".......and unfortunately nearly all make money online blogs are crap, so he, Dave, decided to write his own. It's pretty spankin."
Dalai Lama
Apr 252010

I made my first piece of web content in September of 2008. It was a Squidoo lens to try to sell a Clickbank ebook. Since then I have probably sold a handful of the book. I had no idea how to make a blog or a website and eventually I used Dreamweaver to make the worst looking thing in the history of web pages, and it took me weeks to do. The backlinks I made to my first pieces of content were with the full URL, not a keyword specific backlink in site. I had no idea this was what you were supposed to do. Now, things have moved on a little. My endeavours, along with my partner in crime (and in life), the most gorgeous girl in the world, means we now make a regular $400 to $600 most days. Some are more like $250 but they are getting rarer. If you have been in the game for a year or so and are struggling then I hope this slightly alternative “make money online” blog by a relative novice can be of some help. You never know.

Of course, the amount we make could all change at any given moment and we could get a hiccup and go down in earnings quite considerably. This is the nature of the game when it comes to making money blogging which is all that we do.

Today I wanted to go over a few things when it comes to making free money on the Internet via blogs.

Use Blogger To Make Money

Why I will never make another blogger blog:

Many people who want to make money on the Internet free turn to blogger, also known as blogspot to try their hand at blogging. I was the same. I now probably have 20 or so and as of a month or so ago I have not touched them. No backlinks or new posts, nada.

It is unfortunate as I was a staunch defender of using them. I find them easy to use and they are a great way to have blog with no outlay. What an amazing way to make money, no outlay at all and the amount of money you can make can be limitless. But a month or so ago I woke up to find that 3 of them were taken off me. They have been de-indexed from search results and they have been taken from my list of active blogs. I have tried to get them returned but no such luck.

One of these blogger blogs to make money was one of the first sites I set up back at the beginning of my marketing career. I put an awful lot of work in to it and it was our main adsense earner. Now it has gone.

If you want to know how to make money with blogger then I really no longer recommend it.  You can get hosting for under $4 a month and buy some cheap domain names. Then you have a lot more control over what happens to your sites. They may still lose rankings or get de-indexed but you have the content and the name. Use the web hosting pad banner on the side and I will gladly help you with any problems if you need to know how to put wordpress on a website.

Dangers Of Relying On One Source Of Income

Ben gave an honest account of a mass loss of revenue because of a blogging system he has used to good effect up until a few days ago. Do not make mini sites in bulk. Have a read of the thread, it is very interesting. If nothing else is learnt from it for people who wish to make money writing blogs it is that you should never rely on one source for making money online with web sites or blogs, as Ben very rightly points out.

Imagine if all you had were lots of small adsense sites and that happened to you, or you lost your adsense account. You could have lost a years worth of work, or more, and be down to making absolutely nothing each and every day. Make lots of sites by all means, and although personally I have never been in to mass site making like Ben between me and my partner we must have well over 100 sites, all of which make bits of money and add to the overall earnings.

I actually find adsense hard and do not make much a day, usually between $45 and $60. And by the way I live in Spain so am more used to Euros so these conversions are usually guesstimates. I know that may sound like a lot to many, and believe me a year ago that amount would have been a dream come true.

I just mean that I find it easier to make money selling products by writing a post with the keywords people are using to search for an item in the post title, a big image of the item and a text link to take them to an affiliate program. I get a commission if I make a sale and this seems to be the model that works best for me and my partner.

We are all different though so how you make money with blogs depends on what you end up being best at. And luck, never forget that either.

Just make sure you build blogs to make money from lots of different sources.

Too many people decide they are just going to make money from one thing and when it all comes crashing down they really can go from hero to zero. Use Amazon, yes I will write a massive post soon about how to make the most from the Associates program, but this site is still new so I want some more readers first.

The Best Way To Make Money With Blogs

One of the most secure ways to make money blogging is to use a site like cj.com. There we find literally thousands of web site owners who will pay you a commission if you can send them visitors and they buy something. The beauty of this is that even if you build sites around the products one of the sites sells and they suddenly go out of business, you can pretty much guarantee that there will be another program running somewhere online that offers a similar deal for the same product. A very secure way to make money with a blog if you can get the traffic.

