".......and unfortunately nearly all make money online blogs are crap, so he, Dave, decided to write his own. It's pretty spankin."
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Well. I’m Dave and this site is simply my ramblings about making money on the Internet. With millions of other sites all chasing making money online keywords this is not the goal of this site.

It is somewhere for me to ramble about earning money online and hopefully giving the readers some tips and advice along the way. Feel free to leave comments on the articles and I hope you enjoy your visit.

At some point I will fill out this page properly but the good stuff is in the articles and the comments of the readers so that is the best place to be. Who wants to read about me anyway?

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  1. Hi Dave. I just wanted to tell you that I have enjoyed reading your site. I’m buddies with Allyn Hane and I just happened to click your name from his comments and found your site. Your information is pretty amazing and I just wanted to say thanks for providing it.

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    Hi Steve

    Thanks for dropping by. I love Allyn’s vids, he is one funny guy. Glad that you like the site, feel free to join in the arguments, um, friendly discussions, whenever you can.

  2. Hi Dave,

    I’m a new guy on the block and have been reading up on all the MMO and I’ve glad there are actually people with integrity in the IM world (somewhat surprised to be honest). I started reading Lissy’s articles, then Ben’s (and the KWA crew) and now yours.

    Thanks for all your info and keeping all the crap out – by crap I mean nonsense hype and hot air intended to trick newbies like myself lol

    I know I’m a late starter and I’m willing to work hard. But it seems that with the new G algorithm change it’s going to be a lot harder for us late starters because of the time (age) factor and the focus (and favouring) on big authority sites.

    Do you have any tips/thoughts on this? For example, if I was wanting to ultimately have an authority site of “weight loss”, should I start a website and register a domain for a certain keyword with that in mind, even knowing that it’s competitive, and start building it slowly? Or should I dominate smaller niches like “weight loss for women” and “weight loss for men”, dominate those first then try for “weight loss”?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Derek you will get quicker returns going for small longtails but over time a big site that goes for the whole niche will make more money. The only problem is that it could take a few years to get there and a lot of work.

    Personally I would get reseller hosting. Buy the main domain for the tough term and a god handful of more “niche” sites. Work them all hard and down the road link to the main site from all your smaller satellite sites, that way you hedge your bets and make money in the short term as well as build up something big for the future.

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    Thanks so much Dave. Will try that out – I’m willing to go for long term. I think I’ve just signed up using your link on the side. Now they want my ID….grrr should have used my real name lol

    Will sort it out with them – Thanks again.

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    Did you sign up for Bluehost or Hostnine? I just got a Bluehost commission so was just wondering.

    Either way good luck Dude, a long terms approach is definitely going to give better results over time and a more solid network of sites.

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    I signed up for Host9 and my mate signed up for Bluehost, I guess that ID thing must be clogging up the processing.

    Thanks for your help, I will see how things go.

    I’ve read (Grizz, Ben, yourself) that long rambling posts are good for picking up long-tail KWs. Wouldn’t that discourage buyers for your affiliate products? For example, if you were selling UGG boots, on your homepage of the blog you write war and piece about how UGG boots came about, their history, different colours, etc just to write for the search engine to rank. How do you make that balance between the reader and the search engine? And how would you place the products you’re trying to sell?


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    @Derek, I’ve found that long online reviews convert better when I’n not using a buying keyword. For those I find Dave’s approach to work the best. Have a look @ this post by the CRO guys on making long pages sell. http://www.conversion-rate-experts.com/seomoz-case-study/

    & this one as well http://www.entrepreneurs-journey.com/851/why-hate-long-sales-pages/

    The balance is easy. Have the selling part on top and the rest at the bottom. Look at how Amazon do it themselves and you’ll have an insight into $1Bn worth of conversion testing right there.

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    Good point. Amazon is about the best way to learn how to sell products. Use the links within or nrelate plugin, which seems better, to mimic them a little more. Adds some good color to a product site as well.

