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Jul 032010

cheap backlinksFor a number of sites that I now have getting backlinks from new places is getting harder and harder, thank God for Backlinks Philippines. I have had my fill of article directories like Ezine Articles and the like and continually submitting to them for backlinks is going to give diminishing returns.

I now use the programs on the sidebar, everything there I use and to great effect. Today I am not going to talk about Backlink Solutions, although it is probably the best service available, because for many it may be a little pricey. Rather I am going to talk about where to buy cheap backlinks and a cheap backlink service that I have just begun to use a few weeks ago.

On the sidebar you will see that I have talked about Paul’s Quality Backlinks. This is a service that for $8 a month you get given a list of 50 high PR sites where you can add links to internal profile pages. Many are dubious about whether or not this works and if it will improve rankings. Well, I can tell you that it absolutely does. The problem is that it takes about half a day to go through the sites and register and add links.

Plus it is as boring as hell. No doubt about it. But it works and if you are on a tight budget it is the best possible way to give articles you have written a massive boost in the search engines. I am going to give you the results of my last run using this and also the results of a service I have just tried called Backlinks Philippines. I am happy to say the least with the results. They work in a similar way in that they put links on internal pages of sites with very high PR.

The report which they just sent to me after they completed added links to 83 sites for me allows me to see exactly where they put the links and the number they put. For many sites they put 5 links on them and at a rough guess the total is going to be well 300 links in total. All going to inner pages of one of my sites and to the home page. Before I get in to how they work properly let’s take a look at the results I got from using both services:

Results with Paul’s Quality Backlinks

We will look at where my articles and home page were initially and where they ended up 11 days later. I made the profiles and wherever possible added 5 links. Some places I could only add 1 or 2 but for 50 sites in total it adds up to some serious amounts of links.

Article #1 Originally ranked number 16 now number 12
Article #2 Originally number 3 now number 2
Article #3 Originally number 44 and still at 44
Article #4 Originally number 24 now number 7
Home Page Main keyword was at number 3 and stayed there

Still, not bad results for a few hours work, and spending $8. I could have gone though the sites as many times as I wanted made new profiles and added links to as many sites as I could stand doing the work for. If you really are hard up for cash then these results are certainly worth $8.

So, let’s get on to the results I got after using Backlinks Philippines for the exact same site, the same articles and the same keywords.

Results With Backlinks Philippines

Article 1 is still ranking at number 12
Article 2 is now number 1
Article 3 is now number 40
Article number 4 is now number 3
And the home page for the main keyword is now number 1, yeah baby.

I think that these results are pretty damn good. Not perfect by any means and not everything jumped, but still a very good result with it costing relatively little.

get up to 5 links from each of 80 high PR sites

How Backlinks Philippines Works

They have a number of different options. You can buy a package where they will submit up to five links on a profile page whenever possible. Some are single links but most are 5 links. For $16 they submit to 40 sites, I had the 80 sites option for $28 and it was well worth the money in my opinion. They offer a service up to 800 sites as well.

For me the cost was well worth it. A jump of a few spots without actually doing any work is certainly a godsend. And the money I have earned from the jumps in rankings is not to be dismissed. And getting the coveted top spot for a term that has a lot of competition means I will be making some serious extra money. Certainly more than the money I spent.

What I really like about the system is that you simply make a paypal payment for the package you require. You then fill in a form with your links and keywords and they email you to acknowledge receipt. For me it then took them a few weeks to complete the order.

They then sent me a file showing me the username they used for each site, the password, the url and the page rank of the site submitted too. Most of which ranged between PR 5 and PR 8. They also get the links pinged for you too. I have yet to run these links though the free onlywire service but I know that when I do I should see a marked improvement on the rankings of the posts linked to. But already I am more than happy with the service.

I have now purchased another package of links sent to 120 sites for the same site as before but to different pages and I am confident that the results will be good.

If you want a cheap backlink service with a professional approach and a courteous owner who answers queries quickly then I really do recommend them. Doing it manually via Paul’s Quality Backlinks should also not be dismissed. You can get good results, but if you can pay a little more it can all be automated for you. results form any backlinks you get are never going to be perfect, and as you saw from my results not all article moved in position but for the most they did.

All my terms are pretty competitive, I will not say exactly how hard they are to rank for, but they are not easy. Anyone who reads this site knows that I like to go for challenging stuff because it is where there is some serious money to be made. The site is just over a year old and has had an awful lot of links to it already.

I would not recommend that you bombard a new site like this, but the 40 link package should do nothing but help in your rankings even for a relatively new site. But, as always use your own judgment, I am not responsible if Google eats your site 😉

Getting more automated has been something I have been so loathe to do for so long yet now that we have a few services up and running like this the results we are getting are seeing some vast amounts of earnings coming in. June for us was a bit of a record and beat what I have ever earned in year doing a full time job so I expect to be buying my Thai island sooner than I thought.

