".......and unfortunately nearly all make money online blogs are crap, so he, Dave, decided to write his own. It's pretty spankin."
Dalai Lama
Aug 062010

Today we are lucky enough to have a guest post from a gorgeous woman (my partner of almost 20 years) who is going to tell us exactly how to make a few thousand dollars extra a month by using Hubpages. She has, over the past few months, across her multiple Hubpages accounts, written just a handful of Hubs that are now bringingΒ  in a few thousand dollars a month and will probably be nearer to 10 thousand for a few months around the Christmas period.

The main question I posed to her was just how we can go about making a few thousand dollars a month using Hubpages, and do so in just a few months time. I wanted to know the techniques, the tips and tricks to make this possible. I wanted her to explain just how to do it, so that you too can sit next to someone and be really smug and annoying because you are now making more money on Amazon than a man who actually has the cheek to write about how to do it on a blog, but gets beaten by his partner and she doesn’t mind telling him about it.

Here is her complete reply without any editing.

“I just pick some popular keywords without doing any keyword research and use all the tools on Dave’s tools to succeed page and send hundreds and hundreds of links to my Hubs until they get to number 1. And I do it really quickly so I can buy some new shoes.

Then I pocket the cash and feel really smug.”

Um, well, there you have it folks. Guess it really doesn’t need to be that complicated.

All the rest is just filler.

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  1. That would have been perfect for a $7.95 eBook. I think you missed a big opportunity there.

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Oy Seth, haven’t you seen the donate button below? That will be fifty cents a word or abouts though. But I think the advice is worth the money. Sure beats the money others spend on so called quality info.

    She does go on a bit though doesn’t she?

  2. wow… this proves my theory that those “gurus” are making seem harder than it is when its just a two step process. create content. build links. create content. build links. creat content. build links….

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:


    That is about all there is really. Get a site with real authority that can handle some serious links and the money can happen very quickly. At least, I have been told this by a certain someone who has some nice new Spanish shoes πŸ˜‰ Don’t know what you call sandals that have a buckle and strap above the ankles, they are all the rage here in Spain though.

  3. Dave I could not resist.. a dollar is not going to kill my school supply budget. about to show you some love my friend and this will certainly not be the last.

    You are the epitome of some one that freely shares their knowledge so that others can be empowered to be successful. I know of only a few other people that do that and I can count them on less than 5 fingers. Mike, Yolanda are just 2 i know of right off hand.

    Well let me stop rambling and show you some love and this certainly wont be the last …..

  4. OK Dave. just trip to give a tip. Typed in this format 0.00 but would not accept. also its i spanish

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    What is this love you are talking about? I am intrigued.

    Aah, I get it. Are you talking about Paypal being in Spanish? Sorry, it just defaults to that because I live in Spain.

    All you need to know is that you need to type in 1000 and it should be cool πŸ˜‰

    Seriously I don’t know what the problem would be but here in Spain there is no decimal for numbers. i.e ten dollars twenty is written 10,20 which is still weird for me after 5 years. But keep the cash, this here blog is all about sharing the love. We have plenty of cash nowadays, although every time I get a dollar from a donation it feels more worthwhile than making $300 a day from selling white socks!

  5. wow that post just came at an ideal time!
    So like 2000 crappy comment links to one hub is not too many? And does it matter where that hub links to, ie a money site which doesn’t have adsens.

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Hurley I am not talking about comment links, I am talking about Backlink Solutions links and forum profile links from high PR sites with a good number of Postrunner links as well. I don’t do comments for backlinks much so cannot say if they are worth it or not. Plus I really hate getting comment spam myself.

  6. LOL. Yes I was referring to the donate button. But yes will send a tip your way when I’m back online…. One less 0 in your comment. LoL

  7. I just cannot stop looking at my lovely shiny new sandles!

    Oh, did I mention it is really easy to make money with hubpages?

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Other Alf I think you may have mentioned it, but you do go on a bit in your guest posts.

  8. Hey Dave,

    When you say, “and forum profile links from high PR sites with a good number of Postrunner links as well.”

    Just for clarification, do you ever send Postrunner links to the forum ones? Or do you just build the forum links and bookmark them with something like OnlyWire? I notice that it can be rather hard to get the forum links to stick, but there are some sites where Yahoo links doesn’t register them but I can just “feel” like there is some juice being passed there because the link profile as a whole isn’t robust at all yet the site ranks better then it really should – if that sounds right.

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Steve, if I make the forum links myself I use Onlywire or the free ImAutomator. But now I get backlinks Philippines to do them and they ping them all as part of the price. I then just leave it at that. I know what you mean about sites ranking and when you look the Yahoo links show very little. But it is never accurate and just because a link does not show there it does not mean it is not counted.

