".......and unfortunately nearly all make money online blogs are crap, so he, Dave, decided to write his own. It's pretty spankin."
Dalai Lama
Jul 302010

  1. There are only so many ways I can say how great white socks are
  2. Short 300 word posts mean that people looking to buy something do it quicker rather than reading more nonsense about how great a so and so is
  3. Postrunner works amazingly well to improve serps positions and there is no way I am giving someone else my quality content
  4. Ezinearticles pretend they like great content but will accept 250 words about anything as long as it makes sense, and the shorter it is the more clicks on the bio box I get
  5. My mind is addled and riddled and confused from too much cheap vino so I am in a daze half the time
  6. When I write great content and spend hours doing so no one ever reads it and it makes me sad
  7. Stupid posts like this one with a random number in the title are great for getting mentioned but pointless for making money
  8. Number 7 has nothing to do with this post so is proof that I write crap all day
  9. Neither does number 8
  10. Buying keywords, i.e using keywords that would be buyers type in are more often than not a sign that they simply want to buy and not to read a load of nonsense
  11. What is there really to say about most of the stuff we try to get a commission for? Apart from please buy it so I can feed my Dog. And that simply won’t work, or will it?
  12. By writing content for 6 to 8 hours a day for a year I now have more money than I have ever had and earn more in a day then I ever did with a full time “real” job in a week
  13. The fact is that it is hard to find a niche where the quality of the content really matters, and when it does people actually read it and then leave without saying thank you, which is annoying
  14. I try to write good stuff sometimes and then realize that I have wasted a few hours and I will never make any money from it
  15. All my sites that are full of great content make at most a few dollars a day apart from on rare occasions
  16. Number 15 really gets me down
  17. The best money is in off the wall niches where people again just want to know where they can buy the thing already
  18. Writing crap and putting adsense on it seems morally wrong so I now mostly try to avoid it, I put affiliate products on it instead and sleep better
  19. Deciding on a random number for a post title before you have written it is really stupid as you then have to write a load of filler to get to the number, which is why you should never write posts like this just to be clever, even though it is what the “bloggers” say is a great idea. But it is the worst idea in the world. If I see another post entitled 18 ways to improve your Twitter following or something like that then I will probably explode. What is the point. Blogs with lots of comments on them are usually the ones that make the least money. Far better to sell cheap white socks where no one is ever likely to leave a comment. My best performing niches have a total of about 5 comments on them but still make plenty of money as they provide what the searcher was looking for
  20. Anyone who says content is king is a big fibber as what quality content can you write when you simply want to tell someone, yes here are the cheap raincoats that you were looking for, good aren’t they?
  21. I can string a fine sentence together but I still call it crap as it is not contributing to the world in a useful text based way, it is just that I wrote more crap than anyone else to get it ranked highly in the search engines by writing 100 postrunner articles about it, or however many it took to beat the competition

And that is why you should never write a numbers post, they are pointless and you are trying to be clever and you will have written a load of crap just to get to the number 27.


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  1. If you would have made it to 27 I would have tipped you a dollar. Okay, that’s a lie.

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  2. Last night my brain was begging me to quit writing the same thing over and over and over. I told it to shut up since it was not involved in the process of making me any money!

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    Dusty, find the niche that converts then switch off the brain for a year, regurgitate your articles in as many places as possible and voila, a bad drinking habit, too many cigarettes and a healthy bank balance.

    This game sure takes some dedication to writing about the same subject an awful lot, but beats working for “THE MAN”.

  3. Ha!
    Had the same thing happen to me yesterday. Grabbed a pack of cigarettes, a bottle of cognac and off I was. Managed about 9000 words for my PostRunner account.

    And I don’t even remember what I wrote. But all of them did get accepted.

    What’re you’re favorite “writing aids” Dave?

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    Wishal, that is some serious cognac induced work, got me beat hands down.

    My top writing aid?

    The promise of some…………

    Nah, I can’t even go there, a certain someone reads this now and then.

  4. Ha! Loved this post Dave. You’ve inspired me to write my own ‘numbers’ post soon. Promise I’ll come up with the title first and then try and fill in the rest as I go πŸ˜‰ Now I just need to think up a topic to waffle on about ..

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    Tracey, how about 19 reasons why you should never write a numbers post?

