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May 242010

I don’t have a single site that doesn’t make money.

Cool huh?

Not really, as many sites took so much work that the 70 cents a day return is hardly anything to get excited about. This is the reality of trying to make money with blogs, sometimes they just plain suck. You get all excited about your killer keywords and the low competition, and maybe the high CPC from Addy Waddy Sense.

And six months later and God knows how many hours of work you are still trying to find money for food. Been there and definitely done that. Far from fun.

So, before we start on this little quest to learn how to get more sales on a blog there is one major caveat:

Sometime a niche will simply never be worth the effort

Sometimes you have simply picked a niche that does not result in sales and will simply not be worth the time invested. But after being allowed to roam the Internet wilds and draw my own conclusions from how this game works I can say pretty confidently that there are is one sure fire way to get more sales on a website. Buy it yourself! Just kidding, move on please.

Use the right keywords to get the right traffic.

Um, not really what I had in mind Faye. Glad you appreciate the hard work though.

It sounds simple but is overlooked by so many people in their almost obsessive attempts to make money with the blue link clicking. Hard not too eh? But this is  my point exactly. Too many people are caught up in the Adsense game and will try to build a site around a single keyword. Apart from anything else it is stupid, as you may get a ban, and mind numbingly boring, but then most of it is.

My Addy Waddy Sense earnings hover around $50 and I no longer try to pursue this way to make money, products is where it is at baby and the returns are usually better. But the following will apply to trying to make more money from adsense as well.

Forget What You Heard And Try Things For Yourself

We all read crap like this and think it is the truth when we would be much better off doing some serious experimenting. Once we have a site that gets traffic and it simply does not produce sales then there are a number of options.

Of course, there are ad placements, link placements, the color of links to consider, the size of an ad block, the best theme to make sales, the size of images etc etc. We should certainly try all of those things with whatever way we try to monetize. And we should also try a different monetization method if our current one is not working. Chitika is certainly worth a go for sites that simply do not convert well in other ways and is certainly worth considering to bring in a few coins every day.

But, when all is said and done you need to make more money from your blog and here is what you may like to consider, or not, more money for me if you don’t 😉

You Need The Right Traffic

This is so obvious but so many people seem to totally forget about what they are actually trying to do. The reality is that if you want to make more sales on a blog you need traffic that is looking to buy.

I see a lot of content written daily by people on my article site and I follow the links to check they are cosher. It means I see a lot of sites. I won’t even go into the layout of many of them and how that is far from optimized, we all learn as we go and many sites are a lot better than my feeble first few attempts.

But one thing I do see time and time again is the fact that the site is simply not written to make sales.

You need to use buying keywords


Seriously it is so overlooked I often can’t get my head around it. If you want to sell something and get a commission then you should be learning how to write post titles to get sales. If you do not get traffic that is looking to buy then they will not buy. I see a lot of sites that simply use a product as their title. This makes it harder to rank for and it may not be the best way to get sales. People may be looking for the product for any number of reasons, not to buy now, and we want them to do exactly this.

We don’t want window shoppers for product sales sites, we want sales. Review sites work well as people are looking for more information and if it is cheap on your site via an affiliate link they may well buy. But there is much more to it than this and many more options if we are not running a review site.

This is very simple but so overlooked.

Use buying keywords in your post titles. What would people be typing in to a search engine if they really wanted to buy a product?

Let’s say I want to sell guides to make more sales on a blog. I would call my site Discount guides to make more sales on a blog. Or some such title.

I would then write posts until I felt like I could not write about the subject again if I was paid a squidillion smakaroos.

I would write:

  • Cheap guides to make more sales with blogs
  • Best price guides to make more sales with blogs
  • Where can I buy cheap guides to make more sales blogging
  • Who sells guides to make more money with blogs
  • I want to buy a cheap guide to make more sales on a blog
  • Guides to make more sales with a blog best price
  • Price compare guides to make more sales with a blog

The list is pretty much endless. Try writing four or five posts with variations like that for a single product and you will sell some. You will get longtails, you will get a smattering of traffic for each post,

You will get people looking to buy something if the price is right.

There are endless buying keywords and I know without doubt that they work, they result in sales. Get a few hundred such posts up on your site and it will make money.

I have said it before in the Grannies for money post (sorry, I am intrigued by traffic stats so used that KW link), that we need to remember just how people use a search engine. They ask it to compare prices, they ask it who sells, who has the best price, where can I buy online, deals for…, and so on. These people would like you to show them where they can buy something for the best price.

Don’t be shy with your post titles.

If you want to make money on a blog by selling products then write a post title using the words that someone would type in to look to buy something. I can pretty much guarantee you that this will make you more sales. As I stated at the beginning of this post though, some sites will never convert well. It is just the way it is.

But get enough sites up using good keywords and sooner or later you will find the one that works like a dream. You then spend most of your time adding content, getting backlinks using the recommendations to the right, and adding even more and more buying keyword content. You will sooner or later have a site that works well, just don’t expect to hit gold with 1 or even 10. Keep making sites until you find a niche that converts well, this is why most people never make a good living from blogs, they find it impossible to find the right niche or make sales.

But if you don’t give up you will find one sooner or later and you will be on a roll to financial freedom from the daily grind. Instead you will simply write mind numbing nonsense about products  you don’t have much interest in and get totally bored and wish you did not have to keep getting backlinks and wish that it was more exciting and feel sick at the prospect of having to come up with a new way to write about how brilliant candles are and wonder if anyone ever in the entire history of all the thousands of articles you have written has ever actually read a single one to the end and wonder if you are a bad person for spinning dubious content about nothing and polluting the Internet and wishing it was not like this and you could write about a passion that would make you millions of dollars a month rather than writing about models made from soap in the shape of a fire engine and…………………..

Beats working for the MAN though my dear reader.

And the morning excitement of checking your affiliate accounts to see how much money you made yesterday while you had a barbecue and got a little pissed makes it all worth while.

Next post is a whopper, like proper big and stuff so if you want to keep your arm you know what to do.

  3 Responses to “How To Get More Sales On A Blog”

  1. I really need to start using more post titles like that! Do you not bother with normal keyword research techniques then – you just use your product name together with these types of ‘buying phrases’?

    Looking forward to the big post – hope that’s the one about Amazon you’ve been mentioning!

    Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    I think I will stick with this theme now Cat, I kind of just threw the other one on at the beginning, I like it too thanks.

    I still do a little keyword research, especially for new niches, but I also use all the buying words possible as well which don’t need any research. This is a serious flaw in the adsense model of making money, it takes so much time doing the research when you could be producing content. All in my opinion of course;)

  2. Forgot to mention – I like the new theme – very clean looking!

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