".......and unfortunately nearly all make money online blogs are crap, so he, Dave, decided to write his own. It's pretty spankin."
Dalai Lama
Apr 292010

Firstly, don’t get excited. This is not the UBER post about how to make money with Amazon that I will write soon, but more just a real life introduction to why most people fail to make money with the Asociates program. And the title does not refer to me but rather what 1 or 2 people will type in to get here, along with “I get a lot of clicks to Amazon but no conversions”. New site, longtails, and all that. And no I did not look at a keyword tool, I am finding them more and more off the mark that I am no longer a slave to their results.

UPDATE: Don’t forget to read the massive guide to learn how to make money with Amazon.

Quick tip:

If you want to sell a product then put cheap or for sale in the post title, forget a keyword tool and see how you do.

Here is where you may be going wrong with your Associates account.

Here is my total for the month so far, we are at 29th April today. It has not been an especially good month as we have really been pushing other affiliate offers from other companies but here are the numbers from one of the Amazon accounts:
Orders Summary

Ordered items



Pretty standard stuff and not too bad in terms of daily earnings considering it has not been a priority, the amount earnt is private by the way.

It is just an example of why many people can’t make money with Amazon.

Get the traffic.

It is the single most important thing when it comes to learning how to make money blogging. You need to find ways to get traffic from people searching for the product you wish them to buy, and that means a lot of work, an awful lot. The reality is that out of our 4 odd % conversion rate from those that clicked a link to those that bought something a lot of them will be for particular products while we will have also had lots of clicks for a range that simply does not convert at all.

We can have hundreds of clicks for 1 item and no one buys and other times have a few clicks from a low traffic blog that sells in duplicate and people may even buy a massive flat screen tv as well. Yes, that has happened, and it is great when it does.

If you get lots of clicks and no sales then you may just have lucked out.

A sad but very true reality.

I have a site that has about 15 blog posts on it, ranks well in the search engines with no work and gets plenty of visitors and clicks every day, but they never buy. I can’t figure it out as I am providing exactly what they are looking for but it is just what happens.

If you are concerned that you do not know how to make money on Amazon it may just be that you are in the wrong niche. Try something different and see what happens. But if you are not getting the number of clicks close to what we achieve in the above results then you will be hard pressed to find how to make a $1000 a month with Amazon.

There are lots of tips and tricks to earning more with Amazon and I will go in to detail when the large post finally arrives but I just wanted to give a little bit of show and tell about some relatively low monthly figures that you may need to obtain to earn more than a few dollars.

Very short from me today as this is just for fun, although not non-profit, ie, use my affiliate links 😉 this is definitely a hobby site rather than an attempt to break in to the make money online niche which if you know about it seems to be about the worst type of endeavour if you ever want to be one of the making money on the Internet sort of dudes.

Much better to make a nice looking site about products that people look for and either offer your reviews with helpful links to Amazon or set yourself the task of making a nice large site with 100’s of good articles about products in a range and use whatever resources you can to gradually get backlinks to them to get listed high in search engines. I do both, so does my lovely lady, and we are doing OK.

Just remember that lots of sites simply will not generate sales even if people click on an link, some people or some niches simply attract window shoppers and browsers who do not really want to buy at the moment. But all is not lost, if you get those clicks at Christmas time….

Well, that is another story. If you work on a site all year and make next to no money as people do not buy you can still make a years worth of wages in a few months at the end of the year if people are searching for your niche then, it is a great motivator once you have seen it happen and something I am pursuing with vigor every day. 6 blog posts on one of my sites today means some good extra money come the end of the year, even if not much until then.

Adios Amigos, work to do don’t you know.

  18 Responses to “I Can’t Make Money With Amazon: How To Earn Money With Amazon”

  1. Can’t wait for the Amazon post. I’m still trying to figure out what you do exactly to get the traffic the way you do. I know that some products that just seem to pick up the longtails and others don’t. I’m guess the big difference is between a hot product and not.

    I’m still plugging away at it. I guess I got to give the tougher ones more time to develop and rank. Looking forward to the Amazon post.

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Hey Chris,

    The traffic really is down to having enough content online and backlinks. Get plenty of product posts up and never stop backlinking them until they get to number 1. I don’t just go for longtails, try to go for more competitive stuff too sometimes. It may be surprising when you rank, not all keywords with lots of searches are hard to rank for.

    The good lady does it by using hubpages but I can’t face using them.

  2. Dave – an interesting post, especially as I logged into my affiliates yesterday to see a few more sales (we’re talking 4 here, only starting out). These are sales on very niche products, and the site reports about 32 total visitors through Google Analytics, and I’m on an 11% conversion rate.

    Underlines that it’s more about content and niche selection than hammering backlinks at a crap website.

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:


    That is a great conversion rate. Definitely a niche to really build up and develop when you get that many buyers. It is true that some niches just seem to be winners while others simply will not convert well, just the name of the game that we are in.

  3. I don’t know if I’m being impatient or not with my Christmas sites (2 of them) that I’m building. I have gone aggressive with the content and throwing stuff up. Obviously some of the items aren’t necessarily popular. Between the two sites I have over a 100 posts of content (59 and 44). I have been backlinking, but I guess maybe I need more. I’ll probably pound away on it for a day and see what happens to it.

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Chris, that is a decent amount of content. What I have found is that it takes at least a good 3 months for a site to get any real traffic, and that is with a decent number of backlinks. Just keep an eye on the stats and any traffic you get make either amendments to the post titles to better reflect the searches or better yet put up a new post with the exact search phrase and link the two posts together internally.

    In time you will then get a shed load of double listings, or at the lest more traffic. And don’t forget many sites for Christmas will convert badly until then, you just have to hope you made the right decision niche wise. I fee more confident about this as I have 1 Chrimbo behind me and although a few sites convert badly now I know they will do later nearer the time, which is a nice feeling of security.

