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Apr 142010

All it takes is time.

This is one thing that I have learnt in my year since I knew what I was doing on a basic level. In this article I want to  do a kind of checklist for anyone who has been in the Internet marketing game for more than six months to a year or so and is still not making at least $100 a day.

Of course if you have been only spending an hour a day online working at making money online then there is no surprise that you are not going to quit the day job anytime soon. Anyone who told you that it is easy was a liar. It takes work, a lot of it, and if you seriously want to be able to work from home, making money from the Internet by blogging in niche subjects then you better wake up. The reality is that it comes down to content. The more that you get up and online the better the money you will make. Heck, I make 2 bucks or more a day with shetoldme, just by giving myself a backlink for my stuff. Not much but this is the point. It all adds up and you need plenty of content online. Be that in the form of lots of sites or lots of content on a more limited number of sites.

There came a point some time ago, not very long ago really that I realised that much of what is called for is repetition if you want to make money blogging. We are simply using the wordpress platform, or similar, to allow ourselves to easily update sites and get keyword specific content online. The copy that you write does not have to be amazing for the majority of how you can make money writing blogs, with only a few exceptions. If you design your page or site correctly then the text on it is of minimal importance to the visitor.

Rather, because of how search engines work at the present time, you are simply utilizing the power of a keyword specific title along with some appropriate text to rank high in the search engines. But, as you will all become aware if you continue to follow this site rather than actually get to work, I digress. Here is a simple formula for easily making money writing blogs on the Internet.

Guide To Making Money Blogging

Firstly you need to totally stop reading all the type of sites that tell you how to make money blogging. I am totally serious. They are all full of junk, period. They will tell you how to engage visitors, how to get more comments, how to write killer headlines by giving them great titles like “25 ways to improve your blog” and crap like that.

Bottom line is that this is not where the money is.

The money is in attacking a niche (or subject) with absolutely no interest in getting subscribers or readers or commentors.

My top performing niche that brings in hundreds of dollars every day on a wordpress blog has 2 comments.

And one of them is mine.

Social blogs where you try to write catchy titles to attract visitors do not work for nearly all people. The reality is that if you want to make money blogging then you need to forget about everything you may have read concerning blogging and actually get to work. There is nothing wrong with having a site where you want to interact with people and have fun, and they can become a good authority site for backlinks and to let of steam but there is a really easy formula for making money on the Internet by blogging and it has absolutely nothing to do with blogging as we see it.

I know that many people who read this will have heard this all before and that is good. But I also know, and I was one of them. that even after six months of knowing how to create anchored backlinks and make sites quickly you are still not making the cash. So, what are you doing wrong?


You aren’t doing it right or you are in totally the wrong niche.

How To Earn Internet Money The Right Way

I made $7 yesterday on a new site that had 4 visitors. 1 of them was an ezine article admin checking my site before they aproved an article and the others were from people clicking on the live article after it was published. Pretty good conversion right? I got a 10% commission on the sale I made and that is with no organic traffic because the site is brand new and won’t get any because the niche is competitive and it may take some time before I see any seo traffic.

Things like this came to me late. I have always just used article directories and web 2.0 properties for backlinks. But if you have a new site then give it some backlinks on a popular article directory and give that article some backlinks and see how it converts for the traffic you get.


Maybe it is time to think again about pursuing it. Unless you know that it is a buying keyword that will convert over the Christmas period or other times of the year. For a general term with no big spikes then you can test something quickly this way. But, once again, I need to get to the main point.

How To Make Money Quickly Blogging

From the start you are using a blogging platform simply as a means to get keyword rich content online. Then comes the boring part. But here is how you can really make money from it.

