".......and unfortunately nearly all make money online blogs are crap, so he, Dave, decided to write his own. It's pretty spankin."
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Jun 132010

This rambling how to make money with blogs site deals with making money by using platforms like wordpress to build websites or blogs that actually make money. I deal with SEO and ranking sites well in the search engines to get visitors and make money by providing them with what they were looking for.

Many people have hundreds of individual sites yet still fail to reach a decent daily income. I do not really deal with very small blogs for the most part, with only a few articles on them


Mostly. I do not have hundreds and hundreds of sites. I have fifty or maybe sixty and over the past year and some change myself and my long term lovely lady (who also has a similar number of sites) now earn a good amount of money each and every day.

This is by far the most beautiful job in the world. Where else can you take the weekend off and still make $1000 dollars or $500 if it is a bad weekend. And that is money you are earning while you go for a beer or chat with friends. So, this is gonna be epic (ish) so you know I deserve some link love for my efforts. Here I will describe exactly how to build yourself a handful of authority sites by going through the process of making a site. Not showing you one of mine, although they are not hard to find, but by describing just how I did it and what kind of return you can expect, even if you fail to make money with your intended main keywords. This is the beauty of it my friends and this is why having authority sites is the best long term goal for continual money making with minimum work long term.

I am not saying that this is the quickest path to make money on the Internet, but I am saying that I believe it is the best long term strategy to rank a site well for a number of very competitive terms and more importantly to keep it there. Sure, little mini micro niches sites can rank, I have done it myself, but they are limited in the number of visitors they get and are mostly focused on just a few keywords. This is all well and good, and will give us a nice return for the work involved, but nowhere near the amount of earning if we build ourselves a site that is an authority for a main term and all the keywords that come under it. Of which there will be countless longtails that will, in time, bring in a huge amount of traffic.

We work quite heavily in certain related fields and have a number of  related sites dealing with various items, tips, advice, and all manner of other things. Some topics convert well and some simply do not. The only way to find out is to build up a number of sites. Or, use something like Hubpages to test the waters so to speak.

A note about Hubpages.

I have been on a real downer with Hubpages for almost a year. I built a few and then really never did anything with them. No real backlinks or optimization. They were mostly all built when I was a real newbie a year ago. Heck, I still think of myself as a newbie even though we now earn very good money every day.

But just recently my good lady has been making some good money with her Hubs. She knows how to optimize them for some amazing conversions. In may her Amazon  account for Hubpages had an 11% conversion rate for clicks from her affiliate links on a Hub to sales. This month she has an over 20% conversion rate for the first few days of the month. She has shown me her very simple secret to actually getting sales from Hubs via your own affiliate link, rather than just the split Hubpages offers.

Anyway, I am now implementing the knowledge and am also revisiting a few old hubs on a few accounts. But the point is that with a few backklinks Hubpages is about as good as it gets for testing the water in a new niche. Build a few of them, a good few, backlink them up with something automatic, Backlink solutions or MAS are the best, and free up your time no end. Then see what converts well and what doesn’t.

Anyway, let’s get down to it:

Building An Authority Site

This is my opinion, I know others will say that we want to be brandable and to get word of mouth traffic and traffic from our peers. Sure, we want natural backlinks and plenty of them and for some niches this is possible. But the fact is that for many product sites if we set out from the beginning to get links from others within our niche by writing great content we may be seriously limiting our options.

We will then always have to keep an eye on our post titles, ensuring they are not simply full of buying keywords, and filled with amazing content. This can severely limit our profit making in many niches so it is not how I would go about building an authority site. Here is my take on how to make an authority site, agree or not I have spent the last year doing exactly this and I can tell you that it brings home the bacon, and boy is it a fat piggie. Um, yeah, well, enough of that nonsense, let’s make some dinero………..

With a real authority site or a super site we basically have the world at our beck and call. There will come a time when we suddenly get a massive surge  in traffic, it won’t happen straight away, it may be six months to a year after we have put in the work. Sure we will be earning in the mean time but nothing like we will after a year or so.

This is why it is very important to not put off until tomorrow what you can do today. Hopefully this post will inspire you a little, or not, that is up to you, but the reality is that the content has to be written and online for it to earn anything. You get content online and it will earn money, and the older the site it is on, and the older the content, and the more time it has had to find a natural position, and to have backlinks then the better it will do, so get writing.

Starting An Authority Site

I know that the rage is for little sites targeting a keyword, but for me that is so boring for the most part. I am not saying that I do not have a small number of little sites that go for a few keywords, but even then I would be hoping to rank well for at least ten keywords not one or two. You run the risk of it simply not ranking well for very long as sites that are more of an authority over take you.

The reality is that a large site is going to have more trust in the eyes of visitors, and also search engines.

So, we want a blog that is going to allow us to be very competitive for a large number of terms that people type in to a search engine. So, we pick our niche. I am not saying that we pick a super tight niche like pine wardrobes painted blue. I am talking about having a site about wardrobes, or whatever it may be.

We want a general term so that we can basically have a never ending supply of articles we can write about the general niche. Now, the beauty of this is that while buying an exact match keyword domain is always beneficial, it is not imperative. Make sure you get good keywords  for the domain name, but it is not crucial if you already say have an old site that you have not done much with. Use that and begin to change the content on it.

I have done exactly that with very god effect.

Our authority site is going to be about a general term. So if we can get a good keyword rich domain name then all the better. But then we want a set of good and long term keywords as our site description. You know, the blurb underneath the name of the blog. Have it as a natural sentence saying something like:

Best price pine wardrobes, cheap wardrobes for sale, bedroom wardrobes for sale at the lowest prices online"

Something that gets plenty of keywords in there and that you will naturally rank for over time.

The idea with an authority site is to gradually build content around one central theme. We will cover every keyword there is about our subject. Some will be easy and some will be hard.

Now, how you do your research is up to you, I am not as thorough as many with taking the time to examine every possibility before I write a post. As far as I am concerned the time it takes to do deep keyword research could have been spent writing a few posts. If they bring traffic cool, if not really then they are content and build up the authority of the site. But any post that you write, ultra competitive or not, will bring in some traffic if it has backlinks.

Up to you, I ain’t your Daddy.

For me, unless it is a site that is monetized by adsense solely, then I think too much time spent on keyword research is time wasted. I would rather get on and just cover every buying keyword I could possibly think of for a subject and each more specific sub niche within it.

