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Apr 212010

I will get to “Why my blog doesn’t make any money“, (not mine, yours), in a little while, but first some general ramblings. Get used to it 😉

Niche Thieves

It should be last of most peoples concerns. Niche thieves that is.

Making money blogging is for many of us the easiest way to earn a living with online endeavours. Making money on the Internet actually becomes rather formulaic after you get to grips with some of the basics. It took me some time to do this but now I find that it is rather repetitive for the most part and the basics can be learnt and implemented quite quickly if you read the right resources and try to keep things as simple as you can.

But what is more than apparent from forums and other people’s content is that people who are rather new to making money blogging or with static sites are very concerned about having their niches stolen. I know that for many it is a real concern and they afraid that if they do not do everything in their power to hide their tracks that they will somehow never earn a living online.

Personally I don’t really think this is true. For a start there are an infinite number of niches out there. Well, maybe not infinite but there sure are a lot. Obviously as time goes on there will be more and more competition for smaller and smaller rewards but as far as I can see that is a while of yet. And for the most part the competition will not be from niche thieves it will just be other people looking to expand the money they make online or people doing keyword research and stumbling across something.

Why worry about niche thieves?

Personally I don’t. If people really want to track down what you do then they probably will. There is no getting away from the fact that a lot of people who are very serious about this game will have a plethora of tools and tricks that could follow your tracks however well you may try to hide them.

And if you are a savvy and techie guy then how much trouble will you have to go to to really hide your niches? Is it worth it? Would you be better off simply getting on with your work while just being sensible about not showing all your niches? Probably?

But the main reason I say not to worry about niche thieves too much is that most people are lazy anyway. Even if you told all and sundry exactly what your niches are they probably will not put in the time to compete anyway. And although it is more than apparent if you see a site that is being worked hard and has been for a year or more that it is a money maker the truth is that you neither know how much the earning potential is or whether or not the monetary rewards are worthwhile for YOU. Some people are happy earning very little and their best niche that they work very hard may bring in only a small amount of cash as far as YOU are concerned.

Just be sensible and don’t overtly show all your sites but I think that for the majority of people trying to make money blogging it really is not worth being concerned with. Many will disagree. On to the main point of this article anyway.

Making Internet Money Blogging And Why You May Not Be

Blogging is all I do. I don’t make static sites, web sites or whatever you want to call them and I am fine with that. For me I am now happy with blogs as my chosen way to get content online and reap the rewards. So how exactly do we make the most of our blogging endeavours to ensure that we can make a living online from simply typing and sitting down to some work?

It is exactly that:


This is why most people absolutely never get to where they want to be in terms of making money with blogs or any other platform. They do not put in the hours. It seems more than apparent that most people either do not have enough content online, do not have enough sites with authority, or simply refuse to give backlinks in adequate amounts to the content that they do have.

You Can Rank Anything

Of this I am now pretty confident.

It is all just a matter of time and work. Of course, some things will take many years to rank well for if they are very competitive and you may be using less than pure ways to do it but it can be done. It is simply a matter of ensuring that the work that you put in will pay off.

This is not to say that I think this is the best approach. I don’t think that going for super competitive terms is the best way to make money online. I think being sensible about what you realistically can get good results for in the search engines by building sites and writing keyword specific post titles for is a much better way to go. But don’t be too conservative in the keywords you aim for either.

Super tight niche sites are a quick way to earn some money but they do not have the potential of a large site more often known as an authority site. My personal preference is for a mix of both types of sites with a heavy slant towards larger more authoratitive blogs.

I will be writing a large post all about how to build an authority site soon so stay tuned. But remember I am just a year and some in so the best thing is to get on with it yourself and tell me how it is done.

With larger sites there is simply more potential over the long term to make more money. Don’t get me wrong I have only had sites for just over a year but the ones that have a lot of content and lots of backlinks make the most money by far and rank the best. These are sites that are fairly broad in their topic range. They are about all aspects of a subject broken down in to categories or niches within niches.

The beauty of having a more general site about a topic, still with very specific keyword anchored backlinks is that the scope is almost never ending. By this I mean that you uncover keywords, or words that people search for to find your blog, that you would never have thought of or do not show up in research tools.

Once a site has been running for a certain length of time, maybe six months or so for me at least there seems to be a kind of magic leap in the number of visitors because the posts begin to rank much better in search engines. If plenty of keyword specific backlinks have been sent to this site then you will also see lots of search terms showing up that you had never thought of. With these more specific keywords you can then get your site to rank for them but you also then have the opportunity to build a small blog around those keywords which will rank well with minimal effort.