    I get great results from the forum links and only a small number ever show up but the change in rankings over just a few days shows that a lot of them are being counted by Google.

  9. Thanks for the reply Dave πŸ˜‰

    I think this is key, “I know what you mean about sites ranking and when you look the Yahoo links show very little. But it is never accurate and just because a link does not show there it does not mean it is not counted.”

    This couldn’t be more true and I think a lot of people get hung up over looking at how many links Yahoo says they have. Honestly, purchasing the forum link service was probably one of the best things I’ve ever done for my rankings and I can’t thank you enough for that. They rarely show up but you feel them effect your rankings for sure. It’s hard to run a test that can prove this on paper but after building a lot of sites and split testing between using and not using them you feel the difference over time for sure.

    How do you feel about the whole thing over waiting 3 days after creating the forum profiles before adding the links? Aside from backlinks philippines is there anything else you could recommend for mass pinging besides something like RSSBot?

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Steve I just add them straight away, they either stick or not and usually they do. They are just profiles not signatures that show on actual forum posts so you are not spamming the forum itself. That is something I do not do. I don’t know about any pinging stuff as I don’t use any. You will find I am a bit behind with most tools, I have not been using many myself for very long and it is still very minimal what I do use.

    Not very helpful there, sorry dude.

  10. Interesting insight!
    I am trying to make some money on HP myself.
    I see that there are 2 schools of thought.
    – Build a handful of hubs (how much is a handful?) and promote a hell out of them.
    – Or make a lot of hubs, do minimal promotion (some RSS submissions and 30-40 backlinks) and hope that some hubs will get the traffic and make sales.
    I am stuck somewhere in the middle with ~100 (one hundred and one as of today) hubs across 10 profiles that bring me $10 in total per day.

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Johric here are a few tips for you. I would get rid of the big image at the top of your hubs. Just have a small one on the right. You have your Amazon link in the first paragraph which is good but give it a paragraph of its own, it stands out more. Then use a link module and put your other Amazon link in that directly beneath the right hand image.

    It has improved our conversions doing that. Or put an Amazon module top right instead, I know you lose money then but the conversions are good for both of these ways. I would give it a go as that top image is very big and is not clickable. Personally I am now of the opinion that really going for some tough stuff and working it hard is the way to go, all because of the good lady’s efforts.

    Ten bucks a day is good and with more promotion you can definitely make a lot more. Just a few thoughts anyway.

  11. Thanks Dave! I’ll test your suggestions!

    I believe I have also to focus more on driving traffic to my hubs. Currently I am using Terry Kyles profile backlinks (boosted by Backlink Booster), but I feel I have to add some deversity to the link profile of my hubs.

  12. Great stuff Dave! On her hubpage site, does she have her adsense on it? If her hubpage is cheap socks, does it link to amazon AND her own site (cheapsocks.com), or is she just trying to funnel them straight to amazon and not use hubpage as a backlink to another site.

    I just signed up with backlinks Phillippines as a test for a few hubpages (40 link package) Of course I clicked you link πŸ™‚

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    JohnM, Hubs always have adsense, there is no way to stop that so what can you do? May as well have your ID on it for a few pennies.

    We both normally have links to our sites but make sure that the link to Amazon is a proper call to action so that is what people click on most of the time.

    Thanks for the referral, you should find good results with them, especially the 80 package but the 40 should see some movement too.

  13. My God! Every single time I read this….

    β€œI just pick some popular keywords without doing any keyword research and use all the tools on Dave’s tools to succeed page and send hundreds and hundreds of links to my Hubs until they get to number 1. And I do it really quickly so I can buy some new shoes.

    Then I pocket the cash and feel really smug.”

    …I literally wet myself laughing! That is absolutely hilarious!! Good for the lady of the house.

    I wish you would write more here, I have gained a lot of valuable knowledge and so enjoy your writings.


    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Hey Todd, write more? That is like 2 posts in a week. Granted 1 was a few lines but that is sheer quality my man πŸ˜‰ Well, maybe. Damn them shoes are shiny! Thanks for the kind comment though dude, makes me feel all fuzzy inside.

  14. She says she sends hundreds of links to her hubpages. After she makes a hub, does she start getting backlinks from postrunner (which I have been using for months and is great)? How many links or how much time does she let pass before hitting the hub with the backlink services on the sidebar.

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    JohnM, she (and I ) does postrunners first for a few weeks, maybe a few a day, to ease in the hubs then it is an all out attack using backlinks philippines, a 200 submission, and 100 spins on backlink solutions. Plus continued postrunners. Gotta put the work in for the good stuff.

