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Jun 222010

There are many different ways to make money on the Internet, but using buying keywords is definitely one of the best ways to make money from affiliate sales. Here I am going to give you a great list of buying keywords that you can use to help grow a site with some content that will be helpful to searchers and will dramatically increase how much you can make.

Many people are simply looking to buy a product online for the best price and if we have a site about a product or better yet a range of products then we can be helpful and show them just where to buy it for a great price.

With sites like CJ that have thousands of advertisers all wanting affiliates to help to sell their products and the Amazon associates program we should be able to find a resource that allows us to use their links to help to sell a product. What I do like to do is try to find a program that actually genuinely does offer the best possible prices.

For me this is important for a number of reasons.

  1. It allows be to genuinely write that “We have the best price for ………”
  2. It gives proper value to the searcher
  3. Return visitors are much more likely. They may not buy straight away but after they continue searching they will return to your page or Amazon and buy as it genuinely was the best price
  4. You may get bookmarked by the searcher which may give you a backlink
  5. It simply makes you all fuzzy inside knowing that you may be bored as hell writing about the products but at least you are being honest about it being available for the best price by your affiliate link

And I am sure that there are loads of other reasons why we should actually try to find a program that allows us to sell a product at the best price but my brain is a little mangled (as usual).

But, if we can let’s really try to write about products where we can allow people to buy at a great price. Even just for the simple fact that we are more likely to get a good conversion rate.

One of my sites get 1 sale for on average every ten visitors to the site. Not clicks but visitors.

This is because it genuinely is the cheapest place to buy the products and I bang on about it in the text. If you can encourage your visitors to compare prices (our first buying keyword) and feel confident that they will not find it cheaper, then there is a very good chance that at some point they will be back to buy.

What Are Buying Keywords?

A buying keyword is simply a query that someone types in to a search engine that means that they are actively looking to buy a product if they find it for the best price. Now, many will convert terribly but a lot of them will convert well.

We can use them in a manner of ways and this is down to the type of writing that you prefer and the product itself. You may make money blogging by writing a chatty style of site where you talk about the results from a certain face cream and compare it to others or you may have a fully blown sales blog where you simply use direct buying keywords in you post title and simply tell the visitor that you have the so and so for the best price.

I use both methods and both work. It really does depend on the niche and what you are happy with writing about.

But rank for buying keywords and you will make sales, no doubt about it.

It may be a good idea before you build a site around products to try out the best buying keywords on Hubpages if you do not yet have an authority site or read how to build an authority site yet. But ideally you will have your own authority site where you can add in a post about your new idea and see how well it converts.

So, here we go:

List Of Buying Keywords

If you build a site with post titles that contain the following words you will make money, bottom line.

Adsense, affiliate programs etc. It works for them all. I prefer to sell the product. It gives more money and for me I feel it is a better business model. But I do use Adsense as well when the products simply do not convert to sales.

In the following add your main keywords or the actual product.

If you fill up a site like this you will have a ton of useful content that people are searching for and some of the posts will result in some good sales.

  1. Buy…….
  2. ……….For sale
  3. Best price……….
  4. ………….Best price
  5. Best…….
  6. Cheap…….
  7. ………Cheap
  8. Cheapest………..
  9. Low cost………
  10. Low price………
  11. ……..Sale
  12. For sale……….
  13. ………For sale online
  14. Who sells…………..
  15. Where to buy…………
  16. Discount………….
  17. Discounted………..
  18. Compare……..
  19. Price compare……..
  20. Price comparisons……….
  21. Price comparisons of……….
  22. ………..On Amazon (yes really)
  23. Where can I buy……….
  24. Where can you buy………
  25. How do I get……….
  26. Who sells……..cheap
  27. Who sells………the cheapest
  28. The cheapest……….online
  29. ………Compare prices
  30. …………Under (add your price ranges)
  31. Who sells the cheapest………..on line
  32. Buy…………online
  33. Cheap …………online
  34. Cheapest………..online
  35. ………..On line
  36. Bargain…………..
  37. What is the best price for…………
  38. Affordable………….
  39. ………….Reviews
  40. Best reviews of……….
  41. Buying………..
  42. Get cheap………
  43. Price comparisons for…………
  44. Compare prices for……….
  45. Deals for………
  46. Online……..
  47. Is……….better than……..
  48. Compare………..and………
  49. Get the best price for……….
  50. ……………

50 simply being the product itself.

