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Dalai Lama
May 102010

I have never really taken much notice of earnings with Infobarrel if I am honest. But today I actually went in to my Adsense account and did a little tracking for the channels.

Oooh, I was a little surprised.

Between me and my gorgeous lady, we have about 150 Infobarrel articles, if that. And believe me this is not a great number  We started writing them in June 2009. Primarily as a resource for backlinks, it made sense to use a site that offers a revenue share as who knows you make make a little extra cash along the way. If you find a revenue sharing site where you can get a dofollow backlink then use it, there is nothing to lose and you can only gain.

Now, I am not saying that you can make the same as with Hubpages, but to be honest I do not use them,. The whole do follow no follow thing drives me nuts.

The good lady makes good cash every month from her hubs, and they rank like a dream, but I can’t be arsed if I am honest. I would rather use one of my own authority sites where I have complete freedom. But I am just a grump sod at times so don’t listen to me.

So, Infobarrel.

Apparently last month we earnt just shy of $100 from them in adsense. Page views from the articles range from like 9 to one special one that cleared up with 16,000 views, but that was for a product where adsense money was non existent. What I am getting at here is that most of our articles are not about things for adsense money, we don’t do adsense as out main business model. We get $50 a day if we are lucky. But with a few hundred articles it still brings in $100 a month.

Heck, I have like 500 or so articles on Ezine and that probably means they are getting hundreds of dollars a month just from my stuff. Considering most of may articles are for backlinks and not for topics with high CPC for ads I think that is OK cash from Infobarrel.

If you are going to get backlinks then make sure you get them from revenue sharing sites as well as other sources.

An extra $100 a month for actually helping to improve your sites rankings is nothing to be sneezed at.

Just get that content online and get a lot of it there, ’tis a numbers game after all, he who writes wins.

If you want to know hot to make money with Infobarrel then it is quantity. Spend a month putting as much content on there as possible and if you do keyword research for high paying words you will make a lot more than I do. I am less than patient with keyword tools and often now do not use them, but for the Adsense model they are very important. It really cannot be overstated just how important vast amounts of online content is if you really want to make money blogging. At some point you will find a niche that pays well for affiliate products or however else you monetize. Then is the time to concentrate on that site or set of sites, but you need to put real effort it. Not a few blog posts and a backlink or two. Do as many as it takes until you rank for every post on your blogs.

How many links do you need to rank?

Just get on with it. You will be making backlinks and writing content forever so just keep doing it until you dominate.

And if 150 articles on one site that are all 400 words and just written to get a backlink sounds like a lot then you are in the wrong game. The reality is that you need thousands  and thousands of  pages of content on your own sites if you want to really make money with blogs. And then you need even more content in the form of backlinks.

Yes a spinning tool cuts the work down a shed load, and much as I hate the fact that they do it is a reality I have now come to accept. More and more people are using these spinning tools to create a hundred articles from one written article so if you don’t use one you are missing out (big time).

The reality is though that however you go about it you need thousands of blog posts on your blogs to find some magic winners. Get enough content online and some of it will shine. Infobarrel is then a way to get backlinks to that content. And if you can make a little extra cash along the way then that is all good. You can even make a full time living from it, but diversity is key.

As I said, our content is not Adsense keywords. If it was then the earnings from Infobarrel would be a hell of a lot higher. But for non optimized Adsense keyword content it is a $100 that is welcome.

Sign up and don’t be like most of the other 40 or 50 referrals we have, actually use it and put a load of content on there and get a strong like from a site that ranks well out of the box and make some extra pocket money at the same time.

If you think you are going to get rich with a couple of blog posts and a backlink or two think again, get busy busy busy.

This month I am dedicating part of my day to 100 new blog posts on a site I had kind of forgotten about. Plus an article or two a day sent to the Postrunner system on TKA. And that is just a part of my day, there are other sites and other backlinks too. If you can’t at least write three blog posts each and every day then why not? You should be able to get at least 3 short posts up a day, it is where the money is, THE CONTENT.

And oh yeah

You may find this a little interesting

This link is an example of how you need to think about earning money from the cookie you get when trying to sell affiliate products.

I know many people will think that a good month of $100 from 150 or so articles on Infobarrel is not good earnings but they are not high paying keywords for the most part, just backlink posts, but it all adds to the pot as far as I am concerned. If you dedicated a month you could get that content on there and then you are on to new things with some nice passive income every month, the beauty of it all my reader.

The bottom line in this game really is to not give up and keep making more and more content.

The importance of very keyword specific post titles for high rankings cannot be overemphasized. Attack every set of keywords surrounding a product or pay per click term. Don’t just write a few posts, make a good quality and well rounded site about it. Most people simply fail to either put in the time or burn out in a month or two. The reality is that it is those of use who stick with it through the early lean months that end up having the luxury of writing on blogs like this and earn a decent living after a lot of sweat.

Only a month until it is cherry harvesting time. Yum.

Only a month until it is cherry harvesting time. Our trees are exploding with tiny cherries already. Yum.

The last thing you should do is spend your time in forums too much or read stuff like this. If you know some basics then get on with it. Out of our Infobarrel referrers nearly all of them put up a few articles and then stopped. Do you think they have given up their day jobs yet?

Will you in a year’s time?

There is only one way to do it…….

Work and then more work.

Sign up for Infobarrel

You know it makes sense.

Content about a topic until you never want to hear about it again. Backlinks over and over again. Use Infobarrel as just one of your sources for links, but do it.

I know that if I wanted to I could spend a month on there and get to earning $1000 a month, and it may be a god idea for some to do this. But I have other things to occupy my time and to be honest I am moving more and more away from adsense, where it is most profitable. But if I can make a little every month just for a link then you could do a lot better if you are more dedicated and do more keyword research.

