got a little ballsy on a 2 month old site and saw my traffic DROP. I’m not sure if I’m experiencing the dip you spoke about or if the G algo is punishing me sandbox-style or if I just lost the “new content bonus”. I still get a trickle of traffic so I’m not straight-up de-indexed.
    How long did it take to get your spot back?

    In all honesty, you do have a good thing going here and it’s evident by the community that’s sprung up. I’ll be sure to use your amazon link next time I’m in the market. Actually, you should throw a link up on the homepage; make it easy for us, man.

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Reed, stupid advice? C’mon man you will make me feel bad.

    What I have found on sites that already have a good mixed link profile that when you hit them with a lot of links quickly the posts linked too can be gone for up to a week or more only to come back stronger. But here is the rub, most of my sites are consistent. The more links the better they rank. But 1 site was great for months, then it went, now it gets 2 or 3 people a day. I put a lot of work in to it but Google hates it. What can you do?

    Not as much as google hates this site though. I am sandboxed BIG STYLE. First time it has ever happened to me too. Glad this is not my niche or anything. I don’t think I could bear the loneliness of the search engine blues.

    Hey, god idea about the Amazon link, be sure to buy all your Chrimbo stuff from my link.

    Sorry about your site dude, move on, build more, and return in a while. Yesterday and today I put a new site up. 30 posts on it all with good content, Amazon links and images, sidebar done, cool theme and I am trying out some new internal linking stuff. Stay tuned. My brain it be fried though.

  13. If you are looking for a new article idea Dave, you could write about how your wife is making money with hubpages. You mention it pretty often but never really go into any detail. Hell, you could even have her write it. haha

    Anyways, I’m glad to see you haven’t completely abandoned this blog.

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Josh it is already done. All you nee to know has already been written 😉

    Fact is just throw a ton of links at them and they rank well. A few optimizations and you are good to go. i.e use a text link box on the top right below a picture instead of the Amazon module. Put that lower down.

  14. Dave, good to see you’re back.

    For international traffic, try the Amazon Affiliate Link Localizer plugin. It determines which country the visitor is from, and puts your aff link for that country in. You just need to sign up with all the countries in Amazon that you want to promote.

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Thanks Ash, I will check it out, sounds interesting.

  15. I was just playing on the stupid advice. I’ve been following your advice for awhile now and things are looking up. No $1K/month mark or anything but I’ll get there. Just a little concerned about my latest site I put the effort into only to see it tank.

    No worries, we’ll all get our Thai Island

  16. With Dave’s recent email to the in crowd about link exchanges, he said it would be okay for me to pimp my sites to his other readers.

    My sites are health, kitchen appliance and heating related so if anyone would like to get some link exchanges on the go please hit me up at jimmymc AT mail DOT com.

    FYI my sites are PR 1 and 2 and have anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand links as well as 50-200 pages indexed in Google.

    If you’re worried about “revealing your niches” we can do it in stages, let me know the URL/anchor combo you want a link to as well as the PR, number of incoming links and number of pages indexed in Google of the site you can send me a link from. Then I will let you know the details of the site I can link from as well as the link I want. With Christmas approaching, let’s give ourselves a bump.

  17. Well now I feel stupid hahahha. That was only last week too…How did I miss that?

    Just to be clear, she is making most of the money with Amazon right?

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Josh, yep Amazon.

  18. “With Dave’s recent email to the in crowd about link exchanges, he said it would be okay for me to pimp my sites to his other readers.”

    The question of all questions, and I’ll ask because there ain’t no bouncer at the door – How do i get in on that list?

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Wishal Andy was being rather misleading, without meaning to be. Just a turn of phrase I am sure. What he meant was he asked me if you could post a comment about link exchanges and I said yes. ‘Aint no in crowd around here, just all of us together. Anyone can feel free to post a comment about their niches they want links for or leave their email address for others to contact them.

    I would take advantage of the 2 other readers that come here, you may get some serious link swaps 😉

  19. Two readers? So modest!

  20. @Wishal

    It feels like there is a bouncer on the door. Not had any interest in link swaps 🙁

  21. Hello again. Thank you for answering my questionabout backlink solutions . I am writing 400 word articles with 2 link in them. When you write 300 word articles for BS do you only include one link? And what drip rate do u use? I set it to 5 a day.

    Not sure why it does not work well for me.

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Yankee, the slower the drip the longer the effects will take. Nail it with 20 and see what happens. Anything over 300 words seems to allow 2 links most of the time. I just checked a few sites again and I had over 70 submissions show up out of a 100 spin in seoquake so not sure why you are not seeing similar. But what you could do is allow pings to a site if it is wordpress. Then you will get notified of the link and you can bookmark it with imautomator or onlywire. A bit of extra juice should see them show up.

