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Apr 132010

So, I was at my Mum’s the other day.

She uses the Internet quite a lot. She shops for deals and looks for information. She is even making money on the Internet now and then from a few things I have shown her. But the truth is she simply cannot get her head around what a backlink is, and how she has actually earned that cash. She asks me things like, have I got google on my site yet (meaning adsense) and she insists on typing in website addresses to the search engine rather than where she should.

Now, my Mum is not a Grannie but I had an interesting chat with her yesterday. I was helping her to buy some cheap prescription glasses from one of the Chinese sites. We were a little confused by some of the terms so I did a few searches for a few things I wanted to know. What came up made me think that it was a great niche to be in. All the usual nonsense came up on page one, it was like I had tackled the niche myself (sigh). The usual article suspects that provide no information and the usual blog type of sites out for clicks and cash.

I have not looked at the niche to see what money terms there are, done keyword research or seen how much I could get with adsense but that is not the point. After chatting with my Mum one thing is clear.

If you talk to your Granny or your Mum you could make a killing.

Making Money On The Internet Talking To Family

The interesting thing about our conversation was that as well as seeing exactly how many people use the Internet it was apparent that left to her own devices she would have gone on a blue link clicking frenzy. Even though she is more aware than most that they are adsense links she still does not really equate it with actual costs or benefits to anyone.

As Internet Marketers we, and I know I do, often forget how the majority of people actually use search engines. They type in odd phrases and ask it questions as if it were going to actually tell them the answers. They do not know that what comes up is based on things like:

  • Age of domain
  • Authority
  • Trust
  • Backlinks
  • Keyword rich titles
  • and blah (bored now)

Anyway, if you are struggling to make a good daily amount of cash or are pretty new to the game, maybe you need to take a step back. You may just be too clever for your own good. Getting all fancy with your new Internet skills means that how the Internet is actually used is often forgotten.

You need to write blog posts that people type in to a search engine.

And forget about keyword tools for a minute. I really now have lost count of the times I have thought of a post title only to check and no one looks for those terms according to Wordtracker and the big G tool. They lie.

Without doubt some of the best money makers I have are for blog posts that are using the exact words that someone types in to a search engine but never appear in a tool.

Try sitting down with your family or looking over their shoulder at how they use a search engine and it will bring it back to you just how the rest of the world uses them. Even tell them your niches and ask them to experiment. Get them to type in some stuff if they were looking to buy something you are an affiliate for or have some serious need of blue linky love clicks for. You will be surprised.

Top Search Terms You May Not Be Using

If you sell products or want the blue love then you may be missing out on some serious cash if you are not using these, obviously your keyword will be one side or the other of the following:

  • who sells
  • where to buy
  • best price
  • price compare
  • discount
  • where can you buy
  • price comparisons
  • reviews
  • I want to buy
  • where can I buy
  • get cheap

Get all of those either side of your niche site posts and you will pick up a shed load of longtail traffic as well as uncover even more keywords.

And why your site is not making any money.

Now, not being an expert and being in the game of making money on the Internet for just a year and some very distressing months I do not profess to being an expert. But I cleared $600 yesterday so I know I am doing something right. That is my best day so far by the way. The weekend was less than half that each day.

After being in contact with many people who are trying to make money with blogs which is my exclusive and only way of earning my living, it is obvious that many simply do not believe in content.

Get a site up and running with 5 or so posts in the first few weeks then add more content. From experimenting I have found that all the backlinks in the world will not count for as much as if you have more content. I know you may have a tight little mini niche but you will make more and get there quicker if you add more content. They do not have to be massive posts. Many of my sites have 300 word articles for the most part. But you get lots more longtails, build up the overall authority, and will get more bang for the proverbial buck.

All the big sites for competitive terms have more content than you could shake a stick at. And it’s a big stick too.

Use at least all those terms I listed above for each site that you have if it is for a product and you will make money from it easier. Making money from very thin sites is hard, at least in my opinion. Flesh them out a little and give every article some backlinks. If you do this they will make more cash. I know many will disagree and you are free to tell me I am wrong, but I don’t think so. Try it and see. I mean, how long does it take to write a handful of 300 or 400 word posts? A few hours. I think you would be much better off having fewer sites if you cannot find the time to at least get 10 or 15 posts to a wordpress blog or whatever you use.

To make money with blogs easily they need a decent amount of stuff on them. It really will make a difference.

Now, go and talk to your Granny, see how she uses the Internet to search for things. Ask how she would look for stuff in your niche or sit down and watch her. So many older people use the Internet and unfortunately they are often the people who are the least well provided for financially. This means they are looking for great deals and will be more inclined to click links until they find what they want at the best price.

Forget how you use the internet, you uber affiliate marketer you, you must remember how the general population uses a search engine. They use it like a Q and A, they ask it to compare prices, they ask it where they can buy something. And for the Amazon affiliates out there you will be amazed how many people type a product and the words Amazon in to a search engine, yes really.

Back to work for me and how about some comments? If you enjoyed this then you know the score. It’s all about the love my new friends, and that means some form of vote for this site.

  5 Responses to “Making Money On The Internet Talking To Grannies”

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  2. Great post you have here…especially that last tidbit about how “regular” people search. I’m guilty of creating the occasional webpages and/or title tag for search engines, however, after launching an up and coming authority website on a long-tail weight loss keyword, I noticed that 145 visits per day were coming from a misspelling of a 5 word phrase and decided to just mix and match the way I optimize content.

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Hey Yolanda,

    Misspelling can be a great source of traffic at times, it often pays to have a few in the content as people do not always click on the “did you mean” that comes up in Google.

  3. Excellent advice here. You must design/write for the non-geek, something those of us who use the Internet regularly forget all too often (mea culpa).

    Also, as a senior citizen myself, keep this in mind. The majority of the “movers and shakers”, especially in the MMO niche are young. This is great, that means they have along term career in front of them.

    But when you are young, it’s very easy to discount gannies and gandpas’s simplify because they aren’t often in your circle of friends .. and, as already mentioned, they are often a bit clueless about tech stuff.

    But consider this:

    1. They have time on their hands.

    2. They are often bored and looking for things to keep themselves occupied.

    3. After a lifetime in business or on salary, they understand that one often has to pay for items .. unlike the typical college student Internet Jockey who just asks dad for more money as required, or else searches endlessly to find a “free” alternative.

    4. Despite the horror stales of the poor, fixed income, destitute retired folks, the majority of us “oldsters” have an important ingredient to commerce .. we/they have money.

    I make much less now, gross, than when I had a six-figure government job, but I have no kids at home to spend on, a smaller house, only one car, no commuting and travel and work clothes costs, etc. I other words I have way more discretionary income per month than back in my “salad” years.

    There’s money in the niches that interest older folks, and they will spend if you tune your offers to suit them.

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Hi Dave S,

    That is some very good advice. Too many people only think of products within their age range and miss out on the people who do actually have money to spend, apart from the 30’s with no kids crowd.

    And it really is interesting if you sit down with someone who you know and see how they use the internet, it will be an eye opener for many of us who forget what it was like before we knew a little more about how search engines work etc.

    Nice to hear from you, come back soon.

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