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Apr 152010

As I become more acquainted with the workings of search engines and how to get ranked well in the results one thing has become very obvious to me. And that is that I can actually improve the position of articles on my wordpress blogs in the results by using internal linking.

I am not talking about it making much difference on a very thin site with only five posts or so, although for all I know that may work as well. Rather I am talking about using the benefits of sites with authority to improve rankings for individual pages, as well as the site overall.

I don’t profess to be an expert on anything, all I want to do here on this site is to share my experiences about what has worked for me, and that is by actually doing it and seeing what happens.

How To Get Better Rankings Without Ever Leaving Your Blog

As you read this site about how to make money with blogs you will see a few things become apparent. One of them being that it will be sporadic 😉 The other will be the way I style posts and the way that the site will gradually, over time become a lot more interlinked. This will not happen yet as from my experience it will not make any difference to the results. And this site will also not get any backlinks made by me for some time.

But having an authority site is a different story.

Over the past year I have been working diligently to stop from starving. I have gone from not having enough money to even get to the supermarket, let alone afford to buy much when I go there, to now earning some decent money daily. More than I ever earnt working a full time job if I am honest. More in a day than I earnt with a job in a week I mean.

My way of working is not to throw up thousands of sites like Ben from Make Money Online and others do (I will give everyone some links when they mean anything). Rather I prefer to gradually build up a more conservative amount of sites and work them harder as soon as I know that there is money to be made from them.

I start off in the normal way, and that is to get a bit of content and let the sites age a little, while gradually giving them backlinks. Then after a while what I, and you, should find is that you begin to rank rather organically for the new content written without giving any, or hardly any backlinks.

This is where the fun starts.

Get A Big Boost In The Search Engines By Giving Your Blog Backlinks From Your Blog

You are fast becoming the authority in your niche right?

You rank well for a number of related terms?

You can write content and it gets listed fairly high?

Then you don’t need to go anywhere to improve those rankings.

I have been playing around with this quite a lot with some frankly great results. I know many will find this obvious but lots of people are searching around for places to get backlinks when they have not even exploited the ones they own on their own site.

I always install YARPP so that related posts come up at the bottom of each article and this does carry some weight. Try changing the code a little too to make it stand out more, see mine below. But nothing compared to in post links as far as I have experienced. But it is a quick way to find the related content on your site.

It is then a simple matter of going through all those old articles and putting in a link to the highest ranking article on that subject within your site.

The results can be quite amazing. I am not saying you will jump pages overnight but you can easily jump a good few spots for a few minutes work.

The fact is that if you rank well for a term and you have a general good authority for your site then you should exploit it to the max. Utilize what you have on hand and use your own authority to improve rankings by giving lots of internal backlinks throughout the site. Go back and forth between all your articles interlinking them all, point a number of them at one article and see what happens. It will rank better.

Mostly I see people just linking to their homepage for their main term. It gets stale and I have actually improved overall rankings more by often linking to internal and related pages instead.

Give it a go, there is nothing to lose. I get the feeling many people do not exploit this as much as they should. You may give a single internal link from a post to another article. Try pointing five or so internal links from different posts at it instead. This can improve rankings with internal links only. It may work for thinner sites too although that I cannot really comment on.

Other Quick Ways To Improve Rankings Without Leaving Your Site

I have been experimenting lately and I must say that as far as I can see a bit more text in the description of your blog can work wonders for having more authority for terms. When you find what some of your top search terms are then it may be an idea to add them to the site description. For me it has given the keywords extra weight and helped with rankings.

What I have also found is that it can greatly improve the chance of how to get double listings. You get more weight for the homepage by adding extra text and you should also find it easier to rank an internal post for those keywords. Especially for very focused niche sites.

As you can see on this site I also have text at the top that is in the template. Quick to do and again it has helped me on sites to rank better for those terms. As sites mature and get more authority I have definitely seen that by adding some of best keywords in this way to descriptions that are already there, or changing descriptions if they have terms that end up not being so good that it really does help to give both the home page and internal post a good little boost.

Just some musing for the day.

I have spent the better part of the day backlinking my backlinks and am totally numb in the brain. This is something I have not done enough of but am starting to do now with a vengeance. We all run out of the best places to get backlinks at times so some grunt work of simply using sites we know about to backlink the backlinks is an easy, if tedious way to hopefully improve the long term stability of our sites. I have only just begun this after reading some interesting sites so we shall see how it goes, but I can’t see why it won’t improve long term rankings quite a lot.

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  2. I am not sure exactly where to ask this question so I will ask it here. Why when I do a search on FireFox do I get different search results than when I do the EXACT same search on Internet Explorer??

    As an example…I have a keyword I am after that is not really tough but it is not really easy either. I am on the first page of Google, spot 4, for this phrase when I type it into Google using FireFox.

    When I go to Internet Explorer from the SAME IP address and put in the same phrase in Google it is on the FOURTH PAGE. That is a huge difference. Why is this.

    Also, my friend who dabbles in internet marketing does the same search on FireFox but from where he is, different IP address, the search results for that phrase also come up on page four.

    By MY results, no matter where I am IP wise, come up on page ONE, fourth spot. Can anyone explain why this happens? Obviously that can make a huge difference in the traffic I am getting because a majority of people still use IE.

    Thanks in advance for any responses.


    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    That is a weird one Todd and I do not have the answer. Could it be something to do with Explorer not recognizing local search or your saved search history? Not sure at all.

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