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Jul 212010

I know I said I was pretty much gone from here for the foreseeable future but this is just a quick heads up really. Any regular readers will know that I have had good success using the Postrunner system from The Keyword Academy. I don’t use the rest of the tools that they offer for keywords research, although I hear they are very good, but I have my own way of going about that, and I have explained it here a few times.

Anyway, a while ago they put the price up to over $60, but have now dropped it to just over $30 again. Basically it seems that people were hesitant to pay this much even though the first month is only $1, so you get to see what it is all about for just a dollar before you have to pay the higher monthly rate.

In all honesty I would not mind paying the sixty odd dollars because the Postrunner part of the system is about the easiest and safest way to get continuous backlinks on a daily basis with no hassle.

It is basically a network of hundreds and hundreds of member owned blogs (over 600 sites in total) where you get to write a short article with 2 backlinks and submit it to the relevant site. I have had very good success with it and as far as longevity is concerned these type of links are going to be a lot more sticky than many of the other ways to get links I have discussed over this blogs short, yet very time consuming life.

Anyway, this is not going to be a rambling post, I said before I am not going to be posting unless I have proper advice and things to talk about that can help. This is basically just a heads up that the price is now low again, and is still only a dollar for the first month. I recommend the Postrunner system (which is part of what you get access to when you sign up) above just about anything else for getting real backlinks.

It is not a short cut, it involves real work on your part, but the results have been great for me and as an online buddy said to me recently,

“Why didn’t you tell me how good it really was, you never seemed to really hype it that much”

Well, now I am.

You can join here and I will make 33 cents from you registering so I may be able to buy my Thai Island sooner than I thought 😉

Until I have something to say…………….Adios Amigos

p.s If you have anything to say about the system (good or bad) if you have used it then comments are welcome. An unbiased opinion is always best and often hard to find.

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  1. You said you were not going to post anymore….I said I wasn’t going to look……Damn it man! What’s wrong with us? Addictions are a pain in the butt!

    Anyways, since you last posted, I managed to get 10 sites online. Now I just need more content!

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Wow Dusty that year flew by 😉

    Just a quick update from me but no more posts I promise, for a while at least. Ten sites up is great news, you work fast. I have been backlinking away and going a bit bonkers with the dull grind of it all but the results are worth the work, no doubt about it. I am just happy that a nice bottle of Cava awaits me in an hour or so. I use the term bottle loosely, it could mean more or less, guess which way I prefer to call it.

  2. Yeah, I hear ya! Last night the wife and kid were visiting some friends so I knocked back a few (6?) cold ones and wrote 25 articles for my sites. I can’t wait to re-read those tonight!

  3. I have a question Dave. So do you have to provide a blog too for others to put articles on too?

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Hey Cathy,

    You don’t have to add a site if you don’t want to. It is optional, and entirely up to you.

  4. I tried The Keyword Academy a couple months back. I canceled before the end of my first $1 trial month. Why?

    It seemed a total jumble of what this video, then watch that video, and many things are scattered across many pages of a blog, or so it seemed to me. I learn little from videos, and unlike a text-based medium, when you get interrupted watching a video, you spend a lot of time just getting back to where your mind was before the door bell or phone rang.

    I have many reports from others as well that their tools work great (although I never once got the vaunted keyword tool to actually stay connected long enough to give me a result .. it is, by their own instructions, s…l…o …w)

    The Postrunner system does sound worthwhile, tough, so perhaps I’ll give them a try again in the future ..I don’t want this to send all negative, because I think there is great value in their system, but in my view it’;s hardly a place for a beginner.

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Dave Starr,

    Thanks for your honest opinion. I use it for Postrunner and have never even looked at the videos or the keyword tool or anything else apart from a quick visit to the forum. I too would prefer written content but I thought that they provided transcripts of the vids, but I could be wrong.

    I am promoting it purely from the postrunner side of it and it really is very good. A lot of beginners do seem to follow the entire system to the letter which for some may be just what they need. A total step by step guide, but it would take some time to go over it all.

  5. @Dave Starr – Niche Refinery is a lot faster now – I used it a week or so back & it took about 10 minutes to process keywords that would have taken hours before!

    They also have transcripts of the videos – I’m not keen on video instruction either, so was happy to see that.

    I haven’t used Postrunner properly yet – I really do need to start some serious link building! I added a site into the system though, and have been pleasantly surprised by the quality of the posts I’ve got so far.

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:


    If you spend even an hour a day writing say 5 posts for postrunner that will give you some serious movement in the serps in a week or so. 70 links to a site or an article over the course of a week really can work wonders.

    And unfortunately these type of manually built links are the ones that are most likely to hang around and keep working, I just wish someone would write the article for me as no spinning is allowed. But it keeps the quality of the sites higher.

  6. This is great news. I always thought the keyword academy was overpriced if all you want are the tools and not all the videos.

  7. “If you spend even an hour a day writing say 5 posts for postrunner that will give you some serious movement in the serps in a week or so. 70 links to a site or an article over the course of a week really can work wonders.”

    Really? Because I’ve posted a couple of dozen articles to my trafficless sites which still aren’t getting any traffic?