So, if we are doing wardrobes sure I would do general keyword research to see what the main topics and searches are and I would write them all as drafts on my wordpress blog. Then I have them to write up at my leisure.

So, we buy our domain for a general and fairly competitive term. We have a site description, and we have some primary keywords and a list of what some of the main searches are. I can tell you now that you will be very surprised what you can rank well for, regardless of what a keyword tool tells you or what the results are in quotes for your term, or how much page rank the sites on page 1 of Google have, but hey, we all have our own way of doing things. But you need to write good post titles for easy and hard terms too such just where you get the love from. It is often simply weird quirks of the search engines that give you good rankings for terms that if you looked at the chance of ranking for them then you would not bother.

What is important is to really tackle the niche.

Decide that you will dominate it and you will.

And do you know why?

Because most people simply will not put in the work, and your main competition will be the big boys that have sites that are years old, but you can join them on the front page listings. They are there because there is money to be made, and that is where we want to be too right?

Gaining Momentum

What I have definitely found is that mixing it up in a good old random style is good. One day write 5 posts about pine wardrobes, you know, “Best price pine wardrobes”, ” Discount………” you get the idea.

Then nothing for a day or two, then an odd post, then a month where you write like 50 or even 100 posts.

Mix it up, gradually begin to fill the site up with loads of content. All around a central theme. You want to gradually get content for every sub section there is within a niche. And then you will see some amazing things happen.

You Have Made Your Own Keyword Research Tool

Some of the best money making articles I have online are because I made my own keyword research tool for that topic.


Because I wrote a load of posts about it on my authority site. And then I check my traffic stats to see just how visitors are arriving. And if I have not written a post title with those keywords then I will write one. And if I did not have those keywords written in a row on the post that ranks for them then I will go back in to the post and amend it.

And I will link the original post and the new one together.

And in time I will get a double listing.

I will show up twice on the same page for the search term and will make more money

This is part of the beauty of a authority site. You get lots of content on it, and then you see what terms people are coming to your site for. This means that there are terms that people are actually looking for to buy an item. You know that if you can rank better for them then you will make more money.

You will also gain trust from search engines as you are covering topics very comprehensively. The more content that you have about all aspects of a general niche the more trusted you will become. And then at some point you can write a post for very competitive terms and rank fairly well for the term without even having backlinks for that post.

This can and will happen for a site that is trusted and has some age.

You must ensure that you have plenty of content though. And interlink your site together as much as possible. I wrote about this on the improve rankings with internal links post so take a look. Internal linking is very important, you want lots of links pointing to all manner of other related posts on your site and in time this improves their rankings and better helps you be an authority for the subject.

Make the site easy to crawl for the search bots and boost the rankings of your main posts by linking to them from other posts on your site.

I am not going to get too much in to the actual layout of the site itself in terms of design, I did that in the How To Make Money With Amazon uber post. But I would say that you definitely want to split up your content in to a few categories so that you are seen as having an area that is about each sub niche for your main broad niche.

But really the most single important things is to build your own keyword tool for your topic. And you can only do this by writing the content. A lot of it. And then your stats will begin to show you the terms that people typed in to get to you. Lot’s will not be for many searches. But if you get 1 or 2 people a day and the result for your page is bottom of page 1 or on page 2 of a search engine then you know that if you could rank higher you would get more traffic. So use the term in a new post title and then you have used your very own topic specific keyword tool.

Many of the terms will never show up in the adword tool or wordtracker, yet I have countless terms that I rank well for that bring in tons of traffic and they would never be found without having my own niche keyword tool, my own site and my own private stats.

This really is the heart of building a real authority site. You need to get plenty of content on it. I don’t mean you need thousands of posts I mean you need a good number over a period of time, even 100 posts over a year is a good number. If you have backlinked those posts consistently until they rank well for the keywords in the post title then you will have an amazing number of other keywords show up in your stats that you also rank for.

You need to follow this search engine love.

What has Google told you that you rank well for?

What are you being seen as the authority for for your home page and your individual posts?

Then go with this search engine love.

You need to follow up on it.

If this site began to rank for a terms like say can a blog make money and it showed on page 2 and was getting a few searchers for it then what would I do? I would get some backlinks for that term and I would write a blog post title can a blog make money.

I would be constantly doing this every day.

You have at your disposal a super niche specific keyword tool based only around content that you have written for that niche. Your stats tell you what you are getting search engine love for. You should consistently check where you rank for all the terms that you get traffic for. You should then write a post for that term if you have not already done so. You will find that as you write more content and get more backlinks that you begin to stand out for some terms and are ranked high for them, even terms you were not after. You follow up on this to really dominate. And the best bit is you find amazing hidden magic gems that you would never have even thought of.

If a post you made about, say, what to do to make more sales with Amazon, was getting traffic for longtails like, Amazon money making ideas, or whatever it may be, then either add those words prominently in the post, if you get lots of searches then maybe change the post title, or better yet write a post titled Amazon money making ideas and link the original post and the new one together.

The result will be double listings galore for your site, especially when you send both of them backlinks for the same keywords.

This adds up to massive amounts of very focused traffic and traffic that converts very well. You have an in-house keyword tool that grows and grows the more backlinks you get and the more content that you write. It is never ending and you will uncover some amazing terms that no one else is trying hard to rank for and that you would never have thought of. This is something Internet Marketers would pay a fortune for.

An authority site will after time rank well for anything you put on it and with much less work you can gain many high ranking positions for your terms.

You do not have to think small, think big and be bold and the rewards will be there waiting  for you down the road somewhat. You simply can’t do this with a 10 post site that simply targets a few keywords. Target hundreds if not thousands. See what you rank well for and follow up on it.

The reality is that some terms you will simply be given more love than others. Go with what you are being listed for and make it fly.

But you need to get going. Don’t put it off, start it today or better yet expand a site that you already have out in to epic proportions.

Get New Hosting

As you build a site you will find lots of new keywords that you had not thought of. Get a different hosting account and buy those keyword domains. A cheap Affordable Reseller Hosting account is the best possible option and something I wish I had done ages ago but I never wanted to spend any money. The reality is that if you get a reseller hosting account you can use different IP addresses to make new sites that are not linked in any way to each other by IP addresses.

This means that the links on them will give full weight when pointed to your main sites. You can buy domain names for keywords you have uncovered, make a small site about the new keywords, rank them well to get more listings for the keywords and get the best possible quality backlinks at the same time. This really will maximize the amount you can make from an authority site as you get more domains ranking highly as they are on different hosting accounts and you get more listings to make more money.