  15. Good Morning Dave, I have signed up for kword academy through your link. hope you get credit for this once the membership kicks in.

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Thanks Dee, good stuff. You should find it very useful, especially Postrunner which I like more and more every day. Nothing beats it for links from different ip addreses.

  16. Dave, you leave us so much brilliant advice – it’s amazing how sincere you are! Anyways, I’m a fellow Brit (although being 15 years old ;]) and dabbled in the ‘Hub craze’ last Summer holiday over 4 weeks where overall, it’s made me a passive income of around Β£425 in a year from Adsense. I know MMO is a something where one must stick at it, but doing GCSE’s early got in the way – this year when school starts, I’mma make sure I make time to do this!

    I’ve always been interested in Amazon Affilliates – would it be best with the month I have left to solidly put out a load of Amazon hubs and backlink them properly (using PostRunner etc to get a good amount of backlanks rather than only add 1 or 2 backlinks that I added to each hub last year) than try to increase the rankings of my current hubs?

    You see, I’m already earning the same amount as I do from my paper round and as my NI number has come, my parents keep pestering me to get a ‘job’ at a Supermarket, but why can’t I make more here!

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Crashin, man I wish I had started in this game at your age. I would be well retired by now. As to what is best to do, I would do a bit of both. Link up the old hubs with some serious postrunner work and article backlinks and try some new Amazon affiliate hubs too. Christmas is a great time for making money with Amazon so if you backlink like crazy for some popular stuff then you could make some serious cash. Your folks won’t pester you then, if they see the moolah that can be made.

    But it does take a lot of work, and I certainly wouldn’t let it interfere with school work. But many people make good money in their spare time. God, I sound old talking about doing your school work. Bugger, and don’t forget to wear a scarf if it is cold πŸ˜‰ Go for the Hubs in a big way and you can do really well. Just keep on with the backlinks, the most important part of it all. I got 8 GCSE’s, 2 A levels and now don’t need any of it, but you gotta do what you gotta do.

  17. Like the post Dave absolutely no fluff πŸ˜€ and exactly what im aiming for 2000 from hubs cant see me managing it in two months though.

    5 GCSE’s more than me, iv got to be one of the least qualified people anywhere in Briton.

    I had something on .edu’s you might be interested in but iv got no idea where its been saved. It was a search string that was showing up .edu blogs that would allow you to set up sub domains haven’t got around to trying them out thought so cant promise theyl work ill dig it up next time i have a quick brows here if your curious.

    Good luck with whatever you try next not that youl need it.

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Hey Len that sounds interesting, send it over if you can. It is funny with exams. They totally stress you out at the time and then in the future you realize that for the most part you never need what you were taught. But it is the way of the world. Best to get them now as nearly every job requires a degree of some sort.

  18. Aha, you wouldn’t believe the sheer amount of satisfaction I feel right now as I’ve quit my paper round! I earn at least the same amount online as doing that, so might as well give up as it’s become so horrible recently!

    Thanks for the advice, and don’t you worry, there’s only the need to wear a waterproof as it’s currently tipping it down with rain again (typical London weather in the summer whereas during Exam Time, it’s boling hot ;)). I’ll be sure to let you know my 3 GCSE results in just under 2 weeks.

    I’ve been thinking for the Amazon hubs in particular of searching up keyword terms that have a few thousand visitors a month as they should not be too hard to rank well for – that what you mean by popular, or even further?

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Crashin, by popular I mean POPULAR. super competitive with hundreds and hundreds of visitors a day even if you are only on the bottom of page 1. It takes time and lots of work but with Hubpages you can do it.

    But there is nothing wrong with going for low level stuff where the backlinking is minimal Either way the traffic adds up and it is a case of thinking if the extra backlink work is worth the effort. If you know it is a niche where they buy then the work is worth it.

  19. Stupid question time Dave. As I mentioned above, I tried the 40 link package. I’ve noticed some upward movement in those sites πŸ™‚ I listed 5 sites with that package. Would it have been better if I only did one site per 40 package so the link juice would be concentrated as opposed to splitting it 5 ways?

    Thanks, love the site!

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    JohnM that is a tough one. Obviously 1 link per submission will give you 40 great links with full juice. But if you have all the links going to the same site I think that 5 a submission will probably give more bang for the buck for the site overall.

    Not a stupid question at all, that is the kind of stuff I love people to talk about.

    It is hard to say without actually doing it. But the way I look at it is, shit how much would it cost if you only had 1 link for each submission? A lot more. I think if you send them all to the same site, the juice is split but it sends more to the site as a whole so should give more effect. But total speculation on my part with no testing done for a single submission so ignore me as usual.