Which is what making money with a web property is all about.

Back to the point of this post.

I am a big fat liar and you do need to spend money to make money on the Internet. Sorry about that;)

I definitely think that just for your own peace of mind that you need to get web hosting so that you can buy your own domain names and set up wordpress on them to write blogs. It is very easy to do and there is a banner, yes a banner, on the sidebar that is for the lowest priced hosting I could find, that also has very good reviews. For $4 a month it should not even be a question of investment. What other business costs you $4 a month plus the cost of buying a domain name?

Some quick tips to maximize the earnings from a blog:

  • Do not use Amazon widgets (they convert horribly)
  • Banners are less likely to be clicked on than text links or images
  • Do not write mini sites but get fuller sites with at least 10 posts if not more (a lot more)
  • Get backlinks from everywhere you can

The last one really is the most important point. I would certainly use Infobarrel to give yourself backlinks and to also get an adsense revenue share. We quite often make $4 a day from them and that is just by getting ourselves 2 backlinks at the same time. Use She Told Me to do the same thing. There is nothing like getting a backlink that also has the potential to add to your daily earnings.

All these type of sites can make you money from the content you put on them but never just use them exclusively. The fact is that any one site could disappear at any time so ensure that you never rely on one site or one way of generating an income. It could be asking for trouble.

Much better to get hosting and make a decent number of sites.

A blog is a very versatile thing so experiment with the best ways to present a product to get people interested. Many people who have been making blogs to earn money for over a year now are still finding it difficult to break the magical $100 a day. I thought I would never get there but I now know a secret.

How To Make $100 A Day With Blogs

It is actually very simple and I could tell anyone how to do it until I was blue in the face and most people would still not be able to do it even though I can tell them exactly how to do it.


It really is that simple.

If you are currently not making that amount a day then you simply need to make more sites or work the ones that you currently have a lot harder. If you know that writing a post title with the exact words that people are using to type in to search engines works, if you know that changing that title if different queries brings more traffic works, if you know keyword backlinks works, if you have plenty of sites on different topics and are still not making good money then you are not doing enough work to get ranked high enough or your niches are simply stinkers. And I have more than my fair share of those.

I do not mean get an extra backlink a day. I mean get 10 or 20 or 30 extra backlinks a day across your network of sites or on one site that you are building up with lots of content. It is no good getting that many links to a new site in a day but if you have a site that is 6 months or so old then you can easily send 200 links to it in a day. I have done it many times now and seen some pretty amazing results.

Using the package for $8 on the sidebar works, writing guest posts with Postrunner works. Write 10 posts in a few hours and put 2 links in each of them and send them in to the system. A slightly aged site will do nothing but jump in rankings by doing this. 1 or 2 links to a post rarely makes much of an impression unless it is from an amazingly authorative site, or the keywords you are chasing are very longtail in nature.

Use article directories, look at online newspapers that have dofollow comments, quite a few actually do. And I am going to change this site to dofollow comments so you can comment here for a backlink too. Anything crap will not get published though. 2 sentence minimum I think;)

A shorter post from me today as I have been building block walls and putting in fencing, just for the Dogs I might add. And yes, Internet marketing paid for it and everything else we now spend money on.

Go do some work, I don’t care if it is Sunday. Although all I have done is put up fencing and write this. Not a single backlink or blog post has been done today, apart from this post. If you like it then pick a keyword and let your readers know about it. You know it makes sense.

  20 Responses to “Make Money On The Internet Free: Thoughts And Advice”

  1. Hi Dave,

    Great view you have there 🙂

    When writing about products, what kind of posts you write?

    It does look a bit strange when a blogger reviews about 40 different guitars, because it isn’t likely one person has 40 guitars.
    I find it hard to come up with topics to write about if it’s product related.

