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Dec 052010

As the comments have gone slightly bonkers on the last post it is time for a guest post to mix things up a bit. We may get another one before the new year and then normal business will be resumed. Read the great article and then head on over to Tyler’s site. Already I have become somewhat of a morphological anomaly since taking the action he recommends, and if that makes no sense then it soon will.

Read the article, leave some groovy comments and let’s look forward to a very productive 2011.

The Search Engines are like Roman Emperors and we search engine marketers are like gladiators competing in the arena. The Search Engines want to be entertained by who can get the most links. The search engines don’t care about who’s the best fighter, they just care about finding a fighter that meets their minimum quality standards.

In order to find the best content, search engines would have to be thought police. They would have to have continual streams of input from the users of the search engines. That would be the only way to quantitatively measure user experience. Barring that, they would have to measure organic sharing of info. They would have to monitor people sharing websites with their friends over discussions. People sending websites over IMs and facebook chat. Real people don’t share their favorite links on their own self-hosted blogs aside from perhaps the celebrity and blogging niches. Real people share their favorite links in crappy places that give low link juice like forums or my space.

The most organic links are usually the ones that provide the lowest boost in the search engines. Matt Cutts once said that the percentage of links that are nofollow on the web are only a very small percentage of the total number of links, I say that’s only because search engine marketers have spent so much time manipulating results. Real people spend a lot less time sharing links than Internet Marketers too.

That’s why I think that Search Engines don’t care about link manipulation. They care about when it’s unfair like with Sick Submitter or an Xrumer blast but that’s only because that would make the gladiatorial combat boring. And because it would make it too easy for spam to rise up in the search engines.

Think about the user of search engines that makes them the most money. Are they looking for the best content? No. They are perfectly happy with Wikipedia or Wise Geek content. Just look at the content that sells in magazines(especially health and fitness). Most content on the internet would put that to shame. The people that click on ads and make the search engines money don’t care about reading the best content they just care about acceptable content. The people that do care about finding the best content are willing to go through more search engine results to find it or will look for alternative ways to find the best content like forums. But these people don’t make the search engines any money.

What real people do care about is finding content that doesn’t infect a trojan horse on their computer or content that doesn’t produce a million porn pop-ups. Manipulated link building is a very good metric for preventing that. Will Ezine Articles link to a website with a trojan horse? If you’re paying for a domain name and your own web hosting will you risk getting de-indexed just for the chance of infecting someone’s computer to make some money? No.

Search engines don’t care how much one content is better than the other as long as it is acceptable content. They just want content that is above a certain threshold. Just look at how crappy the content is in a magazine like WebMD and you can see why search engines accept manipulation. Crappy content sells. People who can write quality content can’t generate a lot of links but crappy content generators can. Just like at how many fitness magazines repurpose the same content every issue…

And that is why Search Engines don’t care about link manipulation as long as it follows the rules of fair combat. You can’t bring in an uzi(sick submitter) against an axe(guest posting).

Amplify is a Do-Follow Twitter. That means you can generate a lot of backlinks to anything you want very quickly. This is very useful. For example, take social bookmarking. It is very easy to generate a lot of links with it but they don’t have a lot of links pointing to it. Some social bookmarking sites even have terrible internal linking structures so it’s hard to even get them indexed. That’s why Amplify is very useful. You can tweet your social bookmarks in an attempt to get them indexed.

There’s a term branded around the internet called link juice. What is the alpha link juice? What is the source of the first drop of link juice? Does every page start out with a certain amount of link juice? But then wouldn’t spammers be able to produce billions of pages to get billions of link juice? Does link juice originate from each unique C-class ip? I don’t know.

But the difference between 0 and 1 external links is huge(by mathematical definition). No matter how many internal links you have pointing to a page by mathematical laws if you increase the number of external links pointing to a page from 0 to 1 that’s a massive, massive bonus. Amplify let’s you increase the number of external links to a page extremely quickly. Each amplify is also a page which you can also build links to(so you can get one external link to that). Maybe that would be a good place to point your ezine article links to and then write about enlarging certain organs so they only get to display chitika ads to avoid displaying public service ads.

One other thing I like about amplify is that if you import from your twitter account each amplify page also links to your blog home page(or whatever page you chose to link to on your twitter account). This lets you see whether your amplify pages are indexed on webmaster tools by checking to see if the amplify pages are showing up as linking to your home page. Now I know that webmaster tools is not an exact mechanism of how to measure whether links are indexed or not but it is a good way to measure progress. If your links are showing up every time in Google Webmaster Tools you can bet that they have enough link juice flowing through them.