Get all of them to number 1 in the search engine results and you will sell your item.

This is by no means any kind of exhaustive list but it is a good starting point.

Many people search using many different words for a product. If you have those words as your post title then you will be one of the very few people that have done so.

You will be amazed what people type in. Many people type in Amazon and a product which always surprises me.

The main point of this buying keywords post is to not forget how people use a search engine. People trust them and they ask them questions believing that the results in, say, Google are what they have found to be the best price for…….

People do not think about or know that it is the backlinks that we have that make us get to number 1 in the serps. General users of the Internet believe that when they ask google to price compare a product that the top result will be what they found the cheapest price to be.

Hopefully we can confirm their expectations by being at number 1 and offering the product for the best price. So our title of “Price Compare…….” where we then write a post about “If we compare the prices for…….we will find that we really do have the best price for……here. Pleas use the link to see just why so many customers return to us time and time again to buy……

We encourage you to compare our prices with anyone else as we are confident that you will not find…..cheaper on line”

You get the idea.

We have a very nice and genuine business model here where we are really showing people where to get something at a great price.

And for me this is better than having an Adsense site rank well for an item where the searcher has no chance of actually buying it from you. Not to say I do not have sites like that but only because no one would buy the items I was trying to sell.

So, you now have at least 50 post titles to fill up your site with and all for the price of only $1.35 or however much you send me using the donate button ๐Ÿ˜‰

Just messing. But I would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone who has made a donation so far. I was talking to my good lady last night about this after I received a $5 tip from a gracious reader. Getting a donation for written content feels so different to getting an affiliate commission. It actually means people like your writing and found it helpful, which makes me feel all fuzzy inside.

And obviously, keep it coming.

Or I won’t let you read any more!!!

Now, obviously if you try to use these buying keywords for some relatively obscure term you will rank very highly for some of them but the search volume may simply be too low to make much money from sales. But if it is for a relatively highly searched for product then you may see a very good return for your time.

Obviously many people simply search for the product itself or the general term for the product. But for popular items or items that vary a lot in price from site to site there are going to be a good amount of searchers using all manner of longtail keywords in their searches. If you rank for them all you will make money, and that is the bottom line.

If each post results in 1 sale a month you still get to sell 50 of the product a month. And chances are that if you have 50 posts on a site about a product you will be seen as the authority for that site. Check out the affiliate marketing guide for tips on site design and increasing sales and you will make money.

The bottom line really is that you need to spend a lot of time working and getting backlinks to make money on the Internet. You really should not be reading this you know and I certainly should not be taking the time to write it. It is very hard work and needs patience and confidence that what you do today will actually make money better in a years time.

Just keep writing the content and get as many backlinks from as many places as you can and you can be the top site for whatever topic you pick. Be it large or small, expensive or cheap, very competitive or not, you can rank well if you decide to.

The sad part is though that much of what we put online simply never delivers the results that we expected. A lot of stuff simply flops and fails. But, when you do find something that is performing well then jump right in. You do not need to keep working all of your sites if they do not results in sales or earnings. Attack the one site that you have that performs best and go bonkers on it for a month. I took this advice I gave myself early this year and the results are amazing.

Go backlink crazy on an aged site, add content every day and really work it properly to make it the number one resource online for it. It definitely lifts the spirits to see $500 earned in a day and if you really set your mind to dominate a niche and put the work in, which is an awful lot, then you can make as much money as you want online. Just find that niche that really delivers for you and run with it. Who says you have to have hundreds of sites? Keep building them until you find the right niche then expand it out big style.

Anyway, pep talk over.

So, knock the junk sites from the top position and get yourself there for 50 buying keywords for your product. Then go make another load of sites or expand on what you have. If you know that a product makes sales then go full out to concentrate on ranking highly for it so that you help searchers to buy it for the best price and you get a nice commission. Not a bad way to make a living is it?