  20. Hi Dave….. I just reread this post for the umpteenth time…. and I just noticed somthing that the beautiful lady said… : ) she said she picked popular keywords with out doing any keyword research….. how would she know they were popular keywords without doing at least some basic level keyword research.. i.e. google keyword tool.

    exactly how did she determine if the keyword was popular.. Did she base this critera on numbe of searches or did she just “eye ball it”. what was her criteria for keyword popularity.

    and am i correct to assume that she did not factor in how strong competition was but rather just focused on getting massive backlinks…

    I know this is a lame question… just pretend Im a four year old.

    BTW, Im loving the tka. I want my first project to be building hubs want to give it another try though i have not had any success in the past

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Dee sometimes she will do some basic keyword research the same as me but often we don’t. If you want to win for a term then just go for it. There are some things that we know are going to be popular without research. i.e what is on adverts at the moment, what is the buzz about at the moment. But don’t forget that because of the authority from Hubpages you can target more than one set of keywords.

    Each module with its title is a set of keywords you can rank for.

    And often she does have a quick peek at the keywords tool or wordtracker, which seems to be getting better. As far as competition goes……..forget about it. If it is for a new topic you can win easy. You will be competing with high authority news sites but they never get backlinks. Send a ton and you will outrank them. It is why things like trends and hot topics are always good to watch out for. They would not even have reached keyword tools anyway.

    But honestly, unless it is for a crazy term you can win with Hubpages in a few months just by sending an awful lot of links. But I do like having my own sites rank as they take a lot of cash. It is then just beter to go the more longtail route.

  21. I should have mentioned that the 5 links were sent to 5 hubpages that are interlinked to each other on hubpages. I wanted to test it with hubpages before trying it on one of my sites.

  22. inurl:wp-signup.php “fill out this one step form and you” < theres that search string i was on about not quite what i thought it was though sorry but still theres a few in there by the looks.

    Iv started implementing this strategy with hubs signed up with TKA and BLS (through your links of course but i didnt clear my cookies figured the last aff link to go through would be the one to count hope you get paid for them enough for a cup of coffee i should hope.)

    Anyways i thought id ask a question feel free not to answer as always. Do you ever see google shopping results at the 1 spot and if you do does using BLS the philippines backlinks and a few postrunners get you above it? iv already targeted 3 such keywords so guess ill find out but thought id ask what your experiences were because iv only ever managed this with my own sites but then iv never sent very many backlinks to hubs. already used 800 of my 1000 links with bls only been there a few days πŸ˜€

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Len thanks for the sign ups. Will check my stats. Man, if you can beat them with your own sites then wait until you see how Hubs react to some serious links. As for shopping results, I seem to only ever see them down in number 3 or so, not many of my niches have ever been above that so can’t really say, but I beat them down to below me through sheer persistence, but man, I wish one of my main keywords would shift from number 8, but it was 12 before a Backlinks Philippines run of 80 so is still doing OK, but the numero uno spot is SO different it is not even funny.

  23. Ok, more hub questions πŸ™‚

    Say she writes a hub about shoes. Would it be one long hub talking about one brand of shoes or describing several types of shoes? Or would she do a group of 5 hubs all talking about different shoes, then linking them to each other before sending backlinks?

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    JohnM, both and none. There is no science to this. Either or is cool. 1 Hub with a top ten etc is cool or 5 more honed in on the brands Hubs is cool. Main thing, get the content on there and backlink it, see what works and go with it. General Hubs or posts will always pull in the most traffic as they will be searched for more, it is then down to your skills to convert that traffic.

    On a shoe Hub you can have “Best Leather Shoes” or whatever and nail it if you are convincing in your opinion of what is best. I have done this well on my own sites where I give recommendations. BUT, if your Hub is “Best Price Yellow Nike Flip Flops”, shit, the visitor is not going to take much convincing to click on the prices. Amazon WILL have the best price online, and sales should be good.

    The reality? Most stuff dies an absolute death no matter what you do. Just keep on building and backlinking and see what isn’t a stinker! Bugger of a game this.

    Maybe we should all do a test. Give me a sensible keyword (tough but not stupid, and available on Amazon with a good price tag) and I will do a Hub and rank it. But only if 50 people say they will backlink it too. There is a challenge I know I can very safely avoid πŸ˜‰

  24. Dave thanks for the reply. Going to build my first hub today and then start building links with post runner for now

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Go for it Dee. We have a relative over at the mo and were showing here Hubpages. The best advice I can give is don’t sweat it too much. Knock them out with some basic writing skills and hone the Hub for keywords as they appear in the stats.

