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Jun 192010

best content spinnerThe Shameful Realities Of How To Make Real Money Blogging

I hang my head in shame, and every time I look up from my laptop and glance at my gorgeous lady I shake my head again as I watch her spinning an article she has written in to 100 more to pollute the Internet with.

The shameful realities of the best content spinner. Bought and used and abused it has more than paid for itself. The $40 odd dollars that it cost seems ridiculously low when I think how long I used to spend writing 100 articles. I dread to think how long actually. MAR or Magic Article Rewriter was bought a few months ago now and been put to very good use. I got the MAR and MAS option (Magic Article Submitter) for $80 odd dollars and our work has taken on a life of its own.

The funny thing is that we have been doing IM for what seems like a lifetime but is actually in total about 21 months. Although I had no clue how to make an anchored backlink or to write about what makes money until about 14 months ago. I spent a lot of time in the wilderness messing about and chasing stuff that was pointless. So, I am pretty new to the game but have learned a lot, have a lot more to learn, but am happy that currently we see xxxx plus dollar days (as well as xxxx or xxxx ones) and can now afford to buy food, which is not something I could say a year ago when things were seriously upsetting and debts were mounting.

Now, the best content spinner, this magic article rewriter I am talking about is actually one of the first tools I bought. I have a real mental block to spending any money at all for our business. It simply goes against my principles of spending money when I can do it for free. But after using, abusing, and oozing it for a few months I could kick my self in the head, if I were supple enough.

But the fact remains, it is a nonsense.

If there were a better way to rank for competitive terms then I would do it. If that meant not filing up the Internet with more content that no one reads for the most part then I would embrace it.

But I want to make money, and I want that amount to be $1000 a day. And I will get there by next year.

And I know that the competition on the Internet is going to get harder and harder every year.

And I know that if I fall behind too much then some dude with all the web polluting gizmos he can get his hands on is going to beat ME in the rankings.

Oh no you don’t buddy. The Internet is mine I tells ya, all mine.

Which brings me back to the best way to spin content. Take your pick from the many available. I researched and MAR came out tops so that is what I bought.

There is no doubt that it was money very well spent. I still have not bought the keyword token thingy for it or whatever it is called. From what I understand it still then needs to be gone through manually so I just do that from the start. It takes a while but how long does it take to write 100 articles? Bloody ages. And the fact is that what I would have written is going to be the same regurgitated stuff anyway, all in an effort to get backlinks and climb the search engine results. Same difference, just a lot quicker.

I can spin one article, submit it to their article submitter and get hundreds of backlinks at the push of a button. I can spin another article and submit it to backlink solutions for a few hundred more backlinks from high PR sites.

I really never thought I would try to automate at all, and I know that I am far from doing more than the very basics. But the difference it makes, oh boy.

Have you written a hub for a competitive term and then got it right near to the top of page 1 in a few days from your backlinking efforts? A hundred spins and a few clicks and it can happen.

I actually find it sad, but I don’t know what to do. I do lots of manual writing of single articles and submit to The Keyword Academy, I write really good quality content on some sites I own, I spend all day typing, I have some content online I am very proud of.

But the money comes from writing buying keyword titles and getting as many backlinks as I possibly can. And tools to make it easier make the money come in quicker and in larger amounts.

I may be a year late in catching up but I can see the difference these tools to get automated can make. But I just regret that this is the way it works at the moment. Not that I would ever rely on such submissions solely. A great backlink from a high quality site that is relevant to my niche and full of great content is always what I strive for. And I have a good few of those sites myself. They may not make much money but they are there for me to get very good quality backlinks from now that they have gotten a little older.

At least I know when all these networks and bulk submission sites mean less and less I will always also have lots of high quality backlinks from relevant sites as well. I hope that you do too.

If not then I would start begging, buying, swapping and getting what are more “real” links as soon as possible. I sleep better for it. I would never rely on just one type of backlink. Don’t just rely on article directory backlinks, forum profiles and the like. Get a great mix of links from as many different places as possible to protect your sites and to make them guarded against any de-valuing of certain types of links.