Now, back to writing for more buying keywords.

  30 Responses to “Buying Keywords: What Are Buying Keywords”

  1. I have always wondered how you got your buying keywords into your posts. For a typical “Buy…….online” post, how many words do you consider the floor?

    Most of my posts are around 750 to 1,000 but sometimes I wonder if I should not cut those in half and make two posts; at least until I get 100 posts on the site, that is.

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Hi Dusty,

    The whole debate over article length is a minefield. But you may be surprised to know that unlike this rambling site where even the comments are length I have my best results with articles of 300 words or so.

    Currently I am in no doubt that the post title is seen as the most important factor. Use all the buying keywords as post titles with a post length that you feel happy with but I do not think they need to be long for the sake of it. I would try doing shorter posts and see what happens. When you are targeting a set of buying keywords then the post will be the most important thing. Plus people simply want to buy, they are not looking for information. For post that are giving information then they will be longer though, more like the length you are talking about.

    Hope this helps.

  2. Thanks man. I appreciate it. I have a few product sites (in addition to my Halloween sites) that I think will work well with your authority/product review/buying keywords techniques.

    I think I may have to turn to the dark side and start spinning some of my content in order to get the results I want though! You brought out a few things I had never really considered before.

  3. Great Post Dave. I had not thought about using multiple posts ont he same site for 1 product. Do you put a pic of the product in each post, and if so is it the same pic over and over? I started focusing on Amazon a cpl months ago and have 1 site that is making at least 1 sale per day so I want to attack that one. Currently it is for a certain type of pet accessory, but I have several posts, each on a different brand or model of that accessory. I am wondering how to take your approach with a site like that. Seems like long term I have the base for a nice authority site, but do I make 50 posts for each of the items I currently have 1 for? hmmm

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Hi John,

    I normally have a pic in the post but it depends on site layout. Sometimes I have small images and buy links all above the fold before the actual post itself. For buying keywords many people do not want to read anything, they are looking for a store to buy so I try to look like one. But for sites where I write about tons of different items then there is always an image and a buy text link.

    First thing I would do is look at stats. See what longtails you get a few visitors for and write a new post with that longtail. Link the two posts together for a double listing. Then, yeah, I would pick some of the buying keywords and see how you go, some will bring in more sales I am sure.

  4. Hi Dave,

    You are infringing on my keyword! Just kidding : )

    Anyway, my blog do rank for the term buying keywords. It is current ranked at number 6 at my data center. I will pass you a link later to this page which I think will give you quite the boast given I have keyword authority for this term.

    Man, I really have a backlog of reading from your site now. I think my last read article was the “how to rank your blog” higher post…

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Hey Aaron

    That would be cool, sorry to step on your toes though but don’t worry I get no G love yet. That is one aged site you have there Aaron, get a lot of traffic? Well, don’t forget to catch up on your reading!

  5. Hi Dave,
    Quick question about Amazon pay rates. once you reach the end of the month, everything reverts back to the 6% rate. Does this mean that anything that was booked previously at the higher rate will only make a 6% commission if the delivery occurs at the beginnig of the next month?

    That would mean that the commission earned will always depend on the delivery date and not the time that it was booked. I was trying to figure this out due to some products taking longer to get sent out than others.



    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:


    6%?, it starts at like 4.5% for us. But yes it is down to when items are shipped. If they are ordered one month but shipped the next then you get the lower rate. But anything that is shipped one month can still earn a high commission as long as you up the rate before the end of the month by getting enough items shipped. This is why it is also good to sell cheap items that people buy on the spot. It will up the commission rate for everything as Amazon’s rates depend on the number of items shipped and not their value. e.g we need 138more items to be shipped this June to get to the 8% rate. If we reach it it means that everything that has been shipped for the month gives us an 8% commission.

  6. Dave,

    Do you show prices on your site, or do you just get them to Amazon and they will see the prices when they get there? Thanks!

