".......and unfortunately nearly all make money online blogs are crap, so he, Dave, decided to write his own. It's pretty spankin."
Dalai Lama
Jun 272010

getting blog trafficMan, getting blog traffic is tough. This site is a few months old at the time of writing and gets its share of daily visitors, sometimes quite a few, but when it comes to search engine traffic it is strictly in the so called Sandbox. Well and truly down in the dumps and if I was trying to make money from it, well I would not be a happy Internet Marketer. But choosing such a stupid niche to spend writing about, well, what can you expect, organic traffic will not come quickly to such a niche.

But I don’t care, and why is that?

Because I know it will come.

Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but soon, and for the rest of it’s life.

This is all too common with people starting to try to make money blogging. They have a site and it has been going for a few months and not a lot is happening. Here, because I do actually try to write some helpful stuff, if it can get out of my addled and unfocused brain, I get referral traffic and people link to the site on forums and blog posts so I get some visitors.

But for those who are building sites to sell products direct using buying keyword rich post titles, the last thing you want is nosy visitors, you want people who come from the search engines with money that needs to be spent. And getting blog traffic like that is the holy grail of how to make money with a blog.

Let’s take a nosy little peek in to the murky world of how I would get blog traffic to a site that I was building to get a great income from.

How To Get Blog Traffic

My goal is to get traffic from the search engines, mostly because I want people to come to sites I have that are for products to buy or, gasp, dare I say it, for Adsense. Yes we do have a few sites that earn that way, but I am using it less and less as the keyword research is so damn hard. And time consuming. Give me an affiliate product any day and I will do better with my earnings.

So, blog traffic and how to get it.

Anyone above beginner status should know that a keyword rich post title is the place to start. The most important thing really. So, we should already have blog posts that use the exact words we want to rank high for in the search engines. If you have not done that yet, then go back through all the posts you have written and change the post titles, not the URL’s though. Cool.

So, we have lots of content on our sites don’t we? If you have a little mini five post site then I would add some more content. The larger a site the better we can rank.

But the sad and depressing fact is that our new sites are not going to get much traffic for months and months, 6 months to a year until we get some search engine respect in most cases, and longer for difficult stuff. I dread to think how long this site, in such a stupid niche to try to ever make money from, will  take to get decent search engine traffic. But hey, this is my hobby and has only made $5000 over the last couple of months. Joke, or is it……….?

So, with a new site the first thing that we have to accept is that we can normally forget about great traffic for many months. Search engine traffic that is. But right from the start we should be getting backlinks from anywhere that we can. A few a day, every day. But to our individual blog posts. Not just the home pages. Get more to the internal pages right from the get go as you want each and every post on a blog or website to be seen as important. And this is at the heart of learning how to build authority sites, which one day this will be, but I am in no rush for this site.

Over many months the traffic will grow.

But why do we have to wait? We want to earn money now and we want to know that our efforts are not wasted right?


Nah, here is the secret formula to getting blog traffic from day 1.

Use all ‘dem web 2.0 things that you keep hearing about innit.

Basically if you want traffic straight away then put content on sites that rank highly straight away. This is often overlooked and not even something that I have taken full advantage of, but have taken advantage of to a fair degree.

I wrote about Infobarrel before and we should be adding plenty of content there. With highlighted backlinks we get through traffic but we make money from the keywords. But that is if adsense is the aim. But backlinks from revenue sharing sites should always be our first target. We make money for getting links so this is definitely not to be overlooked.

But then we have the dreaded Hubpages. I just got back in to them a little. You get a backlink if you keep your score up but you can add an affiliate link on Hubpages as well as the Amazon module, so you make money from your keywords. If we get some links to those hubs we will see good rankings for them and also boost up the value of the link to our main sites. The work will pay off in the future when our main sites starts to age and we begin to get more search engine traffic. We backlink our backlinks in a crazy merry go round that boggles the brain and if we are not careful we can end up becoming totally parlyzed and get nothing done. Get in on Backlink Solutions and use free stuff to like  Free Traffic System, and use them to send automatic links to your hubs, they will rank very well and you will be making money and getting traffic too.