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    Thanks for that Wishal. Shorter posts like Dave suggested probably means I will need to pump out hundreds of pages about specific products.

    I’ll definitely experiment and put the ‘selling’ bit above the fold and if I do a ramble post I will put it underneath. Smart!

    Ah… Yaro? lol

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    Thanks Derek, much appreciated. I only ask as a few peeps said they signed up to Host9 but no sale showed.

    As to long posts……..

    I don’t write them. Only here.

    Everything else is 300 or 400 words. I put my keyword/s in the post title and repeat first and last paragraph with H2’s for extra keywords and……..

    Backlink them in to submission!

    Then I do it again.

    I know I ramble here but I write blogs to sell products and that means the searcher just wants a good price, which I provide at the very top of the post with an image and a link to buy.

    I have found that as sites gain authority you still pick up plenty of longtails just through writing naturally and basically any text on the whole site, i.e sidebars etc will rank with no links for the term at all.

    Hope that helps. You don’t need to write long posts for everything, it depends on the sales approach. If you are acting like a store then short and sweet, if you are writing from a personal review point of view then longer would be better and more natural.

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    Fantastic, thanks again.

    Will start pumping those pages out now πŸ™‚

  3. Dave, what article submission service do you use?

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    I don’t do many article submissions any more. But when I do it is manual submissions to ezine, amazines, easyarticles, articleblast and a few others.

    Best bet for bulk submission is the magic article submitter on the tools to succeed page.

  4. WTF? There comments here on the “About” page too?

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    It’s not my fault, people keep leaving them. And now there are 2 more!

  5. Hi Dave, huge fan of your blog and have to admit that im one of the many that need to stop reading blogs and start actually doing the work to make money online. I’ve read all your posts but im still a little confused as to what to write content about. Say I choose a niche such as “baseball bats”, im confused as to what i need to write the content about. I understand that I need to find as many buying keywords as I can to use as post titles, but am I creating amazon sales pages like the examples you have given in your blog, or am I writing informative information about each buying keyphrase, although they all sound the same? Im just confused because i know your main business model is amazon sales pages, but i just dont understand how and what you can write about for the many similar keyphrases. Sorry to be so long but im conused and could use your help.


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    You don’t have to write a post for every buying keyword. You can put some in the content as a H2. or you could write 50 posts about the various buying terms for an item, but only if it is a very popular item and the work would justify the search.

    But for the content you just pick a product and talk about its good points etc. You can talk abut its low price, how it has a lot of great reviews (and link to them) and stuff like that.

    It doesn’t have to be super in depth. The reality is that if people are searching for a product name and tagging on “price” to the end of their search then they don’t want a 1000 words describing it. They want a quick link to compare prices.

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    @Dave, In regards to what you wrote in a comment up top,

    ” Everything else is 300 or 400 words. I put my keyword/s in the post title and repeat first and last paragraph with H2β€²s for extra keywords and……..

    Backlink them in to submission!

    Then I do it again.”

    So if I create a blog and I try to act as a store for baseball bats, I would obviously have a homepage featuring the best bats for the lowest prices, (the homepage would use the many buyer keyphrases as post titles and anchor text), and the categories in the website would be posts such as, ” baseball bats under $100″ or “best college baseball bats” correct?

    In regards to building links, after i write my 300 word post for my homepage or other post, do I just re-write the content in different ways 100 times to get 100 links to that page?

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    Yeah, I would also go for specific bats that are on Amazon using the title they use. Also begin typing it in to Amazon search and Google and see what you get in the drop down menu. You can then use those variations as H2’s in the posts.

    For content for backlinks just write it any way that you can. Usually this means just re-writing similar things an awful lot and putting it on Postrunner or Build My Rank, preferably both.

