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May 012010

How do you secure your online properties? I don’t really think that you can. Any website or blog is at the mercy of so many variables that it is hard to know where to begin. So, how can we safeguard what we have and ensure that if we lose a site that is a big earner we won’t be back to being penniless?

Make a number of sites in a single niche

At least, that is what I have been doing in conjunction with my partner in crime since we began our online Internet madness.

In fact this has an awful lot of positives and is something a lot more people should certainly be doing. Leo at his Internet Marketing blog has been a big fan of this I discovered ever since I began reading his site.

He works rather like we do in that for the most part we do not just pick a set of keywords, make a site about it and then move on to a different topic with a new set of keywords etc etc.

Rather we make broad sites around more general topics within a niche. We build biggish sites that pretty much will never end. We make a site that can cover a myriad of different topics within the niche. This means that we go for a domain name keyword that is hard to rank for. We did it from the beginning just over a year ago and now this month we have some good money, probably nearly the best yet for the month. Not totalled it up but it is well over a 10 with a number of noughts after it. Dollars of course, no one in Spain reads this I expect and wants to read about Euros.

Don’t be afraid of a hard to rank keyword. You will be amazed what a years worth of work can do to get you ranking for your main term even without trying for that term. We have our domain name but each post on the site is not about that keyword. Each blog post is about a topic surrounding the niche. Over time you will rank for the individual keyword rich post titles and for your main term.

The beauty of this is that you are much more likely to make money in the long term from the site. If the main keyword does not pull the traffic or money that it was supposed to then it does not matter. You have attacked the whole niche so you still have countless other keywords that will bring in the money. You can go on for ever like this as the site is large and the keywrods that surround even a single product are pretty much infinite.

But the beauty is that you pick up so many other keywords that are profitable to make smaller sites with about a single product you know converts well.

The main beauty of this is back to my original point about becoming a little paranoid about losing a site. Many people will have heard a lot lately about the big G taking down thin sites or sites that seem made for adsense. These are just a few of the problems anyone trying to learn how to make money on the Internet can face. If you have a big main site for a niche and lots of other sites in the same niche but maybe slightly more honed in on a specific topic you can always use one of those sites to replace one if the worst happens.

Apart from anything else if you have a number of sites in the same niche you will pick up lots of new keywords you would not have thought of.

The fact is that two sites on the same or similar subject will never rank the same. You can write posts on the same topic with the same main keywords but they will each be treated differently in the search engines. They are never going to be written exactly the same so if you tackle a broad niche like this then you pick up different keywords and each site will rank differently.

You are basically hedging your bets if one site goes down in rankings and also getting a lot more of the traffic for that niche.

Just my findings over the last year anyway.

Do your own experimenting to see what works and what doesn’t.

Tips To Make An Income Blogging

A few tips for the day that someone may find useful:

The layout of the site.

Depends on the monetization. Adsense not too pretty. But anyone who has read any make money online sites recently will know that the days of super ugly sites is over unless you really want to gamble. The fact is that even sites where you hope someone will click on an advert that then means you make money for the click should not be too ugly.

Sites are supposed to be about something, they are there to help the reader find what they were looking for. If you make a really ugly site that is just to put people off and they leave by clicking a link then you could be asking for trouble. Adsense has never been my thing and $50 a day is usually about as good as it gets if we are lucky. But for those that make money almost exclusively from adsense I would take a serious look at your sites and about diversifying.

Back to paranoia:

Man, we make money from adsense, cj.com, Amazon, shareasale and others and I still get paranoid we are not diverse enough. If you make money from just one program then get some new sites up and monetize them differently. And if it is with a program like adsense then go over all your sites and make sure they offer value and if looked at by a big G employee they would not look like you are trying to game the system.

What is the best blog layout to make money?

I would say it is pretty much in your face. But for adsense it will have to be toned down a little I think. For sites about products you want people to buy then I have certainly found that an image below a post title with a text link to the product as well works best.

There are lots of tricks to optimize a site for clicks to products but that is for another post, probably the Amazon one (stay tuned).

Sticky text is important
. I may have mentioned this before, who knows with my ramblings, but text that is sitewide is important. At least I have found that a good long piece of text that is sitewide that you either have as a sticky post or in your code can bring in lots of extra traffic and can help you rank better for your main keywords.

Color is important.

If you want to make money blogging about products then some eye catching color in the form of bright text works wonders. It jazzes up a site and engages searchers. Too boring¬† site and they won’t think of it as so genuine a site. Give it a go, it works well.

Do Long Post Titles Work?

I think they do.Many people will disagree with this and say you just need your keywords at the beginning of a post title. I do not find there to be any extra weight really to having the keywords first or anywhere else in the title. In order is always best but long titles can capture extra keywords.