  25. No problem the least i can do is go through your aff links for all the advice and help youv been sharing, i got above the shopping results with a couple of keyword exact sites and about 200 realllllllllly crapy comment links plus about 6 months age, iv just not really seen if hubs can compete with keyword exact domains time will tell. Im Going to aim for about 15 or so hubs with 150+ links each by the end of next month and see what happens i shall report back.

    As for the shopping results i notice that a lot as well, theyr normally either 3 or last on the page but when you get things like amazon, ebay, youtube and nextag ranking on first page as most of the keywords im going to target with hubs are the shopping results are normally first.

    Anyway i better get on with it, thanks once again its good to be able to ask someone who knows what theyr doing for advice.

  26. I completed 2 hubs this afternoon. one product focused and one information focused. we will see. I think I want to get about 10 up and then start backlinking.

  27. Dave,

    I was referred to your site from Ben’s forum, and I am sure glad I found it. I have decided to experiment with this fewer hubpages/more links thing, and I wondered if I could tell you my intended process and have you tell me if I am screwing up anywhere.

    I began by using the Adwords KW tool, and I chose keywords that had at least 10,000 searches and a CPC of $1.00. I chose five total. I also made sure that there was at least one allintitle result on page one that would be easy to beat (i.e. only a couple hundred links and a PR 0,1 or 2)

    Then, I chose 5 related keywords that I am going to use as hub section titles, using the same at-least-10,000-and-$1.00 criteria. Some of my keywords (main and related) have over 100,000 searches, and one in particular has an earnings potential of around 20K all by itself. But I used it anyway, as it did have at least one allintitle result that was easy to beat on page one.

    After I write the hubs and publish them, and add my amazon products, I plan to use Jetspinner to create 50 articles and submit one article per hub to 50 different article directories. I have always had success with Jetspinner, because I put a massive amount of variations throughout the original article. and can get 50 unique versions easily. Once I have 50 versions, I will submit 5 per day per hub to the article directories. That’s my first two weeks of backlink work.

    Then I plan on purchasing a 200 backlinks/$58 backlinks phillipines package for each hub. That’s my next 2-4 weeks of backlink work for these hubs.

    Then, I will probably do the $8 a month/50 backlinks thing and do 10 links per hub per month for about 3 months. Then I’ll see where I am ranking after that.

    The total earnings potential for ranking number one for my main keyword and five related keywords for all hubs is about $38,000 but I’d be happy with just 5 percent of that, or $1900 a month.

    In your opinion, it is possible, and do I have anything in my system that is flawed? Thanks so much in advance for answering. It means a lot that someone who is making money online already gives advice to those of us that are trying hard to do so.

    In the past, I have not had much success with hubpages, because I only have around 20 hubs. I chose keywords that only got a couple of hundred searches per month, and didn’t backlink at all. I planned on adding about 200 hubs, but was skeptical about the results because of the first 20….but I am going to try this experiment instead with five hubs.

    I donated $5 btw…thanks for helping us out!

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Adam, sorry, must have hit the spam. Will reply later after i read your comment, tearing my hair out at the mo trying to find a good hotel in Croatia. Going for a nice holiday next week. About time too πŸ˜‰

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Right, hey Adam. Got me hols sorted out so let’s get down to business.

    Sounds like the backlinking start is good. But for Backlinks Philippines each package can give up to 5 links a submission. So when you buy a 200 package what they mean is they submit to 200 sites. Many allow multiple links in the sigs so they will add 5 if they can. So, save some money and add 5 keywords to 5 Hubs if I were you, unless you just want all the link juice for 1 Hub. It is no good adding 5 links on a profile to 1 Hub, so I would link to 5 Hubs each submission.

    Same with the $8 do dah, many of the profiles allow multiple links, some are 1 but plenty are for more. I always try to get 5 links in a profile page if I can and the results have been cool. But some rather go for just 1 link a profile for maximum benefit. But to be honest I think I would save some cash and add a number of them to each profile. If you find that the rankings are not as good as you wished after a few weeks then you can use the Backlinks Philippines form for a new submission and tell them that they already did a set of links to the hubs and ask them to use different sites the next time. They are more than happy to help you out like that and offer a great service. John who runs it is always happy to help you out like that. He will even do the links at whatever speed you want. He can do them in a day or a few weeks, just tell him how you like it (ooh er) πŸ˜‰

    I think it is more than possible. It is an especially good idea that you are using other keywords in the hub module titles. I have found that often they can rank even better than the main term, such are the vagaries of the Google master.