    But for a new site don’t go out and do hundreds of links straight away, just 1 or 2 a day for a few months then scale it up. In the meantime I would also be writing Squidoo lenses and Hubs for the niche, you can backlink them as much as you can handle and if you put links in them you have some very strong backlinks to your main site. Plus moolah πŸ˜‰

  6. Hi Dave,
    I am new to the MMO world. I don’t have a site or a blog. So I signed up for a program for $197 at the end of last month and am still working through the program. The program, to me, is kind of all over the place. So I started to do some more research online and found Ed Dales 30 day challenge. That helped fill in some holes. Than I got an email from Shoemoney, with an offer of $19.95 for his $497 program so I signed up for that. That led me to Ebay Arbitrage, which sent me on another search. Which I found a blog from someone else that led me to Grizzly Brear, which led me to you.
    I am happy to have found you and Grizzly. The information you guys provide is so different from the other stuff I have been looking at. It is nice to read info, without waiting for the sales pitch at the end.
    Anyway, since you both recommend the TKA I am definitely going to try their free 30 days. All that leads to my questions. Should I take the TKA training first and than work on the 30 days to a $1000 and your amazon post? or can I work it all together at the same time? I don’t have any problems working 2 hours a day every day for 30 days. Being unemployed, leaves me with an open schedule. I am not trying to make a million dollars in 30 days, but am looking for a sustainable successful business.
    Thank you for your time and I look forward to your response,


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    Wow Dude, you have been paying out the big bucks haven’t you?

    My best advice is ditch it all. Honestly, it will simply confuse you. If you are totally new to the game and basically know nothing then The Keyword Academy is all that you need.

    And I mean that honestly. Even then you can learn all you need without them but it will take many months longer.

    Sign up with them, forget Shoemoney and all the other Gurus, they are after 1 thing only.

    Follow TKA and do the course. And then adapt it to your own needs. They place a lot of emphasis on keyword research while I am more of a pick a popular item and rank it type of guy. Go with what suits you best.

    Once you have learned how to get hosting and set up your own site, how to write keyword rich post titles and keyword rich content then you are pretty much good to go.

    You will find that the main thing is to work hard and consistently and you will make money. If you stick at it for a year then you will make good money, it just takes a mindset that can handle repetition, a lot of boredom, a lot of pitfalls, and a lot of excitement when you wake up in the morning to see how much you have made.

    Every day is different in that respect and is what makes it fun. In 2 and a bit years we have gone from total poverty to employing 4 or 5 people, more money in the bank than I know what to do with, and we will buy a second home in a year or less.

    It can be an amazing ride, so stick with it even if it seems futile.

    And the great thing is that you can learn all you need to know for $1 if you do the TKA course.

    You can work on the 30 days to a grand as soon as although you will need to do it on Squidoo most likely as at the moment Hubpages is going through the mill.

    Go for it Dude, follow along here, ask a comment from me or the readers, everyone is helpful, and let me know how it goes.

    Exciting times ahead Dude, stay motivated. Most people drop out before they earn the good money.

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    @Dave, What he said.
    What Dave does here is he uses Amazon as well as other affiliate programs. TKA folks reccomend AdSense. Don’t let that worry you because you need to build a site, rank for keywords, get traffic and then figure out monetization.

    Vote -1 Vote +1fs Reply:

    @Dave, Thanks Dave,
    I am looking forward to the journey. I am leaning toward your plan, of the product and than rank for it. I will do the 30 days and comment and post every once in a while and let you know how I am doing. Thanks again.

  7. I signed up this morning for TKA. I am taking your advice to ignore everyone and focus just on TKA. I just unsubcribed(is that a word?) from all the newsletters/adverts I was getting in my gmail. Will let you know how it goes.

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    Good stuff, keep it as simple as you possibly can, less distractions, more work. That is the best possible advice.

  8. Dang… Griz is right! Long posts, free info and no sales crap… πŸ˜›

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    @ariston / money,

    Hey Dude, I aim to please πŸ˜‰ I just want something where I can hang out, not a pointless site that never has anything to say.

    I am getting there (I hope).