  5. So where are the other 6 reasons? I didn’t come here to read, only to count πŸ˜‰

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    Sorry Dave Starr, promise I will do better next time πŸ˜‰

  6. Hovered over the image at the beginning of this post. I was just about to click so that I could follow you on twitter …… oh, wait, aaaaah. LOL! πŸ™‚

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    Cat, A good while ago I was on twitter a lot, I did actually enjoy it, and got lots of traffic and comments on a site, but it sucks hours out of the day and only made me an extra $30,000 a year.


  7. You’re right Dave. Tags are stupid. They ought to be burned at the stake!

    I’m doing 10 posts daily now. I want to make them more than 300, but they usually end up being more than 400. Especially when I build in the bottom links.

    4000 Words per day ain’t bad, is it?

    Seeing some movement in the SERPS, but still doing the Google dance. Not much traffic to speak of at the moment. But I will press on.

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    Aaah the tag debate, I just read an interesting debate about it on the TKA forum, are they of use or not? I am still undecided, new sites seem to rank for tags for a quick mo then it is the main article and the tag pages never rank again, so does filling out the number of pages on a site with tags really have any merit?

    Dunno πŸ˜‰

    4000 words a day is for part timers. That is two hours work if it is for postrunner articles. Sorry dude, don’t want to be harsh. But what do you mean by the bottom links. On Postrunner the whole point is that you put links in the content, near the top if you can. Are you not doing that or am I not reading what you wrote correctly?

  8. Done! http://www.tracey-edwards.com/19-reasons-why-you-should-never-write-a-numbers-post/ πŸ˜‰

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    Good stuff Tracey πŸ˜‰ There is a new craze in town.

  9. I’ve been following Dave’s advice for about 3 weeks and my best site has improved its earnings over 100%. There’s nothing to do but hard work. Cheers Dave!

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Andy, thanks for that, glad the results have been so good, well, that is pretty bloody amazing actually. You must be well pleased.

  10. You serious about the part timer thing? Most people in IM don’t even work as hard as 10 articles per day, do they?

    I put two links at the bottom, but I write text around them. So it’s kind of like a last paragraph.

    It’s what you’ve been doing when you were still posting to EzineArticles and the others.

    I lost 20 articles in a hard disk crash this morning. Now I’m pissed and I’m going to work extra hard to catch up.

    Damn hard disk… it was only 9 months of age. It delivered a nice miscarriage for me.

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Blackthorne, see the comment from Andy above. He is getting up at 5 am, doing 5 or 6 post runner articles, doing a full time job then getting the rest of his 10 done in the evening. The results speak for themselves. And that is part time work. You have a good few days where you can work all day don’t you?

    I do put 2 links at the bottom for sites like Exine and other article directories but if we are talking about postrunner then the whole beauty of the system is that you put in post links. Do you think that Google does not have some kind of algo that knows that 2 links at the bottom of a post means article directory? In post links near the top carry more weight as far as my testing has proved. More natural and why postrunner is such a good system.

    I am not knocking you man, 10 articles a day is definitely a lot of work. But think about this.

    This evening pick say a handful of keywords that you want to rank for on a few sites.

    Then tomorrow, don’t turn on the internet at all. Write as many articles in the day as you can for postrunner in say word or open office. Adding the links etc as you go. Bet you can do 5 or six articles an hour. Over the day, with no distractions, how many do you think you will have written? Sure, you will go half bonkers with boredom but you will be making some serious links. Not saying you can do this every day but give it a go for 1 day. You will be VERY surprised at what you can get done.

    But yeah, most IM’ers never even write 10 posts or posts for backlinks a day, and what do they earn?

    Ramp it up until you go half crazy.

  11. Dave,

    With maximum concentration, I can write 5 articles in half an hour. I hardly ever have maximum concentration though. On some afternoons, I find myself overcome with aggression and I can take 4 hours to get 10 articles done because of the massive overhead.

    The most work comes from building in the links, that’s why I kind of liked putting them at the bottom. But now you’ve told me links at the top do more, I feel like I really have to give that a shot.

    It does mean I’ll have to do more of an effort to make sure the anchors I use fit in the context, whereas in bottom links I can write around the randomly-picked-by-software keywords. It gives me more space to come up with a larger variety of keywords.