I do wonder what the future holds as far as Internet Marketing goes. Surely all this spinning, comment spamming, forum spamming and the like has got to crash and burn at some point (although I definitely cannot bring myself to do any of that). But I don’t know how or when. So a spinning I have to go, much as I feel like it goes against how I think things should be. But, hey, I wrote 100 new articles for backlink solutions in less than an hour, how many did I used to make manually in that amount of time?

I do finally see the advantage to these tools I now use, and the reality is that they do pay for themselves very quickly, but it still hurts my oh so delicate sensibilities, just seems wrong somehow. Shouldn’t it all involve blood, sweat and tears? I think maybe it should.

Or maybe the price of a domain name should be $5000 or something. That would get rid of so much crap on the Internet in one go it would be a different world. Maybe I am actually on to something there. All domains now cost $5000 dollars, please use the donate button below to reserve your new sites.

But seriously what a difference that would make. Just a lot of much better quality sites maybe? Or would it just mean that the small guy never got a look in as it can take a long time to make money on the Internet. But the best content spinner definitely does make a difference. Buy it if you can afford it or search for a free one and use that, but please make sure that your results read well and look decent. Running an article directory I cringe in shame at some of the content we receive, my Dogs could have done better and they still haven’t got to grips with MAR properly yet, bloody noobs 😉

But all is not lost and we definitely do not have to buy or borrow a content spinner, surely there are other ways to get backlinks and to rank higher in the search engines without resorting to such measures. Shall we take a look at a few to pass the time? This is actually where I befuddle my brain and spin around in circles.

Our Less Spammy Options To Make Money Blogging

We should certainly approach sites to offer a high quality guest post in exchange for links. We can sleep well at night if we can do that. But the problem is no one will accept my guest posts about cheap white socks, which is a bloody cheek if you ask me.

We can write article after article and submit to Ezine articles and the like. But, um, yep, we end up saying the same thing over and over again don’t we, so why not just spin it in the first place. A tough one but that is the truth.

We can write single posts and use the Postrunner system on TKA, which works well, and is certainly worth doing, but takes lots of time and should just be part of the backlink profile.

We can be a very active member of a forum and have a link in our signature. This is a very good idea, and although I am only active in one forum, Ben’s from make money online with SEO, a good number of people come here every day because of my forum profile. I would really recommend this, but again I can’t seem to find a bloody forum that is about cheap white socks.

Ask online friends to swap links. I do this whenever I can. They are links from relevant content and work very well. Get as many links as you can like this. Ask friends, make friends, approach strangers and ask for link swaps, blogrolls and the like. It all adds to a nice varied backlink profile, and this is imperative to keep our sites NUMBER 1 BABY!

So, we don’t need a content spinner, and I got by fine without one for a long time. But the lure of so many easy backlinks is so hard to ignore. And once a site has got its fair share of links from Ezine, Infobarrel, Squidoo, Hubpages, and all the other sources we can find, we need to find new places for links and it is the tools that give us easy access to this. I would not use them on new sites, or only very conservatively, but you will be amazed what a massive deluge of these links from the sites I have talked about can do to a hubpage or an article you have on your own site for a competitive term.

Aaargggh. Still seems weird though. Anyway, it is vino o’clock and my work here is done. Another 9-5 finishes, and I would say I wonder what tomorrow will bring but I already know. Backlinks, posts, and a “Wow, I used to work for a fortnight to earn what we did yesterday” in the morning, at about 9 or maybe 10 if I have a vino too many. Just my ramblings about the best content spinner 😉

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  1. hi sir, nice post!

