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Apr 232011

“and you can have it all, my empire of dirt!

I was going to call this Niche Domination ReLoaded but Wifey said it made me sound like a pathetic old man trying to get “down” with the kids, but a decade out of date, so, Niche Domination ii it is!

Some of this is inspired by Eli, I read his content again, after quite a while, and I am telling you that he knows what he is talking about. It may be 4 years old but it is still the best approach to take, and one that I am firmly pursuing, and have been. See the bottom of this post for a link to his article.

In the previous niche domination article I talked about the importance of satellite sites, both as back up in case your main site goes down, but also for good quality links. It needs to be talked about in more detail and this is what this post is about.

For me this is the most important thing I have probably written. This is for those that are serious about this game. Those that want it as a lifelong career. Not people who are playing and do not have the ability to put in the hours and actually do the work. Please pay attention. This is for those that are in it for the long haul. You can read other content on this blog to learn how to make money fast, and how to make a lot of money. It is all about the work, a lot of it, and little else, don’t let anyone tell you different. But for those that want this way of earning to be a lifelong, and very lucrative income then it is time to think very long term.

This post won’t be all shiny and nice like the first installment post. This is the real thing and this is what you seriously need to think about. My approach is going to totally change as far as I approach my online business and I think I am already somewhat late to the party. We shall see, but so far so good. This is not to say that I have not been doing what will be discussed for over a year, I have, but it is time to get serious and to really dominate the niches we choose to work in. We want them to be unreachable by our competition, and we want them to be as fail safe as anything that relies on search traffic can be.

First let’s take a look at just what bad things Dave and Wifey have done this past year shall we, it opened my eyes to what I have been doing and frankly, well, I felt a little bit sick. Seriously.

Okay, I am gonna say it.


7664 articles of 150 words or more. I told you I don’t play at this game. I work, Wifey works, our outsourcers work and we have a lot more sites than I probably talk about.

I mean, c’mon. Look, it works , and like a dream. All those build my rank article that me, Wifey and the paid staff do will rocket your sites in the serps and I mean seriously. We have made a fortune from BMR in terms of getting amazing ranking, but it needs to be reigned in and another way needs to be found. Sure, I will still use them, but differently. More on that later. We ain’t finished yet.

I have 2529 articles in Postrunner.  That is 758,700 words minimum. And it is increasing as I speak. AND, we have another Postrunner account as well. I am gonna say it again.


Oh, and those stats are from a week ago so the numbers are higher now.

Let’s continue shall we?

Talking with Wifey the other day and outlining our new approach I said I was a little worried about if it all went pear shaped, what we already have that is.

She made sense when she replied,

“Don’t worry about it, if we had to start again at least we have made enough in the past year to live on for about 12 years”

True indeed, and if you work like you only have one year left then you can earn an incredible sum of money. It is what we have done to some extent, as I talked about in the post on making money fast. But what about the whole of your future? Maybe we need to really think very long term too? I am. And I will share my new approach. It has basically come about after learning a lot of new stuff in the past week or two.

I have been introduced, by a great online friend, to the rather miraculous world of aged domains. Want to buy a site for $3 plus registration cost with a PR 5 Huffington Post link that is 4 years old? No problems, it is simple innit.

Want o buy a PR 4 site that is 10 years old with a handful of PR6 and PR5 links, simples. During my learning curve and subsequent spending spree (ongoing) I found out quite a lot of surprising stuff. A lot of the high PR links come from sites that have pages dedicated to listing all the resources they can possibly think of about their niche. I mean often hundreds. And the sites they linked out to all had good PR and authority. Coincidence? What do you think?

I have talked in the past about the fact that because of my paranoia, about a year ago I bought 15 or so new domains as backup for a niche. A little initial content was added to them and then they were kind of forgotten about for a while. But over the last 6 months they have been slightly re-purposed and made in to very small niche sites. Sites based around single products that send an ultra relevant link or two to the main big broader niche sites.