    I wouldn’t do too many backlinks a day unless the sites are of an age, better to just plod along with a decent few every day of the year.

    Man, this stuff is hard work isn’t it? I have been at the pc all day, apart form a little siesta of course;) The good lady has just said how fried her brain is after doing similar, minus the nap, time for a vino I do believe.

  4. Chris – when you say Christmas sites, are they selling Christmas goods (trees, lights, stockings), or are they just Christmas gifts in general? The latter wouldn’t have very good targetted traffic, I don’t think. As Dave mentioned, how old are they?

  5. The sites are Christmas gift related and I guess they’re somewhere between month 2 and month 3. I know that they’re not very old and maybe I’m expecting a little too much from the at this point. I get a few clicks a day to Amazon, so they aren’t that busy.

    I guess maybe patience is the virtue I should be seeking at this time and spend my time adding content to my sniper sites (I guess they’re 8 months old now) and some of them are exhibiting authority site traits.

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Chris, if you have older sites that are showing real promise I would go crazy on them;) Turn small snipers in to large sites with as much content as you can. If they are showing authority traits then they are definitely worth building up big time. There are nothing like having a few sites that rank well just by putting the content on. Get some good keywords in the site description, and even add some sticky text across the site. For authority sites it amazing how many new visitors you get just by actually having text on a site.

    But you must be doing pretty good, I looked at your blog again earlier and your March Amazon was better than many achieve. But if you have other sites showing promise really just work them very hard, a month of intense activity can really pay off. I seem to narrow down my areas of focus month by month now and it really does pay dividends to concentrate on sites that make the best money and rank the easiest.

  6. I’ve been working hard on a few of them this month. Two of them in particular are really starting to shine. It’s nice to put up a piece of content and it index on like page 2. It just takes a few backlinks and you’re pretty much on the front page. Unfortunately I can’t do any of the WordPress stuff or anything cause they’re all just HTML sites.

    What I’ve been doing is going after anything of related keywords. If my sniper site was like “best vacuum cleaner”, I’d be going after every combination of vacuum cleaner. Last night, I made page for an unrelated item to the site that is on one of the best seller lists on Amazon, just to see what would happen and if I could get it to rank well.

    Tomorrow I’ll be posting my April earnings and they absolutely blow away March’s for Amazon. And I guess I owe you thanks for your post on the forum suggesting to work on one site that is making money. Though, I worked on a few of them lol.

  7. I actually spent a few hours this weekend switching my two promising sniper sites into minimum PHP, without breaking urls of course, so I can use include commands. I know that means very little to those that don’t know how to program in PHP, but I now can make site wide “stickies”, which gives me a lot of the usability of WordPress, without actually having to use a database.

    Anyway, I was curious about this sticky thing, which you have on this site. I’m going to put one up on my sites just to see what it does. Is the idea to get more words on the page that could be searched? Like for example, it’s Mother’s day next week, which would have a nice volume of traffic pouring in.

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Yikes, all the tech stuff means nothing to me Chris. Although this site is a long winded example of sticky text, both at the top and in the sidebar, I have found that a good number of keywords site wide all about the niche brings in good extra traffic. And for selling stuff a chance to buy as soon as people arrive has been a real winner. A set of links to the product, a list of bestsellers etc, all to make a site look more shop like if product sales are what you are after. Sitewide it really re-enforces what the site is all about. Works for me anyway. Let me know how it goes.

  8. I have joined Amazon Associate for 1 year and I have sold one thing. I guess finding the suitable product is rather hard.

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Now that is a strange name you have 😉 Please use your name@ guys and gals or dofollow goes or I simply will not publish your comment. Let’s keep it “real”, yeah baby.

  9. Great site BTW. How many backlinks do you fire at an article on one of your all encompasing sites at first? 3,5,10?

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:


    Thanks. It depends on age. For new sites I go easy the first month or two with maybe a couple of backlinks to each post but I then ramp it up pretty quickly. I don’t count the numbers though. I just keep getting backlinks until I rank or until I know it won’t convert then stop. It is basically a never ending process as I go for hard terms to win for. It means more money when you finally rank but it can mean literally hundreds of backlinks to a single post sometimes, but boy is it worth it.

  10. Hi Dave,

    Yesterday I was looking at my conversion rates and here’s what I came up with:

    1-) for every 1,000 uniques, 65% of them will go to Amazon,

    2-) off these 650 clicks, I get around 25 sales, or a 3.8% conversion,

    3-) Overall, 2.5% of my total visitors are buying ‘something’,

    4-) My average ‘something’ is $54; the conservative commission is $3.25 (6%),

    5-) Therefore, my ‘Amazon eCPM’ for October is $81.25.

    For every 1,000 visitors, I get $80 in a month. If I want a $1,000 check, I’ll need 12,500 unique visitors in a month. (And that doesn’t even consider the higher commissions.)

    What do your numbers look like?

    If you or anybody else want to calculate yours, just post here the number of uniques for October, the total number of clicks on the Amazon report, the number of sales, and the average price of whatever you are selling.

    **If your main seller has high conversion rates, remember also to post brand and model number! 🙂

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:


    OK, I’ll post some stats. This is for one of my Amazon sites.

    17200 visitors for Oct up to the 27th.
    6286 clicks to Amazon
    684 items ordered
    $1,194 earned.

    My conversion for clicks is good but the number of clicks for visitors is pretty bad.

    But lots of the items are small price tags but it bumps up the earnings for Amazon overall as it gets the higher commission rate. Man, I have to work on upping the number of peeps that click my links. Your 65% is amazingly high.

    Oh yeah, you show me your niche and I’ll show you mine 😉

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