    I have a question:P
    How much difference does using .net/.org/.info or the like(even free ones like co.cc) make versus the standard .com ones? because one can find better keywords to build a site around with these slightly less used domains but many people still seem to stick to .com-s for some reason

    Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:


    A .com would be ideal but if it is not available then I would get what I can with the keywords in. As far as I have been able to tell .infos etc rank just fine, but mine usually have plenty of content on. If they were for little 5 page sites it may be different but as I don’t have any I don’t know what the results would be. But for larger sites I can’t really see it makes any difference.

  2. I too have recently been introduced to the power of spinning. I am using The Best Spinner. I am still on the basics at the moment but I have been able to generate a great amount of articles that have been submitted to hubpages, infobarrels, squidoo and ezines.

    I remember reading in Ben’s forum how much you were against spinning. LoL 🙂 Oh how times have changed. But it is exactly as you said – we are rewriting stuff anyway so why not use a tool that helps to automate the process.

    keep on spinning my brother!!

    Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:


    You are right I was against it. Especially as I was seeing what was produced. But if you can’t beat ’em. And the truth is that it does make a vast difference to the work load as well as getting more links a lot quicker. I still feel a little dirty doing it though.

    Happy spinning Dude.

  3. Once saith the Griz, “write long, rambling posts”. Long live the Griz. I write long rambling posts often as well, I really should take the time more often to aim them at something.

    Thanks for the reality check and the many snippets of real-world information you never fail to include. people on the outside looking in do often fail to realize .. it’s a job. A good job in many ways, but a job, none-the-less.

    And for Mat of the one “T” … your question seems a wee bit incomplete. I started to give my own opinion/answer to your question in typical long, rambling style .. and then I looked at the URL bar at the top of my browser.

    have you done the same? Are you here reading and interacting on as “horrible” .INFO? Am I? Are dozens of others every day? I think that’s a better answer than a wordy answer.

    Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Dave Starr,

    You hit the nail on the head, it is a job. And needs to be treated as such. This is why I finally bought a few tools. A job that had no real investment apart from hosting and domains for a year is a very low start up to be self employed. So a few tools is a good investment.

    Good point about the .info’s.

    Never made any difference to me with rankings. Although I think this site will be many months before it gets much search engine love, because of the topics.

  4. Liking the blog Dave, just thought id try a question because i know ill get a no BS answer, is the magic article submitter worth getting? quite like the spinner got it the other day but i passed on the submitter. i mean i know its not going to do wonders but im looking for something to use alongside free traffic system to try an get hubs to rank seeing as it is these i mainly work with and looking at your post it might be worth getting do many of the links show up?

    i would ramble on even more but i think youv had enough content from me for one day i should be writing my own 😛

    an sorry for any spelling mistakes or anything that doesn’t make sense 1 in the morning here an only had 4 hours sleep last night, itl pay of in the end tho.

    Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Hi Len,

    To be honest I can’t say how effective MAS is on its own as I usually use it the same time as BS. But some of the links do show up in seoquake but by no means the hundreds that get submitted. They are not going to be super high quality but they all add to the pot. But sorry, I have not really tested it for ranking results when not using other things at the same time like BS as well as continuously writing original content for backlinks.

  5. Hi Dave,

    Thanks for another great post. I really enjoy reading your “long rambling posts” and you’ve convinced me to focus more on Amazon sites. In perusing your recommended tools on the sidebar, I was wondering about the Quality Backlinks service? How does it work exactly? It isn’t too descriptive on their website.

    Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Kim, thanks for the kind words. The service works like this:

    They supply you with 50 high PR sites where you then get instructions on how to add links to profiles etc on inner pages. Many are forums, some are member profiles etc. I was dubious but it does work very well. Many of the profiles can have 4 or 5 links on and some can have 1. Bottom line is it takes hours to do but at the moment will result in a jump in the serps.

    For the price it is certainly worth 1 go to see the results and test it. I do it every month. But have just tried a similar service where they do the submissions for you and am waiting on the results. I will then write a post about it all.

  6. As much time as it actually takes to write content I simply cannot bring myself to spin my articles. I realize that everyone does it but I just can’t….that is probably why I will never make any decent money online!

    Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:


    I just read your post, thanks for the link and I can see why you are mad. That was some bad news. But, you don’t have to spin to make money, it just lightens the load, but you can still do the work manually, I still do a ton of article writing.

  7. Having another lie-in?

    Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Other Alf, don’t be cheeky.

  8. I have mixed feelings on spinners too. Haven’t tried MAR, but I have The Best Spinner, which I’m impressed with as far as spinners go.

    I haven’t used it a lot recently though. I’m experimenting with straight syndication of my articles to those directories that accept duplicates. I’m not yet convinced that backlinks should all come from unique articles to have value, so I want to test it for myself.

    I actually like the $5000 domain name idea! Maybe everyone should be able to get a small number of domains cheaply, then after that they cost a lot more. That would give people a chance to make high quality sites for little investment, but maybe deter the spammers with their multiple junk sites.

    Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Cat I would definitely say that you get backlinks from duplicate content up to a point. Whenever I would submit stuff to say ezine it would also go to article dashboard, go articles, amazines articleblast and a few others. They don’t all stay but a good number get and stay indexed and even rank in the serps. No need to just give ezines all the content, they accept duplicate anyway.

    Wow, an idea of mine someone likes!!! Think how different the Internet would be if we could only have a few sites each, very different indeed.

  9. Hi Dave,

    As usual great stuff. As far as using some of the tools to make your internet marketing life easier….I could not agree more. Having had success in another completely different business I know that having tools that either make your job faster or easier or both can be a huge help.

    The Best Spinner is a GREAT GREAT tool.

    Also, I have finally figured out that outsourcing some of the work is also a HUGE deal. Being very familiar with the Philppines, and having lots of contacts there, I am amazed I did not use some of these highly skilled hard working people before. I have learned my lesson.

    I do have a question on back links. I hear so many different theories (and I have my own) but I would like to know what YOU think, and know what others think as far as how soon you should start adding back links and how many should you add.

    What has always puzzled me is what is considered TOO MUCH? I always hear that TOO MANY back links too soon is bad….but what is too soon and what is too much?

    And Dave, if you can privately email me I would greatly appreciate it.




    Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:


    I think I did email you the other day, I will try again.

    Ah, backlinks. Well, I see it this way. Most new sites will not rank well for many months and until then I take it fairly slowly. I would send a few links most days if possible to a new site. As you begin to get more traffic I would up the links. After a month maybe 4 or 6 a day and after 6 months or a year I would be doing add runs of a few hundred, some runs of 30 etc and just keep it really random and thrown as many links as I could from different places.

    But the real answer is “who knows”. I certainly don’t think that even 10 links a day to a new site is going to do any damage but it is all conjecture. This is why having a good few sites is good. There is simply not the time to link to all the new sites. But then too many sites makes it too hard as well to build them out effectively, there needs to be a balance somewhere. I prefer just a good handful of sites really.

  10. Good post again Dave. We all appreciate how you take time to reply to each comment 🙂

    Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Thanks Tony.

    There is nothing worse than someone who runs a blog discussing topics who does not reply to the comments. I don’t mind questions at all, I know I wish I could have asked many questions when I was beginning to learn. Well, and now really 😉

  11. I don’t buy this shame thing.

    It’s like saying “damn, I’m so greedy, I want 1K a day, which means I must play the system, but I can’t help it, I just have to do it, oh I’m so miserable, but aiming for a smaller amount is just not an option, oh boy!”

    What you’re doing is biting the hand that feeds you: the internets gives you income, and you pollute it with spun crap, instead of contributing something actually valuable.

    Imagine the Internets is like the planet… then you’re doing some really bad ecology, dude. Why do honest writers who publish on Hubpages have to compete with constant sabotage? Why must their good content be constantly devaluated and sunk down by tons of written dung?

