".......and unfortunately nearly all make money online blogs are crap, so he, Dave, decided to write his own. It's pretty spankin."
Dalai Lama
Aug 182010

make money online blogs

Never read make money online blogs or you will die, of annoyance.

Oh, I despair I really do.

Not so long ago I had decided to pretty much put this site on hold for a good amount of time as it was seriously eating in to my own work time. I am online to make money and for that reason only. Mainly partly because I need to feel a little bit fulfilled by actually writing content that is worthwhile and to have a break from the boring day to day work I decided to start this blog.

Maybe I just had withdrawal symptoms, maybe I am looking for an excuse to write here again, or maybe I am


Not sure which really 😉

The other evening in a slightly vino induced stupor I spent a good few hours (but what seemed like a lifetime), browsing through a horde of make money online blogs.

Oh, the shame for the industry as a whole.

I could not believe it. I do not really read any such sites any more, apart from a very few. Some are listed in the sidebar. And if you have come here looking for Make money Online Blogs, then they are about all that you need to concern yourself with. You would be much better reading them, or none at all, than the dross that most people pour out of their ill formed mouths.

While I was browsing I could not believe how awful some sites were. Not in a design way, they have me beaten hands down for that. But man, all those pop ups for lists, all those amazing free reports. All those “only 3.7394492423829 spots remaining” etc etc.

It makes me feel sad.

People reading those sites are going to be left in a total quandary about how to make money blogging. Nearly all sites aimed at telling you how to make money blogging are all about how to get more subscribers, how to interact with readers. How to get more comments on a blog, 7 reasons why you need to get social, 98.3434343 ways to get more Twitter followers, and on it goes.

People who follow these sites will find themselves getting nowhere.

The reality is that there is no money to be made in going about blogging in this way. This site is a total exception to the way I make money blogging. It has comments, even a subscriber or two, and I appreciate it. But none of that is needed to make money from a blog, and is probably the last thing you should concern yourself with.

The way to make money with a blog using wordpress is to forget about subscribers, see how many I have now 😉 , now there is a tip to use peer pressure to get more subscribers, and comments and all the stuff that you may have been told is the way to riches. Apart from a very few select people there is no way you are going to make a living blogging in that way.

Set up a wordpress site about socks and you will make more money.

Simply writing keyword rich post titles for the terms that you want to attract visitors for will make you more money than trying to get millions of Twitter fans and getting other bloggers to link to you.

But this post is about other Make money on the Internet blogs. And I really can’t believe how bad nearly all of them are. What is with this obsession with ebooks and secret formulae that promises the world. None of it works. If it did then the people touting it would not even bother making it in to an ebook would they?

And if they did it would be free like my Amazon Guide.

Maybe they would try to make some money on commissions like I do with my Tools To Succeed page. I am honest about it in that I do use them and everyone knows I get a commission if there is a sale. But all this sneaky shit is a real downer.

I have never really looked at many other MMO blogs as when I found Grizz Grizzly I had all that I needed to know. Sure I read Problogger at the beginning and a few other things but the state of this niche is nothing short of appalling. I really do wish that I could be bothered to actually get more than a handful of links to this site so I could compete but it simply won’t happen. I would be kidding myself if I ever said otherwise. Too competitive and way to dirty for me. I will just plod along and hope more than 2 people read this.

But do you know what the biggest disappointment was when I looked through tons of make money online blogs? I learned nothing. I couldn’t believe it. Filler, filler and more filler.

Here I do hope that I have at least helped a few people out. I know I ramble, I know I drink too much and often write with a vino in hand of an evening. I know that I do daft stuff that is pointless but I also know that if you read the comments on this site for all the articles written there is a lot to be learned from other people, and dare I say it, me too.

But so many of the other blogs I had the misfortune to visit were so full of nonsense and stupid advice that I wanted to


Anyway, just don’t get suckered in to buying books and tools that won’t work. You only need to spend money on hosting and a domain to make a lot of money. Tools will speed up the process to some degree but there is no magic. I would use Postrunner for a month and spend a $ if I had no money and blast the hell out of it.

If I really wanted to make money online though I would spend an hour a day writing content and another seven getting backlinks to it.