My Ezine articles account has over 600 articles published and gets a 20% click through rate on the author box. The amount of traffic that gets me is not to be dismissed. Take advantage of this and write short 250 word articles with a decent resource box and you earn yourself traffic and backlinks.

But here is the main reason why most people simply do not get blog traffic:

Too lazy.

The game of making money on the Internet is so frustrating. We need a time machine to see if our efforts are going to pay off. A lot of them won’t. We make sites and rank well and even then most of them will make no money.

This is the way it is. But what can you do?

Just get on with it.

So many people moan about not getting traffic or not making sales or wondering why people never click on ads. Some niches are simply full of people who either do not click on ads or are simply window shopping and have no interest in buying anything. I have lots of sites like that, and I have sites where 1 in 10 visitors buys. I have a hundred buying keyword post titles on the site and give my visitors exactly what they want. And the sites rank well.

And here is where most people simply fail. They give up and are not willing to put in the work it takes.

Having seen countless questions abou thow to rank higher and how to make more money from a blog the answer is so simple.

Work harder.

But not just that, get traffic to sites that earn the most.

You know what, this is stupid. I can’t go on with this article.

Write content and get backlinks until you are number 1 in google.










UPDATE: Now I am in a better mood.

Sorry about that guys. It was just as I was writing that post I felt like I was repeating myself and talking about things I had already covered.

The last thing I want it this site to be like nearly all other make money online site, which are frankly a joke. No real information and just a repetition of the same old crap. If I get like that then I will not write here anymore.

Anyway, time is a real factor for getting traffic. Stick with it, get backlinks daily and in time the traffic suddenly jumps in a major way. I am very hot as we have been clearing our few acres of land today as there is Olive branches strewn everywhere and the tractor dude is coming to plough it tomorrow. Late June is not the time to be sawing Olive wood I can tell you.

But do me a favor. I did it the other day.

Go through your reader and take a look at what sites you read. Have they helped you? Do they offer good tips and advice. I bet a lot do not.

Ditch them and instead of reading other peoples blogs just get down to work of writing content and getting backlinks. You will learn a lot more by doing rather than reading. There are probably only a few blogs in the make money online etc niche that are actually worth reading. So, a grumpy post from a hot man in Spain about getting blog traffic.

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  1. Remember, way back, when you were a kid and your parents told you something and you thought that they were just being old and crotchety? And then when you were all grown up and on your own you did the very thing that they told you about. All of the sudden their advice seemed relevant

    Sometimes it takes repeating things for different people to get the message because either it wasn’t right for them at that moment or it wasn’t presented in a way that they understood. I guess my point is keep repeating the hard work mantra if that’s what you truly believe.

    It helps to hear it from someone who has been there to know that your efforts will (or potentially will) pay off. I guess we’re all taking your status for granted but the hard work mantra really resonates with me so I use your words for inspiration. In short, thanks.

    Back to building posts so I can make money blogging

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Hey Reed, thanks for the comment. I guess I just felt myself turning in to a pointless blogger repeating himself. And I hate it on other sites. I want to give a new look at things and not keep going over stuff I have already said. But I get your point, and thanks, maybe I do need to keep going on and on about the hard work that is involved, many sure do not do it and wonder why they make no real money online.

    And I am still feeling grumpy and hot. Just got back in from cutting more Olive trees and moving rocks, luckily I now have a cold beer so am settling down a little. His friends are calling to me too, and the vino is feeling left out so we will have to see what we can do about that too 😉 I thought when you made good money online you always got a man in to do the work, doesn’t seem to work like that at all!!!