Page Rank is another way to measure progress. Again you can’t compare two different sites and then say one site is better than the other because it has different page rank. But if one of the pages on your site is going up in page rank then you are making progress. If amplify is working and the social bookmarking site has a good internal linking structure then the page rank of your profile page should be gradually increasing over time.

Now, what should you write in your Amplifies? When I saw Dave of Making Money on the Internet for Free required 3000 words for a guest post. I scoffed at the challenge because writing content about Internet Marketing is so easy. Mainly because everything you do online relates to internet marketing and it is a man made concept so it is very easy to find good research about. Everything that is man made is easier to write about then things that are nature made(or god made) like science because they require so much more research. So writing an internet marketing spin in your amplifies would be a good way to generate a lot of content fast.

It’s my opinion that when a site has your adsense id on it that you should use unique content. If you want to duplicate content then duplicate it on a site with no adsense on it or a different adsense id. Now amplify doesn’t have adsense on it but I still recommend unique content as it is hard enough for a site like amplify to get indexed as it is.

Now I know Ben from Make Money online with Seo(Don’t you dare build a link to Ben on my 3,000 word article, I saw you do it on Lando’s) (okay, sheesh) hasn’t written about making money online with revenue sharing social bookmarking sites. But that doesn’t mean it’s not possible. Some people have made a good chunk of change. Although most of those people are social Infobarrelers or Hubbers whom don’t make a whole lot of money. But we need all the help we can get. You don’t see a lot of bookmarks about credit cards, man boobs, or mesotheloblah(whatever is caused by asbestos). So clearly, the search engine elite don’t waste time with bookmarks. That doesn’t mean you can’t make money off of them. You just have to work a little bit harder…

And hey Grizzly hasn’t posted that you are wasting time by bookmarking although he sort of mentioned it implicitly in his post about Credit Cards make money online. The elite buy links, they don’t waste their time social bookmarking. But some niches just don’t have the profit potential for buying links or tools(like Unique Article Wizard) to be worthwhile. These niches have a very high effort to profit ratio(as even small niches might have to compete against Wikipedia). Doing everything on free services enables you to make a profit off of things that you wouldn’t ordinarily be able to. Like the random stuff that most social bloggers like us talk about…

And hey, the searcher might fall over and click on your amazon link putting your cookie in the browser. Which might make you a commission if by chance they happen to buy a hair loss product later. So what works for people that spend money might not work for people who don’t spend money.

Let’s talk about link manipulation from a content perspective. Can you generate natural links without relying on social bookmarking/amplify? Good content is very hard to generate. In the internet marketing niche, you need to have the social proof that you make money. Would Grizz have been successful with the same content if he didn’t have the proof of ranking high on the search engines? Allyn Hane has done well without showing proof of generating tons of money(he hasn’t quit his job). But, Allyn Hane makes very nice looking videos that cost a not-insignificant amount of money to produce. In the Internet Marketing Niche, the content is the proof that you already make good money. That’s the content that generates the links.

What other types of content generates links? You could gain and lose 1,000 pounds. You could work out and change your body composition. These are all things that have a high opportunity cost for performing and take time to accomplish. Grizz had to do lots of manual link building before he got the evidence that he knew what he was talking about by ranking atop the search engines and he even still had to link building afterwards.

The type of content that attracts natural links is not words or arrangement of words. It is content that takes a high opportunity cost to produce(like exercise or coding a webpage or as Matt Cutts suggested drawing a cartoon). Anytime words would be sufficient to attract links somebody else could spin the content to be 100% unique and produce it on their own site. There is also your name brand to consider(content posted on pro-blogger does well versus other sources just because of the name brand). It takes time to build up your name brand too.

So you need to build up links while you’re working on losing or gaining that weight. So you have the money for more things that help you generate content. One of the things that Matt Cutts pointed out like drawing a cartoon could be done relatively cheaply but that still takes time to refine the art of learning how to draw. And you still need to buy a scanner. Good Quality content takes time and money. Building links relatively doesn’t and can help you finance the things that do help you build good content.

Good theories don’t seem to make money or attract links. You could write a brilliant treatise on how to cure cancer but I don’t think anybody would care unless you had the proof of it. People want proof. They want the ends, not the means.

And augmenting finding evidence for the ends is accomplished by building links to your content and making money in the meantime. You need money to finance the proof building efforts. The good thing about Blogging about MMO is that the path to the end goal is the same as the short term goal which is building links until you make money to build an authority as a guru. However, most gurus except Griz make most of their money outside the MMO niche.