    Shame means understanding the consequences, and in turn, acting to prevent them. At least you could have been honest and admitted that you’re NOT sorry. If you WERE, you wouldn’t do it.

    Greed is okay. Lying you’re having qualms about it is hypocritical and deceitful.

  12. yeah, I doubt my previous comment will be published, but you get the idea, mr. Dave.

    Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Just saying,

    I have no problems publishing your comment. Anyone can comment here as long as they are not spamming. We all have our own opinions and I outlined mine in the post. Why should I not aim to earn $1000 a day?

    You tell me how much you are happy with. Do you not think that writing for Hubpages is all about making money? Let me ask you is what you write there merely helpful information or do you pick keywords to try to make money from your writing? And if you are trying to make money from Adsense then you are hoping that people will click a link so you get money. Personally I do not think that is the most honest business model.

    As to your accusations of being a liar and hypocritical I am no such thing.

    I made my case and admit I am not in love with using a spinner but if you write for backlinks and do it more than once on the same subject and the content is there just for a link then I think that is just as hypocritical.

    Honest writer? Hubpages? Take a look at it, it is there for one reason only, to make money from you.

    But hey, why should I allow other sites to rank higher than me because they use a spinner and I don’t? Do you think it is fairer for my years work of 8 hours every day to get lost because they use a spinner and I do not? I am genuinely interested in what you think about this. And anyone else’s opinion is more than welcome too. But can we please try to be civil and polite, this is not a playground although I do like to have fun and try to be a little cheerful in my writings.

    And finally is wanting to earn money greed? I am not sure. I want a secure future for me and my partner and I want to save money so that it is just that.

  13. @ justsaying – spun content doesn’t automatically equal crap. If you’re using a human-controlled spinner, the end result is as good or bad as you’re willing to make it. I’m not spinning right now, but when I was using The Best Spinner, my spun articles were just as good as (and sometimes better than) the original article that I wrote by hand. Why? Because I spent a few hours setting the spintax up in such a way that all of the variations would read well, and then afterwards I went through each one and edited any remaining bits that didn’t look quite right. A reader would have no idea that they were spun, I can guarantee it.

    Now if you’re referring to the people who use those crappy spinners that just substitute synonyms, and then paste the resulting articles all over the place without even checking them, I agree with you. But it’s a mistake to tar all spun content with the same brush – there’s a world of difference between using a human-controlled spinner to speed up the rewriting process, and churning out machine-generated gibberish. My spun articles were were no different quality-wise to any article that I’ve written by hand from scratch; I just used the software to make the process a bit faster.

  14. Yes, I write for Hubpages to make money. Strictly for that purpose, in fact. And yes, I use these hubs for backlinking. I do research, but start with a niche I love and wanted to learn about anyway. But research is perfectly fine even if you don’t like any niche. Businesslike approach is perfectly okay. Eventually, I do my best to make each hub a worthy piece of information on its own. I never spin content.

    You see, like you, I would consider it shameful. I try to avoid doing shameful things. Because… well, then I would feel shame. It’s a bad feeling, and life’s too short.

    I don’t know what to say about the specifics of earnings. Different people have varying living standards and needs. Some must, but absolutely must, have an island and a yacht, and who am I to sermonize them. Some believe it’s not fair they don’t own at least 10 apartments on all continents. I guess “fair” is a very flexible concept.

    I don’t know why you shouldn’t make 1K a day. I don’t know why you shouldn’t make more. Prosperity is a good thing in itself.

    It’s a bad thing when it enriches at the cost of polluting the infrastructure on which millions of others depend. Having decided not to spin content, and treat the fertile Internet soil with respect, I will probably never achieve such earnings. But I will never feel shame, which is very important to me, apparently more than making $1000 a day.

    I got the idea that you seem to present your actions as shameful, that you’re having scruples about it all. In other words, you see that what you’re doing is wrong, yet you can’t stop like it’s some sort of addiction. Addiction to what?

    Maybe I simplify things.