    So when I do in-context anchors I will be more limited in my keyword variety. I will also be making up keywords on-the-fly for the pages I’m promoting. But being a human being, I am a creature of habit. For any one post, I will likely keep coming up with similar keywords every time I build a link for that post.

    That wouldn’t happen if I’d only let software randomly pick my keywords from a large list I have compiled myself.

    It’ll be a new way of working for me.

    So how do you do this?

    I’m thinking I’ll:

    1. Write a bunch of posts where I will “LINK1” and “LINK2” in the places where I want to drop my links.

    2. Edit all my posts to have links.

    3. Post’em on Postrunner’s many PR0 directories, because I’ve already used up the PR1,2,3 directories.

    I was in the process of writing software with which I could keep track of ALL my URLs + Keywords, until my fucking hard disk barfed all over its platters. Up until now, I was keeping tabs on my URLs + Keywords manually.

    How do you manage all of your links? How do you ensure your keywords to your links will be varied?

    It’s great to hear Andy has results with 10 a day. The two sites I’m promoting the fuck out of currently still ain’t getting a shit worth of traffic.

    They both have 30 articles. I was thinking of leaving it like that until they get some more traffic. Then add more posts later. What do you think about that?

    Also, do you ever rewrite an article about the exact same subject for many times in a row? I’m currently writing 10 articles on various subject within the same niche with every 10-batch I write. I’m thinking it might be easier to keep rewriting the same one over and over.

    I’m going to start writing 20 articles right now. Not sure if I’ll be able to finish it before the day is over. I would’ve done 50 this week if it hadn’t been for the untimely demise of my disk. Now I’ll end up doing less than 40.

    On the upside…, I know myself and I’ll only come back stronger.

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Blackthorne, as far as I can tell, and I am no expert, then there is no need to keep varying links for a single post you want to rank. I put a few keywords in my title and write around it. I then get links to that article for the keywords I want to rank for. I then do it over and over. I hardly vary the anchors at all and if I blast a sute that has some age then ranking improve. Why change thew anchor all the time. You need to make sure the search engines know exactly what to rank you for, and that means keyword specific backlinks.

    On the tools to succeed page there is a link for a $8 a month service. I have used that and sent 50 links to a page in a few hours, all the same keywords and it never done anything but give me a jump in position of a few spots or even a page. Sometimes we can be too careful.

    I don’t see anything wrong in leaving the site for a while while they age and get traffic, I do it all the time. The older the site the easier it is to rank, at least for me.

  12. I just fak’n wrote 10 articles in 1 hour.

    Gonna do another 10-batch starting 15 minutes from now.

  13. @ Blackthorne

    That is some pretty good work there. Have a look at this http://www.focusboosterapp.com . I just pull it up on another monitor and it has done loads to keep my productivity in line. I write articles like you do, build up focus for a couple of hours and be done with 9K words in an intense 5 hour session. The ability to schedule posts in PostRunner is a lifesaver. Also, I just write in the PostRunner back-end nowadays. Saves what I’ve written every 5 seconds and allows me to work from anywhere I wake up really. πŸ™‚

    Another thing that has really helped me is deciding on my article headlines before hand.If you’re doing writing sessions like I am, it really helps to get that done beforehand. So does writing about one or two niches all day.

    Congrats again Blackthorne, you just exceeded your max. posts record by a 100%.

    Tag pages do loads even if they don’t rank by themselves easy. You can use them in-post a lot of places for a quick way to direct your users to certain categories. I’ll say here is a collection of my “tips about blue widgets” and link to them.

    It also helps in bunching up SEO effort so for example if I am getting a PR4 link from a page for my 8″ Blue Widgets but its an easy keyword and all the posts in there could use the juice, I just link to them that way.

    When ever I’ve done SEO for a Tag page, I’ve seen them rank. That said it is important how you structure your Tag pages. I usually have a small article preceding the links to the articles themselves which makes for a sell-in and some unique content for the SEs. As for the tags themselves, I limit the automatic snippet to about 20 words and for some of the more expensive/better converting stuff write original snippets in there. That said, Tag pages don’t rank by themselves though.

  14. @ Blackthorne
    The whole point about Post Runner is you can get links which are editorial, have authority and are from relevant sources. If you’re writing your articles in XFactor’s style then you might not be operating in the most efficient manner.