These satellite sites can then be seen as a great resource for you to make money from in their own right but they can also be used to inform your visitors of your larger more general site via a keyword specific backlink. Nothing wrong with that and it means that hopefully you will have more listings high up in search results and  thus more money. For some of our terms we do well with we are on every position on page one of the popular Google search engine. Who do you think gets the cookie then?

This is why I like large sites with 70 or 80 posts all backlinked as much as possible. They give more scope for fresh keywords on the main site and for new sites of a smaller size in their own right.

How I Like To Set Up A Blog

My preference is to buy a domain name and then install a few basic plugins straight away. I have meddled around with loads of plugins for wordpress over my year and a half in the game and now keep it as simple as possible.

  • Yarpp
  • Google sitemap
  • All in one SEO

And that is it for the main part. I will then add the privacy policy plugin for adsense sites which automatically makes you a privacy policy page and all I install contact form 7 for a contact page.

I am now finding this is about all I need in terms of plugins for wordpress to get a site going nicely. Then on to the money. Personally I monetize straight away. Some people prefer to wait for a certain point but as far as I can tell it makes no difference to how a new site ranks. Either way new sites are hard to get traffic for but the traffic I do get I feel I may as well try to make some money from.

On to getting the site up and running properly. Be it a small site or one that is going to eventually be larger I would aim for 5 or so initial posts over the first week or two. After that I would begin with a backlink or so a day from article directories and the like and as time progresses I would increase the daily number of backlinks. Using free traffic system (link on the side), has been surprisingly good and I am seeing some decent results already after only a few weeks with the Keyword Academy Postrunner system (look right folks).

I will not go through the whole system of building a real authority site today but those are some basics of how I like to set up any site, regardless of long term goals.

What I wanted to get on to was why so many people seem to not make money from their sites. When you set up a new wordpress blog you should have the intention that it will make money. Many do but seem to give up all too soon. The reality is that it is tough to make money but only if you do not put in the work. If you work a site hard then it should make something. Even if you find that many keywords simply do not convert to sales or clicks very well you should be able to uncover some keywords that do convert. Just don’t give up. Keep writing new posts for the site, keep getting backlinks from wherever you can and you will make money, not always a lot, but every site I own, even my total thorn in my side site that ranks with no work and gets tons of traffic but I can’t get a product for.

The reality is that when people say they are not earning enough money blogging they often either are simply writing social blogs where the people that visit have no interest in buying from the banners on the side or clicking the adsense or for those who make blogs that are niche specific and keyword specific, which is how to make money online with blogs, then they give up too soon or do not put enough work in.

After a year of knowing how to make a backlink, how to write a keyword specific post and how to set up a wordpress blog I have no doubt that anyone who is not working their sites very hard and putting in the hours will struggle to make any decent money.

We need to put in a year or so of solid work in my opinion to be able to earn a decent living from sitting at our keyboards. And this can be shortened if you are lucky enough to stumble across a very profitable niche or somehow simply rank easily for a set of keywords.

But you will never know unless you get a load of content and sites online.

I mean thousands. Maybe not sites, but at least pages on the Internet. In fact it will be much more than this and it should be. What I have found is that you simply need to buy a domain name with the keywords you want the most traffic for if you can. You then need to write posts with the main keywords in the post titles if it is a really specific site or the keywords for individual items if you are going for a broader and eventually larger site. Text in a post for whatever length you feel comfortable with and get backlinks. That is about it. Along with testing ad placements and types on a blog as well as testing different themes to see which themes make the most money this is about the gist of the game. Lis’s Frugal Theme Review brings up some interesting points about the time you can spend with themes in the comments section and just ensure you do not spend your life messing with themes rather than making money by getting  backlinks. She got one here though for what it is currently worth;)

It is backlinks without doubt that are the be all and end all. I have been having very good results with the resources on my sidebar and you should at the very least get the magic article rewriter for forty or so dollars and use it with free traffic system which is free. I was loathe until a few months ago to spend any money on tools but the reality is everyone else who makes decent money uses much more sophisticated and expensive ones than this so you need to at least begin, and forty dollars should not be seen as a big investment. And the Postrunner system that you can submit as many guest posts to blogs as you will probably be able to write is available for a dollar for the first month via the sidebar link so is a real no brainer. You should make use of these tools as it will make you problem of how to make money with my blog a lot lighter.

Story Time…….

Last September I came across an item that was being talked about quite a lot. I gave it a go and stuck up a 1000 word article on one of our oldest sites. Because it had had lots of backlinks to the site for many of its previous posts, along with plenty of  blogroll exchanges which add to the mix, it does not all have to be one way link exchanges you know, I began to rank for some long tails.