    Thanks for the tip Dude, much appreciated. Tell John that you came from here and he will be more than happy to answer any questions and help you out. But with the $8 manual link set I would def go for as close to 50 links to each Hub as you can get, and just put your best one in if you can only get one link.

  28. Dave, was there something wrong with the comment I posted yesterday asking for advice on my hubpage efforts…I notice it was deleted. Please contact me (snip) if there was a problem.

  29. im back again reading when i should be working, no excuses im just not trying hard enough figured five mins couldn’t hurt.

    @Adam i think it was jetspinner i used to start with as well, where you have to put all the [ ] | in yourself, seriously MAR is soooooooooooo much better its not even funny just do some extra work if you can and save up to get magic article rewriter i think its like $40. At first i hated spending money on anything and im still spending more than im making but i honestly hate to think how long i wasted using jetspinner MAR must have saved me hours and hours of work if not days, more likely days takes me about an hour to spin 350-400 words at 170% whereas jetspinner took me like 3 hours, and im probably slow at spinning compared to everyone else.

    I have another question sorry Dave but thought id ask even if i do sound stupid is that Philippines package for 40 links a site or 200 each so thatd be like 1000 i thought it was 200 split between 5 but the way you word it makes it sound like 5 links on 200 pages, sorry im so slow πŸ˜€

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Woah, Len, thanks for that. I did not know what Jetspinner was, but didn’t realize it was a manual code spin. Definitely invest in MAR Adam or there must be free spinners out there too.

    Len, the blurb on the site is a little confusing.

    It goers like this. Each package they offer, 40 links, 200 etc, actually means they will make profiles for you on that many sites. What you will find is that some of the sites they use allow 1 link, others 2, but most allow up to 5 links. So, when you buy a package you give them 5 links that you want. They will put 5 on each site if they can, and if not they will use the 1st link that you have listed.

    So, if you buy the 200 links package you are probably actually looking at getting between 800 or 900 links in total, or something like that. It mixes up the profile to which is no bad thing.

    Right, vino for me and dreaming of my swanky Croatian hotel that I go to next weekend. Ah, a week of relaxation before a 4 month onslaught that is going to be so intense I need a lie down even thinking about it.

  30. I bought a small package from BL Phillipines for one of my hubs the other day. I just got back the links. They did a great job. I bought 40 links, but they actually did 44, each one having between 1 and 5 links. So, I got between 44 and 220 backlinks (probably about 170) for $16! That is one great service, Dave..thanks for recommending it.

    Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Adam, thanks for letting us know that you liked the service. It’s a god price, did you get any serp movement or is it too soon to tell yet? Always good to know what others experiences are with these things for everyone.

  31. Thanks for clearing that up as well Dave, itl be interesting to see if these hubs maintain their ranking once you stop building links to them in the next few months if indeed you do, my guess would be theyl dip down a bit and then as they age a little go back to where they were i just hope ill have my own successful hubs soon i see no reason why not, if you can do it why cant i πŸ˜€

    Have fun in that swanky Croatian hotel … and id imagine the 4 month onslaught you are talking about will be the Christmas build up, think of the money, only thing that keeps me going and the fact i hate being skint πŸ˜€

  32. HI Dave, Im on a tight budget so I subscribed to pjs backlinks. I will challenge myself each night and see how many backlinks i can build while watching the news and how many i can build during my lunch break. plan to reinvest some google and amazon earnings into phillippians backlinks the end of the month. thanks again for all the valuable info you share.

    Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Dee, pjs backlinks work really well, time consuming but we go with what we can afford. I used it tons for months and months and there is no doubt you will see serps movement with it. Hope you get lots of work done. Just be sure to bookmark the profiles you make so they get indexed.

  33. Hye Dave I’ve never done any of this bookmarking stuff. I also got pjs backlinks through your link and used Terry Kyle’s packets before but I never bookmarked any of the profiles; sorry if this is a stupid question but how do you bookmark and what is it for? And if I didn’t do this before in the profiles I created, have I missed out a huge piece of the puzzle?

    And while we’re at it – do you do any of that RSS feeds, RSS aggregators stuff?
    Should I be?


    Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Well Hello Tara, I feel like maybe we met in another life πŸ˜‰ I use either the free ImAutomator or Onlywire. If you use Onlywire you need to sign up to all the bookmarking sites first then it is very automatic. The reason to do it is simple. It gets whatever you submit indexed by the search engines as well as giving some very low level backlinks to your submissions. It is worth doing especially for forum profiles which otherwise may get overlooked or at the least take a long time to be found by the bots.

    If you never did it before you may find results with forum profile packages less than optimal and it is also worth doing for new sites to get them crawled regularly. I have not done anything with rss stuff but I know that I probably should for getting some more low level backlinks and a little extra juice.