In the words of my good lady:

“All the rest is just filler”

  62 Responses to “Make Money Online Blogs”

  1. You are missing the boat. Almost everyone says the money is in the list. Who am I to believe? All of them who are obviously successful or you who admits you can’t compete?

    You have to give away a free report, write AMAZING content, get subscribers, become an authority and sell them amazing products down the line. That is the ONLY way to make money online blogging. That is a business….what you have is just a blog.

    I can read the same thing on the Warrior forum and all other forums as well so it is a no brainer to me.

    I am off to start my blog and write incredible content that will have the subscribers signing up in droves. I will then get even more subscribers because I will drive them to my blog from my fantastic Facebook page, Twitter page, and other social bookmarking sites. I am going to leave you in the dust and soon be making tons more than you are because I am going to things the correct way: the way the other gurus tell me too.

    Good luck with your method but it won’t work. Becoming social is the only way. This is 2010 and in order to make money you need BUZZ and people talking about you.

    (end of free content)

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Ha ha. I started reading that and was getting ready to give some killer come back.

    My favorite comment ever on this blog.

  2. Someone forgot to put a /s up there

  3. Well I have almost broke my addiction to Ebooks, make money on the internet blogs, and the Warrior Forum. Since finding your blog a couple of months ago I have made more progress in that time than I did in the previous two years.

    Not to name names but there are soooooooooooo many bad “gurus” out there yapping about things that are just plain ridiculous. It is in THEIR best interest to complicate things and make you think you need their newest report or Ebook…it has totally gotten out of hand.

    What I love about this site (and makes me keep on coming back) is that your writings are fun, very very useful, and you talk about things that actually do make a difference.

    There is no question you are developing a following and that will continue to grow and grow….because you offer what people are looking for….good solid advice and inspiration, and you give it out for FREE! You also have a very natural way of writing that is easy to read and down to earth.

    The biggest issue with anyone in any business it to do the work, do not give up just because you don’t see immediately the results you want, and to tweak things as you go along. Find what works….by doing the work. And then when you find what works…go balls to the wall. (Can I say that! LOL!)

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Todd you can say balls to the wall any time you like. In fact maybe we should all say it 😉 That is what it is all about, proper work. Especially near the beginning to get some momentum.

    Thanks for the kind words, you have me blushing here. But I don’t think I will ever get much of a following. I have only done a few links to this site and don’t really plan on doing any unless I suddenly started to see some Google love. But I think the niche combined with what we talk about here means it would be a very uphill struggle to ever rank for many terms, and I need to write about them white socks!!!

    So, you don’t want me to start talking in big words then? Um, can’t think of any anyway.

    I think this game is complicated enough as it is without trying to confuse people with systems that seem so convoluted that they will never get done. I know I fill out a lot of content on some of my articles to get a little deeper in and to improve how we make money but the main money really can just come down to keyword post titles and links. And I am now definitely in favor of doing a Hub and ranking it before tackling a niche to see if it converts or not. It has saved me a lot of time lately even though I used to say how much I hated them because of the do/no follow stuff.

  4. You are too modest mate, I’ve waded through tonnes of guru bulls*** and gained more information from a few of your posts than many a $97 and even a $297 ebook.
    Your Amazon guide was an absolute goldmine.

    I’m implementing your stuff and the proof will be in the pudding but you have definitely definitely helped me tonnes. Cheers for all that you do.

    PS: You write very well and your posts are really funny too!

  5. I cam back because I forgot one thing:

    When I become a make money online guru, I will then be asked to give my testimonials on all my hotshot guru friend’s kickass ebooks and training courses.

    I will be an authority and you will see my picture and testimonials all over the place. That means I will get even more authority and visitors to my websites. You see, we gurus stick together and pimp each other’s products.

    What will you be doing with your lonely blog that isn’t even a business?

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Seth I will probably just carry on making $500 on a good day and hang my head in shame that I can’t too be a real GURU and get my photo in the Interweb. And I will probably feel real sad about the fact that I have a website that gets no visitors yet still feels like a nice little community where we all help each other. Rather than just try to scam people out of money for shit that I can help them get through for free. But hey, that is just me.