  9. Hi Dave, looks like a good blog, will have a browse through the old stuff. Feel free to check out my blog.

  10. Hi Dave,I have read some articles from your blog so far…All are very informative and exhaustive…Great work…I have bookmarked it and I will definitely share my comments in the articles to add some more value/questions to it πŸ™‚ Thanks man!!

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    Hey there,

    Glad you are enjoying the site. Feel free to comment any time Sudershan, the more the merrier.

  11. Hi Dave,
    Just found you and am ploughing through the blog. Loving every minute because I relate so well to how you used to be πŸ™‚

    After building 44 sites using the Xfactor strategy and having a lot on top of page one, they were all penalized by google and sent into the 50s and 60s. I had one site that I had started using a different plan ( an amazon one),it wasn’t touched. LOl
    They were all my own original content, no black hat stuff etc. However they were really kind and left me one site which has never made any money!!!!

    So I am starting again, Im going to use your ideas….:-) Before Xfactor, I had built more than 100 squidoo lenses, so I am back building them again. I have decided on my niche ( pretty big and competitive) but I am determind to WIN! Am 58 years old and have to WIN because I have never been so broke as I am right now. So to start I am building 10 lenses around the new niche to see if I get a money maker. I usually build LONG lenses and they take me time.

    Question for you please. How many modules would you usually put in a lens????

    Thanks so much for your fun personality and your wise words.

    Di from Oz

    Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:


    Thanks for the comments Di and sorry that you lost your sites. For me I don’t really go big on my lenses. I usually have 3 or so text capsules and maybe a few other odds and ends and that is that.

    But what is important is to makes sure you use related terms you want to rank for in your capsule titles, it makes the content more thorough and you pick up a lot more longtail traffic.

    Good luck with it. You have a great positive attitude so I am sure you will succeed.

  12. Hi Dave,
    I just signed up for the free trial of BMR. They denied my domain name though, saying it wasn’t unique enough, and was just products for sale. πŸ™ Can you tell me something… (not sure what I want to hear) it’s been a long day and I hadn’t expected this. (it’s the site I linked to in this comment)

    I can’t imagine they are going to see any of my squidoo lenses much more unique… I have been writing newer posts on the pet site with a little more content instead of the products… (I did use wprobot to add the basic product posts, just because this site was sitting around doing nothing, and low and behold it started making sales lol) so now I’m going back and filling in the site more. Should I add articles or something?

    Thanks… glad I went with the free trial now. πŸ™‚ not sure this is going to work for me… but I want it to since it sounds great.

    Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:


    I see what John means, too much automated stuff on there Jackie. If you use a plugin then get it to pull the price and buttons etc but then write your own unique content for it.

    If you fix that on the pages you already have then John should accept the site. He runs a tight ship and won’t accept anything he thinks will compromise the network.

    You can add Squidoo no probs though, he will accept that as it is not down to individual lenses but the site as a whole.

    On your site there is nothing wrong with doing product posts just write the content yourself, I have a ton of sites like that in the network, nice layout on the sidebars by the way, where did you get that idea? πŸ˜‰

    Vote -1 Vote +1Jackie Reply:

    @Dave, I’m no longer using the plugin I’m doing it all by hand. Are the last couple posts more in line with what you mean? (there’s a recent post widget bottom of sidebar). Do you think I would need to go back through and change all the posts on there?

    so you think I need different content besides just the features of the product? but actual content? lol. I’m a good writer, but I’m used to writing a lot more LONG informational posts (for my other blogs). I’m new to this just get to the point and get the click.

    Also I’m very confused by the interface at BMR. I went in and added squidoo as a project. Where do I add the specific lenses I want to write posts on?

    Thanks a ton… and the change in the sidebar has already increased my traffic and the amount of keywords they’re coming from a bunch. thanks. πŸ˜‰

    Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:


    That’s more like it, just make sure the majority of any content you publish is uniquely written. I would certainly go back and add unique content to everything, it will be easier to rank, especially after the latest algo update.

    For BMR you don’t add in specific posts, you have the site approved then just link to your content on that site when you write your articles there.

    Hope that helps.