It is weird I have only just started spending more in this business and the effects have been so obvious I wish I had not been so tight. I now have three different sets of hosting accounts and I wish I had done it sooner. The quicker you get new sites up the better, they can age a while and be of more use after they have been live for six months or so.

Anyway, I know it is tough to spend any money as we all just want to earn it but keep it in mind for the future.

My aim is to have the whole front page of a search engine filled only with my own Internet properties. Imagine the difference in earnings that would make to only being listed once, you get the picture.

Authority Site Tips

Bit of a wrap up before you drop me a dollar in the box at the bottom 😉

The main thing to do is to simply get on with it. The sooner you get a load of content online the better. You may not like my techniques but they work. You may prefer to go all social and write the most amazing content in the world and get natural backlinks. I have done that on sites and for me personally it simply held me back from writing buying keyword post titles. There are many ways to do it and I am outlining a way that relies on writing many buying keyword post titles that your peers may feel are simply spammy, it will very much depend on the niche.

But however you approach it the basics are the same.

You need post titles that convert in to sales.

You need to build up your own niche specific keyword tool. Your stats.

You need to expand it constantly by using your stats to write more content and to rank better for the hundreds or thousands of keywords that you uncover.

You need to get backlinks after backlinks to every page that you write. If you think that you will rank well for competitive terms with no backlinks then think again. Just do it over and over. You must get links for every post you write.

You can have a site with a thousand posts that will make you nothing unless you put the work in to ranking it well.

So, my take on what an authority site is. For me it is a site that ranks somewhere for every possible subject in that broad niche. It gets repeat visitors because people see it as the resource to go to. It ranks well as soon as I write a new post on it because of the history it has of getting thousand of backlinks to it.

It expands ever outwards as new keywords are uncovered and written about and if you want to learn how to make an authority site then the best way is to start one and see where it leads. You will be amazed how much you will find as you go. You need to experiment with the layout, you need to see what converts the best and go with it, but mostly you need traffic that has come there to spend money. And this means getting people to visit who have come to your site after seeing one of your buying keyword rich post titles show up at number one on that popular search engine people keep banging on about, what’s it called again? Is it Ask Jeeves, nah that’s not it.

Oh yeah I remember now. It is the search engine that sends me hundreds of visitors a day where 1 in 10 of them buys one of my affiliate products and I get a 12% commission, that’s what it is about my reader. There really is no secret to how to build an authority site. It boils down to hard work. Lots of content, backlinks until you feel sick, and visitors that convert in to sales because they are they because they typed in a buying keyword

Anyway, all the best dudes. See you in a year on my Thai Island.


  73 Responses to “How To Build An Authority Site”

  1. Dave,

    Awesome post! I’ve been on an authority website kick for the past 3-4 months after I purchased my first expired domain.

    Once I started writing targeted content, I began noticing the sheer authority from not only an aged domain, but the fact that I was tackling every aspect of that niche in great detail — and being rewarded by first page rankings for most keywords I wrote about as well as CONSISTENT sales.

    …also, I’ve given some love back to HubPages, especially after generating a keyword list of over $18,000 in low to no competition “greens.” Because I don’t feel like building authority and page rank to a new domain and use these keywords there, HubPages is my next best option since their ads seem to be more targeted than InfoBarrel, although, IB does allow you to include direct affiliate links — and I still haven’t figured out a way to do this via HubPages unless redirects are permissible.

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:


    Thanks for the tweet. Sounds like you have a great authority site going there if you get first page rankings like that. We put direct affiliate links in Hubpages, it just won’t seem to take image affiliate links. But text links seem fine, you just put them in the html side of the content and you are good to go. This definitely improves conversion rates as you are not then just stuck with the Amazon modules.

    I just hate the whole scoring thing on Hubpages but I too have returned to them as they are a great way to make money. Weirdly one I wrote 2 days ago already made a load of sales. Shame it was for books on nude yoga, vulva massage books and playboy erotic massage books though! And it was a juggling Hub!!! But a sale is a sale.

  2. I have a question that isn’t related to authority sites, but about taking sites that didn’t seem to work out for a certain niche/keyword and just go in another direction and make something totally new.

    I have some sites that really are just sitting around for me doing nothing. They never really performed as intended. I thought about turning them just into places where I could get friends to put articles on for backlinks and get something in return that is similar from them. But I’m not sure if that is necessarily the best route.

    I’m going to take a wild guess and assume that visitors don’t care if they’re on a domain that has to do with “dating” and it’s a page about law mowers. Maybe that is what I should do, one of these sites and turn it into a site in a niche where I’ve had success.

    I have one site that is 1 year, 8 months old, with 86 pages of content and a PR1. Most of the site was built long before I knew what the hell I was doing, but I put a friends article up on it for something totally unrelated and it’s getting traffic (long tails) and even for the main keyword it has settled on the second page with no links. It seems like this one might be worth developing.

    I guess that wasn’t a very good question because I didn’t ask one lol.

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:


    You definitely answered your own question there. If the site has authority like that then I would definitely use it to get rankings for a new set of keywords or a whole new niche. Age is definitely a factor that should not be discounted when it comes to get terms ranking high.

  3. Holy cow – if you keep writing like this, I will NEVER get anything done! This was RT’d by Yolanda at Paid in Passive and I’m glad/not glad I found it.

    Glad: GREAT info (from the Hubpages tips on down!)

    Not Glad: this was an epic post. I’m busy. I will turn my wife into an axe murderer if I don’t get my own stuff done…thanks.

    Seriously, you’ve got some GREAT ideas! Loving your blog.

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:


    Thanks for the kind comments. Just trying to give out a few tips about how people may like to go about things. But yeah, reading stuff like this seriously interferes with your work. I know it did writing it!

  4. Great post Dave. Its almost like you wrote that with me in mind(and you might actually have considering you saw my topic in Ben’s forums). I like your approach much better than trying to build a “natural” authority site.

    One thing though, are the majority of backlinks to your sites coming from backlink solutions or something similar? Also, how many do you aim at your main domain?

    Also, if you see a couple of vinyl records come up in Amazon in the next week or two, those were from me =)

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Hey Josh,

    I saw the thread when I was part way through writing this post. For me waiting for natural links and having to write content that will get them will limit me going for buying keywords. I think it would really depend on the niche as to how you go about building an authority site.