    If your niche is bread knives you can write general articles about breads, sandwiches, france, ovens, cheese, wine, hattori hanzos, kill bill, knives for the kitchen, knife law, knives for butchers, rope knives for sailors, baguettes, SubWay and easily work your link in into the second paragraph or so. No need for a resource box with these.

  15. @Wishal

    I also make up my headlines in advance. I don’t write in the backend though. I don’t like writing in webpages because they are damn slow. I like to have copies on my own disk. I now have to retrieve PostRunner posts from the system back to my own hard disk. Ironic.

    I write the next 10-batch in slightly more than one hour. All the 20 articles I have lost, I have now compensated for. I managed 40 articles this week, as opposed to the 50 I should’ve gotten. It’s only 10 articles short. I will forgive myself.

    My disk crashed 12 hours ago and already I am back with a vengeance. This is how I take life by the balls.

    Why would you schedule posts? They are never approved all at once. Many of them fail to be approved in 7 days and have to be resubmitted even.

    The 20 articles are for one site which is just now beginning to get bottom 1st page rankings. If I can get it much higher and see a dollar per day from it, I will already be a happy man.

    It’s too late to put the links in and post’em. It’ll have to wait until tomorrow. But first I will make a backup. This shit ain’t happening twice to me in one day.

    I’m off to bed. Take care all.

  16. @ Blackthorne

    Not sure of I know what you mean by webpages being slow when you’re typing into them. Can’t argue with wanting copies of your stuff though.

    (BTW, for everyone who writes in the WP back end, WP has an option to have the writing box go full screen. It is right next to the SpellCheck button.)

    I sched posts because the new pages/domains I’m working on have absolutely no history of getting links. Since I plan on building about 100 links to the homepage (its a buying KW) and 10 to each of the subsequent posts (~80). So what I do is work on one site for a week and then let the posts submit themselves for the next 8-10 weeks. Then I go look for blogroll links and other things. Helps me pack in writing work for whole sites into short bursts. One of my biggest site’s got all the posts queued up the next 4 months :P. Also, since I don’t spend all my time writing articles I like to go back to my analytics every month and look for new keywords I need to do posts on.

    So I do it so the links are attained at a natural and random pace. And because once I am done writing my mind is free to think of other more powerful and creative ways to make money & get links.

  17. WTF is it with the tags – won’t they just go away! Almost useless post (well done Dave! ) and fascinating discussion. I really don’t see why people find Postrunner hard to understand – chose a keyword – stick it in the title – include it in the first paragraph- add the link to your site – thats it! I don’t dilute the juice by adding 2 links, and I always link in the first paragraph – preferably in the first sentence so that if the site gets scrapped I get an exrra link πŸ™‚

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Almost useless post? This is top quality here I will have you know πŸ˜‰

    I see we already have a few opinions about tags, I am still unsure of their value really. It makes a site bigger but I really don’t know, I do them, but if they actually add any merit to the site, well, I don’t internal link to them or anything like that and never really try to get traffic to them, but it does happen a little naturally as sometimes they rank in the search engines for a while.

    Lis I try to link in the first sentence often but then mix it up a bit throughout the articles, but that is a nice quick summary of how to use postrunner.

  18. Do you remember Mr Motivator?

    My mental image of Dave is this guy (http://images.mirror.co.uk/upl/m4/dec2008/6/5/06EE66B1-9571-EB21-2FFD863EA789B397.jpg)

    “If you want it you gotta work! You’ve done 10 articles? That’s good but can you push it? I want see 15. Can you give me 20? But you’ve got to remember, the key to loosing weight making money online is consistency. Okay, LET’S GO!”

    p.s. bet you’ve got a secret leotard site that we don’t know about!

    I was actually watching one of TKA vids last night. “$5000 Supersite” or something like that and Court was suggesting that tags are a good thing to make our site seem bigger in Google’s eyes.

    The “almost useless post” seems to have done a good job of stimulating discussion.

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Andy I remember Mr Motivator, c’mon give me 5 more.

    Man, now you have outed my best performing niche πŸ˜‰ Just for men mind you, no ladies leotards for sale.