If I haven’t already got your cookie then you know the drill:

p.s This is also an example of using an image to draw people’s attention to where you wish them to look. i.e the Infobarrel link in this case.

  13 Responses to “Infobarrel Success Make Money Writing For Infobarrel”

  1. Dave,

    Why not put the affiliate link on the picture too then?


    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Ben it’s just an example of how to go about things. And hey, I can’t remember everything. But good point and probably would have been a better way to get the cookie too.

  2. Good stuff man. While iB is nice, I am really looking forward to your Amazon post. Any idea when you will have that up and running?

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:


    I am working on it. 5000 words already and plenty more to go. It will be done in a few weeks probably. It really is going to be about the ultimate single post for making money with Amazon and with any other affiliate program. I am quite excited about it actually but I have to fit it in around my own work too.

    Stay tuned.

  3. Absolutely man. Looking for to it! Thanks for responding…

  4. Can’t wait for the Amazon post. Since you are already at 5,000 words, why not challenge yourself and break Griz’s 13,000 record on his fishing site : )

    To help you get more ideas, here is what I need clarifications on. Hopefully they will give you more materials for your post.

    1) When building an Amazon authority site, how do you do the backlinks? Let’s say you are building a toy site. You will build content that targets the product name of each toy. However, the toy name might not contain the word ‘toys’. So, as you are gathering backlinks, how do we build it in such a way that the site will be recognised as a toy site and not just a bunch of product names?

    2) Some hints on the type of niches that works well with Amazon would be helpful although that might reveal your niches and invite more competition.

    3) How do we evaluate competition for product names especially if the brand is ranking in the top spot?

    4) Does a sniper approach works better or an authority site approach?

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Aaron, I think I will give the Griz record a go but only if I feel it is needed, which I think it is. I will cover all your questions in the article I think, and quite a few more. Those are some good questions and I know a lot of people think about these type of techniques and ways to go about building sites, of course, it is all just my opinion. I am certainly not an expert. Just trying to find my way through the t’internet machinations.

    But I did make $30000000000000 dollars yesterday!!!!

    Um, well……..nearly;)

  5. Now, you make me really feel shit with those HIGH earnings of yours.

    Let me tell you what happen.

    In the last week of April to first week of May, I thought I was flying high. My average adsense jump from USD5 per day to almost over USD15 per day. I thought I was getting there.


    In the second week of May, my top site just went from page one to page two and my earnings returned to their USD5 average. What a disappointment, to say the least!

    Maybe you should include some motivational stuff in that huge post of yours. Write about how was in the beginning for you. Was it always so plain sailing or were there ups and downs? Was there times when you were so disappointed that you wanted to give up?

    Then again, maybe I am the only one bad at this. Shessh..

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Aaron we have had it all. Six months chasing social traffic. Sites disappearing from the search results totally. Sites that had loads of work never making any money. Spending days and never getting higher rankings.

    It is hard to keep motivated. And for us, and you by the sounds of it, Adsense can be a real bummer. We do $40 or $50 a day if we are lucky with adsense, and for the work and the keyword research it takes I think it is not the bets model for a lot of people. A single sale for an affiliate product can bring in more, and you can get a lot of content for products online with less time taken for keywords research.

    But, if you just stick with it you will make it. I always look at it like this:

    If you can make a dollar a day, then you can make ten, if you can make ten then you can make a hundred. It is just a matter of time, content online in huge amounts and backlinks. And a shed load of keyword research if you go for adsense money. Which I hardly do anymore, it is very tough.

  6. I know this is an old post but I have to tell you that you make more money with infobarrel than most of the people who try to make money with infobarrel.

    I tried for a while, I have 200-300 articles between all of my accounts and I have made $7.16 so far this month. A lot of these articles are over 1000 words in length and have 5-10 MAS runs going to them(then again this is me, and I routinely bash my head against a wall till my brains are showing with no money to show for it).

    Anyways, I didn’t mean to bitch about anything, I’ll I’m saying is whatever it is that your doing to your infobarrels, keep on doing it.

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Josh that is weird. We have made about $85 for June up to the 25th with Infobarrel. And all most ever get are a free submission to Onlywire. Maybe they are just not niches where people click on ads? One of my niches is horrible with like a 1% CTR, so maybe that is what is going on with Infobarrel.

  7. Its not that they don’t click ads, its that they don’t even get traffic. A lot of them aren’t even indexed.

    To be honest, I wrote the first 100 in December and didn’t have a bloody clue what I was doing when it comes to keyword research. They never get traffic. The next 50 or something like that were for backlinks and other random things, a few of them get a trickle. Last month I decided I was going to go all out on infobarrels. I’m not sure how many I actually wrote but I could have easily written a novel with as many words as I got down(most of the articles were fairly long). I then started sending them MAS runs(they have anywhere from 2 to 10). Even after a month many of these aren’t indexed and have never gotten a single view.

    My only theory is that new Infobarrel articles were hit hard by mayday-which makes no sense, but its the only theory I have.

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Josh now that is weird. All original and not submitted anywhere else I assume.

    I can’t see why they would not be indexed, especially with backlinks. Maybe try going back to the ones that are indexed and change the post titles to really good keywords and just run them through the free Onlywire and ImAutomator social bookmarking service.

    But for the ones that are not indexed, heck, delete them from Infobarrel and put them on my article site and send them backlinks. Our site gets indexed within minutes every time. Or just put them on your own sites. If they are not indexed just take them off Infobarrel and use them yourself. But it seems really weird that they aren’t. Normally Infobarrel stuff shows up quickly. Why not put them on Hubpages instead and then you could use great keyword post titles too. Just a few ideas. There is no point having content lying there if it is not indexed.

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