    I KNOW that I could have touted my Amazon post as an e-book and made some serious money on the Warrior Forum but I am an IDIOT and would rather write a site about the game that I really wished I could have found when I was trying to understand how to do this stuff.

    Stupid, huh?

  6. Yo Seth, I don’t know who you are and I don’t care, stop being such a massive douche-end.
    I’m sure we all appreciate that you want to become one of the gurus and believe that you can, fair to play to you and good luck. However, just becuase there are those of us who don’t want to keep ourselves awake at night with the thought of emploring noobs to buy the shit we tout doesn’t make us lesser people man. So quit the attitude.

    Dave I couldn’t agree with this post more.
    I can honestly say that this is one of the best blogs I’ve come across and for me, it’s up there with ViperChill. You provide great content for free time and again and are often willing to answer a brief query which is more than I can say for the some of the gurus.
    In fact, I recently unsubscribed from a shit-ton of the lists I signed up to as a noob because my inbox was just becoming cluttered with absolute crap from gurus, sending me to this hideous squeezepage and that horrible looking C2A field or whatever, with the intention of getting me to sign up to yet more lists so I could be bombarded with more emails with subject titles promising how I could discover how a 12 year old kid makes $10,000 a second and you can too. Such bullshit and I really feel strongly about how wrong it is.
    In fact, I was reading something just today about how most people fail because while they are reading a tons of shit and trying to unravel the mysteries of MMO, they are not actually doing anything to implement the work, they just get into this cycle of thinking they need every ebook that is dangled before them in the guru’s emails, consuming it all until they get sick of getting nowhere and sacking the whole thing off, when all they needed was gentle nudge in the right direction by good folk like yourself.

    Death to the gurus. They obviously have their skills but it ain’t for me. I’m all for the community feel.

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Jim Seth was joking about so better say sorry. He was being sarcastic and making a point not having a go. At least he better not have been, Grrrr 🙂 Let’s all play nice.

    I seem to have caused a bit of a stir about the whole e-book thing but the truth is that especially in the MMO niche it is basically all a crock of…..

  7. I was pretty sure that Seth was kidding…Did I complete misinterpret that whole conversation?

  8. Ahh Dave,

    I hear you, but then I must admit I fall back into the sleaze zone every now and then. Right now the yeast infection ebook I’m writing is nearly ready to released (that’s not a joke I really am writing one), I just can’t help it.

    And yes, I pimp the occassional product now and then to my loyal list. I even have a crap MMO ebook on Clickbank that I wrote 2 years ago when the guru’s told me that I needed one (if anyone is reading this then please DO NOT BUY IT – IT REALLY IS CRAP).

    Sometimes I don’t know which side of the line I’m on. Does that make me bad? Really really bad?

    Sigh – whats a girl to do?


    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Hey Tracey, Seth did actually make a good point in his comment about the money being in the list. I know that I should begin to build them for many of my niches but simply have never got around to it. What I was talking about was just the nonsense that the big guys try to peddle to those who look up to them and think they can be a big blogger too. It is mostly nonsense and they never even have the decency to provide useful info on their sites, which I know you do.

    Hey, if I read an e-book and it was good I would blare it out here and make some cash, I just haven’t read one or heard of one. I don’t really ever intend to buy one either. I have heard that the one written about Grizz’s methods is quite good but I have read his site so why buy?

    But I have to be honest, much of what I do is not squeaky clean. I feel bad about adsense sites as it seems like a false way to get money. I even make a little on Clickbank from a rubbish e-book myself (sales, not my own work). I think really people just need to stop being gullible and thinking there is a magic formula that will make them rich.

    Oh, so how do I get rid of this yeast infection? 😉

  9. Dusty,
    No you didn’t.

    Jim is just one of those people who is totally incapable of understanding sarcasm. They take life way too seriously.

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Seth, you two play nice and shake hands. C’mon guys make up. I like your style Seth, although you had me worried for a bit 😉

  10. Just like kiddies in a 4th grade school yard. Why, oh why is there always somebody in any discussion who takes it upon himself to leap in and defend someone who isn’t even asking to be defended. Americans (and I’m one of them, mate), just have too damn much time on their hands … often not enough time to mind their own business, but way too much time to mind other people’s.