    I hear that about tags a lot, that it makes a site bigger, but just don’t know if that actually has merit or not in terms of rankings. And to be honest I doubt I will test it either, just continue with adding tags because it seems the right thing to do, which is daft. Static sites and e-commerce sites don’t have them and they do just fine.

    It is weird the way we just follow something without actually knowing if it is worthwhile or not.

  19. @Dave

    “On the tools to succeed page there is a link for a $8 a month service. I have used that and sent 50 links to a page in a few hours, all the same keywords and it never done anything but give me a jump in position of a few spots or even a page. Sometimes we can be too careful.”

    Quick question – was it a new site or was it something that had some heft to its link profile?

    I think I’ll go test the Tags theory on one of my new sites. Will make the whole site without tags and add them in once the site is a 100 pages or so with all them back-linked. Will turn off the internal linking plugin as well. Not the most expensive of products mind you, just something to get the number of products sold for my Amazon site up so I can afford a little testing. Will post back with the results – that site’s got only 3 pages as of now though πŸ˜›

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Wishal that will be interesting to hear about, keep us posted.

    I never use too many forum profile type links on new sites, maybe just a few to mix it up. It works best on older sites that have a very good mixed profile already. Now I use backlinks Philippines instead, they provide a brilliant service and do the work for you.

    A large number of these type of links still works very well, I know people say that they are not as effective but using backlinks philippines has always given us a good bump, I did a post on it here not so long ago with my results. I have had even better ones since then, but it is not for the faint hearted. You can see a site disappear for a few days and you can panic, but it then comes back higher in the serps, this is especially the case for newer site of a few months of age.

  20. @ Andy

    Not old enough to remember who that was(is?) But just saw some videos on Google. Laughed my arse off.

  21. So you can send the same anchor link to pages and you’ll still rank, eh?

    So we’ve decided that tags are useless and that keyword variety is also useless.

    Is it also possible that scheduling your posts 4 months ahead is useless?

    I’ve done it myself in the past, but I’ve also slapped on 20 posts all in 1 day. It’s handy to have all the links ready to build backlinks to.

    Do you really want G to get a ping from your site everyday? In my opinion it’s useless. Your posts will get indexed, no matter how you spread them.

    Now scheduling backlinks I can understand… but on-site posts?

  22. @ Blackthorne

    Yea it probably would be awkward having a post publish every day.

    And nothing wrong with scheduling posts for you websit. Especially if you’ve got a new site up. I do it all the time – do the initial KW research, write/outsource the articles from that initial research and then only update with all the new keywords from my analytics as well and do a weekly best of the net post if the niche or the back–linking strategy demands it. Also the triggers only work for crazy huge numbers – numbers you could only reach with automated content (I got away with adding 700 pages on one day. Site’s still singing a happy tune. Had about a 1000 pages and a couple of years of age on it to begin with though.) Most of my scheduling for the website is done to make my work easier. That is all.

    Stop looking for that elusive SEO secret in my comments Blackthrone. Write pages. Build links. Works like a charm. Mix it up once in a while. Indexing is the last thing on my mind with these posts. New pages get indexed in a matter of hours now with Caffeine. And don’t worry about stuff like pinging – it happens every time you get a trackback or a comment or a retweet (with some plugins.) Too much of a vampire on my resources. Have it turned off in my master WP install off the bat.

    Have a look @ this : http://www.seomoz.org/article/search-ranking-factors
    Not sure about stuffing H1 tags though. Seem to be doing pretty alright keeping them different from the tags. Would appreciate any input on this one.


    Just notice the Tools To Succeed page. Nice page. TY for replying and still coming back to the site even though you’re sort of taking a time out.

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Wishal, my time out may be over, missed my little baby too much although it is a serious time drain, but hey, I need a break from the daily monotony. Which I found when I stopped here, for what, a few days or something πŸ˜‰

    I have definitely realized that it is great to have a site where I can finally talk about what interests me, it keeps me sane(er). Just need to get me some Google love now, but I think the content is a monster red flag. I mean, who would tackle this niche? Not me. I just hope you lot send me some link love now and then. Or cash is always the preferred option, I can buy my own links then πŸ˜‰

  23. “Stop looking for that elusive SEO secret in my comments Blackthrone.”

    Don’t worry, I wasn’t looking.