    I suppose the linkbuilding only works in a week if you’ve already got some rank?

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Exactly. If the site has a history of getting backlinks then 70 links can work magic, but even a newish site should respond to that kind of work. But there is never any guarantee. Some sites simply take more time to show a response.

    The one thing I have learned though is that even if the results take a while all the backlinking pays off in the end, it is just that sometimes for whatever reason some stuff takes longer to show its true position in the serps. But the backlinking will pay off at some point.

    But make sure you get those backlinks indexed and at least give them a tiny boost with the free ImAutomator or Onlywire to ensure they get found quicker. But sooner or later all backlinks usually get found, sometimes you just get one of those funny niches where the results take longer. In my brief experience it is actually a good sign long term, when the rankings come the work will have been worth it.

    Bottom line new sites take time to respond to backlinks, it is why so many people give up this game. I am now seriously thinking that a better way may be to build a site with a ton of content, leave it 8 months or so then start backlinking, but I am a little impatient for that. But I wonder how much less work it would actually involve if I had the patience.

  8. @Blackthorne

    Or if your keyword is too hard. But seriously, I can’t imagine a site not doing anything after you hit it with 70 decent backlinks.

  9. Well… in Yahoo there are >35 links showing for the sites I’m working now.

    But many links in the PostRunner system still need to go live and be picked up by G.

    It won’t be too long before I hit 70 articles (with 2 links each) to both sites that I am working.

    I have 1 single product link that got 2 unique hits of traffic because it’s currently ranking on page 3.

    So at least the site ain’t dead.

    My sites got trickle traffic in the beginning which has dropped down to 0 because I wasn’t backlinking.

    I kind of expect my backlinking efforts to make the sites gain some steam.

  10. Those are good PR results Dave. I hope it does the same for me.

    “I am now seriously thinking that a better way may be to build a site with a ton of content, leave it 8 months or so then start backlinking,”

    I’m kind of doing this, because I was feeling overwhelmed by the prospect of backlinking all my sites at the same time. I’ve realised I can make a decent income from just a handful of them, so have decided to focus my link building efforts on those for now, but to continue adding content to the others. It will be interesting to see how much link building the others will actually need when I get to them in a year or so.

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Cat that is a good tactic. I took my own advice the beginning of the year and started really working the sites that made the most very hard and the results have been great. Sometimes certain sites simply respond better while others feel like you are banging your head against a brick wall.

    ‘Tis a funny old game, no doubt.

  11. I like this blog. Most informative and inspiring on the web. Read many long posts from yesterday. Now i am confused which way to go amazon or adsense? I earn some money from adsense. But very small from amazon.

    I don’t have any niche sites experience in IM. but i know every bit of post title, seo and side bar links. which increase traffic to main keyword in the years end.

    Whatever it is smart work followed by hard work.

  12. Dave,

    I’ve got sites that get almost no traffic, but that’s because I didn’t link them up properly.

    All the sites that got a shed load of links, get a few hundred visitors per day.

    Have you ever seen a site that you were doing lots of linking to but that never got any traffic?

    From personal experience I don’t think it’s possible, but I’m asking out of curiosity.

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Blackthorne, it can happen. I have one site that jumps all over the place. I haven’t done anything to it in a while but it has had a good few links and still some days gets 2 visits, then the next like 30 or 40. Just the ways it goes sometimes. Everything should settle down in the long term though.

  13. Hey Dave,
    Been reading your site for a while and the amazon articles really helped me get working hard on my amazon sites. Ive improved the layouts and already got sales because of it. Just wanted to let you know i signed up for 1year sub at hostnine under your affiliate link. So please invite me to visit your thai island one day 🙂

    Im a KWA member. Postrunner is a good system, to get the most benefit you need to build links to your banklinks to make sure they get indexed. Any link from a high PR page works well, links from ezine articles indexes pages very fast.

    I agree the videos are a little messy, but if you watch them all in order and take notes you will get a good plan on how to create niche/supersites. The worktracker app and project manager spreadsheet are some of the best features. Basically they tell you what to do and keep you on track. $33/mth just for the postrunner system is worthwhile as other link networks at lower quality cost 47$ a month or more.


    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Hi Dan, thanks for signing up for hostnine, although no commission is showing yet so I will have to keep an eye on that. You can come any time buddy once I get the island.

    I haven’t looked at all the info TKA has but may do at some point. But you are right the postrunner part is more than worth the money anyway. Glad that you have got some improved sales for Amazon and good point about getting the submissions backlinked a little, it will improve them no end. Hope you get lots more sales and earn more every day.

  14. I’m going to assume these sites will get traffic soon.

    Maybe it just *seems* like it’s taking much longer than usual, because I’m working much harder on these sites than I have on other sites I built in the past.

    It’s all relative.

    Also: my site Article Count is now available on the PostRunner system.

    I invite everybody in this thread to post an article or two.

  15. Great site Dave thanks. I got a lot from it especially your long Amazon guide. I followed your link to TKA and at first looks it seems like the formula for figuring out the profit potential for a keyword (and all their keyword research and strategies) are geared towards Adsense. Is this true? I don’t do Adsense and concentrate on aff marketing, Amazon etc Cj etc so I wondered if that formula for assessing keyword profitability would be right for my business model?