    That’s why I fled the country.

    While not yet Dead
    Write keywords
    End While

  11. Seth,
    Please accept my sincerest apologies for totally misinterpreting your humour and not hesitating to rip the shit out of you. I personally am just sick of the guru assholes that’s all. To be honest though, it was a pretty conservative ripping and besides that, I did genuinely wish you well with your guru endeavours, sarcastic or otherwise.
    And for the record, I can assure you I am absolutely not one of those people who take life too seriously. Here’s your handshake.

    Dave Starr
    Just as I shouldn’t have assumed Seth was being a genuine douche, you should not assume I’m American, because I am not. Furthermore I wasn’t defending Dave, I’m sure he could do that himself. I was merely commenting in the comments section of a post and therefore saying my piece about essentially being exploited as an MMO newbie.

    Dave Dave
    Sorry if I changed the tone of your comments thread there dude, I’ll be more reserved in my comments next time. You know I’m not an asshole.

    So consider this a collective apology and handshake. Lesson learnt.
    We all want to make some good money online right? That’s why we’re here. I’m just saying that it shouldn’t be at the expense of people who don’t know any better than to buy products that aren’t really going to help them achieve it.


    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Nicely said Jim, I know it is all too easy to misinterpret things in this virtual world we all spend way too much time in.

    Back to all being friends again now and being nice and dreaming of flowers and puppy Dogs and chocolate gateau. Mmmmm. Gateau.

  12. OK, now that his is settled, I am going back to reading my $97 ebook on how to get rich online!

  13. The fight is over? Awwww. Well I guess it is back to writing more mindless crap for backlinks for me.

  14. So if Jim isn’t from the U.S. could he be from the U.K? There’s a couple of phrases in there that give it away (apologies if I am off the mark).

    In fact, isn’t Dave from the U.K?

    Maybe Dave’s brain has split in two and he now has a good cop, bad cop routine going on his own message board!

    Don’t shoot officer!

    Sorry, I just had to get of PostRunner for a few minutes…even though I’m a “part-timer” I’m catching a glimpse of the insanity of it all…

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Andy I think you need a lie down mate.

    Seriously, you OK? 😉

    It never gets any more sane Andy, it gets worse. Wait until October when Chrimbo sales begin. You will be going mental trying to increase serps for all the dinero that people spend if you get them on Amazon. I think we sold about 27 squillion books on there last year and we never target books at all.

  15. As far as MMO blogs, I read this one, Splork over at lost ball, and Griz of course. Ben’s is awesome too. The best MMO blogs are the ones that are entertaining, but they dont pound the blog everyday with a post, we are lucky to get a post a month from these guys. Oh and bloggerillustrated is awesome for videos, Allyn should be a stand up comic!

    They joke about the real work of writing endless content, mindless backlink articles, and the real world of attracting search engine traffic. Splork has been ripping the gurus pretty good lately. I’ve compared the warrior forum to some sort of parallel universe to ours. I guess I cant say people aren’t making money over there, I really dont know. Its just a weird place to be for me….

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Aaronk I have been to the warrior forum a few times but it is rather full of offers for this and that and I seem to just see a lot of the same stuff again and again. I don’t really get it.

    But what I would love was if someone went on there and said how great my blog is, lots of times so I get lots of traffic 😉

  16. The Warrior Forum, in my NOT SO HUMBLE OPINION, has completely gone crazy. What they allow on there now is shameful….absolutely shameful. I think it is totally disgusting and something needs to be done.

    I am not saying that there are not some good things there. You can find some decent products and advice, but the WSO section is completely out of control, they know it, and they do NOTHING about it.

    It is so hard to tell the B.S. artist over there from the legit guys…but it is getting easier for me when I do decide to meander through that neighborhood. I think the Warrior Forum is now actually starting to hurt more people than help….and the people being hurt the most are the newbies….they have not figured it out yet.

    This site is golden to me. I have read every post and I re-read them. The information on this site is first class, I love the way it is written, and it WORKS!

    Oh, well I guess I cannot say the Warrior Forum is totally bad. I did find this site through that place.