Now Amplify can post your stuff to a bunch of no-follow sites too. Now, some say that posting no-follow links helps your content and that there are social metrics that help your ranking like the number of times a link has been tweeted. However I didn’t understand those metrics so I’m going to pretend they don’t exist.

One thing that Griz has taught us is that we are not each others enemies. It is the Search Engines that make us fight to our death to our enemies. Even though Griz was the top gladiator and stole all our money we rooted for him because he really stuck it to the Search Engines more sitting on their Ivory Tower whilst deciding the fates of peoples lives and incomes. All the while rarely caring about finding the best content but rather about making money.

Niche needs to hold hands with Niche. Links need to stand next to links. A house divided against itself cannot stand unless it is an M.C. Escher house. If search engines won’t publish the best content, we will fight to make them provide the best content. We will do everything in our power to use tools like Amplify to get our content above Wikipedia where it belongs.

I have seen so many unsubstantiated statements on Wikipedia just because they are ‘common’ sense. Common sense doesn’t know anything except about man made things! It is so expensive and difficult to find information about science that common people don’t have the tools to legitimately comment on scientific phenomena. Except as their opinion and their interpretation of scientific phenomena. And what makes Wikipedia’s opinion better than anyone else’s opinion? It’s usually worse and less detailed than from other sources.

We tragically lost Griz’s blog recently. I’ve read it over two times but I wanted to read it a third just to see if I learned anything new. It lost some from repeat readings as it was the first MMO blog I found due to the rankings but as it was the first source I found the material was revolutionary. The material is available in other places even the warrior forum which guru’s love to bash. But that shows you the power of being first.

I spoke about Amplify in terms of boosting your social bookmarking strength but I want to now talk about how you can make money with social bookmarking. Everyone knows the power of being first in the search engines. The noob searcher that advertisers covet that click on ads and buys products click on the first organic(and often paid) search results. They also use short tail keywords to find what they are looking for(most are touch typers so google instant means that they stop on short tail keywords sooner).

Now, how do you get some of that short tail traffic? Click on the advertisers bidding on short tail keywords for your target keyword phrase(as far as I know it’s not click fraud to click on google search ads). Come up with some search terms related to what the advertiser is selling. Like: Product name + Review or Scam. This is also where social bookmarking comes in handy. You can quickly generate a lot of potential long tail posts about those products to see what gets traffic. For example, if it’s a weight loss product you could do a post about the doctor that endorses the product. If the bookmark gets traffic then you can make a blog post or article in more detail about the doctor. You can also try other random iterations like Is Product Scam or Does Product Work?

So you can use social bookmarking as a way to try to get some of that noob traffic even if it’s hard to rank for that short tail keyword. And Amplify helps with all of this… Another advantage of social bookmarking is that you can benefit from tags. If a social bookmarking site has do-follow do-index tags then a lot of the tags might rank very high in the search engines from the keywords. You can take advantage of this by writing a post with that tag as a keyword. Then when the searcher clicks on the link to the tag they will see your post first and you will get some of that traffic. Can’t do that with infobarrel which has nofollow on it’s tags now can you! Take that Ben, Mr. too good for social bookmarking. Can’t do that with blogger which has no-index on it’s tags! Take that Griz!

You also can’t do either of the last two things with automated bookmarking demon posts. Take that 100s and 100s of people who use bookmarking demon to rank all their articles much, much higher then me.

Use Amplify and revenue sharing social bookmarking even if the Gurus haven’t written anything about it. Use them as tests to see what will work as an article.

Tyler Davis writes a blog about growing taller. I know you’re just going to bounce when you click the link but whatever. If I’m lucky you might stay for four seconds because the content is just too amazing for an internet marketer like you. But if you build links to that site then Ben and Griz will have your babies and you will make lots of money. Splork will be your best man and Lis Sower Butts will be the preacher. Please do not tweet about this but amplify it about it instead! Also amplify all your social bookmarks! Save twitter for sponsored tweets and twitter feed. Never touch twitter again. Wait for the day of sponsored amplifies.

Great stuff there from Tyler. Head on over to his site to increase his traffic stats in a pointless way and then leave some cool comments here about your thoughts.

Let’s hear from some of the lurkers too, all three of you. Hope you are all having a great December and I just know that 2011 is the year everyone makes some serious cash.

  17 Responses to “3000 Words On Why You Should Use Amplify”

  1. “This lets you see whether your amplify pages are indexed on webmaster tools by checking to see if the amplify pages are showing up as linking to your home page.”

    That’s assuming that all links showing in Webmaster Tools are indexed, which is not always the case (which makes the case for links being indexed is not necessary for Google to count it).