    On a happier note, Google seems to constantly improve and weed out system abusing pages and practices. I tend to think that in 10 years, any sort of link/content spinning will be impossible, or very difficult to do. This whole Internet business is not yet mature.

  15. @Just Saying

    If you are really interested in just writing good content you could try the whole social blogger thing. No one is saying that you have to try and make money this way. If your that good of a writer then putting your time into writing product descriptions and reviews is probably a waste of your talent. I’m not a good writer by any means so I have no problem doing this kind of thing. Afterall, my site that tells you where to buy red widgets and which one is the best to buy is more helpful than the ezine page plastered with adsense ads with nothing useful on it.

    If I have to spin content and use backlink services to get my page above the useless web 2.0 properties and content scrapers, where I can help the most searchers possible, then I feel that I have done a good deed. Its really all a matter of perspective.

    But seriously, if you don’t feel like this type of model is what you should be doing then don’t do it. Go write a ebook people want to buy(just don’t pollute the internet with yet another “make money blogging” book haha), create a blog and write high quality posts, and be active in the community. Search engine optimization isn’t something that you have to do to make money online.

    Also, I agree. SEO is going to be completely unrecognizable from what it is today in 10 years. Just the same way that the things that worked 10 years ago don’t work today.

  16. Hi Dave
    I’m a new convert to filling the sewer, as Splork so eloquently puts it. I’ve recently tried out The Best Spinner. I’m curious as to whether you gave TBS a spin before getting MAR and if so what your opinion was.
    And at the same time I joined up with BS when their doors opened earlier this month. So far I’m quite impressed but have yet to see much impact. Perhaps it is because I am being so cautious and have set the drip rate to just 1 a day per site. I wondered what your thoughts on that were and whether you are pointing BS directly at your money/authority sites or whether you are building a farm to launder the BS links?

    Wow – that was a lot of questions.

    Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Hi Jonathan,

    I did a lot of searching before I bought and from what I read The Best Spinner is not actually the best spinner, if you get my meaning, but I have not tried it so only have others opinions and not my own to go on. But I am very happy with MAR.

    For BS I would step it up big time. 1 link a day is very low. I have set it to the maximum of 25 for a few sites with no problems at all, as long as they have some age. Just be more cautious for newer sites. But it only submits a max of 33 posts a day anyway so even at the maximum drip rate it is still low if you set a few to 25. I use it to point direct to money sites and to other backlink resources. But I would never solely rely on links like that. I do more hand written and original content than anything else as it is more “sticky”. And have a few good authority sites of my own to use too 😉

    If you have anything with some age then 25, 50, heck even 200 backlinks in a day can send the serps results way up. I have done it with that $8 link on the sidebar. 200 links to a sites inner pages in one day. Results vary but usually result in at least a jump of a few spots, but the sites can disappear for a few days while the big G gets over the shock.

    Or, you could crash and burn too!!!!!

    Just kidding. Just keep it random and it should be cool.

    Um, I think I should add a disclaimer, “These are my opinions only and should not be seen as…….”

  17. Awesome site Dave. How often does BLS open their doors to new members? I’m intrigued by MAR but without BLS, where do you send those articles to? You seem to be half and half with MAS so that’s why I’m asking otherwise, I would just use MAS and wait for BLS to accept new members. You make that $8 deal thing sound dreadful to use so I’m unsure about that. MAR seems like a good investment but without something to automate the submissions, I’m not sure what is to be done with it.

    Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Hi Private,

    BLS usually opens up once a month or so for a few new members so it is worth getting on the waiting list and then make your mind up at the time if you get an invite. Always ensuring you come back here and click on my affiliate link before you actually buy of course 😉 They seem to only accept new people when they add more sites so it does not get overrun.

    With MAR you can then use the spun articles on hubpages, squidoo, article directories, Infobarrel, anywhere basically. If you do a good spin they can read better than the original article as you see lots of different words to use that you would not have otherwise. MAS must work to some degree and you do get a vast number of backlinks, but I think article directories where links are in the resource box are going to be worth less and less in the future, but I am sure they help a little. But I have not tested it with no other backlinks so cannot say how good it is.