    Backlink solutions is a recent purchase for me, but worth its weight in gold. But I use anything I can get my hands on to get backlinks. MAS, Infobarrel, ezine, guest posting, blogroll exchange, a reseller hosting account, a new hosting account, I try to get as many backlinks as I can from places where I can also make money. As to how many. No answer really. One of my main earners has 1200 backlinks showing up in seoquake, while others have 50 and others have like 10K. But blogrolls totally skew that kind of data. I just build links daily and keep on doing it until my fingers bleed.

    Hey man, vinyl, you can’t beat it. Me thinks I need to dig out my Misfits, Dead Kennedys, Rudimentary Peni, and Crass Oldies for some serious old school punk fun.

  5. Interesting post, thanks for sharing. One thing I’d love to learn more about is your backlinking strategy as it’s a crucial component. Do you build single links to each post or go the automated route?

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Hi Alex,

    I do both. Automated can get you a long way as I have been recently finding out, but I also use things like the postrunner system on TKA for links to each post and article directories and the like. Best $1 you could spend if you then decide to cancel, which I didn’t. Also that $8 service on the sidebar works very well, even though many will tell you that that kind of thing has few results. I do it every month and it works great, but is boring as hell, but what can you do? Got to mix it up a little. But free submission to article directories can get you a long way, it is nearly all I did for a very long time with great results.

  6. Another great post Dave. I’m also going the authority site route, although it’s going to take a while to get tons of content on all my domains. While I hope they get natural links eventually, I like your approach of targeting buying keywords.

    I’m wondering if you’ve had any experience with a general site? I mean one that’s not targeting any specific niche or keyword. Most of my sites are niche-focused, but I have one which is totally general. I decided I didn’t want hundreds of sites, but I do want the option of writing about any niche, so I’d use this one for writing about topics that don’t fit in with any of my other sites. I’m thinking it may be harder to rank initially, but when I get a lot of content & links it should do ok – after all, look at article directory sites like EZA, which rank well despite not having a specific focus. Do you think a general site like this needs any special kind of strategy?

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Cat, we own allthatsolive.com which is a general article directory. And to be honest it does not make that much money. The bottom line is that I have given it hardly any backlinks so it mostly gets longtails, and not enough considering the amount of content on it. But the articles that I have backlinked on there do very well. So, I don’t think it needs any special focus, just get all content backlinked and keep doing it, it will then rank. I just don’t have the time to do it for our article site and most people seem very loathe to backlink their backlinks so to speak, which is a real shame as they are then a lot more weighty.

    An example of backlinks is this. I have a site about one niche and it has real authority, and one of my few adsense sites as well. But last year I used it to write about a totally unrelated niche to sell a product on Amazon. That single post now still sits at number 4 on page 1 for a very tough term. I simply gave it a shed load of backlinks over a few months, it made us a fortune, I mean thousands and thousands over Christmas. If you have any site that has lots of backlinks it will have authority and you can basically write anything you want on it and rank well, even if it is unrelated to the site as a whole. And for related stuff it ranks like a dream as soon as it is published. It is why most people do not make much from their sites, they stop trying to get their content to number 1. For the term that made us lots of cash I made it my priority first thing every day to give it backlinks from anywhere and everywhere, and I did it every day for months. Most people will not do that, and it is why if we persevere we can rank well for some amazing terms that make a lot of money.

    But man, backlinking sucks!!!!

  7. Your definitely right. It would be very hard to go after buying keywords if you were relying completely on linkbaiting for links. Also, this strategy is actually something you can implement on a site in a niche you don’t really care about.

    Also, how does that $8 service work and what are the backlinks like? How many of them usually show up in google or yahoo? What do you have to give them to get the backlink?

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Josh, you get provided with 50 high PR sites where you get directions on how to put internal links on them. Many are forums within the sites or profiles etc. You have to go through each site manually and add links, I often add 5 or 6 links to one profile so it results in usually about 200 to 250 actual links created. I was dubious as they are links on internal pages from high PR sites but after testing for many months there is no doubt it works. But, it is the most insanely boring thing I do each month and take a good few hours to do. But the results are better than any mass submission forum link tool I have tried and many links show up pretty well in seoquake. Just another way to mix up the backlink profile for when finding new places to get links from becomes rather difficult, but man it is boring, but boosts the earnings, so what can you do?

    Oh, and if you do use it on rather new sites don’t be scared if your sites you link to drop from the rankings for a few days, they come back stronger once google gets over the shock, but it can be a scary time, so no blaming me for any dirty pants! On older sites it simply gives you a few position boosts in about a week, but make sure you use onlywire or the free IMAutomator tool (which I love) for each page you create so they get indexed.

  8. Dave thanks for your response! 🙂

    I feel as though I’ve left quite a bit of money on the table since I wasn’t aware that direct linking to affiliate products was permissible with HubPages.

    I guess I’ll go through a few of my Hubs and add in a few Commission Junction links. Have you had any success with CJ links, or do you direct link to Amazon products only?

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Yolanda I have only just started using Hubpages again after almost a year. But I have been direct linking to Amazon as well as using the Amazon Hub modules. But I may even get rid of them and see what happens. My good lady does amazingly well with Hubs and always direct links to Amazon as well as using the modules, but I still wonder if you would make more just using a static image instead of the module which would mean people would have to click on the text link.

    But it all takes time, and there is definitely not enough of it to get everything done.

  9. Valuable advice indeed. I wonder why more people don’t “read” the message their own sites are “sending” them. When people come to your site on search, the term they were searching for means Google already values your site for that term. If it’s a “money term”, great, backlink it, write related articles and boost it. If it’s a related terms, write on other closely related terms. (if they found you on a search for “make money on Amazon” and you want to rank for “make money on Clickbank”, you are halfway home. Just start writing on “Why Clickbank is better than Amazon”, or “How to get more from Amazon and Clickbank together”, etc.

    No need to search for a term, Google already gives you a starting point made clear by the traffic it sends you.

    And before you buy that Thai island, talk to me about islands in the Philippines … I’ve lived long-term in both counties and chose the Philippines as a much better choice for the foreigner … I like it here.

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Dave Starr,

    Good stuff. Going with what you are already getting the search engine love for is about the best way to boost a sites earnings, yet people often just stick to ranking a few keywords they have decided are good because of research etc.

    And hey, give me a few years and I will definitely pick your brains about the Philippines, a trip out there one day would be cool too, we have been to Thailand twice, chilling out on Ko Tao and the like in small huts on the beach, and I definitely feel a vacation is in order fairly soon.