    Great guest post though!

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:


    Backlinks definitely have an effect before they show in the index, I am in no doubt about that. Obviously getting them indexed is preferable for long term status but they do have an effect before they show as indexed.

  2. Some good stuff here. Especially interesting is the fact I have heard social bookmarking tools and social bookmarking drivel until it comes out my ears lately, but I never heard of Amplify. At first I just thought it was just a pretty typical oversight on my part. Then I realized something when you started the namedropping. These are all people I keep track of. So they have been using it themselves and _not_ writing about it? Whets my appetite a bit, that thought.

    Thanks, I’m off to sell some oil filters.

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    @Dave Starr,

    I just bought, well the Wife did, an oil filter. Why is it that car parts stores seem to take such delight in constantly giving you the wrong size of just about everything? There is an evil conspiracy going on, I don’t doubt it.

    They even tried to give her 4 spark plugs with 1 being a different size, they are up to something dastardly.

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Wifey Reply:

    @Dave, They wanted to see how many months it would take for the error to be noticed. I believe it was around five months between that particular oil filter leaving the shop and being put anywhere near the engine of our car! πŸ˜‰

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:


    What? Not got any hands yourself? I been busy innit.

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Wifey Reply:

    @Dave, Can’t! Practicing being a laaady for when my tiara comes…

  3. If anyone has lost a comment then sorry, the site just went all weird and deleted the pending comments, please try again if you can be arsed.

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Shaun Reply:

    What happened, the new theme playing up?
    I just asked if the article’s point was that Amplify was good for indexing links? As I got a bit confused… And if so wouldn’t it be better to use something like Backlink Energizer? I haven’t used it myself yet but looks good from what people are saying in the Backlink Forum: http://backlinksforum.com/backlinking-tools-software-backlink-boosting/1588-backlink-energizer-q-thread.html

    Most of my postrunners get indexed OK, but just ping the ones that don’t and that seems to work…

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:


    The site was playing up all day but seems to be back to normal. I think it was a hosting issue.

    I will leave the answer to Tyler, if he comes back here, now he has made so much cash from his guest post πŸ˜‰

    Personally I use IMAutomator to get links indexed, if I remember to, that is.

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Tyler Davis Reply:

    @Shaun, You are right. Backlink Energizer would be a good way to get links indexed. Amplify is just a “White Hat” way to do so. And there’s the opportunity cost of learning the software.

    Even if you can get indexed with a ping you should still get at least one external backlink just because mathematically the difference between 0 and 1 is huge. And we know Google engineers love their math.

  4. Just so you know I made one cent so far just from referral traffic from this guest post! Average time on site was 14 seconds which was about 10 seconds more than I was expecting.

    @Dave-I don’t know if any of the Guru’s use Amplify, I just name dropped to make me seem more authoritative.

    @Breakaway-Even if links don’t need to be indexed to count… If links are indexed it would make sense that they would pass more keyword authority(after all how can a page have any authority for a keyword if it’s not even indexed)? And, it just makes sense for links to pass more juice if they are indexed as it’s a little bit harder to get spammy links indexed.

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    @Tyler Davis,

    ooh, aren’t we in the money, Mr. Flash.

  5. One of the three lurkers here. Good info. I will take it into account. Speaking of Ben BTW- he has a new post. He hasn’t abandoned his blog after all.

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:


    Yay, a lurker. Only 2 more to go πŸ˜‰

  6. “People who can write quality content can’t generate a lot of links but crappy content generators can.” Does the writer really believe this? I hope he’s wrong. We’re writing for people and I think most people would rather read some unique, quality content than something spun or just thrown up.

    I think maybe the writer is underestimating Google too. It isn’t that hard to determine which sites are quality. My experience is that the micro sites are losing favor. Good! Anyhow that’s how I see it.

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Craig Reply:

    @Jerry, Define ‘quality’. It’s almost impossible to do. The narrator of ‘Zen & The Art Of Motorcycle Maintenance’ (excellent book, by the way) was driven crazy by a lifelong quest to do that. Google’s algorithms certainly can’t do it.

    Content should meet minimum standards of grammar and overall readability, of course, but I think Tyler’s spot on with this assessment.

    And notice that his next sentence is “Just like at how many fitness magazines repurpose the same content every issue.” Fitness – or any other – magazines certainly meet the minimum standards of grammar and readability. Any magazine which didn’t would quickly go out of business. But is endlessly rehashing the same “7 Tips To Killer Abs!” article creating unique, quality content? Of course not. But if it’s good enough to sell magazines, then it’s certainly good enough to sell affiliate products…

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