    Have a nice evening:)

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:


    Just because “Reviews” is in the title it does not mean you have to write a review. If it is for guitars then you can write the post about what people have said about the guitar with a handy link to them on Amazon. That is often a good approach if you do not actually have the item personally. Just describe the item and how it performs with some details etc and “all the reviews on Amazon are rather glowing for this particular guitar” and so on.

  2. Hey Dave,
    Found your blog from Ben’s forum, thanks for taking the time to share what is working for you..spent about an hour last night and today reading through your posts so far and have found a few tips to utilize.

    Have a good one…..

    +1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Hi Aaron

    Glad you have found it useful so far, hopefully I can continue in that manner;)

  3. Hi Dave

    Only read the first two posts and ‘saving’ the rest on days when I need the inspiration. Given that Griz and Ben not posting much these days, it is good to find a relevant blog like yours to draw ideas and inspiration.

    Need to check with you on something. When you say, 30 links, do they all need to be contextual links or can they also be profile links? My gut feel is that a post will need a couple of contextual links and the rest can be profile links as boasters. Please correct me if I am wrong.

    I hope you don’t mind me posting this but for those who want free profile or forum links, here is something you can use for free:



    Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:


    This is going to get confusing, there are two aaron’s commenting here already!

    Profile links are cool, I use them to good effect but they need to be from high PR sites for them to have any weight. I looked at those two links, I am guessing they are from members of the backlink packages like on the sidebar here? But, as you can see from the results they are not all still live. This is why you need to do plenty to get some to stick. In post contextual links do seem to work best but a good amount of forum profile links can work amazingly well. I have jumped many positions for a post by using the recommended backlink package set, although it is mind numbingly boring work, but what can you do?

  4. Thank you Dave 😉

  5. Hi Dave,

    Another question from me. You build links from article directories to every post. But the first link gives more juice than the 10 th posted artcle because all the articles are on the same IP. Do you have a maximum number of articles you post to any article directory?

    I hope you understand what I mean 🙂

    Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    I get it Dennis,

    It is actually a tough one. For a long time I used the same article directories repeatedly to submit to for backlinks. I have probably got backlinks from the same sites for 50 plus articles if not more.

    The reality is that if you do not have new sources to use then you use the same ones over and over. I can tell you that it can still be effective if you really push the boat out and do it day after day from the same sites to boost rankings but there is no comparison to getting links from new resources. It really comes down to cash. When I had zero money to invest then I used what I could and that was that. Now, after over a year I have finally invested in a minimal amount of paid stuff and to be honest I wish I had done it earlier.

    If nothing else then I would say use the Postrunner system from the keyword academy linked on the sidebar. For a buck for the first month, even if you cancel after that, you will have got an awful lot of new IP backlinks and they are pretty effective, especially if you use sites that do not have too much content submitted every day and new posts stay on the home page. But, and I am very guilty of this, if you do not want paid for tools then submitting to the same article sites over and over will still improve rankings, and I don’t care that others give some magic cut off point where they have no effect, they do, but it means a lot more submissions for the same results if that is all you do.

    There is no magic number when the submissions are not effective and as with much in this game it is down to getting on with it and seeing if it works, a tiresome but true fact. Anyone can say after 5 submissions to ezine articles the backlinks won’t work but test it out and see, much of what people say is not from experience, but give me a handful of backlinks from different and relevant content and I would say forget about article submissions, but that is not as easy as it sounds, unfortunately.

  6. Ah bless – found you!

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Hello my dear,

    and why are you not being productive and writing your rubbish? Um, I mean writing your super high quality content for the web based Internet machine?

  7. Thank you Dave,

    Good to see you can get results with more than just 5 articles per article directory. Now I understand how to get 10-20 art. directory links per post even when you have 50+ posts on you blog.

    I am already a member of the tka and I know postrunner, but somehow I don’t like to do these links directly to my sites, just like Free traffic system etc. I always want a layer in between.
    I am more of a quality support blogs guy, but that means a lot of extra content and a lot of extra link building.

    I think I am just too paranoid for this online money making….lol

    Stupid thing is I have no problems with getting article directory links to my sites, but I shy away for those other link methods like postrunner…..
    I really have to stop thinking and make an action plan I feel good with and go for it.