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Todd get on over there and tell them I rock then!

    As just mentioned I don’t really go there, I have popped in for a browse a few times. But anywhere full of e-books and supposed short cuts to financial freedom just doesn’t wash.

    There is not a single e-book on the planet that gives better advice and will get you making better money than simply doing the following: making sites, writing keyword rich post titles and content and backlinking them until they are at number 1.

    As my favorite saying goes:

    All the rest is just filler.

  17. Someone did put a link to your site Dave on the WF a few months ago – that’s how I found you. Phew! Best thing that happened to me this year I’d say 🙂

    It was a post about making money with Amazon; and there are quite a few of those posts, long rambling ones, and someone linked to your Amazon guide in one of the posts. And I must say the info on your blog far outweighed a lot of the stuff over there – the minute I found your blog, I was hooked. Like Todd, I’ve read all your posts and also printed them off, highlighted them, taken them with me on long car journeys and re-read and implement. I know, I am rather sad like that….

    Tara (from another universe).

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Hell crazy Tara 😉 Just joking, but that feels weird someone reading my nonsense when on journeys, but it is a good idea as you probably get the info rather than just skimming over it as I know many are prone to do.

    I do actually get a bit of traffic from the WF Amazon post link, just being greedy and wanting more. Seeing as Google hates me I need traffic from wherever I can get it. Well, actually I don’t NEED traffic for this site as it is just my lovely hobby but the narcissist in me want to be loved by as many people as possible. Sad, huh?

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Oh, by the way Dave.

    Yes Dave.

    Um, stop this, it is weird.


    Right, if anyone reads this then I am offering a free site review. I have seen lots of GUBUS offering paid site reviews for their readers and I will do it for free. Just 1 though and no more. I seem to be getting overrun with emails asking for them and I do do them for folks and don’t really mind but if we can get 1 up here then it may help everyone who is unsure about how best to layout a site for maximum profitability. I could have written a blog post about this but haven’t, so there.

    But be warned. You will be showing others your niche. Although frankly I don’t worry about such things. If people want to compete then let them.

    And it will be honest. If your site looks crap then I will tell you. It will be an honest and public review here as a blog post and you may or may not like the tone and the opinions of me and others.

    How it goes is this.

    First 1 to reply with a site review request wins. If they leave their site in the comments I will do it some time over the next week. But you only get the review if you get 10 people to comment here saying that you deserve it. So, first one to ask for a review and get ten people to comment saying that you deserve it gets my scathing attack on the crap you have put up in a futile attempt to rob honest folk of their hard earned 😉 Be prepared for the commenters to say your site is rubbish too once it is reviewed.

  18. It will be interesting to see who puts their site up for your scathing remarks. I’ve been following your advice properly for the last 6 weeks or so, on a “part-time” basis and my top site is having its best month to date by far. I thank you.

    It’s paradoxical that making money online is so easy (write content, get backlinks) but yet so hard (doing the easy part over and over and over again).

    I vote for everyone that puts their site in for review. There, only 9 votes needed now.

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Andy I get the feeling this was one of those “Yeah nice idea mate” kind of brainwaves I have from time to time. Bet you there are no takers. Lightweights the lot of you 😉

    I think the difficult part in this game is actually finding a rocking niche where people fall over themselves to buy. Luckily everyone needs white socks so I am retiring next week. Sold 72 million pairs already this month.

  19. Dave,

    I believe it was Yolanda from http://paidinpassive.com that originally put the link to your site on the Warrior Forum in a post about making money with Amazon. She said it was the best post about making money with Amazon that she knew of.

    I could kiss that gal sometimes for doing what she did…otherwise I am not sure I would have found you.

  20. Ok…for the good of all, well actually for some shameless linkbait I will put my site up for consideration. Let the scathing attacks, snide comments and ruthless jeering commence….


    It is a site about American satellite TV as well as the companies that compete against….started nearly three years ago which is ages ago in the IM world. It would be what TKAers call a supersite. Hundreds of pages. Still not ranking on page one of google for the main keywords, though I do get lots of longtail traffic.