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:


    For Amazon we never show prices unless using the ugly box with image and price from Amazon, or something like Reviewazon. Never put it on manually though as it is against their terms to show incorrect prices. For other affiliate programs I usually say “prices from ….” but get peoples interests and they will click through. Always best to get the cookie, people may be put off if it is for an expensive item if you show the price.

  7. Thanks for that Dave.

    Just had a look at the stats and confirmed that the rate starts at 4%.

    Now I understand why volume is important – I had initially thought that once you pass each level, only the products bought within that level was paid at that commission rate.

    Thanks again.


  8. @Dave,
    you have revealed my “secret”..lol
    I have build several sites around buying keywords and got high conversion rates. One site only has articles around buying keywords and its doing pretty well

    Thanks for sharing, I have picked a few tips from this anyway.

    Dennis’s last blog ..Internet Marketing โ€“ Week 17

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Dennis you naught boy. Putting a link to your site as if I have comment luv installed. Your name links to your site, and your latest post was about people comment spamming. Links in comments are cool, if relevant.

    Hold out your hand while I find my ruler.

  9. Hi Dave,

    Nice list of buying keywords, thank you for that.
    When you use all these buying kw’s in your titles wouldn’t it look a bit strange.
    Where to buy samsung xyz203
    cheap samsung xyz203
    best place to buy samsung xyz203
    and that 20 times for every product?

    Wouldn’t it look a bit spammy when you get a manual review?

    Thank you


    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Dennis it may look a little odd if you wrote them all in a row and got a manual review. But why use adsense? Sell the product and make more money. I would use adsense if your clicks simply do not convert in to sales, which is sometimes the case.

    But if you simply mix up the buying post titles with other titles it will not look as odd. But personally I would not use these kinds of titles for adsense sites as you are very effectively gaming the system. This is the beauty of affiliate marketing, these kinds of post titles that bring in many sales are exactly what the people behind the affiliate programs want more of. We get no manual review to worry about can so simply write exactly what the searcher is looking for without any worries.

  10. Thank you for your answer Dave.

    Yes, for adsense I wouldn’t do that for sure, but when using affiliate marketing you can have a manual review too from google, although chances are smaller, and am wondering how much they like it when you have a lot of buying keyword titles. Does google see that as a quality site wich adds value to the seacher or do they see it as a thin site? I don’t know.
    I do know that google has nothing against people making money with their sites, but I am still wondering what they like and don’t like when manual reviewing an affiliate site.

    You have succes with it so I should just follow that path and think less…..lol

    Mixing up the “buying titles” with other titles will make it less odd as you say and when you have an authority site with lots of posts your site could look professional.Maybe that’s the way I should go……authority sites with some buying kw titles in between


  11. Dave,

    you said somewhere how much you earned with your infobarrels, can you tell us how much you make per hubpage with your amazon monetized ones?

    Just curious if starting out with 50 or so hubs would be a good idea…….

    ofc I understand if you don’t want to share thsi kind of information


    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Dennis I have just got back in to Hubpages. All my old ones were mainly just for backlinks and to see if I got adsense, it is nothing to write home about. Probably similar to Infobarrel as far as Adsense earnings go. For new Hubs, I have only done a few and some have made a few regular sales and some simply do not convert, which has been a good way to test a niche.

    50 or so Amazon hubs would be a great idea. Find a good niche and sales can be impressive, many a day. But my other half does a lot more than me and has a magic touch when it comes to Hubpages, she simply seems to get sales nearly every day from a Hub if she does one, me, I am not so lucky.

  12. Thank you Dave,

    Good to hear money can be made with hubpages, this way I can test some niches.

    BTW it must be great to work together with your wife on your sites, you keep each other motivated I guess ๐Ÿ™‚

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Dennis it is great working together, it must be a lonely business for many. But mainly I am just glad we do not ever have to go and get a proper job for the rest of our lives. No answering to “The Man” for us anymore ๐Ÿ˜‰

    But she is getting a bit cheeky now. After all I have taught her and now she is beginning to make more on her Amazon account than our combined one, maybe she should have written the Amazon post not me! She is selling tons every day, and a lot is from her various hubpages accounts so it can be done and is a great testing ground.