Links like that are golden. And we have about 15 or more of these sites for 1 niche. But, the authority is still fairly low and growing every month. Imagine if you can jump the queues by a coupe of years and start off with high authority and very quickly improve the quality and ranking of your main broad niche site. With aged domains you get to do exactly that. Links from respected sites are always going to give better results.

Not really up for debate that one.

So, here is my new approach and it contradicts a lot of what I have been saying the last year, at least to some degree.

But this is the fun and the fear of this game, you refuse to evolve at your peril. This is not a static business model, it changes. And often.

Many may think this is a reaction to me losing rankings on a few sites this last week. it isn’t. It has happened to me before and it will happen again. I had a lovely little niche site that took off right from the start. Daily sales and then BAM. Gone to Googles bad books for over a year. It is back now and doing as it should (make me money), this is the life we choose and the arena we choose to play in. You want guaranteed traffic then pay for it.

Dave’s New Game Plan

It has begun, and I am rather excited. But what I am not going to do is talk about how to buy aged domains and go in to details about how to ensure you buy quality, how to get good prices and how to really make the most of it all. Lando is going to release a lot of info on that and as he is my tutor it would be unfair to steal his thunder. That is the way to is and all I will say on the matter, for now.

So, as mentioned, for over a year now we have gradually been building up what are called satellite sites to support our main niche sites. 1 main site and lots of smaller sites hovering around it. Using keywords mined from the data of the large main site and smaller sites built around those terms.

Maybe the main site is for a general niche with hundreds of products?

Maybe you need to consider buying a relatively large number of sites to support each product. Or at the very least the main sellers in the niche. This is what me and Wifey have always done, and I probably do not talk about it enough. But the reality is that most are still only a year or so old. Before that a lot was a learning curve and we would concentrate on just a few main sites.

The problem is that at some point they become link saturated.

It starts to get out of control. As you have seen above with the number of links we have made. Now, these links are not all to main sites. An awful lot of them go to satellite or support sites. Plus to up and coming niche sites, and gasp, dare I say it, even to simply backlink the backlinks.

It works, and it works well.

There is a lot of talk of late of building up 1 single site and becoming the authority in that niche. To some degree I agree. Have a main site by all means that you spend most of your time of. But be realistic. At any point that site can be gone from the search engines never to return. A new algo, a bug, a hosting problem, the ways a site can disappear over night are endless.

You should at least be considering building up a series of sites in the same way as your main site to act as a backup if the worst happens. This does not mean that you are not inherently simply still working on one site. You are building up other sites that can link to your main site and that can act as a much needed fall back if your main site goes to the Dogs.

For a few niches we have a number of such set ups. We do the work, as you have seen. We work hard and we work most days. The reality is that almost every niche can be  profitable to some degree if you put the hours in. Me and Wifey are certainly not the cleverest when it comes to tech stuff, our knowledge is basic but we put it in to  practice, and we learn as we go. We discuss ideas with each other of an evening over a tiny tipple of Cava and we implement new strategies daily.

Many do not have the luxury of bouncing ideas of someone else, and that is what I am here for. But always test, and tweak and find new approaches.

Back to your niche domination.

Don’t rely on one site.

Many people say to do this and be the master of the niche. All well and good. Certainly you can spend a lifetime in a single niche, no doubt about that. But you want plenty of sites that you own that surround that site.

What you will find is that you can then use them to send links to your main site. You can send them Postrunner links, BMR, and anything else that you throw at them. These links that you send to your support sites will flow through the link on your support site to your main site.

It allows you to cut down on the number of links you send direct to your main site.

But the problem is that a new site has no authority and the links you send are likely to get it sandboxed if you do too many, and the links you send to the main site are worth little as the satellite sites have no history or authority. Up until now we have done  it the long way. Buy new site, add content, let them age a year or so then begin to build up the links to them.

Now we are at the stage that the support sites make money, they send authority inks and they can replace many of the main sites if the worst happens.

But, thanks to my good friend Lando I now have been implementing a short cut. In a month or less he will release a guide that I will endorse giving you all you need to know so that you can buy aged domains that are about to expire because the webmaster has not renewed the domain registration.