  22. Dave,

    Do you keep a spreadsheet recording all your backlinks? Do you do any type of record keeping of your links?

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    JohnM, not at all. To be honest I am totally un-organized. I just get on with the work and move on to the next. If I did all that I would feel to much like I was in control of this stuff. And we all know that none of us are. I know lots of people do it, but why? What would you want a record of all the links for? If you want to backlink your backlinks for extra juice then do it as you get them and are notified. But that is just me. I know plenty have a more organized approach. I just can’t face such things.

    Is that what you do?. And if so is it of benefit?

    I am not saying my approach is what anyone else should do, it is just how I can cope with all this. Record keeping is something I am loathe to do.

    Oh, plus I don’t know how to use Excel. I leave that to the good lady 😉

  23. Thanks for the reply again! Yeah I am not sure what is wrong, the links do show up in yahoo site explorer, but they don’t seem to have any effect on my rankings, and these are easy keywords I am trying to rank on hubpages. Maybe I need to vary the types of links I using across TKA, profile links, and so on.

  24. I’m with you in the un-organized camp. And I can barely use excel.

    This is what is taught/advised over at TKA. They have a whole spreadsheet which many people find helpful ( I can send you a copy if you want). I understand how it can make sense for someone starting out, trying to organize and grasp all of the concepts and such.

    For me it seems to take up a lot of time when I should be building links. I guess it helps you to look at your site and say, gee I need to do more backlink work to a site or post. But then again, if you’re not ranked number 1 yet, then you clearly don’t have enough backlinks yet,so why does the number matter?

    So it does give the mirage of control, but for me (and I’m knocking at all what they teach at TKA, they have helped me a lot), I just might make a note of how many links I have sent to a site that day/week.

  25. I started to do the spreadsheet and I just got caught up in filling it out and really, for me, a better way is to check stats, see what people are finding the site for and writing more posts related to that and monetising those posts and then seeing what happens and I have found that the traffic is slowly creeping up. But no sales yet….

  26. Hi dave, I’ve been reading your blog for a couple of weeks now. I’m currently backlinking a hubpage using your method. I’m just wondering though, what’s the best way to put an amazon link on a hub? Do you have a dummy hub on a dummy account that you can show us? thanks…

    By the way, been seing some great results with your method – I just got the third spot for a fairly competitive keyword, the only problem is, the estimated stats at google says 1,300 uniques a day but I’m only getting 10 hits a day, so I checked google insights – to my surprise most of the traffic come from UK, unfortunately I’m still ranked 29 on google UK 🙁 How do I optimize a hubpage for Google UK? THANKS man I appreciate your posts here and for trying to help newbies like me…

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Manny, hard to say how to win the UK traffic apart from just adding relevant text, which does work. Add UK to the title if you can and in the text and get some links for those keywords. I have found that often people in the UK use google.com and end up typing in UK with their query, it may help and give a little more traffic. But ideally it would be a .co.uk domain to get a better ranking naturally.

    No Hubs to show but just use the link module and put in the Amazon affiliate code, or put it in the text, use the html editor. Hope that helps.

  27. Thanks for your advice dave, I’ll try doing that. I also asked the TKA pips and they told me to get some links from UK article directory. Will try to it and we’ll see what happens 🙂

  28. Many thanks for this Dave, when you said do it manually. Do you mean submitting articles to Ezine ect ? I’ve not much money at the moment, we are eating home grown potatoes and leeks, but I’m ready to roll following your advice, within my budget.

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:


    Do you mean getting backlinks manually?

    If that is the case then that used to be all that we did. Now we use a number of tools that I have written about. But hey, you go with what you can afford.

    If you have no cash, and trust me I have very much been there, like you but it was rice and lentils, then just submit manually for links to ezine, amazines, articleblast etc. It all works.

    But, if this is what we are talking about, join the Keyword academy, it’s free for the first month. Abuse the postrunner system big time for a month and I guarantee that then you could afford the monthly fee for it. Honest. It is well worth going mad for a month and earn some good money. Or use build my rank that I talked about although you have to pay $59 a month for it. But you can rank by manual article backlinks but these damn tools are a real shortcut.

    Check out Fiverrr.com too for peeps that will spin an article and submit to hundreds of directories if you can’t afford magic article submitter. Let me know what you think. Being Welsh(ish) I have a fondness for any Leek lovers 😉

  29. Lol Dave, thanks for that. . Yes that’s what i meant.

    Now it’s time to learn WordPress and get a few decent sites up and running, then write, write, and write again.

    I will get back to you soon.

    My mother is Welsh, Caerphilly to be exact, we used to spend a few summers down there.

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