  34. Actually, I have noticed a small increase in traffic so far…I don’t know if my rankings changed because I have no way of knowing what they rank currently. I know they aren’t in the first 10 pages. Hey Dave, I’m trying to make a plan for getting backlinks with MAR/MAS. I wondered if you could tell us how it works. For instance, how long does it take to create an article for MAR, and how many uniques can you get from that one article. Also how many backlinks do you generally get from that one article and can you schedule them out? I can’t afford to buy it yet, but I want to kind of know how it works so that I can make a plan for using it.

    Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Adam I will take something I have already written and put it in MAR. If it is about 300 words it takes about half an hour for a 50% spin. This seems enough to work as far as I have found. I will write 3 new titles and spin them. I then add the code I get to Backlink Solutions and do up to 100 spins. If an article is over 300 words than BS puts 2 links in most of the article submissions. So, half an hour and up to 200 backlinks from sites with high PR.

    I have not used the MAS side of it much although it does send spun articles to hundreds of sites, but resource box links, which is what you will get, never seem anywhere near as effective as in post links. But I have not tested MAS much and cannot say what effects it has if you use just that for links, it may be good or bad. If anyone has much experience with testing it then it would be good to hear. I use postrunner a lot and Backlinks Philippines now with very good results.

    But weirdly we were talking about tools the other day at home. We were wondering how we used to improve rankings when we had no money and were starting out. We realized we used to do the $8 backlink package every month for each of our sites, it would take almost a day per site. And we would just submit articles to the same directories over and over. Not the best system but it does work. That and Infobarrels and Hubs and you can get there with no real outlay at all. It just takes longer. Anyone who tells you that you HAVE to use tools is a fibber. They just help. But most of our work is still good old manual post writing for backlinks with the postrunner system.

  35. I’ll be honest, I haven’t had much success with MAS. A lot of people really like it though.

  36. Okay I have a question but couldn’t find the post it goes with, so I’ll just post it here. You talked about writing product specific posts which I understand, but what I do not get is that I’ve been doing research and in keyword tools there is just NO NO NO demand for that keyword.

    Ex: mumbo jumbo 205470B widget

    I guess what I’m asking is: Is it better to build product specific posts even if there is NO demand according to Wordtracker or google adwords tool (among others)?

    Wouldn’t it be better to write about Best widget or cheap widget or Widget on sale instead of
    mumbo jumbo 205470B widget?

    If my site is about widgets and I go over every widget available and include model numbers as the keyword, do you really see traffic from those pages/posts or sales? I just don’t want to waste my time writing about something if no one is looking for it and then back linking that article.

    I guess my problem has always been that I have written about general keywords that DO get traffic but of course they never purchased anything. LOL… Wow that’s kind of weird.

    Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:


    I look at it this way. Super longtails with model numbers etc may only get a few searches a day but the backlinking will be minimal to say the least.

    If you can knock them out quick, 20 mins or so then they will add up.

    Keyword tools are crap, gotta say it.

    Why not write Cheap Best Widget For Sale: Mumbo Jumbo 204u439473974 Best Price

    Nothing wrong with going for a few keywords in the post title, I do it all the time. There are a lot of myths about short post titles and I don’t believe them. In my example you can go for a number of keywords and cut down on content writing and spend more on backlink work.

    And Zoe, if you don’t get sales then I am sorry to say that either the niche sucks or you need to try to change things up. New theme? New layout? New call to action? Try it all if no sales are happening.

    As an example, I talked in the comments and a few posts about making some serious money in a month. I ranked on middle of page 1 for a serious term but got no sales. I used all in one seo to change how the post title and the text shown in Google appeared. It took 2 goes to get something that actually then converted in t 3-5 sales a day for $40-$60 earnings. Sometimes just the text people see in the search results effects the buying mentality, even when they click the buy links.

    This stuff gets weird I know.

  37. Do you mix your hubpages with links direct to Amazon affiliate links and blogs?

    Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    @Colin Young,

    Yes indeedy, if I have a relevant blog then it gets a link or 2.

  38. Sorry, let me be more specific.

    I have found a keyword that I really like the look of. It has a lot of searches and the competition on Google page 1 is really poor.

    It is brand name so I don’t want to buy a domain name with it so I thought a hubpage would be good and point that back to my Amazon account.

    Is this a good way to do this or are there better ways to chase this keyword?

    Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    @Colin Young,

    The best thing to do is to give me the keywords πŸ˜‰

    Doing a Hub is a great way to go for branded keywords. But if you have a good authority site you could use that instead or as well.