There is no doubt in my tiny and often addled brain that the URL but also the title of a blog post is the single most important factor in ranking a post quickly and in the easiest manner. I have now lost count of the times that I have seen that keywords in post titles are not getting the traffic they should be according to those annoying keyword tools I now take less and less notice of. I have changed the title of the post (never the URL) or added a different or an extra keyword or two and ranked better straight away.

This is certainly something that is worth doing if you find that what you wrote does not bring in visitors even if you rank and have backlinks. Some keywords may rank you well but not convert while others simply bring no traffic. And if you find you are getting good traffic for keywords that are not in a row in your post title then optimize the post title to make it more relevant to the search query and you will get more traffic.

Don’t forget the content of a post

Often we will get good traffic for a longtail without it actually being written in a row in the content of our quality blog posts. Put it there. Many people seem loathe to edit already published content when really you should be regularly seeing what keywords you are getting traffic for and check the result in the search engines. If the keywords are not written in a row in your post then edit it so they are.

The content then seems even more relevant and you save yourself the trouble of having to get backlinks for those keywords to rank better, you will do better with less work by simply optimizing the content instead.

Seems obvious but many think that once a blog post or web page is written that they will not touch it again. You can be missing out on lots of extra traffic, better search engine results with little work, and making the post more relevant to many more search queries therefore giving you better rankings.

Of course, all this comes with time and backlinks. With no backlinks to most of your content the longtail searches will be lower and you will have less to look at in your stats to see how to optimize. This is why I prefer broader niches with lots of various keywords that pretty much can go on for ever.

And the beauty of this is that you will pick up lots of interesting keywords to use for a new broad authority site or a small niche within a niche site that can be useful for an extra position on the search engine results.

You will have to excuse my ignorance but I assume you can change articles easily using static sites rather than wordpress blogs? I have like a big fat zero knowledge of them apart from the one site I made in Dreamweaver that nearly drove me to kill anyone who ever made the program or even looked at it. I know it is all a lot easier now but I am happy in my little blogging world.

Just some Saturday ramblings from yours truly. At the end of the day I would certainly say build a couple of large sites where possibilities are endless as to the content you can put on them. You could basically keep on writing them forever. I think long term they are more viable and actually more fun.

Not taking my own advice and my good lady agrees:

As discussed above in probably too many words;) I like to go for a whole broad niche. Just recently as we have grown we bought a handful of new sites on a new hosting account to further tackle the niche. These were going to be very targeted sites after just the keywords in the URL.

They looked crap.

After 10 or so blog posts each we did not realize it but we had both run out of steam. We did not know what to do. 10 posts all trying to get the main keyword in the title read like a spam site. It is not natural to just shift around the keywords in the post title all the time. And it makes writing harder.

We had both switched without the other knowing to make the sites broader and to tackle that corner of that particular niche set of keywords. The work got easier and the sites in just a few days looked more natural.

If you look at your list of the most recent posts and they read like a spam listing if you had a visitor then do something about it. Broaden out the site and go for related keywords that are still on theme but will allow you to get some more natural writing done. I am not saying many people will read it if it is for product posts that are probably the best way to make money blogging for many people but it gives you the opportunity to expand a site and to make it actually more profitable anyway.

But, my dear reader (hello you), at the end of the day you need the blog post you write to have backlinks to be ranked well in search engines. Use some of the systems on the sidebar, use good article directories. Get 100 or a 1000 posts on Infobarrel. Yes really. You get backlinks by writing a post for them and make money at the same time. We get a few bucks a day from them and it all adds up. If you are going to get backlinks you may as well make money at the same time.

It all takes time but that is the bottom line. Everyone else who makes lots of money with blogs or websites is spending more time getting backlinks than writing content. But you need thousands of articles online to make plenty of money.

Get sites up and running with plenty of content.

Look at stats for new sites and whatever keywords show up write a post using those keywords or at least put them in the article you wrote in the order they were used in a search engine.

Thank you Faye, did you get the rest of the washing in too?

Make a nice well rounded site that looks genuine, which it should be.

Find places to get backlinks from. Postrunner, on the side is about one of the best systems for easily writing guest blog posts for backlinks and should be part of everyones arsenal for a month.

Go for a big broad niche and in a year you will be making some serious money. Tackle a niche properly and you may not even win for the main difficult term for years but you will make plenty of money from people looking for the product or services that surround the subject.

And be bold.

People looking for products are doing just that so give it to them as soon as they come to your site. And get plenty of other ways for them to get to the product from anywhere on your site. I may get to that soon, but you better not copy.

Adios Amigos.

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