  • Keyword research to some extent, which I am not even going to go in to here, you should know how to do  it already or go search for how to do it
  • Content. Gradually build up content on your site over a few months. Forget 5 post blogs, they are harder to make work. Aim for 20 plus to be able to rank easier
  • You must use proper longtails in your post titles. Looking back and analyzing data there is no doubt that you MUST use the term in your title that you want people to find your site and individual posts  for. I think next to backlinks this is the most important thing. Get the words EXACT
  • You do not need to write long posts. I know, Grizzly says the opposite, but are you an uber authority? Do you get tons of backlinks from different IP addresses? No. Then just go for the terms in your post titles. When you get an authority status for your niche site then you can increase the word count if you wish and get backlinks for the main related terms you have cunningly stuffed in to your post
  • Backlinks. The be all and end all. Full stop. But the reality is that if you do not have a decent amount of content on your site you are making it harder for yourself. 5 or 10 posts on a site is a thin site. 20 or 30 is getting somewhere. 80 over a year with a shed load of links to each post is going to rock if the niche is a money maker
  • Stop dicking about with stupid niches. How many people are going for Forex, make money online, dieting etc? If you want some quick money then forget it as a short term solution. I am not saying not to gradually build up a site in a super competitive niche if you know money is there but don’t expect money quickly. In my naivete I entered in to some competitive niches with my good lady. And now, a year on we make a fine daily balance, but if I were to start again I would have first made some quicker money with smaller and easier niches.
  • Bottom line? Get busy people. Either build a massive authority site, or ten or so, which is really better, or go for bulk across different niches. The reality is that most will fail and be good for nothing but backlinks, but some will shine and offer real opportunities.

Many readers will be thinking they may have heard all this before. But they haven’t. If they had then they would not be looking for sites like this, or even reading  them apart from to have a break from work.

You need to put in long hours and get so much content online that you want to vomit.

If you are constantly trying out new ebook techniques and looking for a magic formulae then there is nothing worth reading. The basics are all in front of you.

  1. Pick a niche
  2. Keyword research
  3. Use buy keywords in article titles
  4. For most niches you want either a big image for products or a text list of bestsellers, real or not,  above the fold or first in a post
  5. Text to make the site real
  6. Backlinks, and lots of them

Backlinks has always been my dilemma up until recently.

Sidestep: Just read this on a blog.

Overall, it is very important to choose a niche market that you have some knowledge of or are passionate about.


My good lady hates me because in some of the niches we do together she often looks online fo info on the products and she keeps coming across my sites (which rank better than hers mostly, sorry Luv) and they tell her nothing.

I am awful for remembering details and what does what and how this works etc. But it makes no difference to my conversions. I have come to realise that it is the above the fold effect that is most important and that most searchers never really read anything. This is not true for all subjects or niches but for a lot of them it is gospel. Get some lovely blue links or your affiliate products or a quick snippet of text, like at the top of this page, and most people will be gone via them or the back button before they even get to the content. Or, they will read it in a cursory style and then decide what to do.

For nearly all ways to make money blogging this is true. For a select few topics or subjects people really do want to be convinced of something and read content but more often than not you can make more, and quicker with a nicely designed layout that offers the searcher the opportunity to get what they were looking for quickly and at a good price.

End of interruption and back to how to make money quickly blogging.

If you want to make money blogging quickly then here is what I would do. If you have a few sites and they make money then build more. Look at the best keywords that you have in your stats and buy those domains. Many of them will be longtails and available. Then treat the new site just as you did the old one. You will rank easier as you have the longtail in the domain and soon you will have an extra listing in the search engines as well as a site to link to the main site. Do this a number of times and you will be showing up in so many search results you will dramatically increase your earnings.

And make sure to use buy keywords in the post titles. See the previous post here for a little list of some I have found to be the best.

Mainly it is about putting in the hours of repetitive work that is needed. Write the content but spend much more time getting backlinks from anywhere and everywhere.

And something I am finding more and more lately is that you need text above the fold or an image. Banners convert horribly so ditch them. Make an image a link to the product you want to sell and you will do better. Best is simple text links. If the site warrants it then they convert the best of all. People are intrigued and will click.