    What many people don’t really think about is that if you have an authority site for white socks you could also use that sites authority to rank for any keywords you choose, related or not. I do it a bit, I just backdate the publish time so it is not on the homepage if that would look weird.

    But yeah, do a Hub too or just a Hub and send people direct to Amazon, don’t link to anything unless it is a high authority site that shows that the Hub is genuinely helpful.

  39. Thanks for the help Dave!


    “What many people don’t really think about is that if you have an authority site for white socks you could also use that sites authority to rank for any keywords you choose, related or not.”

    I guess I haven’t really tried this.. I was told it would dilute the site’s relevance but no one really knows for sure I guess. I don’t even know where I heard that from…lol.

    Also… at what point would you start interlinking other sites you have to your new sites for more link juice? I want to do this but not sure how long I should wait…

    Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:


    The way I look at it is Hubpages does just fine, look at all the big newspaper sites and tech sites that rank for basically anything.

    Plus I have done it and made a killing so I really wouldn’t worry about it. If you really want to go for something then you can use any authority site you have to do it. Sites gain authority for each post you get links to so I would take advantage of that if you don’t mind having varied content on them.

    I would link older sites whenever I wanted the links, just do it random and mix in some blogrolls too.

  40. Hey Dave – slowly getting results here and am really motivated by following your stuff a little bit (if only I had more hours to spend on this) and then seeing positive results (increased SERPS and a few sales)….so now I have a few more questions for ya –

    I have been doing PRNs, some Backlinks Philippines packages and some EZAs to a handful of sites for the past two weeks. I got into Backlinks Solutions yesterday and though it is hefty for me ($97) I figured I needed to up the action a bit to see if I could get more results quicker. For these handful of sites what do you suggest I set the drip rate to – about 20 per day you said in one post – or would that be too high after only 2 weeks of backlinking?

    I have other sites that I backlinked to a few months ago then left them. They are all product sites and I want to do the ‘Dave makeover’ to them and promote them in time for xmas. Could I put these into Backlink solutions and set the drip rate to about 2-3 per day for about 2 weeks, then increase gradually?
    I have not done any PRNS, or forum profiles or EZAs to these.

    I was thinking I could now use Backlink Solutions to slowly drip articles out to all the sites and the ones that take off, I would then spend time on doing lots of PRNS and Backlinks Philippines packages to. Was wondering what you would do in this case?

    I’ve looked at the Backlinks Solutions videos but don’t totally get when you would use a SNIPPET and when you would use an ARTICLE. Any tips?

    Oh yeah, one more. You said you rattle off articles quickly for PRN, they are of the story type or comparison or just generally reminiscing about stuff around your kw. I tried this and can rattle off articles quicker when using this method.

    For backlinks solutions do you still start with this type of article as your seed? Or should the articles here be more info packed instead of general ramblings (mine not yours).

    Sorry for the long list of questions and I know you are plastering that wall of yours but I figured I could spend all weekend trying out different things or just ask a man who knows πŸ™‚


    Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:


    If you have only been backlinking for a few weeks to a site then don’t go mad, set the rate to maybe 10 or so. And if you use wordpress allow pings so that you get notified of the links. Then use Onlywire to ensure they are indexed.

    For older sites that have had regular links then 20 a day is cool and I do it all the time.

    The sites that show the most potential I would simply continue linking too all day every day. And from everywhere. If you see news sites that rank then leave comments with a link, many are dofollow.

    For BS you need to put in a spun article. So put it in the spin tool. The whole thing that you get from MAR if you have it or use a free tool if you are out of spending power. If you get it over 40% spun then you could easily set it to do 100 spins. And if it is over 300 words you can then get 2 links per article, so 1 spin gets you 200 links. This is why it is worth the money.

    For BS I just spin an article that I submitted to postrunner, spin, paste to BS, spin 3 titles and then submit it. Don’t worry too much about what you submit to them, it is all automated and these articles are not really going to be read by anyone anyway.

    Basically, if you have just begun backlinking a site or it is new set the drip rate low to 5 or 10 a day, if it is a site with regular links then 25 a day is fine, plus links from other places too.

    If you need to ask anything else then fire away, but I am plastering tomorrow so it won’t get a reply until the evening.

    Man, I hate plastering (insert sad Dave face).

  41. Thanks Dude, that helps a lot. I can get on with it now and leave you to plaster in peace πŸ™‚


  42. Hi

    A super noob question.

    Does anyone know of a tutorial how i can add a Amazon text link to Hub?

    All I’m finding is Amazon capsule videos. when i copy my Amazon html onto the article the full html code is showing.

    thanks in advance

  43. Cancel that question above I figured it out.

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