    The $8 thing is rough. It takes ages but works. I have just payed a site to do a similar thing but they do the work so will write about it once I see the results. But if you have little money to invest it does work. I did a run a few weeks ago. Got improved rankings of 2 or 3 positions for the keywords, and they are pretty competitive. But it does take a good number of hours, depends how much your time is worth. For me a few hours but jumps in ranking is worth it. But if the paid service works I will use that from now on. The service is http://www.backlinksphilippines.com if anyone is interested, and, gasp, no affiliate program. I need to wait a week or so to see if there are any results with them or not.

    But, and it is what has had the fewest sign ups, the postrunner system on TKA is by far the best to use I think for longevity of links. For $1 if I had to use anything for a month it would be that. You can’t see the system until you register but then you get access to hundreds of blogs to leave articles on. No spun stuff though, just 300 words of original content. But we use it a lot every day now and the results are good. And they are real links on real sites in post, so they are going to stick around long term. The reality is that we need lots of proper manual links like this that are going to stay around. A run on the free Onlywire will get them indexed and many of the sites there have real authority.

  18. Thanks for the reply. I clicked on your affiliate link to BLS and it brought me to a sales page for the 3.0 Linking System for $97/mth. Looks like you can sign up as a member right away. Is this the same BLS as what you’re talking about? If I go directly to their homepage, it says the doors are closed. A bit confused. Either using the affiliate link is a way around the waiting for the doors to open thing or there are two different membership/service going on. Can you clarify?

    Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Hi Private,

    I took a look. That is the right package. The 3.0 thing is just one of their ways of saying that they also submit your post links to social bookmarking sites as well.

    I think you must be able to sign up straight away as they have opened up for new members for a day or two, unless you are right and the aff link makes a difference. I would sign up and see what you think. If you don’t like it then I have never heard of anyone getting a problem with a refund.

    But it is very good stuff, point 100 spun posts at a Hub or an authority site and they will rocket. My good lady is well pleased with herself at the moment, even though it was me that got her the backlinks for some of her hubs. She is getting a little cheeky I think.

  19. Dave
    Thanks again for your thoughts. Happy to take them with the usual disclaimers. I’d also chase up BLS as I came across them through your affiliate link and then was on their waiting list for a couple of weeks so I guess they owe you some dosh and I’m off the hook for a $1.15 tip to you 🙂
    I’ll bump up the submission rate as I’m not seeing much in terms of pingbacks etc after the first few days.
    I’m keen to hear your results on the people who do forum backlinks as I also signed up to the $8 crowd (another affiliate hat-tip to you there too) but got bogged dowen in the mind-numbing tedium of it. It’s much easier to write for the TKA postrunner than to sign up to 20 different website.

    Thanks again

    Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:


    Thanks for buying via my links, much appreciated. I know the $8 packet is mind numbingly boring, I do not look forward to doing it at all. Definitely needs to be automated if possible.

  20. Of course spinning content isn’t wrong. As the original author of any written content, you have the right to create whatever derivative works you please from the content. (This does assume you are the original author of the content, holding all copyright to the material in question, or the purchaser of the copyright to a piece of content as is the case with work-for-hire.) What you do with those derivative works is your own business, and as long as one isn’t breaking any site specific rules or TOS, then there’s nothing at all “wrong” with using those derivative works to help promote other articles or websites. The internet isn’t becoming polluted, except by those who are breaking TOS for sites by submitting content that is clearly not acceptable the site(s) in question.

    Of course, this is my opinion, but it’s a strong one. I’ve thought about this for a while, after having bought into the whole sanctity of the web argument for a short while. Then reality returned and I remembered how things used to be before all the holier-than-thou bloggers decided the internet was a place where social justice should rule. We are individuals and it’s perfectly acceptable for us to each do whatever we want with our own creations (content, sites, blogs, etc) as long as we stay within the “real” rules — TOS, site specific guidelines, local laws, etc. Social mores on the internet have become ridiculously sanctimonious of late.