I have been at it just a few weeks and already I see what I have been missing . Buying an old site, often ten years or more, with links that are high quality from very respected sites gives you a shortcut of a year or more. You already have highly regarded links pointing to the sites you buy and the links you put on them to your main sites allow the juice to flow.

Not just that but they rank, and damn quick. In just over a week I already have re-purposed sites that rank and get traffic. For terms that would take a long time to rank for on a new site. It is a thing of beauty.

Let’s take a look at the approach.

This is how we worked previously in so far as setting up our networks for a niche but we now have the advantage of using sites that have authority. I would buy sites that fit your general niche in so far as keywords are concerned if possible but it is not vital. We know how effective links from aged sites are just by using Build My Rank. All the sites in that network are general sites sending links out to a myriad of other sites that have nothing in common yet the links from the network are still very effective at boosting our sites in the serps.

If we buy an aged domain and re-purpose it so that it has a site name that reflects our keywords and the content does the same then links from that site are going to be very powerful indeed.

Buy what you can afford, from PR2 to whatever your funds allow. The higher authority sites can be used to boost the lower authority sites.

What I mean is that if you buy 20 domains that have some age or good quality links already going to them you then interlink your whole network of 20 sites. They are all about something specific to your main general niches too. They may just be about a single product or a few products but the whole site is going to be used to send a link or two to your main site.

We will pick the highest authority sites and we will use a handful of them to send links to the lower authority sites that we have bought and set up. As discussed the link juice from the higher authority sites that have good authority links already can be used to flow that quality down to the lower quality sites. You are using your own group of sites to pass quality to build up the sites without having to spend so much time trying to find link from whatever sources you can.

The problem with most links that we are able to obtain is that they are simply not worth much. The links that most of us are able to obtain are, and we need to be honest, not of good quality and we go for bulk. Nothing wrong with this and it is certainly something that I shall continue to do.

But if we can own high quality sites then the links from them are worth so much more than most other links we can obtain from other places.

We get to own the property the links come from. It means that we can have high quality links on the homepage of a site and they will be there forever. Over a few months once the bots see that these link are going nowhere how do you think it will reflect on your main site and the other sites in your network that you have used the high quality of some site to improve the lower level sites. It is going to be golden.

Finding high quality links is the be all and end all of staying high in the serps long term. BMR works, no doubt and a lot of that is because initially the links are on the homepage of the sites in the network. But then they fall off and we keep on building. Most of them stick though and I have used it very effectively to rank a number of sites, although this approach is certainly not favored by many others. But where do you rank?

But we should try to split the work so that we also use such links to go to our support sites. It will mean less of them are needed as the sites already have inherent quality. I have seen it already on new sites I have built, in a matter of days. I buy one, set it up, and it ranks. With no links I have made apart from a few links from other higher authority links I have in my network. I did ten new sites last week and many are already getting a trickle of traffic and clicks.

Over time this will improve. Over time you will build them up to be larger sites in their own right, or you will leave them at a page or 2, depending on how they are ranked and how they are treated by the search engines.

But this is a closed system for your niche. You use the authority of the best to boost the worst and they all link out to your top level main site.

The juice flows.

I am not going in to the way to best approach buying the sites, Lando will be doing that when his work is done. But from a logical point of view you can see it makes sense. The same technique applies if you simply buy your own new domains and set up the same structure. It just takes longer is all.

But high quality links are worth a lot of money. I have sold links for $100 for a month on authority sites so buying a whole domain that is the same price and has high authority is going to make total sense. You own the site and the links for ever and that is a thing of beauty.

With your new set of sites that you have all interlinked and used to support your niche domination as a whole you are looking to be able to take on the big boys.

So many people try to compete in large and competitive niches with a single site and they don’t make it. But segment that niche and you could dominate. You have a series of interlinked sites that can all rank for certain terms that your main site simply may never be able to. A single post or series of posts on a general niche site is often simply not enough to take on a product or very competitive term.

But if you have a single site about the product then you can dominate it. By adding up all the sites you are then effectively taking over the main niche from a series of different angles. Tough to do with new sites, but more than possible with sites that are already very old and have great authority.