    I damn well know it’s a shedload of blood, sweat and tears.

  24. This sort of fits into the debate over “quality or quantity”, which you see debated all the time at the crappy forums like DP and WF. It seems like “quality” is the usual response you see. I never bought into it, even when I started out.

    Sure, there needs to be a degree of quality because gibberish isn’t going to work… well, I guess it could work lol.

    I never really bought into the quality argument because no one was able to really define what “quality” was in a tangible format. It’s a nice sounding concept, but it’s something that isn’t easily defined. I find if you write something that is coherent, easy to follow and contains information (no matter how inane) you’re doing well. A big concept I learned in copywriting (that’s writing, not righting) is that you need to write for the audience and most people prefer reading something at about 8 grade level. You don’t need to write poetry or anything like that.

    I always judged “quality content” by how much money I made. And then replicate it as much as possible.

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Chris this is a good point and what I kind of tried to portray in this article that really was a bit of a dig about the kind of posts bloggers write to try and get links and what they are told by gurus is quality. It is nothing of the sort. It is filler to try to get to some arbitrary number to try to be clever, when it isn’t. I am not knocking those that do it, I followed bad advice for a long time.

    But what I refer to as crap is actually what you point out, i.e what people actually want to read. If I am trying to sell a product and someone comes to a post because of a buying keyword they don’t actually want to read anything. They want to buy the product and be happy with the price. So, although really the content is crap by certain standards in that it adds nothing to knowledge or personal growth it is providing exactly what people want.

    When we are told we must write quality content by the blogging masters they are talking bull. It just does not wash for all forms of niche marketing, a good price and some blurb is what we need to provide, unless we are going about our business in a different way, which is all fine and good too. Quality content works best when it is personal and informative and really helping someone to make up their minds about something, but is only one way to make money. Like here, some of the content and the comments are great, and I actually make a little bit of money from some of it, but on a work to reward ratio? Forget about it.

    Bugger, even this comment is longer than some articles I write that make money day after day.

  25. I think I know what WP stands for, but what’s the DP forum?

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Digital Point?

    Stay away Blackthorne, you will never get any work done. And good news on the traffic.

  26. I’m getting some kick ass long tail trickle traffic on my website now. This is motivating.

  27. I don’t about quality and quantity…..but both get success….

    Check both links,,,, this motivates me to make huge blogs rather then small sites.

    Quailty and quantity

    Quantity and crap

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    All is well,

    I took the second link off as it gave an AVG anti virus warning and gave a spam page so not to cool as far as I am concerned. But I get the point.

    I would just say don’t spread your efforts too thin, fewer sites with more backlinks is going to be much more fruitful than a lot of sites that you do not have the time to work on. And do you do sites in your first language or all in English? Urgh, I really don’t know how to word this question without it coming across as rather awkward and rude. Help me out here guys.

  28. I have decided to push myself past what I think I can get done over the next four months. The whole ‘part time stuff’ idea above has, quite simply, motivated and pissed me off (at myself…not you) at the same time.

    While it may not seem like a ton to you, I am shooting for 250,000 words over the next four months. Then I will step back and evaluate my progress!

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Hey Dusty, Glad it was a motivator. This post has taken an unexpected turn in the comments. It really is about seeing just what you can get done when you really work on it. Blackthorne seems to have been busy and I know Andy has made more money with a very string work ethic and really pushing it on Postrunner. 2000 words a day is actually a very achievable goal, we all have to be realistic about what we can do and that is basically down to time I know.

  29. Ah, yes… the Digital Point forums.

    They’re good for selling shit on, I hear.

  30. I think you are using avg pro version. My kaspersky Internet security not gave any warning. Because that website has lot of pop-ups. Most of the time avg give useless warnings.

    Actually i dont have lot of worthy sites with backlinks.. Only 5-10. Out of 2-3 needs proper language and others are dead.

    one blog is shooting in SERP without doing any thing. But it is not very profitable. 1k visitor last month and 10k from dec. my wild guess. Still it will bring me some money. i mean few penny.

    Now i am building 4 blogs with quantity content and other 6 niche amazon product blogs with backlinks. I joined 50 bookmarking sites now. And i will bookmark them every day for next few months.

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    All is well, I would not get hung up on bookmarking for backlinks, very low level. I hope you just registered them all with Onlywire so it is a qiuck bookmarking process.