    I remember when cross-posting was actually the norm and more than acceptable, and creating link directories was the be all and end all of having a complete site. Interconnectedness was important. Now everyone hoards links and uses rel=nofollow as a way to show superiority over another site. The first site I started over 10 years ago had its articles reprinted countless times, not because I submitted them somewhere, but because back then that’s how other people shared interesting content with their visitors. They asked to reprint your material and most of the time, you gave them a few guidelines and said, sure, just give me a link in return!

    Seriously, there is NOTHING wrong with creating your own derivative works of your own material and then submitting those works to places where they’re actually asking–no, I would go so far as to say begging–for content.

  21. Just a quick addendum to my comment…

    You steal someone else’s content and try to spin it and pass it off as your own… you’re going to hell. 🙂 LOL.

  22. Hey Dave,

    I’m looking into BLS and from what I’ve gathered, these are short articles that you write for links or “snippets”. Do you just use snippets or do you use actual articles of say, 300 words? You mentioned, or one of the commenters, that you can get 1000 links a month from BLS or something… does that mean you have to write 1000 short articles or at least spin that much? Or does 1 article you put into BLS give you tons of links? Just wondering if using something like BLS is going to be a ton of work or not.

    Also, the drip rate you talked about, where you set to 25 a day, how many articles do you actually write to get that?

    Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Private BLS works by you putting in a spun article, it can be short or long. I usually spin 300 words or so use MAR. You then put the article in and tell it how many spins to do. You get a max of 1000 links a month so how many times you tell it to spin each article is up to you. So, say I want 50 backlinks to a post of mine. I spin an article add it in to the BLS system and tell it to spin it 50 times. I then set the drip rate high if I want the links quick or slow to spread them out.

    So 1 article that is spun could be 100 unique articles or 2, depends how many time you tell it to spin. There is no other work involved at all. The drip rate is up to you for those spun articles, you just set the project to how you want it to run.

    Hope that explains it, it is a very simple system once you just watch their video. Spin, submit, have a beer.

  23. I got MAR from your link and noticed a % spun number at the bottom. What percentage do you go up to? Do you only spin words within each sentence (using synonyms) or do you actually rewrite each sentence several times and also using synonyms to make the articles more unique? I got one article to go up to 110% spun by rewriting each and every sentence several times. Am I over doing it?

    Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Private, ask anyone and I bet you get a different answer. I go for 50% but whether that is good or not I do not know. All I know is that I did it for a Hub last week that had 2 competing hubs middle of page 1 for a term I wanted. I did a 50% spin, did 100 submissions of it on auto pilot for backlink solutions and now….

    I am half way down page 1 for the main term for the Hub I wrote and the other 2 are history. Maybe it would be better for a higher spin percentage but I guess that my numbers were good enough.

    I just go through the article and spin every word I possibly can. And hope the result is at least 50%, sometimes it is more. Thanks for signing up under my link, it is always much appreciated as I know that people do not have to do it. I guess the better the % the better it is but we also have weigh up the time involved as well.

  24. Hey Dave, I’m broke as hell right now (like $500 in my account), so do you think it’s worth investing in this software, I don’t even have my own site I want it to send links to my hubs.

    Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Gilles, the rewriter part of it is great and certainly works well. But I am not sure how effective the submitter part is as I have only ever used it when I do other backlinks too. To be honest if I had no money I would do manual submissions to ezine and other article directories and do the $8 package on the side bar by hand. But for fast results I would use backlink solutions but I think they are closed to new members again.

    Sorry I can’t tell you how good the article submitter side is as I have never tested it on its own, but the links do show up so I am guessing it does boost rankings. And hubs usually improve with low quality links as well so it may be great.

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