Keep diversifying your link profile, never only get links from one place. Use different ways to monetize your various sites to spread earnings from different sources and keep building sites until you find the niche that you can really let rip on as it earns well and keep building more sites around that niche and make some serious money.

This post was going to be written recommending Backlink Philippines before I realized they had an affiliate program. But to be sure I emailed the owner and they do have one. So obviously the links here are…………

Well, you get the picture. This is how you make money on the Internet. You provide the answer to what people are looking for and make a commission if you possibly can. If I can use an affiliate link after providing advice then I will. If I can make a whole site around buying keywords for products then I will make a lot more than doing just that. Well, I have done so I know that for sure.

And when you find the right niche or a few niches you really should begin to get more and more backlinks day after day until you are number 1 for each article that you have ever written. It really is why so many people never seem to break in to real money. If you just build link after link to each article you have written using service like I do or manually to article directories and wherever else you can then the money really does start to become quite scary. Just get down to it and the results can be amazing.

What do you think of the results, good, bad, have you done better for the same money?

I was dubious about the results of these type of backlinks but at least for now they work, and work well. I have had a great overall experience using the $8 package but have reached such a high boredom threshold after doing it for many months that this new alternative is what I will now use as we can afford it easily. For me I think it was money very well spent and is one of the best backlink services.

start getting serious about ranking every article you have ever written to number 1

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  1. Dave,

    Good timing on this post. Just yesterday I was looking at Paul’s backlink service on the warrior forum. It does seem like a boring task as you point out. I ma going to try Backlinks Philipines for 40 links on my most promising amazon site and see what happens. Thanks for the tip!

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    John, both are very effective at present and I guess it all depends on how much we value our time. I did it manually for many months but am very glad I now have a good alternative. You should see some good results, even better with the 80 sites package but it depends on if your site has age and lots of other links as to how aggressive to be. Thanks for using the aff link Dude, all the little earners add up to a big one overall.

  2. Have you tried Court’s PostRunner system?

    I haven’t been using it long enough to get real results with it, but I imagine that I will if only I keep using it long enough.

    I’ve got access to lots of IPs that aren’t going to run out any time soon. I don’t have to bother with boring spinning activities either. I can just pump out one 350 word article after another.

    My prediction is that we will see more of these paid backlink networks in the future. They do a good job and are unlikely to get slapped because it’s a fairly honest way of building links.

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:


    I would advise everyone to join the keyword academy for at least the first month ($1) and use the postrunner system. We use it every day and it is very effective. And apart from anything else it gives you a nice varied set of backlinks from original sources every time. I really like it and have had great results. Especially with adding content to sites on there in the same niche, which is always preferable. For anyone not wanting to spend much then it is one of the best things to join. Even the full price is well worth it for what you get access to. Or if you are just tight like me it’s a good option too 😉

  3. ANd yes, I used your affiliate link. Puts you just a little closer to that Thai island………

  4. Perhaps I should’ve joined when it was still around the $30 mark.

    But I’m hitching along with friend who purchased a lifetime membership two years ago.

    I have free access to it, but there aren’t many sites in my niches. So I put my articles on the high PR sites first.

    Later, I will post to the lower PR’s just so I can get links from other IPs.

    Court should really start licensing his guest post system, so other people can use it to set up their own backlinking networks.

    Imagine the opportunities. Us IM-folk would essentially achieve backlink-immortality.

    I’ll build my own guest post system if Court won’t sell his.

  5. Thanks for the great info, Dave. I’d left a comment a while ago asking about Paul’s backlinks, and I decided to wait for your promised post on a new service you were trying. It looks great, so I signed up.

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Kim it definitely is a good service and the final report is nicely laid out so you see exactly where the links are. Great to then give them a boost with onlywire or the free ImAutomator.

  6. Just curious. What site do you use to check your rankings? I used to use scroogle but it looks like they shut down.

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Private, I am well behind the times with all the latest do dahs. I go to google and type in my keywords. And of course I always see myself at the top!!!!! I wish 😉

  7. There is a FREE program called The Rank Tracker that comes in really handy when you are trying to check your rankings for keyword phrases that you are after.

    It is a terrific program that is very accurate and you can check your rankings really fast. It has a paid version that lets you do a little more but you really do not need it.

    The FREE version also has some cool features that are related to keywords you are trying to rank for.


    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Cheers Todd, I will check it out. I have tried a few in the past and to be honest it always seemed just as quick to type in to the search engine.