  10. Hi Dave, I love this site! You have a true gift for writing that is straight forward and interesting. You have helped me more in my last two days of reading this blog than anyone has helped me in the last two years. You have also reinforced much of what I thought I needed to do…but was too damn lazy to do.

    Could you please email me with an address I can contact you at? I need to ask you a question about a few sites I have and I would like to do it privately.

    To Dave Starr, I have not been to Thailand…but I have lived short term a few times in the Philippines. I absolutely positively love the Philippines. What a great place to live. The ONLY reason I do not live there full time is because I do not have the income to do it. I really hope I can get my internet business going to the point where I can just stay there. The Philippines is an amazing place to live. Beautiful country, beautiful friendly people, and lots of pretty women (if that is what you like). What a great place. Ok, enough of the Philippines! LOL.

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Hi Todd

    Glad you have found the site useful. It is all about the work at the end of the day, which you seem to know. I will mail you later on today.

    Man, the Philippines is sounding great, maybe two Islands will now have to be bought 😉 The people sound as friendly as those in Thailand, and as pretty too.

  11. Hi Dave

    I am still stuck in the US and suffering from jetlag. I really hate these long flights!

    Well, I haven’t got a chance to read your Amazon post and here you are again, with a timely article on how to create an authority site. You are really on a roll.

    Anyway, I drop by to ask you about backlink solutions. I tried them once but were not impressed with the result. I assume you are getting much better bang for your buck. How long did it take for you to see the improvements in ranking and were they for competitive keywords.

    Your fan

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Aaron I saw improved positions within a week or so and yes it was for competitive keywords. Nearly all my stuff is competitive. And for things that are less competitive I have seen a number two position with 2 days of setting the drip rate to 25 with about 7 or 8 published. I believe they now have a network of over 400 sites which is larger then previously as far as I know so you get a lot more links from lots of different sites. And if you use it for sites like Hubpages then you can rocket in the rankings for mad terms if you do a 100 spin submission. I would just say be careful with using BS for new sites and never solely rely on this type of thing, a good mix of manual original content is always the ideal.

    Man, I feel for you with the long flights, going to NZ nearly killed me. Thank God I found the secret smoking room at Dubai airport, nothing like a beer and a rollie at 6 in the morning to make the world a little better 🙂

  12. @ the “main Dave”, feel free to get in touch any time … vacations are an important part of life. A Canadian Net entrepreneur I know is Filipino by decent but never visited here. He came for a visit and wound up saying to me, “Why go back to Canada, I can do everything I do back there here and enjoy life more.”

    I don’t think he took is own advice, but many people, while they are young, ambitious and at the “top of their game”seem rooted where they are, thinking that living abroad would be only for their old age/retirement years.

    From my point of view, (already an old guy), I think they have it backward …if you’re living the “on line” life now, why be tied to an expensive Western country where you get taxed to death … live free while you’re young (advice I failed to take) and then worry about being more settled if you are lucky enough to grow old … you know not everyone does grow old, and I often wonder how many guys who die young, for whatever reason, die with “if only” as their last thought.

    OK, Philosophy mode off, go make money everyone!

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Dave Starr,

    That is exactly why we moved to Spain 5 years ago. We are only now 37 but we saved and scrimped in the UK, I renovated properties while we lived in them, made a killing and thought, Hey, sod this, let’s go live up a mountain in Spain . Best thing we ever did. 5 Euros a year rates, we run off solar, no neighbours, cheap car tax etc, the good life it certainly is. But, oh for those warm tropical beaches. A split between here and somewhere over your side of the world would be perfect.

    You are so right about putting of changing your lifestyle, do it asap if that is what you want to do. Man, I certainly do not miss the rudeness and grey skies that seemed to be a large part of the UK life. People actually just smile at you here and are friendly!!

  13. Thanks for the reply Dave – I’d forgotten about your article site (which is on my list of directories to try!).

    I hate backlinking too – would love to just write exclusively for my own sites, but that’ll have to wait until they have more authority & don’t need the links so much.

  14. Not to get off topic again, but it is really hard to beat the Philippines for weather (hot though and humid) and the friendliness of the people. And since the Philippines is over 7000 islands there is beauty and beaches everywhere.

    Nothing against Thailand, I have never been there…but I do have friends that live there and they are all thinking of moving to the Philippines. Not a perfect place by any stretch but a much slower more comfortable pace of living. Help me get there!! LOL.

  15. How does the limit on BLS work Dave?

    If you put in a spun article and set it to 100 links, like you just said, would that leave you with only 900 more the rest of the month? Or would that have only used up 1 of your 1000?

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Josh the limit is for 1000 articles published. If they are over 300 words then they can have two links in but under that and you would only get 1000 backlinks a month.

  16. Hi again Dave!

    I just love this blog and keep coming back for more inspiration. I’ve started to kick myself into gear, I’ve put a plan into action to start building all those boring backlinks.

    I really ignored it for so long because, truth be told I hate doing it, it is so boring and tedious and I find it hard to keep finding different spins on articles just so they can be unique.

    Okay, my question… I’ve been trying to write 3 unique articles each day and submit to directories to start. The problem is I’m worried I’ll start to run out of material and different angles a this current rate because my niches are not very general.

    Man, am I the only one with this problem?

    Do you see the harm in writing a completely different article on something totally unrelated and linking to my sites anyway? Is the value considered less since the topic I write on is not related to the site I’m trying to build links to?

    Also, do you think that writing 3 articles a day to build back links is enough or maybe you’re laughing right now…

    Right now what I’m doing is writing 3 articles a day, I include 1 link to the main page and another to the page I’m trying to bump up. The next day I’ll repeat it for the same page for a grand total of 6 backlinks (hopefully).

    I know there is no magic formula, I just want to see if you think I need to hit it harder.

    My sites are not new, the oldest is 4 yrs, 2 yrs and one baby at 1 and 1/2 yrs.

    I’m paypaling you some beer money! Thanks for the help!

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Zoe, thanks for the kind words.

    I may be about to shock you though.

    Send hundreds of backlinks!

    Told you. No, seriously, 3 articles a day for 6 backlinks is fine for newish sites and any more could get you dropped but for older sites then you can do many many more. I have sent like 200 in a day to a site from using stuff on the sidebar. If you have sites that already have plenty of backlinks then you can really send a lot of links to them. Obviously if they do not have many then you need to be slow and build up.