  2. It needs to be said, repetitous as it may be. I see it myself, day after day in other guy’s blog comments and in my own mail …”But I tried such and such technique and it doesn’t work for me.”

    “Oh, when did you try it”?

    “Yesterday I think and this morning my visitor stats were just the same” ….

    You have to put in the work … which means time, hour after hour … or else go home to daddy and beg the money for yet another uni degree.

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Dave Starr,

    If only we could get instant results, but for the most part it doesn’t work like that does it. Time is such a large factor for sites and it is tough to keep the future in mind when making content, but it pays off in the end.

  3. I can’t tell you have many sites I’ve had that have seemed dead for months, and then one day… traffic starts showing up for no apparent reason. The truth is, I’ve done exactly as you talked about in your post and spent way too much time wondering why things were or were not working, but not actually doing any work. Recently, I sat down with a spreadsheet and evaluated exactly what I had online and what it was earning and I came to realize I had spent way too much time worrying over things when I should have been writing content. Until recently, it’s just been a hobby, and I admit, I’ve built many of my domains out three or four different times, going back and deleting everything and starting over whenever I felt like it.

    But it was shocking to discover just how little content I had on all my 50+ websites except for a very specific few. I mean like 5 or 6 posts or less. Or they ramble and have no monetization opportunities at all. Since I decided I want to make money from them, I knew I had to change the way I was doing things. Interestingly enough, I am already seeing some promise in them. I know aged domains can be important sometimes and since I have quite a number of domains at least 3 years old and older, I am going to try adding a lot of buying keyword rich content to them and see if I don’t see more money start to flow from them.

    I find your site inspiring, and a little bit of a slap in the face (in a good way). Specifically, I’ve been building websites for nearly 10 years and never cracked more than about $3 a day until the last 4 months or so. 🙂 I do know why though and your posts support my theories so I feel confident I can change all that now that I’m going from hobbyist to entrepreneur… 🙂 Thanks.

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Lynn, you sound like a Gal with a plan. I wish I had sites that are as old as some of yours. I would say that if you start adding lots of buying keyword rich posts and send them backlinks you are in for some serious money.

    That was a god idea to go through what you have to see about the content levels. 5 or 6 articles is just not going to cut it any more, they need to be a lot more comprehensive and full of content.

    As to the worrying and the wondering we all do it, but I can tell you that stopping following blogs that you suddenly realize you have wasted the last year reading when they have been of not use can free up your time, and actually deciding not to check mail or forums etc until you have done your quota of work for the day can help a lot too.

    It is very easy to waste a massive amount of time online. Sitting down and just writing straight for a few hours for 1 site can easily get you 8 or 10 blog posts which you can drip over the next few days or whatever you like to do. Although personally I have seen little difference whether they are published at the same time or over a week or so, unless you want homepage PR juice for a link in a post that is.

    Anyway, hope you start to see a lot of extra earnings soon, which it sounds like you really will.

  4. It’s boiling here in the UK too, and it’s hard to sleep and is making everyone bad-tempered. I hate this “new” weather and long for how it was when I was a child and it drizzled gently every summer and Wimbledon ended up overflowing into the next week because of rain delays. So don’t feel bad about being bad-tempered – this weather is just not designed for any sort of work.

    Re the topic of the post – I’ve had more than one Squidoo lens that stubbornly didn’t get traffic for a whole year and a half, no matter what I did. So I gave up working on them so much and moved to other stuff – and suddenly one day they were ranked and getting quite a bit of traffic. Who knows how these things really work? My suspicion is that Squidoo was out of favour for a time and all new lenses were deliberately sandboxed for a set period (and I think they’ve shortened this purgatory period now that Squidoo have cleaned up). I also think this arbitary sandbox applies to certain niches, I think Google have deliberately built it into their algo. You just have to learn to outwait them.

  5. Honestly, this site has helped me more in a couple of weeks that hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars and and years reading other crap did for me. What I like about Dave is that you says what he thinks…and he can back it up.

