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Jul 052010

I have been online long enough to know that adsense can be a profitable business and although my earnings hover around $60 a day using this program I do not really spend any time pursuing it much any more and have not done so for many months.

And I am actually getting a bit sick and tired of the fraudulent way in which people use and abuse this way of monetizing a site.

Here is how to make money with adsense

Do some keyword research to see just what people pay good money for if you send them the traffic for their keywords.

Build a site that is all about a product and the best keywords that it has.

Then put it on a relatively boring and plain site and write a load of crap about how good this pair of sunglasses is and why you should buy them.

Give the visitor absolutely no chance of being able to buy the product by clicking on to a buy link or an image link. Just have adsense on it and no other way of buying the product.

Make them have to click a blue link to get to another site where they will then have to click even more links to buy the product.

Sound familiar?


When are adsense going to simply begin to manually approve any site that wishes to have adsense on it?

I mean if I am searching for a pair of sunglasses and go to a site that advertises in their post title that they are for sale I don’t want to end up somewhere where I cannot buy it and where I can’t even see a picture of a bloody pair of sunglasses.

This is how to make money with adsense.

Ooh, it took me 30 seconds to make this a profitable link (and only a few bucks for the cool shades too)

And I got grief for using the best content spinner. You tell me wish is more dishonest and more of a waste of peoples time. And everyone who jumps whenever I say, “Now that is a made for adsense site” and argue saying “Oh no it isn’t, I don’t use an ugly theme, and I have lots of content”, it may be time to WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE DUDES.

Let me buy the bloody sunglasses from you. Man, and if you do have an image it just links to your wordpress media library.


Apart from anything else you are leaving money on the table. But hey, maybe you are happier with a few cents for your clicks than maybe a 8% or 10% commission from actually using your keyword research to sell the actual thing.

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  1. Oops, you must have accidentally hit the publish button. Your posts are never this short, are they?

    Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Carrie, just feeling grumpy.

    Been looking at a few sites because of a few things I had to do today and got annoyed. I am all for people making money online and am not above making money from various resources but just wanted to rant. Not saying I am far from what I am moaning about myself but the whole concept is so flawed and responsible for much of the way the Internet is. But I am full of contradictions, I know, as adense can be profitable.

  2. Could not agree with you more my friend….Seriously…..has anyone checked Chitika lately? You have to get approved for every single site you want to use ads on. Adsense cannot be too far behind this!

    Give people what they want – products. Leave the insurance quotes and butt lift ads to people who know a thing or two about them!

    Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Dusty, good point.

    Just a shame Chitika never really made me more than a some cheap vino money. I wonder if adsense would ever implement such a thing? Doubt it. Too much money is as stake. But I do feel people are missing out on earnings by not at least trying to sell the products first. I make adsense money myself from sites that I don’t feel are honest in their layout but at least give an option for people to actually buy the products. I confuse myself yet again when I think of the whole system. Big G disapproves of buying links yet offers paid high search engine results.

    Most people do not realize that the links on the search engine results page on the right are paid for, a whole other world though that I know little about but I do wonder how profitable it could be, very, I get the feeling.

  3. I had exactly the same thought as Carrie – I scanned down the page so that I could gauge how much time I would need to read your post and was surprised to hit the comments stuff so quickly. Lol.

    Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Tiptop, there will be plenty to read soon 😉 Just wanted to vent a little today that’s all.

    Diogo, thanks for the comment. I would not go for EMDs for brands any more either, too risky for the sites. I now buy a general term and just call the site the brand name rather than have it in the domain, not such a good boost buy I don’t think it is as important anymore, at least it seems that way.

  4. Hello Dave,

    I had a black and green, XFactor-style niche site that was paying me only a few cents a day. I let it sit for a while and I focused in different projects.

    Last month I logged in my Amazon account and I found $60 there, that I didn’t even know when the products were sold. Commissions at 7% due to another site that sells a bunch of $10-15 stuff. How sweet!

    I gotta agree with you. People making money with Adsense today seem to be going after with EMDs with brands, which I don’t wanna do. Amazon indeed seems much better, plus piggybacking on their popularity/trust does seem to help increase hops, clicks and conversions.

  5. I converted some of my best performing adsense snipers into CJ sites. None of them have gotten any sales in the last 2 weeks.

    I think in some niches adsense converts better.

    Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Josh it sure does, some people just window shop and never buy. Don’t mind me with my rants, just got bothered yesterday. It is when stuff is advertised for sale and there is not even the option to buy that I get miffed.

  6. I tend to use Adsense more on general informational posts, rather than those that talk about a specific product (which I agree tend to do better with affiliate links – although I do also think it depends on the niche). I might also use it right at the bottom of a product-focused post. I figure that if they’ve got to the bottom of the page and still haven’t clicked my affiliate link, then I might at least get an Adsense click out of it.

    Really I like to mix things up a bit. But I don’t follow the usual Adsense model that you described, and I never build sites that are just about one single product, simply because I’m too lazy to want to maintain hundreds of little sites. I’d rather build a larger site that covers the whole niche. That way I’ll have room on the site for different types of keywords – some of which do better with Adsense and some with affiliate links.

    Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Cat, that is exactly what I do and it can work very well. A good authority site can have adsense on some posts and affiliate links on others. That is the beauty of not just focusing on one set of keywords.

    And like you say, I really can’t face trying to cope with hundreds of snipers, I would rather have a handful of authority sites that are much more likely to stand the test of time. But each to their own, there are many different ways to make money on this here T’Internet machine.

  7. You pretty much nailed it with this one — 3,000 words was not needed!

    For every click that a MFA website owner received, I would venture to say it would be nothing in comparison to the earnings they could have raked in had their page(s) been optimized with more than Adsense.

    I don’t like wasting money, nor do I like leaving money on the table, so MFA has never been an option for me.

    Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Yolanda, short but sweet I guess with this one.

    I agree with you that people should optimize more. Apart from anything else people should be thinking what their site looks like if it had a manual review. I worry about my adsense wven with products on them as well. But it makes them better for the user as they at least have an option to buy even if the product links are not optimized.

  8. Yep, good advice. Especially the idea of at least linking to a way to buy what you are writing about. A majority of sites I see where people claim they are trying to make money seem woefully short of links that would actually let me spend.

    Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Dave, it is odd. I know that for optimum adsense revenue this is the best way but we should think of the reader a little I think and at least give them an option even if it is not optimized for product commissions.

  9. I tried a few sites where I started to just put up adsense, but I couldn’t resist adding in my affiliate links. I’ve done affiliate stuff for years, and I can’t bring myself to leave off the option to buy something… However, I took a few sites I had that used affiliate only links, but were making next to nothing, added adsense, and managed to make an extra $5 to $10 a month from the sites. Might as well, since I wasn’t making money any other way!

    Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:


    It is all about the testing and we have to monetize the way that gives us the best return. I find it tough to not just forget about adsense but it can be profitable I know.

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