    To be very honest I was loathe to use spinners and the like for over a year but the cut in work load is impressive. MAR and MAS is like $80 or something for a one off payment. Write 1 article, spin it. You can then submit it in 1 minute to their article submitter that usually goes to a few hundred sites and you can control the rate.

    Write 1 more article, spin it, submit to free traffic system, totally free to use, that is another 30 sites it goes to over a month. Use the $8 package, send 5 links to most of the 50 sites, another 200 plus backlinks.

    See where I am going with this. I now use all of these things, plus backlink solutions for another 1000 links a month. Plus, if you spin 1 article you can submit it to ezine, use another spin as a hubpage, another as an Infobarrel, a Squidoo lens, add to a blogspot blog etc etc.

    I often feel guilty for doing these things as spinning content simply seems wrong. But then I also know that like you I was simply constantly re-writing content anyway as there are only so many things you can say about xxxxx. So the end result is pretty similar.

    I would certainly get a spinner, either buy one or search for a free one. Then you can have hundreds of articles from 1. I have had no probs with ezine, infobarrel etc accepting them. And I would always make sure the article content is relevant to the links, more weight for the link that way. I hope this helps, but if you do not want to use any tools at all, and I understand this and have not been doing it for long, then when you submit an article at least submit it to 5 or 6 directories that accept duplicate content. Just change the title and a lot of them will get indexed. At least that way you get way more than 6 backlinks for 3 articles. Probably more like 20 or so a day, I have always done that with no probs. Use Ezine, goarticles, articleblast, associated content, and there are loads of others that accept dupe content.

    Hope this helps and ta for the tip.

  17. Hi Dave,

    Little question. When you spin your articles with MAR for MAS, do only spin the words from the articles or do complex spinning where you rewrite every sentence once or twice and after that also spin the words from the rewritten sentences.


    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Dennis, I keep it simple and simply go through the article word by word and spin anything I can that still makes it read OK. I have seen plenty of people’s spins where they just spin whole sentences and without heavy editing boy are they ugly.

  18. How many of the thirty links from free traffic system do you ever have actually show up?

    I can also vouch for the effectiveness of MAR and MAS by the way. Just make sure you spend the extra money and get the extra database of synonyms.

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Josh, all the tools like seoquake for showing backlinks are dubious at best and will never show everything but lots of the FTS ones show up if you do use them. I haven’t got the extra database yet but may look at it.

  19. The database is incredibly useful but it still takes a fair amount of editing to make it so it spins out readable every time. Its awesome though, all you have to do is push a button and its 50% spun.

    I felt dubious about FTS’s free service when I read the paid service submits to something like 900 directories/blogs. I just couldn’t imagine any of the other services I have ever used like MAS or UAW would work if they only submitted to 3% of their blogs or directories. However, if you say FTA works then I will give it a try. Also, if that many of the 30 links show up then the paid service must be incredibly powerful.

    You’ve been incredibly helpful. Thanks.

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Thanks Josh. I am not saying FTS is super amazing or anything, and it doesn’t compare to things like BS but it is another place to get links from and all adds to the mix. From what I have experienced it is the fact that the links are in post rather than in a resource box that makes these kinds of things much better than the equivalent number of article directory backlinks.

  20. Thank you Dave for your reply 🙂

  21. Another great post Dave

  22. hi dave, nice post!

    I’ve been reading the others too and I have a question.

    In your http://www.makingmoneyontheinternetfree.info/make-money-on-the-internet-free-thoughts-and-advice post, you talk about self hosting and how to put wordpress on a self hosted website.

    My question: does it make any difference if I just use wordpress.com and maybe upgrade later to .com(with wordpress.com’s service) or something? (other than money wise)

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:


    WordPress.com is not supposed to be monetized and at the end of the day you do not own it. They can take it off you anytime. It happened to me with 3 blogger blogs, one of which made good money every day and was a year old. I now do not touch blogger even though I have a good few sites with them.

    I would simply get hosting and buy a domain and install the wordpress.org on it. The you have full control and no one can take it away from you. It is as easy as the click of a few buttons and for the $50 or so a year hosting it should make you sleep better at night. Is this what you meant? But as far as ranking in the search engines it won’t make much of a difference which you use. But eventually any free wordpress.com blog will get taken down if you try to monetize it much.

  23. ya that’s what i meant: )

  24. Dave,

    I have followed you so for some time and I really learn from your no BS sites. I have a couple of question to ask.

    1- I bought a PR4 domain and the guy sold it to me and gave me an additional same domain name with a dash. example “ipadtips.com” and “ipad-tips.com”, and both have a PR4. Should I keep these separate or 301 redirect to the main one.
    If i did keep the separate, how would you use them to help each other?

    2- Im building a Authority Site, and within the site there are around 5-10 smaller niches with good searches and low competition. Do you still recommend a blog farm system? 2nd layer sites to Micro Sites to 2.0 sites to smaller niche sites and then link to the Authority Site? Do you have a new linking site structure or should we use the one from your other blog.

    3- I have a couple of domains I want to build up slowly for next year to use. I was thinking of loading a Thesis site on it and post to the blogs to have it indexed, how ever this main site will be a HTML site and I dont want to mess up the PR rank i will have next year, do you recommend I build the blog on a sub domain so when I launch the new site I just tie in the old blog subdomain? Sorta lie MattCutts.com/blog

    4- Last question, I dont see to many SEO guys explain this on page example. Lets say I want to rank for the keyword “ipad” so i create so pages with my ipad keyword, then i get backlinks to that keyword on those pages. Time goes by and I need to rank higher, what do I do to get a higher ranking? Do I create more pages or do I need more backlinks to the pages/or post?

    Thanks again Dave


    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:


    1 I would keep both and set them up on different IP’s so that one can give links to the other. I would work on them both and see which one does best and spend more time on that one. But the more results on page one that are yours the more money you make. We do it a lot now, different sites all ranking for the same terms, it brings in a lot of extra money.

    2 As question 1 really. Have smaller sites to rank and for sending links. The more content the better, especially if it is worked to rank.

    3 No sure answer from me here. I would start the site how I mean to go on from the beginning but not sure how best to answer as out of my experience.

    4 I think it depends on the difficulty of the keyword. For easy terms you will not need as much content but for tough keywords a larger site with more links will be easier to rank well. This is why I would never just go for a handful of terms for a site. Sure, have a main term, but hundreds of other posts all about terms around the niche. Concentrate on ranking every post to number 1 by building links and in time the main term will get there. It just took me a year to rank my main term but in the mean time I have been making hundreds from all the inner pages. Personally I can’t see it ending. Unless you get to rank 1 for every post for every keyword just keep building a site.