    Some people might think the constant “you need to work hard and put in the time” phrases would put a lot of people off (and it might), but for me it inspires me because I know I am willing to learn and do the work. And I know most people will NOT do the work to get to where they want to get to. It is just a fact of life that most people simply do not come close to doing the work the way they should do it.

    I once had a pretty successful offline business because I was willing to put the work in. I, however, got so burnt out that I stopped putting the work in…and that continues to this day. And my huge income drop shows it.

    That will not happen with my internet business because I know what causes me burnout, and I will avoid it. And that brings to mind something else I read where Dave said he rarely works past 5pm and rarely if ever on weekends. Now most of us cannot do that right now because we are not making much on the internet and have to do other work. But he has it right, you need to bust it when you are working…and take the time to relax and enjoy life when you are not. It makes working so much easier.

    Dave, and this site, have become a huge inspiration to me.


  6. @Teatree

    Thats interesting. I am having a similar problem with infobarrel right now. I have been really frustrated that google refuses to even index most of my latest run of infobarrels, knowing that makes me feel a little better about it.

  7. I’ve just started using Infobarrel again (got an account last year, but didn’t do much with it for some reason), and my new articles from last week haven’t been indexed either. I also saw a thread on the IB forum http://www.infobarrel.com/forum-topic.php?id=878 with others complaining about it. So I guess the indexing issue is a general problem for many right now. Like Dave I like to get links from revenue sharing sites, and I think IB has too much potential to rule out at this point, so I’m going to keep adding articles for a while, and see how they go in a few months. Hopefully they’ll get there eventually, & if not I’ll stick them somewhere else.

    The hot weather’s slowing me down too : (

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Guys this is definitely an odd issue with Infobarrel. I have not used them for a little while as many sites already have links from them.

    One thing this does go to show is that diversity is key. What if your main income was from them, or Squidoo or Hubpages. Anything can happen to these type of sites so it is always best to have many of your own sites. It goes for blogger too. I was so annoyed when I lost 3 blogger blogs. 1 was a good daily earner, probably $10 to $15 a day and it has gone forever. Get your own websites is definitely the best advice, and on different hosts too if possible. I would also say never use g analytics on all sites either and never adsense from the same account. Heck, I would even have a few Amazon accounts too. But that is probably a little paranoid 😉

    Teatree good stuff and interesting. This niche is definitely sandbox central, but god fun for me so that is OK. We have folks coming from the UK today so we will see how they stand up to some REAL HEAT, oh yeah.

    Todd, you have me blushing, what more can I say, your comment is much appreciated. Thanks Dude.

    And as Cat says, and I talked about in the comments on the Infobarrel success post, if articles are not indexed after a while just take them off and put them somewhere else, no point wasting content.

  8. I ran a test. I took my original account(which was started last November I believe) and wrote 2 new articles and posted them. They were indexed in under an hour(!).

    My last big run of infobarrels was put on brand new accounts. I think google may be targeting new accounts. This might be a new strategy to put off spammers from using web 2.0s to make money.

    Also, has anyone else noticed that MAS’s effectiveness has taken a nosedive? I haven’t really had it that long, but it seems like after the mayday update it just kind of stopped working.

  9. Nevermind, the articles are nowhere to be found now.

    When typing in the URL for one of them however, it comes up with 94 pages linking to it, which tells me that whenever this article decides to come back it should definitely be ranking for the term I’m targeting.

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Josh I was thinking about the Infobarrel situation. Could it be that you are writing about stuff that already has a heavy presence on Infobarrel so therefore is simply not ranking because there are already a few pages ranking for the terms or the niche? It may explain why they are hard to rank, but then again they may just be having a hard time with the search engines, a real mystery.

  10. Screw the rest of the “loose money online” blogs. I dig your style And am using bmr and TKA and free traffic system.

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:


    Good stuff, get the links anywhere that you can.

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