    The reason I think to much is because I use my income from my native language sites to build the english ones. That means a lot of outsourcing and a lot of money for support articles….and that’s what makes me rethink my plan everytime because when I get deindexed or whatever not only hard work is gone but also a lot of money.

    I think I will have to go for more “authority” sites in english that will be worth the investment and get some “creative” ideas for outsourcing a lot of supportsite content for cheap.

    Sorry Dave, for this rant…. 🙂

  8. Hey, great new site. I’m familiar with your insights from Ben’s MMO forum, and it’s great to see you go more in depth on your own website.

    I’m just curious what your main source of income is. It sounds like you mostly do broad niches filled with product specific reviews. Does most of your income from affiliate sales through cj.com (or amazon, or ebay…)? I’m really trying to get a feel for all the different monetization systems that are out there.

    Also, how do you put MAR to use? Do you spin your articles to put on your main sites, article submission sites, Free Traffic System, etc.?

    Keep up the good work!

    Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Hi Ant

    It is not reviews that are our main source at all, it just seems to be something that keeps getting talked about. Rather we do a lot of product specific posts and rank for all the buy keywords associated with them.

    CJ and Amazon are good to us. It is a matter of finding products that people actually buy, rather than only window shop for, and this unfortunately can onlybe done by getting some content up. If you find items that people really do actually want to buy then if you rank well for lots of associated terms you should make money. Hope that helps (a little).

    For MAR we use it to post to article directories, usually with the original going to Infobarrel or something similar. I never put anything but original one off content on my sites, I don’t want any risks with them.

    Hope this is of use.

  9. Hi Dave

    Thanks for responding to my question, really appreciate it. I guess authority sites require lots of content AND backlinks. That being said, Fraser of TKA advocated a methodology of building only content and not backlinks.

    I had initially wanted to build 100 mini sites but after all these new changes and the Ben situation, I decided to focus on authority sites instead. One of my concern however is still my dependence on Adsense. I want to master Amazon as well but it is currently beyond me. This month, I sent 400 people to Amazon and only made only $0.2 LOL.

    I know you make quite a bit of money off Amazon. Is it too much to ask if you can write a post on how to make money with Amazon? Things like how to target Amazon keywords, how to set up a Amazon optimised sites, the kind of layout, the writing style etc will very helpful. You don’t need to disclose your secret but an outline will be very useful for somebody like me, who is struggling with Amazon.

    Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Aaron, I actually read that post of Fraser’s, I don’t normally ever go to the TKA forum but it was one piece I did see. He goes for real longtails which I do not always do, and for me it then means backlinks.

    I will do a massive post about Amazon but not quite yet, I need to write about a few other things first, but when I do it I think it will be helpful. That is a pretty horrible conversion rate but I have had the same thing. fact is that some things simply do not convert to sales. I have now lost count of the things I have ranked for and sent traffic to affiliate programs with no sales, some people simply like to window shop. Move on to the next thing until you find something that people really want to buy. Any traffic you can get with buy or best price etc in the search is going to be a little more likely to convert to sales so go for lots of buying keywords with your product post titles.

  10. Dave,

    You are probably wondering why I am commenting all the way over here. Good question. I have been scouring your site in preparation to launch my first MMO campaigns and had a question. You say that Amazon is not your biggest winner as far as affiliate programs. I also assume that it ain’t adsense either. What affiliate program makes you the most money? I really hope it isn’t clickbank. (But if it is, then, well, lesson learned.) Is it CJ? Pepperjam? Linkshare? All of the above?



    Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:


    No clickbank for me, I can’t stomach it 😉 I usually use CJ. But basically it is any affiliate program I can find that has items that Amazon does not have.

    Shareasale and CJ are my faves, but to be honest of Amazon has it then go with them.

    Good luck with the sites.

  11. Hey Dave,

    I sent you a donation (from this email). From the comments, I think it will be well worth it :). Thanks for the work!

    – Alex

    Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:


    Thanks, I sent you the password.

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