    If it is a winner and makes money then more links and more content will allow you to make more.

    Right, work time for me. Hope my useless ramblings helped a little.

  25. Hello Dave,

    I am a member of the Keyword Academy. Court and Mark teach that single links of unique content are the best ones you can get. They recommend staying away from article spinning. Do you feel that using programs like BLS and Magic article rewriter will benefit a website and not detract from its authority? In other words, is it safe?

    Also, about these 1000+ links you get each month- Are you sending them broad spread to every post or only a few select ones and then moving onto a new selection after you reach #1?

    I am also curious about whether you seek out what Court and Mark call “premium links”. That is, search the web for other authoritative sites to exchange links with and then contact those people.

    I do believe what you say about how a hard working individual can reach $100/day in 6 months, however I have only reached about $10/day. I’ve got a super site in the yard/garden industry with 150 posts. I have personally written about 800 articles which I have used as backlinks. After getting only about 200 visitors a day, I’m starting to wonder if I need to take more action. Adsense produces about .33/ a click so I’m wondering if I should monetize the site with an affiliate program. Do you have a consultation program? Thanks for your time.


    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Hi Preston,

    I believe BLS is safe for now, but in the future who knows. It certainly won’t harm a site and I have had nothing but good results with it, but always my opinion only. I send a good amount, maybe a 100 links, to a single post over the month, sometimes less, more like 50, so it can only ever be for a limited number of my content articles.

    To be honest I no longer really try to contact people as it takes so long. I would rather build up my own sites and give myself some links while also getting more rankings. But it is very effective and I do 3 way link exchanges whenever they come up.

    I have a garden site too, and it began as pure affiliate products. It totally bombed. Even now it has garden products on the sidebar which get clicks but I think I have sold 1 piece in over a year, it just does not seem to convert. So, I put adsense in a div wrap above the fold at the top of the article, a block at the bottom of a post and a text link unit on the sidebar, it cleans up for adsense. Garden people seem to be real clickers. It may depend on the niche you are in within this niche so I would do some testing. Is adsense optimized. If so and you don’t get clicks then try the products. But 33 a click is good if you can get more traffic. The tough reality is that 800 backlinks simply may not be enough to rank well. I used to use Pauls backlink service (sidebar) so my garden site would get 200 profile links a month, plus manual links, BLS, MAS, blogrolls, etc. Sometimes you have to join the bad boys. Just the way it is.

    Hope this helps.

  26. It is quite fulfilling to get a personalized response like that. Thanks for taking the time to respond to your readers.

  27. Hello Dave, I was referred to your site by Yolanda…. Shout out to fabulous Yolanda. I was not prepared for what I have found on your site. I have spent plenty of money over the years learning the ins and outs IMing. In just a few hours, your site has given more knowledge than every ebook i’ve ever purchased combined…
    I will be becoming a regular contributor to the show the love link once i get the kiddos settled in school for the new year.

    @jamesthejust hey buddy good to see ya!

    Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Hi Dee and thanks for the kind words, glad you have found the site interesting. I don’t claim to have all the answers or know much tech stuff but I do know how to make money, which is why we all do this. Hopefully sometimes I string a sentence together well enough to give some help so I do hope you stick around.

    But I do write some nonsense too 😉

  28. Hey Dave,

    Thanks so much for putting out so much great information – very helpful. I do have a question I hope you have time for.

    Regarding the authority site building its own keyword tool. Let’s say you’re promoting widgets. Do you just end up with multiple posts/pages with basically the same content? It seems like you would end up with posts/pages titled:

    Cheap Widgets
    Cheapest Widgets
    Best Priced Widgets
    Lowest Widget Prices
    Lowest Priced Widgets
    Where’s the Best Place to Buy Widgets?

    Is this the case? It seems like the content of each of those posts would be basically the same, like it would amount to one article spun for multiple posts/pages, each focusing on a unique key phrase.

    Is this how to do it? Are all of these posts/pages connected by categories or tags?

    Thanks again,

    Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:


    For longtails I would probably write post titles more like cheap widgets for sale etc

    But the aim is to get posts up like you describe but not in a run. They would be mixed up with lots of different post titles so that it does not look spammy like if they were all in a row. For an authority site the topic will hopefully be broad enough so that you would be covering different widget colors and sizes etc. They could then each go in a category.

    But bottom line? Just get the content out there and backlink it until you feel sick 😉

    Tags? I am still in two minds about them altogether, but they do fill out a site.

  29. Hi Dave,

    Is there a reason you don’t outsource your backlinking?

    Thanks for all the info on your site,

    Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:


    I have actually started to do some outsourcing. Not all of it, this is still a full time job but it means I can progress faster now.

    Glad you like the site and thanks for dropping by.

    Vote -1 Vote +1Craig Reply:

    @Dave, Do you plan on outsourcing a lot more in the future, or are you so used to typing your fingers raw that you wouldn’t know what to do with yourself without it? :o)

    There was an interesting thread on TKA a while back about outsourcing, and working out how much your time is worth. The gist of it was that if you can write 5 articles in an hour, and outsourcing those 5 articles would cost you $10, then you would be better off outsourcing the articles and working in a job paying $15 an hour.

    It’s very simple, but it’s a way of looking at things that many people miss. And a lot of people commenting in the thread didn’t really get it. But if you can be doing something more valuable with your time (writing more product reviews, doing keyword research, managing your business…whatever you can do better/more cost effectively than any outsourcer) then you’re actually losing money by not outsourcing those tasks.

    Vote -1 Vote +1Craig Reply:

    @Craig, Hmm. That smiley was supposed to look like this: 🙂

    Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:


    Good points. The plan is to ramp up the outsourcing in the new year. And by the summer we are simply going to enjoy ourselves and just work part time. To be honest I think we could outsource the lot at some point but I will only do that if I get very reliable people.

    Once we hit the $30K a month mark I will sit back and relax but it will be a while yet.

    Keyword research? What’s that?

    Vote -1 Vote +1Craig Reply:

    @Dave, Sounds good. And of course not being afraid of hard work has got you to the point where you can make these plans.

    Keyword research? Just something the guberus do. Nothing important 🙂

    Vote -1 Vote +1Craig Reply:

    @Dave, Another thing which just occurred to me: As a business expense, presumably outsourcing is tax-deductible? And if the tax-man is paying for it then you should do as much of it as you can!