  31. Nice tip from Wishal about scheduling posts in Post Runner. Never really occurred to me before. Makes it so much easier to write a whole batch of articles at once.

    Lissie talks about not diluting her link juice and only putting one link per Postrunner article. I’ve started to do this to see if it makes a difference. Anyone further down the testing road?

    -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Andy I kind of mix up my Postrunner articles but more often than not I put 2 links in, it will be interesting to see if just one link would make a difference to a site. One of those things that has to be tested to see what is best.

  32. With 2 links from 1 article, Google might make a connection between the two and have an easier time figuring out what your site is about.

    With 1 link from 1 article, this is harder to do.

    Got this from the newsletter of some SEO guru that I was subscribed to for a while. Forgot his name.

  33. What do you guys do with your postrunner article URLs once they are up? Ping them? Bookmark them?

    So far I’ve been pinging them then bookmarking them through BMD then pinging the bookmarks. Perhaps this is overkill…

  34. Book’em automatically with the OnlyWire plugin for WP.


  35. Holy crap, I’m ranking number 1 for a couple of long tail keywords that people hardly ever use.

    But still… G thinks my site should be ranked #1 for *at least some* keywords.

    This is a good omen.

    Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Blackthorne that is a very good sign,either now try to rank those posts for a shorter term or just up the linking for all your other posts, you know the only way is up. Is that a song?

    The only way is up, baby, for you and me now, the only way is up

    Or am I just imagining it?

  36. I’m writing my as off these days. The only way is up indeed.

    Just a few more articles and I’ll have 100 links pointing to my site (according to yahoo).

  37. So Dave, how many visitors do your sites get?

    My top sites are doing around 750 uniques per day.

    What’s the amount of traffic I can expect in 6 months and 12 months?

    Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Blackthorne, I have sites with a thousand a day that make sod all and sites with 400 that do extremely well. The traffic you can expect depends on the backlinking and the difficulty of ranking. Who knows what you can expect? You should have a better idea than me as it depends on so many factors. Keywords, links, general authority etc. Just keep doing it is the best way.

  38. 400 Daily sounds doable. How much do those sites make?

    Don’t you have sites with more than 1000?

    Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Blackthorne I thought you said you had 750 uniques to your top sites? I have sites that get 80 people a day and makes $15 on an OK day. I have sites that get 200 a day and make nothing hardly. I have sites that get 400 a day and can make $400 a day and $150 the next. I have sites that get 200 now and got thousands last Christmas when they were new and made hundreds and hundreds of dollars a day. Seasonal is part of it, holidays are part of it, August is a bit of a bugger for some niches and then there are just the vagaries of life.

    I don’t have many sites that beat 1000 uniques a day often day in day out, but at certain times of the year they ROCK.

  39. Yeah that’s right, some of my sites do 750 or slightly more per day. It’s steady income but it’s fairly low because it doesn’t convert well.

    I was just asking because I wanted to get an idea of how much certain traffic amounts can make.

    Making $15 with 80 visitors is awesome. I had a sneaking suspicion it was possible to make a lot with only few visitors. I hope it’s going to be the same with my own sites.

    Oh well, I’m back to article writing again!

  40. I got 50 articles for this week so far. And still 2 whole days to go.

    I’m doing 10 today to make it easy on myself and 20 again tomorrow.

    Final score for the week: 80!!!

    Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Blackthorne, that is good going indeed. Man, keep that up you will be flying.

  41. How many articles do you write per day/week, Dave?

    Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    I just wrote 200 article for 300 backlinks in half an hour this morning. But that was with Backlink Solutions πŸ˜‰ I aim for 20 postrunner if I am feeling good on a day plus content on my sites.

  42. Okay… so you basically write 20 on a good day.

    That’s nice because that’s what I’m doing right now as well!

    But what’s that with the 200 article for 300 backlinks with BS … ?

  43. Alright man, I’m getting some more traffic.

    Now all I need for those faggots to click my exit links.

    None of my 6 visitors did that today!

    Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Blackthorne I have a new post that is formulating in my head after a conversation with the good lady last night. We uncovered some sad but true facts (over too much vino) about our online business that you will not like, but is the way to make a LOT of money. But it involves a lot of work too.