    Um, just kidding my dear, loves ya. (just on case she reads this), although she has the right idea, less blog reading and more work.

  13. […] Buying keywords, i.e using keywords that would be buyers type in are more often than not a sign that they simply want to buy and not to read a load of nonsense […]

  14. Dave,

    I recently built a site in July to test your suggestions in this post about buying keyword post titles. Well it works! I was able to increase my Amazon earnings in Sept. by $200. Thanks again for the information you share on this site. Its much appreciated.

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:


    De Nada.

    That is good going for a few months Sarge, nice one. Glad it helped, and thanks for the feedback.

  15. Hi Dave, say I write 50 posts using all the buying keywords, do I then put all 50 posts onto my website to be easily seen? And when I find that a longtail keyword is bringing in good traffic I write another post using that keyword as the title, correct? If I do write 50 or so posts with these buying keywords for a product such as protein powder, do I list every post I have on my website for all the visitors and G to see? Im just confused when you say to write 50 posts for your website built around protein powder. How is the website supposed to be organized when all of the posts are the same? And how do you write link building articles for all 50 posts when they are all the same?

    Sorry if that post was all over the place

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:


    OK. For longtails that you get traffic for you may find that simply adding the text in to the existing post is enough to rank higher, or that and some links for the term. You may not need to write a post. But if it gets good traffic then write a new post, interlink the two and you should get a double listing.

    You may also double up on the buying keywords so you can write “Best Price XXX For Sale”. You can also simply put a number of the buying keywords in H2’s in the post. That is often enough to rank for them if you backlink for the post title terms and the H2’s too.

    It really does depend on how tough the term enough. For moderate keyword difficulty that should be more than enough.

    The site layout is just as it is. You write the content then it is up to you if you display recent posts etc.

    To be honest it is why I don’t do niche sites about 1 product. Much better to have a general site about all the protein powders and mix up the brand you write about. It looks less spammy then when you gradually intersperse the site with buying terms for each brand.


    Just suck it up, it is boring. You simply write your content with the links you want to rank for in it. If it is for protein powders then you have a brilliant foundation. You can write a million different articles about how your training went each day. How your bench press max improved, how you managed to do a pre-exhaust routine off a set of 15 leg extensions with your max weight followed by s set of 20 deep breath squats while going to full depth and thanking God the power rack was there to save you.

    And all thanks to XXX protein powder you had begun.

    Just got either get creative or write the same thing over and over in different ways.

    Does that help?

  16. Just to double check here. If I have a site about selling socks (watch out Dave!), and I have 10 pairs I am trying to push, would you add a buying keyword to each title and swap them around a bit?

    For example

    Cheap blue socks
    Compare Red Socks
    Where can you buy socks for hamsters

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:


    If you want to rank then it makes it easier if it is on the post title, at least short term. I would go for “Buy White Socks Cheap”, “Blue Socks For Sale Best Price” etc, may as well get 2 terms plus your main term in there.

    It depends how far you want to take it if you do that for each color etc. But use some buying terms in the post in H2ยกs etc, backlink each post for all terms and in a year or so the whole site will rank for anything regardless off it you used the actual buying term or not. (maybe 2 years) ๐Ÿ˜‰

  17. Hey Dave, id really like to make my blog look like a store. Do you have any advice as to some wordpress themes, free or paid that are best to use? Also, do you know how to delete the post date and time so that each product post looks like part of an e-store and less like a blog entry? Lastly, when building links, would you suggest one link per 300 words?

    Thanks for all your help Dave

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:


    I mostly do 2 links per 300 words, seems a shame to waste it, but now and then I mix it up.

    To get rid of date, time etc you need to go in to the single post stylesheet in your appearance editor. Then near to where it has the code for your post title you will see some code for the date etc. Make sure you copy the whole page of code first then play around deleting different bits until you get it right. For the home page you need to do the same on the index code page.

    There are a ton of themes, this one, suffusion, is free and about as flexible as you can possibly find, I would play around with that. You can hard code certain elements in themes as well, just by adding content, images etc in to the theme as we discussed for deleting time, date etc.

    Hope that helps.

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