    Not a Amazon site, unfortunately my Amazon account was deactivated because I live in a state (Colorado) that got into a pissing match with amazon about collecting state taxes and they just dropped every Colorado affiliate. So its mainly an affiliate site.

    Since nobody else has stepped up to the plate, go ahead and vote for me unless you are willing to put up a site of your own!

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Aaron we shall see if anyone else steps up, if not then the next post will be a site review for you, if others deem you worthy of course 😉

  21. I’ll vote for you Aaron. Although there isn’t a lot of competition lol

    Maybe you should offer a paid site review service Dave – I bet more people would take you up on it if they didn’t have to expose their sites in public!

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Cat, maybe you are right. It just doesn’t sit well with me though. But if anyone wants to send me $50 so I can tell you how your site sucks then cool and groovy, let’s get jiggy.


  22. I vote for Aaron too – well done for putting your site forward. Dave I have to chime in and say thanks for your no bullsh*t ‘this is how you do it’ info. It takes a big person to stand up and give away the secret of their success, realising that the internet has plenty of room for others to MMO.
    So thanks…

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Hi Dean, welcome to the site. Aaron is getting closer to me telling him some big layout secrets (not), but has a ways to go yet. Thanks for the kind words Dean, I feel all fuzzy now. But there are no secrets, that is the real secret that most MMO simply will not tell you. No magic is going to make you rich, there are a few shortcuts with backlinks services but it still requires more work than most people are willing to commit to. I mean, it’s Sunday and I have already written 10 postrunners at 3 o’clock Spanish time.

    I am looking forward to my holiday next Friday I can tell you.

  23. Hi Dave, was just wanting to ask you a small question about the PostRunner system.

    Are you really bothered all that much by the PR of the websites that you submit to; do you vary the domains that you post to for your different sites/pages or do you repetedly use the same ones (I have had quite a few posts that have been declined as seven days have passed, and it is getting kinda annoying!).

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Crashin, Postrunner is being annoying at the moment I agree. A lot of our submissions are coming abck after 7 days. I am assuming it is because it is August and many people are away. Why they don’t take their sites off I don’t know, but I am sure it will be back to normal come September. I use basically any site that is even remotely relevant and then go on to the more general directories, but for more aged sites and Hubs etc I will use all the best PR sites first to see if I can rank with less submissions, then go on to the others if I am still not where I want to be. Or save some time and use Backlinks Philippines if the sites is aged.

  24. Hi Dave

    OK, I vote for Aaron too for the review, since nobody else is stepping up.

    However, not all ebooks are bad Dave and I have bought a few on backlinking that are very good and advanced like Terry Kyle. So to say they all suck is really unfair IMHO. Yes, I understand about ranking and back links. Your method is straight forward, but there really are some techniques you can use to help your sites. I really get what you are trying to teach and for people to avoid reading to many forums as that is a time waster big time. In other words, less talk and reading, more work equals more money.

    I appreciate everything you do by the way and many people seem to feel the same.


    Now back to writing dribble again for my sites and back links.

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Hey Darrell,

    I don’t think I said they are all bad, just not something a noob really needs to read as most will take your cash and leave you wanting. But I know some need a blueprint, it is just finding the one that is any good that may be very difficult.

    Hey man, give me some backlinking tips, I always need help with stuff like that. Tell me something good mind you 😉

  25. Dave,
    This is a great idea, I vote for Aaron! Will be interesting to see what you make of his site.
    Sure the visual representation will really help a lot of people out in addition to your invaluably epic MMO posts. And props to Aaron for stepping up!

    In other news I’ve made some changes to the site that I was working on (you know the one) and currently have 15-20 good length posts on there. Submitted one article each to Ezine and Hubpages and will begin cracking out some 300 word Postrunners relating to the posts later today (it’s after 0200 UK time dammit, that’s dedication).
    Just checked my stats and I’m already indexed for a couple of related-ish phrases resulting in some traffic but the visitors didn’t stay long and certainly didn’t click around so I’ll have to monitor and see how things transpire. Time to get busy!

    Thanks and Peace!

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Hey Jim, glad the site is up and running. Give it time, wait for the traffic and then you should see the sales. If not then play around with the layout to see if you can improve things, this is the bugger with this game, you work hard doing a site and then need to work harder again to get the traffic and all to just see if you have picked a stinky niche or not.