Making the money is easy if you put in the hours. If you know how to make keyword backlinks and write a rich post title you know the basics. But get the right niches. There are a million real live products that people are looking to buy. Some convert amazingly well while others are horrendous. We simply need to build sites for various ones and see what converts well. Those that do not sell after people click a link to them can simply be changed to have adsense on them. You will get the clicks and earn the money. I would go for products to make money the quickest. And pick relatively obscure ones at that. Not that this is the only way but it is one of the quickest ways to make money with a blog. Like on this site have lots of static text above the fold with some handy exit links and add some color. Experimenting lately I have found much better conversions with some colorful text to catch people and draw them in. And don’t be shy. Put things in peoples faces. They came looking to buy something after all didn’t they? Why hide it?

If you liked this post then tell the readers on your blog. I am not doing any backlinking for this site so you know it makes sense.

  3 Responses to “Making Money On The Internet Is Easy”

  1. Hi Dave
    Just went through the first 2 blog posts and want to say how great the material is! Despite in this game for more than 6 months, there are things you said that make think about my way of doing things.

    I used to fall in the Griz camp when it comes to make money. Content doesn’t matter. Only backlinks do. However, as I built sites, it becomes very uncomfortable that a site that has only a few pieces of content has hundreds of backlinks. To that end, I begin to experiment and build more content for certain sites. Surprise surprise, sites with more content actually make more money, due to the many long tails that weren’t showing in Google Keyword Tools. In addition, the main keyword also move up much faster.

    After reading what you have said and seeing the result from my experiment, I have decided to change my stragey from building hundreds of mini sites to building a handful of sites with more than 50 posts. I will use the domains that I have bought for backlinks instead.

    Since I have never build authority sites before, I need to seek your advice to clarify some of my thinking:

    i) What structure is right for such a site in terms of internal linking? I am currently using this approach:

    Keyword 1: Patio cushions
    – article 1: where to buy patio cushions (with a link pointing to the patio cushion page)
    – article 2: buy cheap patio cushions (with a link pointing to the patio cushion page)
    – article 3:
    – article 4

    Keyword 1: Patio swings
    – article 1: where to buy patio swings (with a link pointing to the patio swing page)
    – article 2: buy cheap patio swings (with a link pointing to the patio swing page)
    – article 3:
    – article 4

    ii) Do you need to page links to every article? If so, can you reuse the linking source. For a site with 50 articles and with each article having, say 4-5 links, we are talking about 200-250 links. I don’t know if I can find 200-250 different sources of backlinks. I realise from your “garden chair’ site that you tend to reuse the same article directories. Will the juice reduce after, say the 5th link from the same directory?

    I really appreciate this post and I want to be your number one supporter!

    As a token of my appreciation, I have give you a blogroll link with the term “make money with bloggging” from my PR 2 site.


    Let me know if you want your anchor to be changed.

    Keep the posts coming!

    +1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Aaron, thanks for the blogroll link, I do hope that this is what people will do for me if I can really and genuinely offer my advice here. I won’t be backlinking this site myself for some time as I do not really see it as much of a money maker as of yet, but that may change.

    For almost a year I used many of the same sources for backlinks over and over again. It is far from a perfect and as effective way to go as to get backlinks from a different source each time but if we have no money we need to just hunt out the free sources we can. But they are less efffective the more you use them. And of course the risk is that if we rely on only a few places for links if they get de-indexed then our rankings will be effected. I now pay for a few tools like those on the sidebar and a few others to get backlinks from as many different sources as I can.

    I would recommend asking sites if you can guest post. Try the Postrunner system for a month, for a dollar it is the best backlinking/guest post resource possible and is very quick to use. The internal linking system you are using sounds fine and I would also say to make links internally to the homepage with a few different keywords that are related, it helps, as it did in my case, to rank well without actually getting many backlinks for the term. And I am afraid that normally 4 or 5 backlinks to each post won’t cut it. Get more, a lot more if they begin to make money or rank well. Sometimes I have sent 50, 100 or more backlinks to a single post. Try to get hem from as many places as possible, 2 links in a 10 min to write guest post on postrunner, and done every day for a week would see a big boost to any single post.

    Hope this helps a little.

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