    I like the look of Postrunner and the Project Management spreadsheet so will see how the 30 day trial goes.


    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Tara I don’t do much adsense either. But as far as I can tell their tools are just as good for general research if you take off looking for the CPC. A good low competition is a good keyword whichever way you look at it. The Postrunner system is all I use though so can’t really give my experience in how good their tools are, but many speak highly of them.

  16. Dave,

    Listening to you talk about authority sites I always dreamed of having my own and even though the money isn’t pouring in at Dave levels it’s nice to find that for one of my sites, the posts are now starting off on the front page of SERPS. “It is happening (again)” – you know what TV show that’s from, right? As a man who is into his drama, have you watched SPOOKS? Basically a better version of 24! It’s British of course.

    I’m in your fan club, man!

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Hey Andy,

    That is some nice authority you got there, it pays off with all the work in the end don’t it?

    I couldn’t really get in to Spooks, although a dodgy tv picture because I live up a mountain and try to get UK tv doesn’t help. I now mostly get stuff from my American cousin Don Load, I can then watch a full series in a few sittings which I like better. I wish Dexter would come back, man I loved that show.

  17. Oy, Blackthorne, stop nicking all my visitors. People keep clicking to your article count site. Stay here you lot, there is more to read you know. This post is just a quick reminder, take a look at some of the long stuff 😉

  18. Hi Dave,

    I’m probably going to sign up for TKA soon just to use the Postrunner system but I was wondering if you do any social bookmarking at all to your sites? I currently use Socialadr ($38/month) which is an automated way of getting these links and I do see the bookmarks showing up in Yahoo Search Explorer but then I wonder if it actually helps.

    It’s difficult to say though since I use other backlink sources as well. Anyway, I think I may just cancel that subscription and get the TKA one instead (under your aff link of course =P ). I’ve finally managed to build a site based on the massive Amazon post and others on this site so I’m quite excited to see how it will do in the coming months. Will keep you posted for sure.

    I just know that I’ll have to add tons of content and backlinks 🙂


    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Hann I use the free version of imautomator.com and sometimes onlywire.com, though not onlywire so much now. I think these type of things are great for getting stuff indexed and the bots going to them but have never really seen any serp movements to speak of from social bookmarking.

    I would give TKA, more importantly Postrunner, a go, for a dollar it is worth seeing if you like it, if not then you can cancel anyway. Glad the articles here have helped and good luck with the new sites.

  19. “Oy, Blackthorne, stop nicking all my visitors.”

    Don’t worry Dave. I checked my stats. I’m nicking hardly anybody!

    But it’s shaping up to be a great directory, with around 5 posts coming in each day.

  20. hi sir,

    my question would be: which free hosting site did you use before switching to paid/reseller? I’m having problems with 000webhost(I can’t get the plugins you said you use up and working AND it’s offline quite a bit so meh…) and zymic(couldn’t get ANY plugins working(this gives me an error message instead of just not working like on 000webhost))… I could install the all in one SEO pack on 000webhost but not the other two… what do you say? I could get paid hosting but I’d rather spend my buck on proper domains and the free ones look nice aside from these problems(I mean you get quite a bit of bandwidth and space for free so yeah..)


    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Mat I would not bother with free hosting I would pay for it, it is very cheap at less than $50 a year. If you don’t want to pay then I think you would just be better of with blogger or Hubpages rather than buying a domain and using free hosting.

  21. The IMAutomator only submits to a handful of pligg sites as of now. Your might as well buy AutoPligg if you want to do this in the long run. I used to use AP earlier to build links to my EZA/PS articles but as I prefer the spiders finding them on their own right now – it randomizes my link acquisition timeline further. Besides with the introduction of Caffeine any decent site is going to get crawled multiple times a day and if your article is cycled on the home page, then you’re pretty much indexed ASAP.

    I’ve been submitting some to your directory as well. I realize it doesn’t have any PR as of now. Why not install OnlyWire on it and say **All accepted articles bookmarked to 30 sites as well** in the description. Just a thought.

  22. kk thanks 🙂

  23. Thanks for the tip Wishal.

    I have the feeling that bookmark link juice has been totally wiped out by Google but I will do it anyway.

    I remember the Free Traffic System wrote about a plug that does OW automatically.

    I will make sure to install that and hopefully get some PR on ArticleCount.

    Articles are already dripping in at 5 per day despite PR0. I’m pleasantly surprised.

  24. I’m finding even with a new site – and my vey erratic backlinking – the progression up the SERPS is impressive – and this is for a site which has exactly 8 pages indexed in Google – and is not getting any more content anytime soon.

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Lis, that is impressive and it definitely makes life easier just having postrunner to use on a daily basis. It is great knowing there is always something to fall back on as far as always being able to get some new links.

  25. […] links to a hub in a week from Backlinks Philippines and a load of Postrunner submissions and what? Your good lady ranks no1 for a number of terms you would not even dream that […]

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