    Get the Hubs ranking to see if they convert so you can save some time ranking your own site if people simply don’t buy. But I am sure your site will do well this Christmas, and the new year when people spend money they got.

  26. Hi I vote for you too Aaron! Boy you are bold.. YOu are going to get eaten for lunch! LOL Just kiddin….
    I hope that you get enough votes to get the feedback you need to take your site to a new level. Many blessings!

    @Dave, I am grateful for you. Having the kindness to share good information. I have taken 4 sites that I already have and am developing them into super sites I am using the project manager spreadsheet from tka. One of those sites will be an amazon supersite. we will see how it goes.

    I am trying to take Courts advice and stop looking at my stats and focus on activity and filling up my spreadsheets.

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Dee sounds great but I would see Tara’s comment below. I don’t want to knock Court but visitor stats are important for me, right from the get go. Very important. You see what people are visiting for, get backlinks for those terms for the article they arrived on and rank higher. Or change the post title to move up the serps, or write a new post using the term, link both posts together and get a double listing and higher serps position too.

    Sorry to add more crap to the IM pot, we all have our own way of working and you must do what you feel most comfortable with but I would go for optimizing for my stats every time as long as they are for buying keywords. A few sales boosts early on goes a long way to showing you there is money to be made in the chosen niche.


    I tried to make that something catchy but totally bombed it!!!! 😉

  27. Oh yes… I’m already doing that… I was speaking in terms of checking my earning stats every 5 minutes on adsense…… LOLOL But yes I look at my keyword stats every night and right of list to create content and backlinks for. I see that has been working for me even for my newer sites.

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Aah, I see. Once a day for me and that is it. Won’t make more by looking at earnings stats, just makes you cry when they are low. Surprises happen in the night anyway. Um, that didn’t sound right. ooh, er.

  28. roflol.. I got a good laugh out of that…. hehehehe. Its just so hard not to get so distracted with the next big thing.. But know Im learning to settle down and focus on the topics i have a passion for and stick with it. 2009 I earning just over $600 for the entire year. This year I’m already 3x that amount at least. So I have defintely made progress. But some days I just wish Im making 10K a month already!!! LOL

    The only thing I have had any success with so far is adsense and amazon. I wish I could convert cj.com I guess i just have not given enough effort. when i started seeing results with adsense and amazon that has been pretty much whwere I have focused my efforts

  29. @dave quick question…. have you heard of anyone using google suggest keywords(you know the ones that automatically start to show up when you are typing in a search phrase) to drive traffic to their site. I have heard that some people have had success with these even though they dont register any searches in the google adword tool. they normally show up as no data for search numbers.

    Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Dee I use it all the time. I also use the other keywords that how at the bottom of the search page too. It is a great way to find new keywords and they are all queries that people have typed in so there is traffic for them. Just keep it to yourself or everyone will be doing it. Ssshhhhhhhh.

  30. Pleeeease DON’T Tell Dave. LOL. But last night I discovered ANOTHER way of getting great keywords. AND I know it has been virtually untapped because there were domain names available for all these keywords AND they have decent search volume AND the level of competition is in the single digits AND these ARE buying keywords. When I squealed with delight and let out that I’m gonna rule the world laugh my husband thought I had lost my mind and for one minute I thought I had I and could not believe my eyes as I plucked keyword after keyword from this fruitful tree that is hidden in plain site. I KNOW the I’m locusts have not come through as of yet because none of thekeywords I picked had any affiliate sites on the front page or hubpages, ezines. Etc

    Its gonna be so hard to focus today at work as I think about all the juicy keywords that await me. Hehehehe

    Well a girl never gives all her secrets. Well at least not til I’m making the big bucks like Dave then I must give back. Its good to give back

    Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Dee, nice one. That sounds great. It only takes one killer niche to make an absolute fortune. Go for it guns blazing and make your millions. If it really is as good as you think then focus all of your efforts on it and really dominate the whole front page. A kick ass niche is the Holy Grail in this game and something most people never find.