I began to make money on Amazon for the product.  This was in September and people were already looking to Christmas. So, I began to make some money but I was competing with some serious contenders. Hundreds of blogs dedicated to the keyword sprang up and most of the top rankings for the item were from well respected online newspapers. In to October and further on I continued with sending more and more backlinks for the main term plus a few long tails. I kept making money. But others were catching up until it got to the point that I kept dropping to the bottom of page two for the main term.

I was about to give up and move on to other things when I suddenly thought, dammit I will rank for this term if it kills me. And I did. By Christmas I was hovering in the middle of page 1. Not first or second but I got to a suitable position for the main keyword and was top spot for many buy keywords which you can read about on the best  keywords to make product sales post.

The point of all this is that to make money with blogs or websites you have got to simply decide that you will rank highly and never give up. Backlinks after backlinks. Backlinks repeatedly from the same places, backlinks from as many different places as you can, blogroll link exchanges, and I really saw massive jumps by using Paul’s backlink packets (side). People say these do not work but it is the best $8 a month to spend for the ability to jump blog posts up a good few positions after using it.

And I made about $10,000 from that one post over late Sept to Christmas.

The fact is that if you are going to put content online the one thing I have learnt over my past year being serious about making money on the Internet is that you may as well not bother if you are not going to put the work in building backlinks.


Only once you have done this to every post you put on a website will you eventually get to a position with a larger site where you can even dream of competing for very competitive keywords and even rank with no backlinks for some fairly competitive ones.

I now have a handful of sites where  if I write a blog post it will rank on page 2 with no other work. And when I get to backlinking they will rise and make more money.

I think I have probably written enough for this post. Keep an eye out for some big posts on what I have learnt about how to build authority sites from start until finish, which they never should. And over the next few months I will be compiling an UBER post about the best ways I have found to maximize making money from the Amazon associates affiliate program. We now do well from it and over the last year have found some great ways to improve conversions, compel people to click on Amazon links and get that all important, yet all too brief, Amazon cookie.

Stay tuned and send me some link love you tight sods. Sheesh.

  7 Responses to “My Blog Doesn’t Make Money”

  1. Interesting blog you have and I am looking forward to your uber posts about authority sites and amazon 🙂

    A question I have. Do you link directly from free traffic system to your moneysites? Isn’t that a bit risky and wouldn’t it be better to build a 2 nd layer in between?


    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Dennis I do a mix of both. Some point direct and some point to backlinks I already have to increase their authority. I can’t tell you how to use it as I don’t want to be responsible if anything goes wrong but I am of the firm impression that no backlinks will hurt a site. Otherwise I would simply use such services to wipe out the competition. From what I have read at most Google will discount backlinks they find dubious as no one can control who links to them.

    Free traffic system contains many article sites as well as peoples blogs that accept others content so it is no different to submitting articles to sites like Ezine as far as I can see. But if in doubt use it to boost existing backlinks. Just never rely on one system to rank a site, if a network did go down then you at least know that you will not have all your backlinks taken away.

  2. Thank you Dave,

    I think I will try it with a layer in between, just to be safe.And maybe later do some direct links.
    I completely agree with your views, but somehow I am still to scared to use it directly on my moneysites….maybe it’s just beginner’s fear 🙂

  3. Thanks for pointing out YARP. I’ve looked in the past for a related post plugins, but I found them way to complicated to set up. They wanted you to go into your current template and edit things around. This one was pretty simple to get installed and configuring it.

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Hey Chris,

    Yarpp is definitely a nice simple plugin. You can also add html code to the way the text appears to change the color or the actual text which can really boost visitor page views if that is a goal you are after.

  4. Hi Dave, I’ve read over on Ben’s forums that you use the free traffic system which posts articles of 450 words plus to 30 odd blogs. Do you spin those articles? I recently joined Backlink Solutions and am currently trying an experiment to see whether spinning makes any real difference.

    Funny thing is I’m getting far more pingbacks from the non-spun material than from the spun at the moment. But you are right about indexing, duplicate content doesn’t seem to stop a post from indexing on an authority site (in isolation) but I have yet to conclude whether it works on improving ranking in the SERPS.

    BTW I took up your affiliate offer for webhostingpad. Thanks.

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Hey Ben, thanks for that, much appreciated. I do use the MAR to spin before submission. Same with BS, I do one article, spin and send to both. I think that although the content will get pinged it may not mean that it counts as well for a link when it is the same on so many sites, but experimenting is the best possible way to go, it will be interesting to hear what happens so be sure to let me know.

    Webhosting pad have been great since we began with them, along with bluehost they are definitely great hosting sites and it is good to mix up the ip’s so you have new sources of backlinks under total control which is always the best when possible.

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