  44. Nothing can possibly be worse than “a lot of work”.

    Reality and me are already as close as can be.

    I wonder what truth you have for me that could possibly rock my entire world.

  45. You’re the master of mixed signals Dave.

    You seem like the bearer of bad news, only to conclude there’s a lot of money to be made.

    Reveal your true message!!!

    Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Blackthorne, all in good time my man, all in good time. It is nothing we all don’t already know. It is just the truth is often hard to accept.

  46. Then I probably already know it.

    But I still enjoy reading your posts, Dave.

  47. “Blackthorne I have a new post that is formulating in my head after a conversation with the good lady last night. We uncovered some sad but true facts (over too much vino) about our online business that you will not like, but is the way to make a LOT of money. But it involves a lot of work too.”

    Can’t wait, the suspense is killing me πŸ™‚
    You mentioned something in another post Dave about when to know you have something that “might” be a winner and when to cut the losers. Would you be able to give any pointers to that? After we do the articles, hubs, postrunners, backlinks philippines and then what sort of movement should we expect: x sales in x weeks? before knowing how much time to devote to a website? That would be really good to know.

    Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Tara there is no hard and fast rule, and this is particularly the case as we have Christmas to contend with. I have a few sites that made a killing when they were new last year and I can probably say they have not even made a third of what they did over a few months last year than the whole of this year put together. So, it can be tough knowing if a niche converts.

    But a general rule? 1000 people to a post using buying keywords and no sales?

    Ditch it.

    We should at least aim for 10 % clicking on the aff link but really a lot more. A LOT more.

    My best few sites gets an affiliate click from at least 1 in 2 visitors and a 10 percent visitor to sale ratio. That is extreme and not the norm but it is a lofty goal to aim for. An average conversion rate we should all aim for is 4% affiliate clicks to sales. So, a 100 clicks to Amazon in a niche from a thousand page views, if you don’t get 4 sales then optimize the site first and if it does not improve then move on, at least that is my view. Scary numbers huh? A thousand people for 4 sales, kind of brings home how tough it is. It is why many do Adsense. But 40 adsense clicks may still not make as much as 4 sales. If that was for a $100 item on Amazon and you reach the 8% commission then it is $32, not always easy to find adsense keywords that pay that kind of cash, plus the keywords research takes so much longer. And at Christmas you can throw the numbers out the window. People buy anything if you get them on to Amazon.

    This will be covered in the post I write when I get back from me hols and before my 4 month Christmas Amazon onslaught begins.

    Yikes, reading that back brought me out in a cold sweat. Just how do we make it in this game? It’s tough man.

  48. The Amazon Christmas Massacre (henceforth: AMC) lasts 4 months?

    Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    Blackthorne I was talking to the good lady last night and she was saying that when she used to work in offices a lot of working Mums would boast that at the end of September they had already done all their Christmas shopping. Obviously November is going to be much busier but it does begin soon, as soon as the kids go back to school and there are pay checks available.

  49. Shit… I have to start cranking out more links.

    I wanna rank for Christmas, man!

  50. My favorite was #26.

    Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:


    Too kind πŸ˜‰

  51. I disagree with you a lot. Especially, when you said that taking a long time still means no readers. The more quality you put in your posts the more people will stay. And also the more likely Google will help you out by ranking you better.

    Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:


    I still don’t believe that super high quality is needed to rank well, not that I am saying that I wish that was the case.

  52. lol love “What is there really to say about most of the stuff we try to get a commission for? Apart from please buy it so I can feed my Dog. And that simply won’t work, or will it?”

    Yet, your have to feed Google so keep the original content for the user experience. πŸ™‚

    Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:


    It has to be done, it just often feels forced. When we know peeps are just looking for a low price for an item we know they don’t want to read much. But the G God insists on the written content for the rankings. What can you do?

  53. I love #5, that is what I am talking about. Keep it up man. I like the post. Typically I write about once every month or so. So the real question is it to feel like your writing crap then not writing at all? And of course the answer is yes because you’ll never get paid if you don’t play or write for that matter.

    Vote -1 Vote +1Dave Reply:

    @Seth Frank,

    Gotta write, I do it all day every day. Just not actual content for my own sites, for backlinks instead.

    Glad you like numero 5 πŸ˜‰

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