  8. Dave thanks for these affordable ideas. I tried BLS and I had terrible luck, got sandboxed etc, are you using this just for feeder sites? What’s the best way to use, they didn’t really have much info. I cancelled after a couple months as it was hurting more than helping..

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Jane, I use it to main sites as well as support articles too. But always as part of a varied backlink profile and not on new sites. I like to go through all the usual backlink sources first to build up a site a little before I hit it with more bulk links. But at the moment I think the keyword academy is the best thing to use (link on the sidebar). Their postrunner system gives you access to hundreds of sites that are legit and real sites. I use it every day with great effect.

  9. Do all links get published right away or is it spread out with this service? If spread out, how many a day? Or is this something you can set yourself?

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Private I had the 80 link package and they made the links over about a fortnight, you can’t set how many they make but they don’t seem to do them all at once, not that it would really matter in my experience anyway, at least for an aged site.

  10. Dave,

    If your building an Authority site, do you recommend the backlinks of these services go directly to the post of your Authority site or to the supporting sites?


    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:


    I normally send them straight to the main site but sending some to boost supporting links would be a good idea too. Just make sure you have a good mix of backlinks from many different resources.

  11. Hi Dave

    I signed up for for 120backlink package 2 days ago via your link of course. In less than a day, they emailed me saying they received the keywords and url’s that I submitted (very easy I might add) and they are already working on my order.

    I have done a lot of business with different companies and services, but I have to say, honestly this company is really good. If you want to buy cheap backlinks, then they are certainly something I can recommend to your readers here. I have come to a point where spending several hours setting up forum links is not something I want to do. I can do much more effective stuff for those few hours like having a BBQ, eating steak and having a beer. 🙂


    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Thanks Darrell,

    They do seem to be very professional. It will probably be a few weeks before they send you the final report, but that is no bad thing as far as I am concerned.

    They definitely beat having to do it manually.

    Hey, once it is completed let me know if the rankings improved, obviously these things are never perfect, no backlink strategy is, but it would be good to see that they work for you too.

    Had two beers already here, no steak though, but I am sure that something lovely awaits me.

  12. Re; Backlinks Philippines

    I just thought I would provide a quick update to let you know they have already completed my 120backlinks package in 4 days. So, very good service. If you want to add a mix to your link building campaign, then just click on the link button above.

    I will let you know what happens in the rankings as soon as I can.

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Hey Darrell,

    Thanks for the update, I just had a 120 package done myself and saw some of my content jump 10 spots or more so I am well pleased. Hopefully you will get similar results. Although obviously that is the better end of the spectrum. One post I have been sending quabillions of links to (I made up the word), including via Backlinks Philippines has still only risen 3 spots but boy, when it gets to numero uno, it will be worth the work. Especially if someone else does it 😉 Which is pretty new to me.

    But in the end a good backlink profile is a must, the postrunner system on TKA is still giving us great results, but man it is a lot of manual work, but mix it all up and the results can be golden.

    You should see a jump pretty soon, depending on the age of the site and the existing backlink profile. Be good to hear your results.

  13. Well, interesting that you mention that because after the links were created, I noticed my site around position 27 jump about 8 spots to bottom of page 2. Now its going through the Google dance abit. As far as back link system, I use SEO linkvine. I did have backlink solutions sometime ago, but I was a noob and didn’t really use well because I was inexperienced. I am thinking about jumping back into that.

    I fricken deep link everything in my site. I have developed page rank (ya I know – doesn’t mean too much), but its an indication at least the site is getting strong overall because the sitemap is showing up and articles. I even deep link my about page.

    I absolutely agree, get back links from as many sources as you can.

    Thanks and have a great day – will update when I can

  14. A follow up to the comment on Rank Tracker. After spending an hour or so adding 2 websites to Rank Tracker, adding new suggested keywords and checking rankings, I discovered one BIG difference between the free and paid versions: the free version doesn’t save your projects so every time you want to run it you have to input all the information again! That little “feature” wasn’t mentioned in the introductory tutorial or anywhere on the site except on the “Compare Versions” page.

  15. […] has some age and gets traffic and has had regular backlinks. I have. I told you about it too on the cheap backlinks […]

  16. I just tried the 40 link BP package on an older site (18 months) for the first time (through your aff link). The site had been abandoned for six months when I purchased it and I had been working it up to 4 BMR or Postrunners a day. I wanted to see if I could be more aggressive with it. Either I have sand boxed it or proven that it can take more links. Either way, I’ll be getting more aggressive with it now.

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    @L Brown,

    Thanks for letting me know. The thing with the sandbox is that you come out the other end, it is just a waiting game. So you may as well build the links in the meantime for good rankings when you do appear.

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