  31. ooh Dee you can’t tease us like that .. now you have me salivating with curiousity. Spill girl 😉


    P.S. You don’t really have to, good luck with it!

  32. Thanks Dave! When I started this biz almost 3 years ago.. i told myself failure was not an option no matter how long it took. too me its always about being a perpetual student and applying the techniques, adding your own spin until u find what works for you. You would probably call me Thomas Edison if you really knew me…… He found out 1000 ways not to make a light bulb until the “light came on”

    By now Im sure I have at least a million ways of how NOT to succeed and I think that light bulb just came on for me. already one post i made has made it to the front page. Im still experimenting….. Will see.

    Traceyeeeee!!! Don’t mean to be a tease…. i just couldnt resist… Ive never been good about keeping secrets… especially good onces.. Gonna see how long I can hold out…. {sly grin}

  33. Completely off topic, but several months back I said in a comment I’d post my findings on tests as to whether displaying the Amazon logo helped sales.

    The test was done as follows: I wrote a product post of about 250 words, with a text link to Amazon anchored on the product name. Underneath the post was one of those clickable images I make in Paint, with a big product picture, the amazon logo and an order now button. The clickable image was also hyperlinked to Amazon, but with a different tracking id to the text link.

    Then I monitored which was getting clicked – the ratio of clicks was 2:3 for text link:image with Amazon logo and order button. So the logo has a very slight positive effect, nothing that substantial, it was very nearly a 1:1 ratio (or 50-50 ratio, whichever you prefer). Anyway, I’m going to continue to have both on my sites.

    Also, I noticed someone called Josh on another post say he couldn’t use Amazon because he was in Colorado.

    My advice to him is to use Squidoo. Unlike Hubpages where you have to have your own Amazon account, on Squidoo, you use their Amazon account (just use their built in modules), and they share any sale with you 50-50. So it doesn’t matter which state you are in, as far as Amazon is concerned the affiliate is Squidoo.

    The same thing applies with Ebay – you don’t need to be an Ebay affiliate – they are the affiliate, and you just use Squidoo’s Ebay module. Even though Ebay has moved to a payperclick model, in order to avoid click fraud, Squidoo distributes income based on sales you have actually made (Ebay sends them reports), and it can be quite substantial if your lens gets traffic and it’s a product people are struggling to get elsewhere. It’s also great if you are struggling to get accepted as an Ebay affiliate.


    Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Teatree thanks for that. That is very interesting about your findings and is definitely something for everyone to consider. I don’t use an image with Amazon on it and I think I may start doing some experimenting in that direction myself.

    Good tips about Squidoo for those having problems with Amazon, I haven’t made a lens for a long time, I may just have to take a visit.

  34. Wow, good work Dee! I’m a little bit jealous.

    In other news I’ve just had my first few Postrunners approved and added to the applicable
    site(s). Already hooked! More! MORE! MOOOOOORE!

  35. THanks Jim! got my first click thru last night but no conversion. sure it will come soon.

  36. Thanks Teatree, I’ll look into that.

  37. Hi Dave,

    I forget how I found this blog (I think it was a link to your Amazon guide, but it wasn’t from the Warrior Forum as I haven’t been there in weeks), but I’m glad you got withdrawal symptoms when you tried to give it up.

    Most MMO blogs are, as you say, complete arse. The only ones I check out now are Splork’s, Leo Dimilo’s, Ben’s (although he’s been AWOL for quite a while), and…I think that’s it. I’ve also cut my forums down to the occasional browse around TKA’s. Which probably still amounts to too many blogs, but dammit I love to read, and you guys keeping it real (or at least keeping it to a respectably low percentage of illusion) are entertaining reads.

    So yes, thanks for writing this, even though you take more time out of my day which I should probably spend writing crap to throw down the web sewers so that Daddy G can count the backlinks…

    Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:


    Sorry to be distracting Dude, I know it is bad for everyone. Especially me 😉

    I don’t read too many other sites now although it is still too many I guess. This is my main light relief from all the hard slog now so it keeps me amused for a while. But not good for actually getting the work done.

    Go build them links and stop reading crap replies 😉

    Don’t forget to subscribe to the comments first though, then you will have a real time sink!!!

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