And with the authority of this network all pointing to the main site you may well find that you totally dominate the whole niche as well and get a series of sites on the front page of the search engine.

But never forget the money in the longtail. Many people simply strive for years to rank for a single term. Better would be a series of sites about the longtail. Each site can then rank relatively easy for the term as well as provide links to the man site to help rank too.

Online heroes like Grizz have been telling us that for years. And of late it is seen as more of a way to go. Forget the terms that attract evil competition and stay somewhat under the radar by attacking the longtail. A handful of longtails can often be more valuable than the main term anyway, and a lot easier to rank for and less likely to attract unwanted attention.

But either way, a series of sites to attack your terms is going to give you a lot more backup and a lot more authority.

It may seem like a lot of work and it is. Many will roll their eyes and feel sick to their stomach at the thought of building out a whole website just to get a link or two.

That is up to you.

It is where the money is. Good links that mean something.

We hear all the time about building exceptional quality content and the natural links will come. I don’t buy it and it is not true. For most niches it simply will not happen. You need to be active in doing your own work and getting your links. If you want search engine traffic that is. There are plenty of other free traffic sources you can go after, this is just one of many.

If you think this is wrong then fine. But large sites, and I mean the big names in any niche all do it. Do Amazon do it. Yes. They link to their network of smaller more niche sites and you will find that the big players all have a network of sites that are linked together.

And that is what we are going to do.

Within the sites in your network you need to pay special attention to you interlinking. By this I mean links on site pointing to other pages on the same sites. You should make the site as integrated as possible. It allows the internal juice to flow and the site boosts itself by being user friendly as far as navigation goes and gives it a lot more authority. Before you chase external links do all you can to give yourself internal links. What is going to be the most relevant link you can get?

A link from a site that is based on your keyword with relevant content.

And that starts at home. Use the authority of the site you have and link together content on it, it is about the best link you can get. And certainly a site built like this is what the search engines approve of and like above most everything else.

This is simple stuff at its heart. It is not complicated, it just takes an investment of time, and a little money. Or more money for buying yourself a short cut. Long term you are setting yourself up to dominate your chosen niche. You get the benefit of being able to mine new keywords as each site is always treated differently by the search engines. You allow yourself to get new terms to add to your satellite sites and your main site and you allow yourself to dominate your niche as your whole group of sites can simply take over page 1 for a multitude of terms. If you have been struggling to rank high for a main term then maybe you now see why. Maybe it is simply time to move away from Hubs and Squidoo etc and get serious about our own online content that we simply have complete control over?

If you are playing with the big boys then they are going to be doing a lot more than this simple technique so you better get busy. Most of us are not up for really tough niches, they are going to take too much effort and may result in wasted years. There are plenty of great niches that we can apply this article to, ones that are not saturated. Let me drive this point home to you. Yesterday afternoon I put a single page on one of my new aged domains. Yesterday afternoon. The site never used to be about what I have turned it in to. Today as I type this Wifey just informed me it made a sale. I made it yesterday!

Starting to make sense now?

And if you want to use this technique for adsense earnings then you are mental in the head and I shall send around the men in white coats to collect you. You are asking for your living to be taken away from you.

Lets simplify this.

We spend our life getting links to rank high. Each of those links is performing only once. It is going from website A to website B.

But if we have our own network we are simply multiplying the power of our links by a very large degree. If site A links to Site B and site B links to C, D, E and F then the boost that one site gets from a link is passed to the other sites too. The better authority a single site has the more authority a link it has gives. So by boosting our interlinked network with links from each other they all get boosted. And any backlink work we do externally to our network gets passed around and the whole network improves. And the whole network is linking up to our main site.

It simply means that we are getting a lot more from the work we do. A link is no longer simply performing once, it is boosting the site it links to which is sending some of that new authority to other sites in the network. And all sites are then sending out that better authority our main site.

Read Eli’s Serp Domination to see how much further this is taken by those who run in competitive niches.

If you are earning well from a niche then this is something you should seriously consider. I am not saying that what I have written is what needs to be done, but for long term stability then it is something you may like to consider.

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