    Although I’m not making tons of money yet, I’m thinking of registering as a sole trader, partly for the deductibles (hosting fees, broadband connection, new computer, portion of rent and utility bills…) and partly as a kind of mental note saying “Okay, now I’m taking this shit seriously.”

    Vote -1 Vote +1Johric Reply:

    Yes, it is tax-deductible business expense! Of course, the laws are different is different countires, but that is the idea.

    Just tell your outsourcer to write you an invoice using any of free online invoicing tools.
    BTW, did you know that in Philippines people dont have to pay any taxes on income from abroad? 😉

    Vote -1 Vote +1Craig Reply:

    @Johric, I didn’t know that! Sounds good. I’ve never been to the Philippines, but I used to go out with a Filipina. She left me with a good impression of the country 🙂

    Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:


    Yep, that would be tax deductible and a whole lot more. New chairs for my yet to be completed office, printers, paper, laptops etc.

    It kind of means, at least for us, that what you spend on stuff is actually going to be 40% cheaper by the end of the year as you won’t be paying tax on those earnings.

    I just haven’t got anything to spend money on though. I can’t get my head in to this new groove of actually having money. It’s weird.

    Vote -1 Vote +1Craig Reply:

    @Dave, Life is like a constant 40% off sale! Well, for businessy-things anyway.

    It is weird, isn’t it? Not that I’ve got much money now, but whenever I have had I’ve always ended up blowing it on crap. I think mindset and the way you perceive yourself are very important. There are many successful businessmen who went bust and came back bigger than ever, and many lottery winners who were broke within a year. Although I don’t go for the extreme New Agey stuff of ‘The Secret’ and its ilk, your thoughts and beliefs definitely have a huge effect on your life.

    Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:


    Getting all deep here 😉 My outlook on life has always been to never waste my money. When I had a real job I always got annoyed by friends who used to moan about us owning our own home and how unfair it was that they couldn’t afford a mortgage. Never mind the fact they earned more than me and the Wife put together. And that I bought houses that needed renovating so we could make money from them.

    But we sacrificed going out and pissing it up the wall as we wanted a future. When I had to suffer working with idiots I was damn sure the money I made was going to be put to good use. While others would spend a weeks wage on a shirt.

    And now that we have earned enough this month to live on comfortably for two years I am a bit stumped to be honest. I can’t get my head around the fact that two years ago at this time I was sat with a very crappy laptop while the Wife was in the UK earning and I was trying to figure out what a blog was.

    Man, I was even taking online surveys to earn a few pennies. 2 years later and, well, it kind of boggles my mind. And I get the feeling we have not even scratched the surface of what this game has to offer.

    Next year is going to be exciting to say the least.

    I can even afford chocolate Digestives.


    Vote -1 Vote +1Craig Reply:

    @Dave, Hey, this time next year it’ll be chocolate Hob Nobs! Now that’s a good biscuit!

    Seems like your attitude has really paid off. Going from online surveys to banking mega moolah in just two years…sounds like an expensive ebook in the making!

    Are you still in touch with those friends? Are they still moaning about the unfairness of it all? People who refuse to take responsibility – which is most people – annoy the hell out of me. I’ve messed up my life in a dozen different ways, but I don’t blame anybody but myself for it. Well, and my parents for the dodgy chromosomes 😉

    Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:


    I moved on. One thing I learned as I got a little older is that REAL friends are few and far between. They were the ones who laughed at my Wife 2 years ago when she said we were going to make money online. Apparently they had TRIED and you couldn’t do it. Really?

    Our earnings goal for the month has already been blown out the water so they were definitely wrong.

    But if we are talking REAL biscuits then move over Hob Nobs, a mint Viscount is about to take your place. Or a good ‘ole fashioned Burton’s Wagon Wheel.

    Vote -1 Vote +1Craig Reply:

    @Dave, Ooh, Viscount. Good call, sir.

    “But darling, I’m a prince!”

    Real friends, real biscuits, we iz keepin it well real in da commentz! Or something along those lines…

    Vote -1 Vote +1Wifey Reply:

    @Dave, Stumped? What about my tiara!

    Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:


    It’s in your Chrimbo stocking my dear.

  30. @Dave Are you simply planning to hire someone to do your writing and to post for you, or are you thinking about using a backlinking service?

    Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:


    I would never outsource content for my sites, I will always do most if not all of that myself. I already use some backlinking services but we now have some work done for writing content for backlinks. I will scale that up as we head towards summer next year then chill.

  31. Hi again,

    With all of those new posts about the same keyword, are you putting your Amazon product pic and aff link on each of those pages as well? The same pic and link or different variations of the main product (aka the main keyword)? You then link all of those new posts to the main keyword post?

    Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:


    I would put images and links on all buying keyword posts as it should get sales. Mix up the images if you can or at least make sure you gave them different titles and alt tags if you use them.

    I like to interlink a lot of different posts for double listings, but if you link lots of posts up to a min keyword post and backlink all those posts then you have some serious link juice flowing on up.


    Rankings and Moolah 😉

  32. Hey Dave,

    Great post I just stumbled on this blog by looking for information on promoting amazon products. I have a few questions about building an authority site. I am in the process of trying to create an authority site based on promoting physical products via WordPress & writing product reviews using the outline below:

    Main Topic (Example: Camping Products)

    Category 1 (Example: Tents)
    Product A Review Page
    Product B Review Page
    Product C Review Page
    Product D Review Page
    Product E Review Page

    Category 2 (Example: Sleeping Bags)
    Product A Review Page
    Product B Review Page
    Product C Review Page
    Product D Review Page
    Product E Review Page

    Up to 10-15 or so categories

    This is not my niche by the way. My question is for each product review page how many keywords should I target? As for my main homepage should I be targeting broad search terms? (Example: Best Camping Gear, Types of Camping Gear…etc.) Am I over analyzing the whole process? Any help is appreciated, thanks in advance.

    Chris M.

    Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    @Chris M.,

    Sounds like you have a good approach. I would go for one or two main terms and then put in lots of extra terms in H2’s within the article. It helps them to rank better as they seem more authoritative. Like “Best Price XXX For Sale” etc. Or the other option is to simply go straight for the main product name that is listed on Amazon and go for the longtails in the post. Both ways work.

    For the homepage I would go for the broad terms, but mostly concentrate in backlinking to each product post you write about.

    Hope that helps and welcome to the site Chris.

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